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Teens in Trouble: Nowhere to Go, Homeless Youth Lived in Tree – ABC News.

from the video clip story on the site – in one town 32% homelessness – estimates are that there are 2 million homeless youth in America – but those numbers are rarely anywhere close to reality. The number of homeless in America has skyrocketed since Wall Street was taken care of – at the expense of every American town, every American taxpayer and every American citizen.

What did they expect to happen? Oh wait, that’s right – the Republicans believe the masses are asses – they don’t care if we are Americans, as long as they get to do with our money whatever they want and our lives don’t get in their way . . .


The Republicans and conservatives who say they believe in the “family” and believe in “a healthy American economy” in fact – did this to us instead, because their policy applications do not match what they say they believe is important.

That is what brought us to where we are today – thirty years of failed Republican economics which re-valued costs and home values up while leaving salaries and wages below fair currency trade values. Which means, that the amount of real money available to families from their wages for their hard work – had not been increasing to match even the same amount of real money from wages thirty years ago for the same job.

– it just doesn’t make hard work, diligence, honesty, decency and being an American citizen as appealing as being on Wall Street acting as crooked as possible and getting away with it.

and that is a problem.

– cricketdiane