Smith described himself and Beebe as mixed-martial arts fighters, and said they’d had bouts. The teen said Beebe “didn’t seem like a guy who would do this at all.”

via Missing mom, 2nd woman found buried in Mich. | US National Headlines |

Two women who were fatally shot, including a mother reported missing several days ago, were found buried in woodland in southwest Michigan, and man who knew them has been charged with murder, authorities said Friday.

Junior Lee Beebe, 34, of Bangor was arraigned by video at the District Court in Paw Paw earlier Friday on two counts of open murder and two counts of possession of a firearm during a felony.



My Note –

That didn’t happen because he had a gun – what are the odds that he knew mixed martial arts because of studying them from the same militia groups’ kind of right wing thinking as found on their websites – no respect for women, no respect for differences of opinions, no respect for the word “no” as an acceptable option on the menu unless they are the ones saying it, no respect for other people, no respect for conscience, no respect for the lives of other human beings, no respect for long-term or bigger picture thinking, nor any respect for the things which should’ve been accepted and taught along with those “mixed martial arts.”

Look it up – in every discipline of martial arts, taught as they were originally intended, rather than as these right wing militia companies are offering them – had included more in the training than how to kill someone or how to maim them using it. Michigan be proud – here is the American woman’s lives you’ve created. There is no good in it.

And, yes, I’m saying something because I’ve had enough of it. This crap has gone on for the last thirty years, at least – and there is no sense in it. And, it continues on and on and on, creating even more treachery for our nation’s women and children, for our citizens and for our communities every day.

I say again –

Garbage In – results in Garbage Out.

– cricketdiane