Jury to deliberate in trial for 15-year-old Richmond girl’s killing – San Jose Mercury News

Here is what the Republican Party has given California –

The gunmen knocked on the door before firing about a dozen shots. Chan, dressed in sleep clothes, was fatally struck in the head, while her father was shot in the ankle.

Cuong Dang, 27, is accused of orchestrating the fatal shooting of Middle College High honor student Chan Boonkeut in retaliation for his car being shot up because he believed a rival gang member lived at the residence.


My Note –

Most of the stories coming out of California since the Republicans have been holding the place have looked like something out of Somalia or somewhere, including the shootings, the gang violence, the police brutality, the vast poverty, the wasteland of huge numbers of bankrupted businesses, foreclosed homes, unemployed people, homeless, homeless tent cities that officials raided and closed down without ever solving any of the problems that caused them. . . .

and on and on and on . . .

That is what conservative right wing Republican policies had done to California besides leaving the state budget bankrupt and cutting damn near everything that they could in order to divert the funds into the state’s hedge fund and stock market plays (and to cover those losses.)

The same thing the new Republican leadership stuck into those Congress seats in the House are going to try to do now with the entire country – again.

– damn them for doing this to America.

– cricketdiane