Forklifts of Toledo murder suspect arrested |

Thursday morning, around 9:00, investigators found James Schueler Jr. on the floor of part of the company’s office space. Schueler is listed as the vice president and general manager at Forklifts of Toledo.


The Lucas County coroner determined Scheuler, who was 65, died of a gunshot wound to the head.

Friday evening, Toledo police said they arrested Langlois for the murder, after discovering evidence that linked him to the crime.

Forklifts of Toledo murder suspect arrested

Updated at 11:46 PM today
(as cute as the headline reads – as if the forklifts were arrested . . . )
Well, I guess he made his point clear to the boss. Wonder why he thought that was a good way to handle it .. .
No, not my idea. Not what the gunmakers told him about using a weapon. Not defending himself from imminent physical harm or certain death – Nope.
Whose idea of dealing with others was that?
– cricketdiane