Wonderfully, working on making the listings for my online stores. Yesterday and today, the theme of the day is categorizing what I have available to offer into appropriately titled categories, writing the text to accompany the listings generally, and sorting out the approaches that I want to take for the materials.

For instance, how do I want to treat the subscription types of listings, and the things that can be digitally uploaded rather than sent out in the mail, and how do offer the rights to lease the images, written materials, and other original products that I’m offering in this online store format? That is going to be something that needs to be done appropriately, whatever appropriately might be. The times that I’ve sold things which ended up being used in all kinds of things secondarily to that purchase, left me nothing but pissed off. That is not fun.

And, I think that this time, it should be fun.

– cricketdiane