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My Note –

It is very annoying to listen to Mr. Spitzer on CNN use this occasion to make his push for gun control and after listening to him, I’ve decided that I agree – he should not be allowed to own a gun given his past tendencies to bad judgment. We all know how he ended up where he is.

And, it is just bizarre to watch him and others weasel around this situation that has happened in Tucson in order to suit their own agendas and push for their own “whatever it is” – from using it for profiteering and fund-raising to pushing for gun control and having any one whose thinking isn’t the same as everyone else put into lockup without rights or recourse.

It is my opinion that Elliot Spitzer never get to own a gun (or bullets for that matter) – I think a lot of us would agree to that. If he stopped using this opportunity to shove his views about gun control down everyone’s throats that would be nice, too.

And after hearing what Ms. Palin had to say –

My opinion is that Sarah Palin should stop reading historical novels as her source of information which seems like the most likely place where the terms she has been using lately would’ve been found. Someone needs to tell her that historical novels fail to offer the full measure and import of the concepts offered there. To use a term like, “blood libel” shows someone who did not understand the measure of those words.

The Republican pundits who have spewed forth venom for months upon months now during the Obama administration, were spewing out the same hateful crap against every homeless person, every immigrant, every illegal immigrant, every liberal, every Democrat, every Union, every trench coat wearing stranger, every vagrant, every out of work family, every poor person and every mentally ill person, every woman with a job outside of the home and just about every worker in America for years upon years before that. They are a real piece of work anyway. It has driven us all nuts.

It is also my educated opinion that when our nation’s leaders decided to sit together irrespective of the “aisle” which has divided them, it was one of the most intelligent things I’ve seen happen in the politics of my adult lifetime. (I heard it on the news a little bit ago that they are going to do that and it is good, even if for only a moment in time.)

And, I want to say that probably none of us care in America whether politicians are calling each other “jackasses” or anything else. That is not the part that has mattered. When our leaders and “political pundits” and talk show radio hosts have sounded like some backwoods, intellectually narrow-minded perversion of reality it has mattered. Calling one another names – who cares.

– cricketdiane