New fund will foster foster innovative infrastructure for nanotechnology in Russia.


This article has more details about the shift in focus and heavy funding Russia just put into place for the nanotechnology startups to develop and aid in securing those opportunities in the world marketplace.

Between that and the fact that tech startups wither away by the manner in which our investment capital is working them – and the acquisition by China of most all rare earth reserves, resources and manufacturing that is currently available – we’re screwed.


The same technologies and nanotechnologies that we are refusing to foster because our investment communities don’t see how it will make them 3-5 times the amount they put in within the first two years of it being in existence – or take that return out from under those tech businesses within two – three years of them getting some foundation started – those technologies are about to cost us every last shred of what our nation called freedom as they become the bread winning companies housed elsewhere. We will be beholden to every one in order to take advantage of those technologies despite many of them being created in the US or by virtue of the funding the US has put into supporting them – China will have them, Japan has them, South Korea and Taiwan has them, Russia will fund them – and what will we have except a need for these things . . .

All our taxpayer money has gone into funding research and study after study after study after study while our machinery and manufacturing facilities were broken down and all of it shipped to be auctioned off for other nations to have. We don’t even have the ability anymore to create the machinery we would need in order to manufacture something – nanotechnology or otherwise. Just brilliant to the degree of consistently stupid thinking that went into that for the extent to which it has been and continues to be considerably more stupid than the average bear could do on any given day. And on top of that – since I’m saying something about it – whose damn idea was that anyway?

– cricketdiane