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Very nice.

Russia and Qatar win the World Cup bids as hosts – perfect.



Mssr. Putin was on Larry King last night. Very nicely done and well received. The most expressive interview yet and well worth finding online. It is time that Russia and her people have this opportunity as hosts. They have worked and worked and worked to open the doors to this. And, it is about time . . .

– cricketdiane


That is Prime Minister Putin, and I find it very hard to believe that he doesn’t speak English (and probably Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, French and various Slavic languages including Moldavian – which would have certainly been handy at times – and probably Latin.)

Yes, I’m having a good laugh . . .

He rides horses like a Cossack and speaks in oil deals worth trillions. The IAEA listens when he voices concerns. I wouldn’t be surprised if he speaks Farsi and German, as well. It was an interesting deal, a few days ago about an open trade zone between Russia and Germany, shot down by Chancellor Merkel – but maybe the world leaders are beginning to think more openly about trade and interactions.

It is a great triumph for Russia and Qatar to host the world for the World Cup events. Congratulations all around.


Read more here – at RIA Novosti


Putin heads to Zurich to join Russia 2018 Cup celebrations

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has made a swift departure for Zurich to celebrate Russia’s successful 2018 World Cup bid



YES – that works. Congratulations to the people of Qatar, as well for the 2022 World Cup events. The stadium designs were included in the news – beautiful.


– cricketdiane