My laptop is an Acer dual core processor with Windows 7 – bought this year. It took me awhile to save up enough to get it. There is no reason to buy it as a used computer.

All the research I’ve been doing – or much of it from the last five years is in it along with the New York photos I’ve just been running through the city taking.

I’m willing to allow the purchaser to have non-exclusive rights to reproduce, use or to profit by the original work in it that belongs to me and was created by me – to use the research as they see fit and to design, create or solve with the contents available in it.

Believe me, I’ve seen Atlanta and my last thirty years there from the viewpoint of New York and I’m not interested in being a contributor any longer. I want to go have fun doing something whether it is sitting on the beach, knitting a sweater, playing music to enjoy myself or just about anything that doesn’t include trying to make a difference in the world or in America particularly. There has to be something more APPROPRIATE  to my lifestyle and limitations than trying to do that. (I’ve also discovered that many, many very capable people aren’t wasting their time doing such things either – so why have I done so?)

I still have my other older computer and if I feel the need to compute something out in a bigger world, I’ll save up for the next three years and get another laptop – it could be thirty more years before I get another vacation anyway . . .

The people in New York, for the most part – were very kind and gracious – amazingly generous and very intelligent and genuine. It shows me much of what I’ve been putting up with for so long that were never those things, but occasionally fit a bit of those categories from that list from rare individuals in and around Atlanta (and the South,) over the last thirty years.


Please consider the collectible nature of this item which is being offered and the unique opportunity to own it and to profit from the contents within it. (I’ll be removing only passwords to accounts – the rest of it will be in the computer and the hard drive is a pretty good size with about half used – not programs, mostly things related to my efforts to be somebody in my lifetime. New York has shown me that I don’t have anything to prove, I am somebody and I have made many contributions of merit in my lifetime. And, some of my best contributions are yet to come, but I don’t need this to do it right now, I need the money instead.

– cricketdiane

The Ebay listing is found here – it was nearly eleven when all the details were filled in and completed. It is only a twenty-four hour auction . . .


Good luck getting to be the one who gets to see the contents before anybody else in the world.

And, it is definitely the most unique Christmas gift ever for just the right person who could do something with what is in it.


That reminds me, I’m flying back to Atlanta tomorrow – going to LaGuardia around 10 am for a noon o’clock flight. Right now tonight, I’m in New York.

My tele number is on the America the Beautiful Show The Big Idea website – and I might just sell that project outright next and let those who know how to use it – do it.