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Haiti struggles to distribute aid –


With $9 billion promised by nations and somewhere around $4.3 billion in private and individual donations made from regular people around the world, around 1300 NGOs (non-governmental organizations such as charitable organizations) working in Haiti since the January 2010 earthquake – how could there be anyone still living in a tent drinking dirty water. The entire Haitian population is only 9 million and any look at the USIA money, UN money and money made available through the Pan-American Bank (I’ll look up the exact name of it later, that may not be it) – makes it clear that billions of dollars have been spent on providing clean water infrastructure, electric systems, roads and various government services in Haiti for years. There is no way this is right.

The cholera outbreak should’ve never happened and if it did – certainly should not have gotten out of hand since those things that are needed for people’s lives and health are sitting in the country right now and have been all along.

– cricketdiane