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Funding Goal


Project Description

The America the Beautiful Show events project is a main core website that gives the tools for any group or individual to create the show in their own city. I have built the websites for it, paid to host them, sent out some emails about it and put together some social networking for it. I need to advertise it properly so people will know it is available to them.

The point of the America the Beautiful Show is to have specific local resources information packages given out to each participant and audience member after a two-hour show of musicians, personalities speaking on encouragement and resourcefulness – with 14 shows offered over a 3-4 day event schedule.

It is intended to end the isolation of individuals and businesses and leaders in the community while putting the tools in the hands of everyone to rebuild the economy in their communities. I had planned two ways of making money with the project’s main core website that hosts the tools for it – one, by offering the entire information from the site on cd or flashdrive for $80 and two, by advertisers on the site – neither of which have occurred as yet.

The shows can make a profit for those in the community who create them which will employ people and provide a unique opportunity for these information resources to be provided quickly throughout the community where they are needed. And, it will provide an entertaining, patriotic and hope instilling show to bring the community together as well.

Project Rewards

The only things I own are things that I’ve created or the copy of materials found on the America the Beautiful website that would be on the $80 priced cd. I could offer the opportunity to speak about the America the Beautiful Show project on any public media outlet as a spokesperson for the project.

I could authorize funders as official spokespeople representing the project to the public by sending them the rights to do so in a written document. Any fees paid to them by news, interviews, speaking engagements, business luncheons, conferences, bloggers or magazines, etc. or advertising dollars made by them doing it would belong to them.

It would help promote the project and give the benefits of their efforts appropriately to them while opening opportunities for public knowledge about them and the America the Beautiful Show project at the same time.


The main website that explains the project and contains the tools to create it –
The flash website about it –
My blog at wordpress (cricketdiane)
From my blog – the financial projects for show events to make a profit using New York Javits Center Special Events Theater as an example –
The things in the information packages to give away at the show (also found on the main website) –
Twitter – AmBeautifulShow
Lulu book of some cricketdiane (my) artwork –
YouTube site for the America the Beautiful Show – which ended up with my improvised music because that’s what I had –

My Note –

So, I submitted the above information as a project for Kickstarter.com and they politely sent me a note today saying it is not an appropriate match to them. So far, it is not an appropriate match for Staples, Macy’s, Coca-Cola, Home Depot (unless a local store wants to see me about sponsoring it somehow which I never did understand) or anyone else, and no one beyond one economic development group has contacted me from the emails I sent or the other efforts that I’ve made. Apparently, the America the Beautiful Show as a way of helping Americans and communities help themselves is not a good idea worth doing.

There has not been one advertiser, not one sponsor, not one sale of any of the materials offered in any of the numerous ways I’ve offered them, and not enough people interested in any of the efforts I’m making in that or anything else for them to work successfully.

Its not like I’ve been sitting here doing nothing about any of it. There simply isn’t anything that works. And, I’ve yet to understand why none of the projects, including the America the Beautiful Show is worthwhile or an appropriate vehicle for any of these businesses to use as a vehicle for advertising.

So, now what?

– cricketdiane


Just added –


And a new blog specifically for the America the Beautiful Show events project -with its first post –

America The Beautiful Show Blog

Why does anybody need the America The Beautiful Show information packagaes?

CricketDiane: Posted on Wednesday, October 13, 2010 10:36 AM

There are plenty of little booklets printed with the information about local resources. And, what happens to those little booklets after they are printed? I’ve found them – eventually. Usually they are in the back of a closet on a shelf at a community center, social services agency,senior services agency, vocational rehab on a shelf somewhere, or sitting on the shelves of somebody’s office that doesn’t even know it is there.

That’s what I’ve found over the last fifteen years when I needed to know about local resources and how to access them. I’ve also found them – eventually – because I finally found the exact words to use in order to ask about them. Now, that is the truth. And now, there are lots of people who will need to know their local resources and how to access them. It can’t sit on a shelf anymore. These things are needed now.

It isn’t enough to know where the Labor Department is located. There are programs through those offices which aren’t suggested by the case managers and unless the person needing those opportunities knows exactly the way to ask for them including the basic fact that those programs are available – then those things just aren’t going to be where anyone can ever use them.

For instance, there is a mentoring program through the Labor Department and there are incentives for employers to hire people from different groups, especially those people who are currently unemployed for any length of time. There are resume building seminars and workshops, plus help with the clothing for interviews and tips for handling those interviews in the best way possible.

But, if nobody knows those things are offered at the Labor Department and Work Incentive Programs locally, then how would they know to ask about it? The Labor Department also offers testing programs for typing, basic skills and a number of employment skills, as well as career counseling, re-training programs, and education programs.

That is only one example. The America the Beautiful Show is intended to get a lot of this kind of information in the hands of a whole lot of people all at the same time while ending the isolation which keeps people who are not employed or who have lost a business from moving beyond that to participate in re-building their personal financial foundation and their local economies.

By attending the America the Beautiful Show, the community celebrates the American spirit, joins together and creates a supportive environment for rebuilding their local economic well-being together. And, after an entertaining show of one and a half to two hours, and/ or attending companion events hosted across the same 3 – 4 day event schedule time, people will have the information provided by the America the Beautiful Show sponsors to take home with them and use when they need it.

For a better overview of how the America the Beautiful Show works – check out the main website that explains it – http://www.americathebeautifulshow.com/

There is no use having maps to get to the Labor Department or the Small Business Administration sitting in their offices on a backshelf in the closet anymore. And, it isn’t enough for the information to be online since so many people don’t have computers and do not have internet services available to them.

And, many people don’t know there are computers available for them to use locally at their library, at some schools and colleges, at work incentive centers and through a number of other places. Isn’t it about time to get the resources in the hands of everyone and rebuild the economy of America from the ground up? The America the Beautiful Show can help do that.

– cricketdiane, 10-13-10

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And – it has been awesome watching the miners coming up to the surface tonight in Chile – just amazing.

– cricketdiane