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Aside from working on the update for the America the Beautiful Show website which incorporates the financial projections into it, I’ve put together another couple things –

I made a book of my artwork that is very funky – over at the Lulu site –



My Photo Book

Hardcover, 45 pages

. . . . .

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Price: $40.00
Ships in 5–7 business days
Photo book of original art by cricketdiane – Cricket House Studios including ocean paintings, scifi and fantasy art, geometrix and princess series, Baby Crickets, Stolen Art Treasures and Roses, Teddy Bears, Waterfalls, Landscapes, Seascapes, Computer Art, by Cricket Diane C Phillips




My Note –

And, I’ll make $2.04 from each sale – that $40 price is going to have to go up . . .

Two Animoto videot thingies later and I made a listing over at bandmix – now what?


– cricketdiane

This is ridiculous – I was just trying to find a way to promote the America the Beautiful Show and all I’ve managed to do is promote myself and this other stuff I’ve been creating in order to have a place to link the America the Beautiful Show – this can’t be right . . .

This is one of the Animoto things –



I actually did create a video with new music on it – but I’m just too ugly to look at in it.

Well, ugly or not – I put it on YouTube anyway –


Just found a really simple video of America the Beautiful song I did one day – it isn’t fancy and its still nice to just drift away into it.

Maybe I’ll put it on the YouTube site next –


America the Beautiful played simply and its pretty.

I found this one when I was looking for the other one just now (of America the Beautiful). This one is a song I created a long time ago called, The Wizard and one day recently, the video was made when I was playing it again with a few changes.


Tomorrow – I’m going to put the update online of the America the Beautiful Show and see if there are some other things I can do to promote besides these things which aren’t quite what I meant to do.

– cricketdiane