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1. Building the America the Beautiful Show

America the Braniacs Dream


The America the Beautiful Show – main website


America the Beautiful Show – flash website



What if –

As a sponsor – you have the right to hang your hat on this thing – to use it as an excuse, theme, subject matter for your own news stories, human interest stories, the right to use it in your ads, as an excuse for tv segments where you and your company are describing why you are involved with it as a sponsor / why it is important, etc. (or however it would best display your company and its focus.)

This isn’t the Olympics, but it could be just as powerful for our nation right now. It is a great tool for our nation to rebuild the economy from the ground-up in communities across the country.

You would have the right to send your companies’ bloggers, filmmakers, and photographers to the event and its companion events, to get photos from backstage areas to use in your ads and your company’s name as a sponsor would be on every program, in every info packet sent home with audience members and on the website about the show on the sponsors page.

1. so, from there on out when anyone looks up the America the Beautiful Show event in NYC – the articles written about it with info about your company supporting it as a sponsor and why it is important to you – will pop up in the search results throughout the rest of the country when they start to put together the event and throughout NYC in following years as they put together future events.

2. everybody in New York City will know of your company right now – provided that you use this vehicle as a positive excuse to get on the news talking about it. You can also save the money for sponsorship, by getting on the news to explain why your company decided to focus on something else right now – meaning, that it isn’t required to stir up negative controversy to get on the news using the America the Beautiful Show without paying to be a sponsor.

3. on every info package (60,000+) going into the community from the show with audience members who will be encouraged to pirate and bootleg the package into the community, you and your company information will be on it and exposed to vast ranges of people and potential customers you’ve likely never reached any other way. It will be on every cd, flashdrive, sd card and hard copy o f the information and on the website as a sponsoring organization of the event coming to fruition.

4. Your bloggers and film crews can use the info gathered at the show events to help promote your company online and in future news stories in coming years, your photographers can use the photos from the show and its companion events to help promote your company.

5. You and your company are welcome to create companion events surrounding the America the Beautiful Show to help promote your company; i.e. dinners, barbecues, children’s programs, luncheons, innovation conferences, seminars, workshops – which will be added to the event information online and in the press about the America the Beautiful Show – as well as included on its website events schedule.


Primary Sponsors (300)
$115,000 + 1 printed page for info packet of critical local resources (60,000 copies)

Advertisers (200)+
$3,200 + 1 printed page for info packet of critical local resources (60,000 copies)

B/W printed page ( @  .02 – .05 / copy)
Times New Roman font – info about local resources on front side – can include your company info small on bottom of page (and, if you want – cover the back with it – but printing cost will be higher.)

The America the Beautiful Show team will need to get delivery of this printed information to them (60,000) copies at least a month before the show dates to include it (in the package of information given out at the show) – will be collated through a local print shop or subcontractor for the show).

* Or, for about the same amount of money – your company can buy one full page ad one time on the back page of the business section of the New York Times, or the LA Times or the Wall Street Journal.

* Or, for about the same amount of money – your company can pay for one ad banner on the wall at one NASCAR race.

* Or, for about the same amount of money – your company can buy one advertisement to run in a time slot on cable or basic television shows one time for thirty seconds.


4 days – (14 shows)

3 days – 11 shows

23 performers plus color guard
(individual musical bands or groups, individual singers, choirs, performers, military band, speakers and emcee) plus color guard

A couple July Fourths ago – the 2009 event on the lawn in Washington, the show was set up with a similar flow and structure to the event as suggested in the website. People seemed to enjoy it.

$50,000 each
times 23

{videos, dvd, cds
{upload to phone of show
{reality tv show segments of the making of the show
{reality show based on teams putting together the show
{dvds and paid content uploads of companion events info
{flashdrives, sd cards, mini sd cards, phone upload apps, cds
of information packages given away at the show

Added – financial projection for the events & sponsors benefits

example – NYC –
general projected costs

what advertisers get

sponsorships – for city government, hospitality and tourism organizations, corporations, non-profits and fund-raising organizations, businesses, retailers, manufacturers, service companies, banks, realtors, government agencies, economic development groups

appropriate for any business, corporate or government entity / non-profit organization who wants 10 million people in New York to know about them, and for any business or corporation beyond New York who wants those in NYC to know of them.

only have 300 slots for sponsors

open number for advertisers (200)+

open # for vendor participants with a percentage going to show revenues (& artists / performers)

5,000+ businesses in NY
only 300 prime slots for sponsors from NYC and anywhere in the world combined

Javits Center 3,200 seat Special Events Theater
4 day event (14 shows) – 3 earlier shows on the first day could be added

23 speakers & performers (either groups or individuals) plus color guard

Copies of the information package (60,000 copies) will be given to all ticket holders / audience members and to all show participants and performers, to each band member, to all stage personnel, to all administrative personnel, to all sponsors’ teams and advertisers, to all security personnel, and to other personnel that worked to create the show, to each business leader and official, to the emcee and colorguard members,

The kinds of information that will be placed into the information packages can be found here –


For the 300 sponsors and 200 advertisers –
Their company info would be on one of the info pages in every package. At the bottom of the front side of the page and across the entire backside of the page, if the company does it that way..

If the 3,200 seat theater shows (14 shows across 4 days) are completely sold out at $10 per ticket, then there will have been audience totals of 44,800 people with ticket sales $448,000 (not including any percentage paid out to the ticket vendor contracted for ticket sales).

Participation for sponsors and advertisers is in return for money plus printed materials to give away at the show with at least a single printed page containing critical local resources (as those found on the website – also a copy of the list is on the blog at wordpress). Each participating sponsor and advertiser can sign up with the America the Beautiful Show team for which of those bits of critical resources their page will cover, so there won’t be duplication. (60,000 copies). Advertising and information for the sponsors’ company or advertisers’ company can be placed on the back in color or b/w depending on the company choice in the matter.
60,000 copies @  .20 per sheet  =  $12,000

60,000 copies @  .05 per sheet  =  $3,000

60,000 copies @  .02 per sheet  =  $1,200

These costs and arrangements for printing are done by sponsors and advertisers, then delivered to the show team for having them collated and placed into their final presentation form through a local printshop or book-making shop. (all pages will be a standard page size – 8.5 x 11)

If they are bound for the project, I would suggest a 3-ring binder, or simple thin printed cover with the show information on the front. Yes, it would be 500 pages. And, hopefully every single bit of it will be bootlegged and printed and re-printed into bulletin boards and places in the community where it is needed (with the company information on the bottom of every page that is re-printed with that set of resources on it.)

Costs – guesstimating – Revenue Streams –

Ticket sales
@ $10 per ticket times 44,800 audience participants (with 14 shows sold out).

$448,000 (revenue)


300 sponsors
@ $115,000 each + their contribution of 60,000 printed info copies each

$34,500,000 (revenue)


200 advertisers
@ $3,200 each + their contribution of 60,000 printed info copies each

$640,000 (revenue)


25 performers, performing groups, emcee, musical bands, military bands, speakers
performing all 14 shows across a 4 day event – (total at this rate as a flat fee for all four days)
@ $50,000 per group or individual

$1,250,000 (cost)

(does not include color guard – that also are paid)
does include:
military bands 2 (or 3)
speakers / personalities – 11
musical performers – 7 (or 8 bands, choirs or singing performers)


3 – 5 administrative people to keep up with everything over period of months
=  6 – 9 months @ $30,000 each (total wages for the entire term)

$150,000 (cost)


3 principles for one year salaries –
@$50,000 each

$150,000 (cost)


4 days (or 5 including setup and breakdown times – one half day on either side)
200 security personnel across 4 days @ / 50 per day
144,000 security hours @ 50 personnel times 4 days

$1,080,000 (cost)


insurance to cover show & to cover the business –

$100,000 – $125,000 policy for show plus $50,000 policy for business
possibly a bond will be required to cover the show to insure that tickets are redeemable, in the event that the show is canceled – or that can be covered through the insurance policies for it.



Other revenue streams –

+ external events
+ tickets to luncheons, parties, special dinners / barbecues and workshops hosted by the show
+ cd sales, vendor sales percentage, info packets on digital forms, dvd sales, phone app sales
+ iphone and mp3 uploads from the show and thereafter
+ polo shirt sales with Show logo, hats, t-shirts, banners, takehome souvenirs of the America the Beautiful Show can-do attitude and American banner themes, signed show posters with personalities and bands, etc.

+ income from making a reality show or selling broadcast rights to the show events and performances, clips, etc.

Unknown (revenues)


Venue Rental – Javits Center Special Events Theater – 3.200 seats
(not necessarily an accurate figure – may be hovering around $500,000 or more)

$150,000 (cost)

not small sized and neither massive – the America the Beautiful Show held in a smaller place wouldn’t get enough advertisers and sponsors for it to make any money. In a massive stadium sized venue, it would increase the scale of security, insurance, costs and the logistics of making packets of info – impossible and too costly.


Ticket Vendor Costs –
@ 25% – 40% of ticket value?


Personnel for producing the actual show –
50 employees or subcontractors – including required stage hands, lighting, sound, contractors, etc. that might be needed to put on the show –
@ $65 / hour average

$3,250 per hour worked +/-
times 4 days events (and possibly one day on either side for a total of 6)
(to cover 7 am through 1 am +/-)

18 hours / day x 4
72 – 80 hours total (for 6 days including set-up and break-down  =  108 hours)

$234,000 – $260,000 / 50 employees or subcontractors (@ $65 / hour average)

$351,000 per 108 hours @ the same rate (this number is probably too low) – (cost)


Advertising Costs –
one half page NY Times ad – 63 column inch rate times $1,727 (Sunday) unit rate
back page business section – add $8,900

tv commercials?
news segments?
touring show>
live tv event of shows?
make film or tv show from the whole thing, building the event – etc. – all the way through
subway placards
Times Square billboards
tv news and talk shows, am news shows, radio talk shows
magazine articles – including The New Yorker, and Vogue

make all New York building tops look like part of one single US flag as seen from above in airplanes and photos of it

largest American flag draped down the side of an entire sky scraper in New York with America the Beautiful Show banner on the side

The Statue of Liberty made of clear acrylic with a turquoise tone perched here and there around the city above traffic – from building balconies – on street store awnings – standing in architectural building elements – sitting on building tops looking down on the city – in different poses but in every other way – the Statue of Liberty lady

also – The Statue of Liberty done by any artist that wants to do it three-dimensionally in fine pottery 6 feet tall to stand in the city, in fine woodworking to sit on a park bench, in cast bronze or metalwork lifesize – to regular people size to stand near the Javits Center or elsewhere, have the sculptures made of all kinds of different things by individual artists with the sculptures showing up around the city and in lobbies of well-known places like Central Park and Union Station unexpectedly.

Note – There was an artist who did 3-dimensional sculptures of people using clear cellophane tape and then they were placed on top of the overhanging traffic light struts, from balconies – all over the place. The Statue of Liberty lady could show up everywhere – even seated in the subway train – created in ceramic or pottery with wild salt glazes of turquoise and white but in every other way – ready to talk to the commuters with eyes sparkling, torch and tablet.



Other Equipment Rental –

Unknown (cost)


Public Relations Costs –
@ the contracted rate for hiring a firm to do this work for the America the Beautiful Show, for its business and for the events

Cost of printing two foot wide banners the length of building (or Javits Center or skyscraper or Empire State Building) with American Flag them to place on all four corners of a building for a part of public relations for Show

Unknown (cost) – may be unnecessary if the team can accomplish this


Costs of External Companion Events Sponsored by the America the Beautiful Show exclusively

after show party

cost of a flag large enough to drape down the entire side of a skyscraper

massive toga party in Central Park



Sales Team Costs – if a sales team is used for interacting with sponsors and advertisers


Accountant for the Show and Business Team activities –

Attorney to draw up documents and file any necessary permits and legal entity registrations for the America the Beautiful Show team



Taxes, permit fees, business licenses, LLC registration or incorporation fees, etc.

Sales force commissions


(see below for info about Javits Center and NYC businesses)


About New York – and the number of businesses in New York City

The economy of New York City is the biggest regional economy in the United States and the second largest city economy in the world after Tokyo.[1] Anchored by Wall Street, in Lower Manhattan, New York City is the financial capital of the world[2][3][4][5][6][7][8] and is home to the New York Stock Exchange, the world’s largest stock exchange by market capitalization of its listed companies. New York is distinctive for its high concentrations of advanced service sector firms in fields such as law, accountancy, banking and management consultancy.[9]

The financial, insurance, health care, and real estate industries form the basis of New York’s economy. The city is also the most important center for mass media, journalism and publishing in the United States, and is the preeminent arts center in the country. Creative industries such as new media, advertising, fashion, design and architecture account for a growing share of employment, with New York City possessing a strong competitive advantage in these industries.[10] Manufacturing, although declining, remains consequential.


In 2005 there were 602 stand-alone headquarter operations for major companies in the city.[30] Many international corporations are headquartered in the city, including more Fortune 500 companies than any other city.

Plus all the businesses in the US and around the world that want to be seen by New York.

New York population — 18,976,457

According to nyc.gov and wikipedia.org

(from google search)


New York has 1,779,932 small businesses, according to the most current federal data available.

These small business statistics for New York do not include all self-employed individuals working in New York. According to the latest Federal data, the number of self-employed persons in New York (including incorporated companies that file via Schedule C) was 930,238.




The Office of Advocacy’s Small Business Profiles for the States and Territories supply data on small businesses in each of the 50 states and the District of Columbia. The publication also provides national-level data and limited data on the U.S. territories. The usefulness of the publication is the great detail it provides about small businesses at the state level. The following topics are covered: the number of firms, demographics of business ownership, small business income, banking, business turnover, industry composition, and employment gains and losses by size of business. Detailed historical data may be found in the Small Business Economy.


About Javits Center –


and –



My Note –

A little while ago today, I made a twenty-seven minute video of me working on these details a bit and talking with the camera as I went along. It took awhile to get it divided into three parts and I’m uploading it to the America The Beautiful Show YouTube site right now. I’m not sure if it will be viewable or not. Mostly, it shows the things found on this post during part of the time that I was working on them.

If it doesn’t work to be viewable, I’ll figure out something else. The exact numbers for costs can be corrected from where they are roughly guesstimated above.

– cricketdiane

The first part – (of twenty-seven minutes total)

part two (of three) – video created 09-25-10

part three