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I was watching the news about the poverty rates and the higher than the national rate of unemployment in Georgia and watching a young woman on the 11 Alive News who said she had filled out over 100 online applications without getting a job. That is about what I’ve noticed, too as my daughters have done the same thing . . . From my own experience, they could keep filling out those applications for the next fifteen years and never get a job from it – so, I thought maybe some ways of deriving an income in other ways might make a good list of information to post on the America the Beautiful Show website and also here –

– cricketdiane


Billboards pay to rent the space where they stand. It is part of the costs of that business.
Relay towers for cellphones also do that. Satellite relay points do that, also. Once, where the sides of buildings were painted to say Coca-Cola or See Rock City – payments were made to those owners of the barns and properties to have them there. The utility companies pay for some right of ways and it is possible that renting space for housing servers at a location could be an income as well.

The one-of-a-kind dolls on Ebay are beyond making a few clothes for a Barbie doll. There are fashion size dolls, like Barbie that are repainted and clothed to look like anime and manga figures with the hairstyles and fashions appropriate to them. There are fantasy dolls, angels and fairies made to look like they could fly from your hand. Hand-poured porcelain dolls are made to look like real babies with hand-made clothing and hand-painted for collectors, too. A search on Ebay with the term OOAK will yield a good look at the market for these and the creativity that is going into them. They do sell very well for the people willing to go into making them.

This is one of my favorites – they are awesome – they listed on Ebay at one time – this is their site – click on any of the photos, absolutely amazing.



New options include creating security grates for commercial air conditioners to keep people from robbing the copper from them which is needed by every church, business, office building, and shopping center whose air conditioner sits on the ground near the buildings. One church in Atlanta had the copper stolen from its air conditioners three different times, each time after replacing the units that had been destroyed when thieves took it apart to get the copper from it.

About $1500 can be made at many art shows by doing face painting for the children and adults attending the show. Any of the vendors providing options for the family to do with their children or specifically for the children to enjoy generally end up making money. There are usually big bins with polished rocks by the handsful that attract children and adults alike to buy a few pretty rocks and booths with a quickie art project that can be done by children and adults for a couple dollars usually has more participants than any other vendors and goes home with money.

Prizes for certain contests of skill can provide immediate money from chess tournaments, backgammon and billiards tournaments, some open-mike comedy events, some of the gaming events for video and internet action games like Warcraft and some karoke contests. There are also ongoing championships for a variety of games, sports fantasy leagues and stock picking contests. There is, of course – bingo – but where one person wins each game, everyone else loses and it is not a good place to meet people since most participants are simply there to play bingo.

Once a lady told me about making a hundred t-shirts with some art and sayings using fabric crayons at home, renting a table for $40 at a run for GayPride downtown, and selling every single one of them in less than an hour. She charged $15 or more for each shirt, no two were alike, her original investment was in the t-shirts, dye crayons and vendors’ table. The designs were her own but appropriate to the event. There are many events which could apply to this.

Online, there are viral videos making money fairly immediately. And, viewer created ads that are requested by companies to advertise their products which pay from $5,000 to $60,000 to those chosen by the companies – VCAMS. There are some writing opportunities that are paid online and some blogging for magazines, news, companies or specialty subjects that want writers. The science specialties needs writers that can translate their world into one that the rest of us could understand using the work they are doing as the subject matter. And, there are regional newsletters, blog sites, news sites and magazines that are paying people to find info about areas, cities and subject matter to blog about them. Some want photos and some do not. The payments have to be arranged with each one separately but many of them have a request for writing and bloggers on their sites online.


There is a need for people to write the fantasy fiction stories that has had an open call with pay for a long time – online submissions of materials can be made, but characters in the story follow along certain lines, there are vampires in urban environments types of storylines desired and the components of romantic twists and longings to incorporate in them. Several book companies have posted online, the submission guidelines and payments they will make for these. Young authors and adult authors who can write in this style for their submission requirements can get an income from this within a few months, or sooner if the process is started before writing them.

Clip-art and photography are still widely sought, but not always for the pictures of the pretty mountains. Strangely enough, photos and clip-art of a variety of everyday things, interesting things, interesting designs, photos of people doing things (like cooking, cooking outside, camping, barbecuing, boating, skateboarding, shopping, doing things), line art of buildings and places, and line art of everyday items from clipboards to post-it notes, art for t-shirts, art for tattoos, art for coffee cups are still all desirable and money is paid for them. Finding the right place to pitch these designs and photos to will take some effort online, or with some phone calls, or by consulting the library’s copy of the art market or writers’ market books.

Many builders, developers, construction contractors and subcontractors, remodeling contractors, some realtors, some real estate investment teams employ right hand assistant. There are also many investors in real estate and some realty firms that will pay a finders’ fee to locate certain kinds of properties, both commercial and residential that give them the first opportunities to acquire it or interact with it. Some of these finders fees can be a percentage and some are a flat fee per deal, but they have to be arranged with the group before finding properties for them.

Collectors of some things will pay finders’ fees also, but they usually want to acquire a very specific list of items in certain conditions. Photos can be made of the items as they are located and sent by email or instant messenger for their approval before moving forward with the find to purchase it for them. Depending on the value and desirability of the items for their collections, it can be enough money to make it worthwhile and count as an income.


During the foreclosure process, after the sheriff has served the papers, someone has to come into the property, clean it out, clean it up and do something with the things that were abandoned there. In the last few years, this has become a source of business for many people in local communities, but there are so many homes and businesses in foreclosure (about 95,000 in August alone nationally) – that there is room to serve this need even more. The banks and mortgage companies typically are required to hire people to come in and take everything out and some have indicated on the news that keeping the pools clean, the backyards and lawns kept, making repairs and securing the properties as well as cleaning them out – are all having to be satisfied in some manner over a period of time until the property sells (which in many cases, hasn’t happened yet for homes sitting empty the last three years, and maybe for the next three.)

Clip books of articles pertaining to a business or subject matter, political party, industry, political policy or organizations’ focus have made book- making into a new art form for one companies’ product line and for the amount of information appearing online any given day, there are needs for this which are yet to be satisfied. The compiling of stories and information specific to an industry, business or political viewpoint is not necessarily done by staff and many companies hire or subcontract (outsource) that collection of information they want. Arrangements can be made with individual companies and organizations or a business started specifically to do the compiling of such information and then approach them as customers.

Although it is possible to sit by the tourist areas, the boardwalk or riverwalk, at the mall or in a central park during an event to draw caricatures, portraits or paint t-shirts, generally these require permits and sometimes a vendors’ license to do it. If there is a show or festival in progress, they usually have a fee required. If there is not a show in progress, the city usually has a fee and permit required provided that there are sales of those caricatures, portraits or whatever it might be. Some street musicians are also required to get permits before offering a public performance on a sidewalk, in a central city park or town square as well. The best money for doing music comes from either offering DJ services (but the equipment must be purchased or leased until it can be purchased and transported to the location), or putting together a band that can play local favorites very close to their original sound to play for parties, bars, danceclubs and festivals. Some people have made immediate money by playing the piano or guitar or saxophone at local assisted living centers once a week all over town, each on a schedule almost like a very localized tour playing old favorites and a list of “standards”.

Industrial photography is very competitive, however, businesses need good photos of their business, their employees working, their products, their locations, their activities and generally, photos they can use in the news and press releases. These are business everywhere from small to large. Where most large businesses have photographers on staff or a public relations and advertising firm that can do most of this work, the medium and small businesses rarely do and the outsourcing of these needs can be an immediate source of income by simply going to them and asking. It requires a notebook with clear pages each containing a photo or photo-album with photos of other businesses and business activities to show them.

One book of photos describing the remodeling projects done by a subcontractor was made available at local hardware stores and home improvement stores paint departments and there was
one photo book at those same locations that I’ve seen which described faux finish painting and trompe l’oeil painting finishes done by a local team of artists. When someone would ask about having someone do these finishes for their bathroom or foyer, the book of their work was right there to see. It may have attracted a lot of people to have the local artists come out to do it rather than doing it themselves.

Greeting card companies will pay for slogans and for art – some pay for both as one package from the same person and some pay for one or the other from different people. There was a man I knew some years ago, whose sole income was derived from writing the slogans and sayings for greeting cards who made $60,000 a year from doing only that. The companies have guidelines published online at their companies’ websites and most have papers to be signed before the submissions can be made to protect their interests. It is normally not an immediate source of money until its initial stages of submission and interaction have occurred which can take several months and sometimes, when they are flooded with submissions – can take several years, if ever. It is important to re-submit artwork, photos, slogans and card designs rather than accepting the auto-rejection letters and shelving the designs. Not for the faint of heart.

One man made arrangements to create postcards that would be sold in Florida beach tourist locations by doing the artwork and catchy cartoon style for them with interesting slogans and then making a deal with printers to produce them for a share in the profits from them. Then, he arranged for the stores to have them for sale and delivered them himself. The need for a large publishing house to say yes, was taken out of the equation. Another man I knew, took a photo of Saddam Hussein from the news, made line art out of it using Photoshop, placed a target over the face and xeroxed it – placed six in a bag and sold them at local convenience stores during the first Gulf War after Iraq had invaded Kuwait. He made about a dozen packages of six to begin with and placed them at a local convenience store that agreed to have them – they were sold out in less than two hours and called for more. He made immediate money from the sales and for about two weeks, they did very well. People have done the same thing online with t-shirt, hat, bumper stickers, posters and coffee cups using artwork, slogans or sayings that were popular at the moment from the Presidential election to the Tea Party movement and anti-BP statements after the oil spill debacle. Cafepress, art.com and deviantart allows one of a thing to be made and shipped to them.

Make your own actual magazine – cost per issue to have hard copy – around $10.00

Make unique t-shirts and gifts where they can be ordered one or more at a time – storefronts

Make single prints of your artwork and designs available for purchase – they deliver them as the purchase is made

Wireframe models, dimensional models of buildings, vehicles, cities and objects are still desired by and paid for – they are needed by many different businesses from architects to civil engineers, city planners, other engineering firms, industrial engineering and design firms, tech firms, and for policy makers to use selling the city elsewhere for businesses to locate or re-locate there. The models are generally very specific and detailed – although some are needed at different stages of construction.



CGI – Computer Generated Imagery – used in films, presentations, etc.
Recent availability of CGI software and increased computer speeds have allowed individual artists and small companies to produce professional grade films, games, and fine art from their home computers. This has brought about an Internet subculture with its own set of global celebrities, clichés, and technical vocabulary.


Companies pay big money to get people to do these because they are tedious and time-consuming. The digital formats that are needed by the businesses can be very specific as well for them to use in publications or for CAD programs they have or for digital display systems that are intended for the final or interim uses of it – such as slides for the project, or movies to show off their work at a trade show or conference, or to be used in actual designs and modifications of something they are designing specific to it. When an air conditioning system is added to a building, the company selling that system needs to be able to show it as it will be installed in and throughout the building.

Therefore, they (among others) often need a three-dimensional, CGI or wire frame model of their building customer’s location specifically and their system as it will be installed as a template. Those kinds of problems are occurring everyday in the business world which require 3-dimensional and wireframe models of all kinds of things from the everyday and mundane to use for scale or for comparison and designwork – to those things that can be used in a slide show or presentation like a digital dimensional representation of a specific community or roadway and traffic patterns with the buildings and entrances located, cars and walkways. It is worth finding out about, if good at creating these detailed digital representations. There is good money in it and much of what is needed and desired by these companies can be found online. And, although some of it is being outsourced to companies in India and elsewhere, not all of it is possible there, so the market globally is still very open and challenges needing solutions that require these models appear every day a multitude of times in businesses across the world.

There used to be milliners and hat designers who made beautiful hats for women to wear with feathers and ribbons and draping net because women desired them. This is still a good business today as an online store, or as a booth or vendor at an art show, crafts festival, Renaissance fair, fantasy/sci-fi convention or as a role-playing support vendor business – much as the costumers are in general. Beautiful velvet cowl-hood capes with miles of fabric and lined with satin are still desired by Goth admirers, Renaissance costumers, and customers alike – they are used over Victorian dress for plays, role playing events and historic re-enactments, for Civil War antebellum historic re-enactments, for Renaissance fair costuming, for plays, for Halloween parties occasionally – and for women to wear over their beautiful evening attire to go to holiday parties during the winter season – Christmas and New Years parties, for fund-raising charity balls and Gothic cruises.

Some festivals have vendors that offer fairy wands and floral headbands with streamers of ribbon floating down the sides or back that anyone can buy for women or children to wear and have something to take home from the show. Many of these hand-made one of a kind floral bands and fairy wands use ribbon and silk flowers, a bit of glue and some simple light catching beads on the ends of the ribbon to make them and they are fun and beautiful. People like them and feel beautiful wearing them.

The curve appeal show and convention has many online sources of fashions, lingerie, shoes, elegant wear, glamorous everyday wear and business attire for people who are not a size six with makeup makeovers, parties, convention events themed specifically to make it easy to find plus sizes, beautiful garments in sizes not offered in many local stores with any real range of style and exciting interconnections between people just as they are. It could be done in every city and every state. Online clothiers can advertise there and link there to make it easy for people to find the things they want and need. And, I wish they offered larger sized furniture as well. Chairs made to suit an ergonomic chart that includes only an average measurement between the butt and the knees doesn’t suit most people’s size at all, regardless of which side of the chart average they find themselves. Just a thought, but there is a definite need there.

Did you know that it’s a documented fact that 40 percent of the women in this country are size 14 or larger? Project Curve Appeal Incorporated is on a  mission to correct the distorted perception of curvier women around the world, while empowering, educating and motivating them to celebrate their beauty, embrace their curves but also lead a healthy lifestyle. Project Curve Appeal was created by our parent company Pink City Entertainment, but has since morphed into it’s own corporation and a full blown international movement impacting the world like never before. We specialize in uniting plus size women, all respectable trendy vendors that cater to them, men that love them, size acceptance groups that support women with Curve Appeal and other organizations with similar missions through our  events, conventions and social media sites. Read more…


Comic Con and Dragon Con outfitters – costumers are still needed to make costuming specific to the characters and sci-fi/fantasy emphasis of these shows. Plays, screen and movie costuming is still needed but the places where movies, tv shows and online video content are made now are all over the country. The kinds of costuming that are the most needed are in the elements group of poured rubber costume additions, metal look costume enhancements and skin-tight comicbook style superhero costuming beyond the traditional characters. The video gaming industry has yielded a host of characters, as has the anime and manga character groups which have only a few real designers translating those characters’ costuming into actual clothing that people can wear. These are especially desired for events like ComicCon and DragonCon, for role-playing events and for publicity events like parades.

Masks are another good business possibility since many of them are created specifically for a party, for a parade, for a carnival or dance, for a play or festival, or for a sci-fi/fantasy convention. They can be sculpted by hand and created with poured components into molds in a fairly simple but messy process. More of a garage shop effort than something to do in the spare bedroom. Some of the components require very, very good ventilation and a dust-free environment, so it is definitely not something to create in a small apartment or spare room in the house. Many of the chemicals’ vapors can linger in the area where the masks are made or poured or cured, read all the safety information on the containers and follow it.

More Info – (There are brief instructions on the how to pages found above)
For more detailed information, get the Mask Makers Handbook, which features complete step-by-step instructions in a lavishly-illustrated, easy-to-read format.

google search – using the terms –
costume needed
to find the current requests for costumes and what people will pay
also – they can be posted here – (as well as other hand-crafted or one of a kind items)

There was a lady once that set up a place to create pastel portraits in a hotel lobby, by agreement with the hotel at the beach (Palm Springs) and she made appointments with people who wanted a 16 x 20 portrait done in pastels during their vacation. She had enough appointments to keep her busy every week throughout the tourist season and she said the hotel charged her a small percentage of the sales to have her table there in the lobby. It isn’t rocket science to figure out that ocean pictures sell better at the beach, mountain pictures sell better in the mountains and pictures of the Statue of Liberty could probably sell just about anywhere. Certain leather goods are desired by the motorcycle riders who try to find them when they attend shows, meets, events, rides or rallies and people going to Indian powwows probably want to take home something with native American Indian music or tribal designs on it.

There are also floral shows regionally and in many large cities which host an area for artists to display stained glass, prints, original artwork, watercolors, paintings, notecards and specialty items, even sculptures of flowers and floral themed artwork. Some of these are expensive to have a booth, but some allow booth spaces to be shared between exhibitors and some of the shows which are not held in large convention or trade centers are very reasonable in their fees to artists. They especially love flowers paintings of specific kinds of flowers as well as those displaying fine arrangements of flowers in still life compositions in modern, unusual, romantic and traditional styles.

Give Computer Lessons –

Host how to lessons for the computer at adult education locations as a workshop, at senior centers, at libraries (as long as there is no charge for it) arrangements can be made with the library for their community meeting rooms, or at stores locally that are willing to let you offer it. Show off the basics that would make it easy to understand and enjoyable to use.

Online, blogging, videos, video ads made by regular people and viral videos

Other ways to do business exist that don’t appear in business how-to books, including the fact that a multitude of people have made money by placing an online site or blog with affiliate advertising or google adwords or other advertisers ads. There is a desire for video content about businesses and written information about businesses online, blogs about gaming are desired and blogs covering local and national events are needed. At Davos, there were bloggers. At the National Republican Convention and National Democratic Convention, there were bloggers. The many trade shows, conferences, conventions, science and inventors conventions and shows, science fairs and professional conferences, climate change conferences need bloggers. Some of these blogs are making enough money through advertising to make it worthwhile and the income is fairly immediate.

One of the new business models uses online resources to make reservations for restaurants in big cities where people can make their reservations online rather than by phone. Another good business is the leasing of bicycles or electric cars to use in the city based on European models and although it is commonly done in tourist areas, now it is much needed in big cities near subway and mass transit hubs. Some of these are rented by the hour or by the day and are parked wherever they end up and then rented again from there by online arrangements. All the fees and arrangements for pickup and scheduling are done online.

It is also obvious that to sell water in a place with a captured audience like a game, art show, air show, festival or concert where it is hot and people are thirsty makes sense. A bottled water bin with ice is all that is needed and a vendors’ table, sometimes a rented canopy or entry fees to the show as an exhibitor or vendor. At 5K races, there are often vendors for the crowds as well as race participants where foods can be purchased or goods related to the run like t-shirts and caps. These make more money than the vendors’ tables fees at most events. The requirements for participation and deadlines for getting these tables can be found online at the websites for the events or at the City or County offices where the events are being hosted. Some require a business license or permit to be purchased beforehand and some do not – almost all require that sales taxes be collected and remitted, so definitely check on how to do that.

International Licensing Industry Merchandisers’ Association

The conventions / trade shows for licensing of characters and brands if very expensive to get a booth, is likely well worth it. Some business enterprises have simply started here rather than going the long way around to approach manufacturers and businesses about co-branding or licensing their characters, novelties, brand, style or name.

The other great show for being really expensive but likely well worth it – costs about $1500 for even the smallest booth – is this one –

(DecorExpo Atlanta 2010 was cancelled)

But it is attended by home decorating firms, hotel decorators, interior designers whose contracts include fast food chains, restaurants, hotels and malls, office lobbies and office complexes, among other things. When they attend this show, it is with the mindset of harvesting the best of the opportunities to have art and furnishings specific to their projects available to them on a massive scale. And, they like artists of certain styles and compositions especially where the art can be used to complement the experiences of diners, vacationers, tourists, customers, business people, executives, and the public along with creating exceptional and unique environments and interesting customized public spaces. They always have a need for some amount of dimensional art as well from modern enamelled metallic bas-relief wall sculptures lit from behind for board rooms to massive mobile art and kaleidoscopic light interplay mobiles for atriums, malls and office building lobbies.

There are also shows that focus on coffee, coffee themed items, on tea and tea-themed items among others where very specific designs, prototypes and items specially suited to them can be offered and companies involved with it can be found as well.

Building databases – compiling information –
Composing poser dimensional characters models for use in sci-fi and fantasy gaming, animations and architectural renderings

One man created a comic strip online with a main character, then working through chatrooms and Ebay, Myspace and Facebook, garnered his audience for the character which was then sold for licensing that gave him an ongoing income from it.

dynamic place for digital art to be displayed and sold or licensed

Poser-style figures for yoga exercises needed – NewTek Discussions
8 posts – 4 authors – Last post: Jul 27, 2009
I’ve only played around with Poser and importing some models into LW. …. I only needed to work with the top part of the body eventually …



TurboSquid 3D Models
More than 250,000 Stock 3D Models. Free Conversion, Quality Guarantee.

dynamic place for digital art to be displayed and sold or licensed

independent production companies that serve the home and garden channel, the discovery channel networks, the science channel and food networks, etc.

scriptwriters guild storyline registry

Welcome to WGAWRegistry.org, the official script and screenplay registration service of the Writers Guild of America, West and world’s number one intellectual property service.

Since 1927, the Writers Guild of America, West Registry has been the industry standard in the creation of legal evidence for the protection of writers and their work. When you register your script prior to submitting it to agents, managers, or producers, you document your authorship on a given date should there be unauthorized usage.

The WGA, West is the home to more than 9,500 of Hollywood’s leading TV and screenwriters, but you do not need to be a WGAW member to use this vital Guild service. Registration can be used as a supplement to a U.S. copyright, and it’s fast, easy and convenient to register online.

For more information, go to our details page or read our FAQ.


seems like it was pretty pricey to become a member
however – it doesn’t require membership to register a storyline or script

Each registration submission costs $20 (or $10 for WGA members in good standing). Please fill in your credit card information.
We accept Visa and MasterCard.
Remember, this is a secure site. Your information is kept strictly confidential.
* Indicates required field



“In the Neighborhood of Now”
Title for this on the blog and maybe on the website – needs something doing with getting money


My Note –

I stumbled on this from last year and thought it was an interesting example of the kinds of database compiling that can make money immediately.

– cricketdiane


FCC posts  Help Wanted  for white spaces database managers
By Matthew Lasar | Last updated November 27, 2009 1:30 PM


In another significant leap forward in the Federal Communications Commission’s campaign to get unlicensed broadband, or  white space  devices, into the market, the FCC says that it is now accepting proposals from companies that want to run the databases that will prevent these gadgets from interfering with other broadcast services.

There’s money in this, in case you were wondering.  Database administrators may charge fees to register fixed TV band devices  and  to provide lists of available channels to TV band devices,  the Commission’s Public Notice notes.


There was a lot of discussion about who would run the databases last year, but the FCC finally determined that they should be privately owned, and allowed to take payment to provide channel data and register fixed devices. The Commission’s Order pretty much lays out what are presumably the data fields to be used. Here are some samples: this one for the fixed TV band device table:

(1) FCC Identifier (FCC ID) of the device
(2) manufacturer’s serial number of the device
(3) device’s coordinates (latitude and longitude)
(4) name of the individual or business that owns the device
(5) name of a contact person responsible for the device’s operation
(6) address of the contact person
(7) email address of the contact person
(8) phone number of the contact person.

And for TV licensees:

(1) transmitter coordinates (latitude and longitude)
(2) effective radiated power (ERP)
(3) height above average terrain of the transmitter (HAAT)
(4) horizontal transmit antenna pattern (if the antenna is directional)
(5) channel number
(6) station call sign


Classes in public broadcasting – can be found in most cities for about $100 per session which then allow the creating of broadcast materials to go on public broadcast channels. Google searches can turn up where and when these are scheduled. They are held all over the country.


(Field Asset Services – mortgage industry)

Field Service Reps Needed Bank Owned Distressed Property


Field Service Reps are needed in Property Preservation home inspection Services, there are many types of property inspections. It is important to note that these inspections help Mortgage companies, lenders, insurance companies make decisions on their properties with the information received from an inspection.

Here are some tips to get started as a Home Inspection Photographer with Photo Inspections

* Locate properties for sale takes time and effort, knowing what types of houses are a good investment is what makes for a good property locator.

* It may take driving around your local neighborhoods in order to find unlisted properties that look distressed and neglected.

Subvending is going to be the result of the many failed banks in 2010,  many foreclosure cleanup businesses will want to hire field service reps for REO properties, If you have a real estate service business you can provide yard maintenance, winterization, boarding and more. To get more work you will want to contact the asset managers of FDIC institutions.

Photo Inspections needed for Home Inspector photography is a process of locating abandoned, boarded up, distressed properties and homes for sale or bank owned properties, take photos of the house and write down the surrounding area.

* Keep track of which street the house is located on and any near by cross streets. Write down any land marks (eg. shopping center, school or park) near by. Start a notebook and keep track of all the houses you find, believe me it is easy to locate 20 houses in one day and so detailed record keeping is essential.
* Another tool is to build a buyers list, make a list of those ads in the paper that says   We Inspect Houses  and keep a list of real estate investment groups in your area. This way once you find the homes you will have a list of who to contact that will be able to give you a finders fee, referral fee or commission once they purchase the property.

( . . . .)



We regret to inform you that we recently made the extremely difficult decision to cancel DECOR Expo Atlanta due to a lack of exhibitor support. Please stay tuned for future show announcements. —The DECOR Expo Team


DECOR Expo 2010 Canceled
Posted by DECOR Editors at 10:35 am on August 18 2010



This post from a blog notes two current calls for Urban Fantasy novels which run about 100 – 150 pages (more or less) and more of these can be found at the Writers’ Market sites and books of the same name at the library.

*(the following information is acredited and referenced to Emma Shipley, page 2, Writer’s News, March 2010 issue)
First up is Juno which is part of Pocket Books which in turn is part of Simon & Schuster, a big publisher in the US.

They publish  urban or contemporary fantasy with strong female protagonists. We are currently looking for novels from 80,000 to 100,000 words in length and completed manuscripts will have an advantage. This is a fantasy imprint. Techno-thrillers, suspense, crime, science fiction, action, adventure, etc without an element of  the fantastic are not fantasies. Nor we are we interested in young adult, teen, or children’s books.
Email submissions are only accepted in doc or rtf attatched.
Submitt 3 chapters or equilivant sample, short cover letter in the body of email.  This is your chance to sell both yourself and your book. It is what will make us open that attatchment or put it off as long as possible.
For more info – Paula Guran, Editor: editor@juno-books.com.
Website – www.juno-books.com

*(the following information is acredited and referenced to Emma Shipley, page 11, Writer’s News, March 2010 issue)
Next up is Hearts of Fire –  currently accepting submissions in all genres, including romance (all genres); paranormal (witchcraft/vampires/werewolves); mystery/action/suspense; sci-fi/fantasy; drama; horror; shorts stories; and erotica. However we want manuscripts to be edited very carefully. Only send us your best work.
To submitt email complete manuscript as an attachment to: submissions.heartsonfire@yahoo.com
In subject line write ‘Submission: *title of manuscript*.
The body of your email should include the following: a brief synopsis (two or three paragraphs will suffice), title of book, your name, your pen name (if any), email address, postal address, telephone number, genre and word count.
For more info – Melissa Miller – email – heartsonfire@live.com
Website – www.heartsonfirebooks.com

28 April 2010 01:31



Urban fantasy
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

As the term suggests, urban fantasy describes a work that is set primarily in a city and contains fantasy elements. Urban fantasy sometimes features problems with inner city life, such as gangs and city management.[3]

Works of urban fantasy may be set in contemporary times or include paranormal romance,[1] but these characteristics are not necessary for the work to be considered urban fantasy. Tee Morris’s The Case of the Singing Sword: A Billibub Baddings Mystery, which follows a dwarf detective in 1930s Chicago, qualifies as a non-contemporary example of urban fantasy according to 1990s critic John Clute.

The city in which the story takes place may exist in the real world, or it may be fictional. For example, Charles de Lint’s Dreams Underfoot (1993) and its sequels are set in the imaginary city of Newford.[4]

Adult fiction

Many urban fantasy novels geared toward adults are told via a first-person narrative, and often feature mythological beings, paranormal romance, and various female protagonists who are involved in law enforcement or vigilantism.[5][6] Laurell K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake series—which follows the investigations of a Federal Marshal during paranormal cases—has been called a substantial and influential work of the genre.[7] Kim Harrison’s Rachel Morgan novels, taking place in an alternate history setting, feature a bounty-hunting witch who battles numerous supernatural foes.[8] The Better Part of Darkness, by Kelly Gay, explores the challenges a police officer faces while trying to balance her paranormal cases with life as a single mother.[9] Greywalker, a series by Kat Richardson, follows a woman who conducts investigations in a paranormal plane of existence.[10]

In addition to books which present largely independent characters, certain stories feature men and women who are regularly partnered on adventures—often with an underlying romantic element.



Elfwood – Science Fiction and Fantasy Art, FanArt & Stories
Fantasy and creature art; the Wyverns Library contains various creature specific stories.

and also –

Epilogue.net – Epilogue is a free fantasy art gallery and community of … – epilogue.net



Category:Fantasy genres
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A list of the different types of fantasy marketing right now.


Object-oriented programming (OOP) is a programming paradigm that uses  objects  – data structures consisting of data fields and methods together with their interactions – to design applications and computer programs. Programming techniques may include features such as data abstraction, encapsulation, modularity, polymorphism, and inheritance. Many modern programming languages now support OOP.


I’ve heard there is money paid for code bits specific to certain computing tasks – it would be worth looking to see it that is still the case in some of these programming languages – OOP and Java, etc.


How to Make a Latex Monster Mask
By Arnold Goldman

For more detailed information, get the Mask Makers Handbook, which features complete step-by-step instructions in a lavishly-illustrated, easy-to-read format.


This page has a brief explanation overview with pictures. Very nifty.


These are stories that inspire me to invent solutions – and pursue them –

September 9, 2010, 7:30 am
Washington State Man Drives 1,400 Miles Without Refueling

Craig Henderson of Bellingham, Wash., which is about 90 miles north of Seattle, planned to drive his home-built car from the Canadian border to Mexico without stopping for fuel. Before leaving on Aug. 29, he’d carefully calculated that his streamlined car could travel the more than 1,400 miles on 14 gallons of diesel.

Of course, things didn’t go exactly as planned. By the time Mr. Henderson arrived at the border at Tijuana three days later, the bright-red coupe, called the Avion, had used only 12.4 gallons of fuel, for an average of 119.1 miles per gallon.


Designed and built by Mr. Henderson and his friend and fellow engineer Bill Green, the Avion – French for airplane – has a fiberglass exterior and gullwing-style doors that swing up and out from the body. There is room for only two adults. A 3-cylinder diesel engine from a Smart Fortwo is mounted behind the passenger compartment. Power is delivered to the rear wheels using a 6-speed semi-automatic transmission.




Working Altoids Tin Micro-BBQ Grills Tiny Hot Dogs and S’mores to Order
By Rebecca Boyle Posted 09.03.2010 at 2:30 pm



Make Your Own Toys With the 3D Printer

Ever wanted to make your own toys? With the 3D printer, your number one childhood dream just became reality.


Prototype This: Inventor’s Heaven

When good inventors die they go to a place called “Inventables.”


That is a crappy title for an incredible website that shows a library of new materials to use for inventing new things.

– cricketdiane (my note)


The guys that built a new type of tank / all -terrain tracked vehicle in their backyard and blew the Army into a love affair with the new approach – its fast, lightweight and maneuverable but can be made armored, too. The video of the original one which they drove is below in a YouTube clip that is well worth watching – Amazing.



MS2 incorporates all the same features and specifications of MS1, but includes manual controls for manned operation…
More Details >>



Friday, July 11, 2008
The Howe Brothers

Ripsaw Showcases Local Brothers’ Talent
By Joe Hessert

Identical twin brothers Mike and Geoff Howe have been building things together since they were children growing up in Augusta. “We were always taking stuff apart and putting things together,” said Mike in his office at Howe & Howe Technologies located on route 236 in Eliot. “We really didn’t receive toys as kids,“ added Geoff with a smile, “we got tools.”
Their first project together of any size was a log cabin that they built when they were eight.
And now the brothers have a new project. The federal government, at the urging of Senator Susan Collins, has invested three million dollars to support the Howe brothers as they develop, construct, test and procure their 6,500 pound robotic “Ripsaw MS-1” vehicle that does zero to 50 mph in 5.5 seconds and has no problem hurdling over sand dunes or crashing through small buildings.
( . . . .)

Caption:Mike and Geoff Howe stand with the Ripsaw in progress. (Weekly Sentinel photo)
Posted by Sveta at 7/11/2008



World’s fastest tracked vehicle

Ripsaw MS1 UGV: Ultimate Armed/Weaponized Tracked Tactical Robot?
On August 23, 2008, in Future Infantry/Soldier, by David Crane

By David Crane

August 14, 2008
The original Ripsaw UGV (non-militarized) prototype could hit 50mph in about 3.5 seconds, since it was lighter, but it wasn’t as strong/rugged. The original speed goal for Ripsaw was approx. 80mph, but the Howe brothers have discovered that driving UGVs remotely can get scary and precarious at speeds above 50mph.

The Ripsaw MS1 UGV large-format tracked tactical robot can move at relatively high speed over all terrains with a lot of power and authority, due to a number of design aspects/factors. One of these is its unique lightweight, rugged tubular chassis construction. The Howe brothers got the tubular-chassis-construction idea from NASCAR race cars. “The most unique thing about Rip Saw MS1 UGV is that it’s the same technology that’s used in Nascar or Monster Trucks. It’s built with a tube chassis, which allows us to decrease weight and increase strength,” say the Howe brothers. The high-horsepower/high-torque engine requires a custom, heavy-duty transmission (larger, more rugged components/parts) and drivetrain, which is provided by New England Transmission.

The Howe brothers are all about simplification. The entire vehicle is comprised of only 8 components, including the engine/motor and tubular chassis. The chassis itself can be lifted from the engine in less than an hour. To replace the engine, just drop it (engine) out, and lift the chassis off. Streamlined maintenance is therefore one of the the vehicle’s selling points. While the chassis itself requires more than 1,000 tube cuts, Ripsaw inventor Mike Howe innovated a tube-cutting process that cuts down fabrication time of the Ripsaw’s roll cage by 300-400%. Previously, it would have taken hours to cut and prepare a single pipe. No longer.

The Ripsaw MS1 tactical UGV utilizes a powerful oversized and customized 650-horsepower Duramax 6.6L V8 diesel engine that delivers 900 ft./lbs of torque. Factory horsepower for the engine is 375hp, so the Howe brothers have suped it up a good bit. The engine fits inside a 3×3-foot (3×3”) space in the chassis.
One of the most interesting aspects of the Ripsaw MS1 UGV to DefenseReview is its unique, custom suspension system. Ripsaw utilizes an impressive custom-designed, in-house-developed) Baha-off-road-type, caterpillar-like independent suspension system that has an impressive 18 inches of takeup. The Howe brothers call it a dual-acting dog-leg suspension.

Ripsaw MS1 UGV Demo

Original Ripsaw UGV Finished

Company Contact Info:

Howe and Howe Technologies Inc.
518 Turkey Street
North Berwick, ME 03906-5736
207-439-0990 Office
info@howeandhowe.com Email
http://www.howeandhowe.com Website


See it in action – these guys built this phenomenal machine in their backyard shed, didn’t they?

World’s fastest tracked vehicle



# Free Webcast Series – 3D Printer Selection Criteria
# Free Webcast: 3D Printing Across the Organization
# Free eBook – Rapid 3D Modeling
# Webcast: 3D Printing as a Design Tool at Foster+Partners
# Free Webcast: How 3D Printing Works
# Customer Case Studies

# Free eBook – Rapid 3D Modeling


Making Water From Thin Air
Audrey Hudson Email 10.06.06 (2006)

A company that developed technology capable of creating water out of thin air nearly anywhere in the world is now under contract to nourish U.S. soldiers serving in Iraq.

The water-harvesting technology was originally the brainchild of the Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, which sought ways to ensure sustainable water supplies for U.S. combat troops deployed in arid regions like Iraq.

“The program focused on creating water from the atmosphere using low-energy systems that could reduce the overall logistics burden for deployed forces and provide potable water within the reach of the war fighter any place, any time,” said Darpa spokeswoman Jan Walker.

To achieve this end, Darpa gave millions to research companies like LexCarb and Sciperio to create a contraption that could capture water in the Mesopotamian desert.

But it was another company, Aqua Sciences, that developed a product on its own and was first to put a product on the market that can operate in harsh climates.

“People have been trying to figure out how to do this for years, and we just came out of left field in response to Darpa,” said Abe Sher, chief executive officer of Aqua Sciences. “The atmosphere is a river full of water, even in the desert. It won’t work absolutely everywhere, but it works virtually everywhere.”


The cost to transport water by C-17 cargo planes, then truck it to the troops, runs $30 a gallon. The cost, including the machines from Aqua Sciences, will be reduced to 30 cents a gallon, Roy said.

Several systems on the market can create water through condensation, but the process requires a high level of humidity.

Aqua Sciences’ machines only require 14 percent humidity, Roy said. “That’s why this technology is superior and why they are getting the contracts.”

Read More http://www.wired.com/science/discoveries/news/2006/10/71898#ixzz0zrDrLWWS





Aqua Sciences™ atmospheric water extraction machines can be furnished and installed in disaster sites, urban, rural and isolated communities to capture, purify and dispense water of superior quality on demand.

Current machines can provide between 350-1,200 gallons of water per day with a target price of approximately $0.25 per gallon dependent upon actual conditions and costs.

Machines may be powered by electricity or a self-contained diesel generator and are environmentally friendly due to lower energy requirements and no harmful or toxic by-products.



Tina Casey
Suck on This: Cheap Organic Plastic Solar Cells

September 17, 2010 in General Technology, Manufacturing, Solar Energy

The University of Cambridge has come up with a low cost organic solar cell that opens up some intriguing new possibilities in solar energy design. Although the Cambridge team is focused on bringing large scale photovoltaic devices to the market, the new technology could also lend itself to a smaller canvas, yielding such products as solar-energy generating umbrellas and canopies.

Organic photovoltaics are simply solar cells made with organic polymers (long chains of molecules), which are based on carbon, in contrast to silicon solar cells which are made from – well, silicon, which is a metalloid. Despite their low production costs, organic photovoltaic cells have not shown much commercial potential due to their low efficiency. At least, that was the case until the University of Cambridge got involved. The team has come up with a commercial model that combines efficiency improvements, a longer lifespan, low-cost (and low-toxicity) raw materials, a cost-effective manufacturing process, and a product line that focuses on economies of scale and ease of  installation.

Organic photovoltaic cells can be spray-painted onto just about any plastic substrate, and that’s where things could get fun. There are new developments in silicon-based solar spray-ons, too. Solar “paint” could be applied in a variety of colors and patterns to buildings, infrastructure and decorative objects instead of just creating acres of monotonous solar panels, and the plastic substrate could be made from a variety of bioplastics, rather than petroleum based plastics – even bioplastics made from wastewater.

Image: Plastic straws by Horia Varlan on flickr.com.


New Vertical-Axis Wind Turbine Unveiled
September 17, 2010 in Clean Energy, Products, Wind Energy

Yeah, that doesn’t look like your normal wind turbine, does it? But this new wind turbine by Sauer Energy is not 100% unique — it features some great new innovations, but is built on an existing wind turbine design that seems to becoming a more and more popular, a vertical-axis wind turbine (VAWT) design.


Inventor makes water out of air 1:40 Rough Cut

Oct 28 – A French inventor has come up with a windmill that turns thin air into water and says his creation could offer hope to millions of people around the world who do not have enough water.



A Solar Still is a device to desalinate impure water like  brackish  or saline water. It a simple device to get potable/fresh distilled water  from  impure  water, using solar energy as  fuel, for  its various applications in domestic, industrial and academic sectors.

Solar Still Water

A solar still consist of shallow triangular basin made up of Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP). Bottom of the basin is painted black  so as  to absorb solar heat effectively. Top of the basin is  covered with transparent glass tilt fitted so that maximum solar radiation can be transmitted in to the still. Ages of the glass are sealed with the basin using tar tape so that the entire basin becomes air tight. Entire assembly is placed on a structure  made of MS angle. Out let is connected with  a  storage container.  Provision  has been made to fill water  in  the  still basin.  A window is provided in the basin to clean the basin  from inside. Water is charged in to the basin in a thin layer.

Solar Stills have got major advantages over other conventional Distillation / water purification /de-mineralisation   systems    as follows :

1. Produces pure  water
2. No prime movers required
3. No conventional energy required
4. No skilled operator required
5. Local manufacturing/repairing
6. Low investment
7. Can purify highly saline water (even sea water)

Solar  stills  is an useful devise to get fresh/  distilled  water which is required in
Industries     for industrial processes
Hospitals and Dispensaries     for sterilization
Garages and Automobile Workshop
for radiator  and  battery maintenance
Telephone Exchange     for battery maintenance
Laboratory Use     for analytic work
Marshy and costal area     To get fresh potable  water



Water Jet Cutting Machines



Welcome to Waterjets.org!

Written by Staff
Welcome to the most complete resource on waterjet machining on the Web

This web site offers information for novices who want to learn about waterjet technology, and resources for experts who already have equipment.

Learn about waterjets

abrasive waterjet nozzleHow do waterjets work? What are the basic principles involved? What are the various parts of a waterjet? Who uses waterjets? These (and other) questions are answered in the About Waterjets section.


17:53 16 September 2010

Almost three-and-a-half years after the X Prize Foundation launched a competition for affordable super-efficient cars, the winners have been announced

Progressive Automotive X Prize: the winners

WASHINGTON (September 16, 2010) – The X PRIZE Foundation, an educational nonprofit prize organization, and Progressive Insurance, the country’s fourth largest auto insurance group, today, at the Historical Society of Washington, D.C., awarded $10 million to three teams who successfully completed the rigorous Progressive Insurance Automotive X PRIZE. The winning teams—Edison2 of Lynchburg, Virginia; X-Tracer of Winterthur, Switzerland; and Li-ion Motors Corp. of Mooresville, North Carolina—emerged from an original field of 111 competing teams, representing 136 vehicle entries from around the world. The winning vehicles were showcased to an audience of auto industry, business and government leaders. Each of the winning teams was also presented with a towering bronze trophy designed by Harry Winston, Inc.




October 10 – 24, 2010
National Mall and surrounding areas – with satellite events

Daytime, evening and weekend events for the general public, including workshops, lectures, open houses, performances and more.

October 10-24, 2010

Greater Washington DC area.

2010 PLTW Innovation Summit


Project Lead The Way (PLTW), a USA Science & Engineering Festival Partner, is bringing together some of the best and brightest minds in the STEM community for its 2010 PLTW Innovation Summit.  The Summit takes place October 20-22 in Washington, DC, in conjunction with our Festival on the National Mall.  PLTW’s Innovation Summit is a great opportunity to learn about STEM education best practices and interact with some of the nation’s leading STEM educators and advocates.

The Summit will bring together STEM-related industry representatives, public and private educational agencies, philanthropic organizations and a wide cross-section of the greater STEM community to investigate, ideate and ultimately to ignite STEM education through imagination and innovation.  The Summit is structured as a collaborative three-day forum, featuring visionary keynote speakers, in-depth panel discussions, hands-on breakout sessions and award-winning student project displays.

For more information, visit http://www.pltw.org


Full Registration $425 • Early Registration $350 (offer ends 8/21)
$100 Discount for Educators and Administrators


Stay an extra day or two.
The National Innovation Summit is being held in conjunction with another inaugural event – the USA Science & Engineering Festival Expo. Extend your stay and join PLTW and 500 hundred science and engineering organizations as they gather on the National Mall to celebrate science. Visit the PLTW exhibit between the engineering and life sciences wings next to event sponsor Lockheed Martin. Those who can extend their stay will greatly benefit from the combined events.

Our Innovation Summit takes place at a grand venue.
The Grand Hyatt Washington, with its award-winning conference center, is the site of the PLTW National Innovation Summit. Located in Penn Quarter, the Hyatt sits halfway between the U.S. Capitol Building and White House, and is central to Old Downtown’s restaurants, hotels nightclubs, art galleries, theaters and trendy stores.


First Annual Innovation Summit – very nice


Whisson’s windmill uses refrigerant to cool the blades of his mill, which he’s named Max Water. These blades are situated vertically rather than diagonally, so that even the slightest breeze turns them. The cool blades cool the air, causing the water vapor to condense — become liquid water again. This condensation is then collected and stored. Whisson’s windmill can collect as much as 2,600 gallons of water from the air per day.

Whisson says that his biggest challenge isn’t the engineering behind his invention but finding the venture capital to back it — he says that people think it’s too good to be true. This problem would sound familiar to a pair of American inventors who have a water-making invention of their own.

Jonathan Wright and David Richards have created a machine that’s similar to Whisson’s, except that it resembles a collapsible pull-behind camper more than it favors a windmill. This invention — which its creators call AquaMagic — pulls air directly from the area surrounding it. Inside the machine, the air is cooled via a refrigerated coil. The air condenses, and the water is collected, purified, and released through a spigot.

The AquaMagic machine — which currently cost about $28,000 per unit — can produce up to 120 gallons of purified water in 24 hours, and since it’s small it can be toted to disaster sites and Sub-Saharan Africa alike. But it also has one drawback: To produce this much water, AquaMagic requires about 12 gallons of diesel fuel. It’s here that the Whisson Windmill (which runs about $43,000 per unit) has a clear advantage over AquaMagic: It’s totally green. It runs exclusively on wind power, requiring no fossil fuel. Even the condenser runs off the power generated by the windmill’s turbines.

Speaking of the environment, why go to the trouble of collecting water out of the air? Why not simply cause more rain to fall? It may sound far-fetched, but this is actually done — at times, with catastrophic consequences. Find out why it may not be a good idea to manipulate the water cycle on the next page.

VIDEO: Check out videos about Earth’s amazing environments. >>



At different times, the UN makes a call for videos and short films such as this one whose deadline just passed. The subject matter varies and there is sometimes a prize for the top places, but even better is the opportunity to have the exposure and resume entry – and possibly other opportunities that could come from it, and from the film later –

UN Citizen Ambassadors – Trip – Over 18 yo – No duration limit – Due: August 23, 2010

VN:F [1.9.1_1087]
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The “Citizen Ambassadors to the United Nations” campaign utilizes new media and online social networking to engage a global audience in the important work of the United Nations. The contest will run from 23 June to 23 August 2010 and offers a unique opportunity for people everywhere to use online media to tell world leaders what the MDGs mean to them in their own lives, and what they think needs to be done to “make this world a better and safer place”.

The Citizen Ambassadors video contest is hosted on the UN Channel on YouTube (www.youtube.com/unitednations) and is organized by the UN Department of Public Information,  in partnership with YouTube, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the United Nations Foundation (UNF), French broadcaster TV5Monde and with support from Flip Video.

The theme of the video contest this year is the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), a set of eight internationally-agreed goals designed to bring concrete results by 2015 in the fields of poverty, hunger, disease, maternal and child deaths, education, gender equality and sustainability.

Videos featuring UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon have been posted on the UN Channel on YouTube, calling citizens of the world to engage create and submit short video messages on the importance of the MDGs in their lives.



My note – these calls for films and videos can be found by doing a google search using the search terms –

UN call for videos short films

please note – that anytime an entry is made, it is extremely important to read the fine print of all the guidelines involved. Some of them require that a personal presentation is made with the entry if it is among the finalists which can require getting to the wherever with hotels, taxis, meals and airfare paid by the participant. Sometimes that can be worked out with the organization sponsoring the call for entries to provide a scholarship to help get to the final presentations and sometimes, not. Just read all of it . . .

– cricketdiane


Poptent for Monograms – $5000 – Over 18 yo – 60 seconds – Due: September 30, 2010.

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Rating: 0 (from 0 votes)

Monograms is one of four travel brands offered by the Globus family of brands. Monograms is about “Independent travel. Simplified.” Monograms aims to take all the logistical elements of a tour and make them available to independent travelers so that the booking and the taking of their trip is simplified.

So help us make Monograms famous, with a 60 second video that informs people about this great brand in a fun and/or emotional way.

The assignment is open to anyone 18 or older anywhere in the world.  Deadline: September 30, 2010.

Many travelers do not realize that there is an easier (and more enjoyable) way to book travel that allows them to focus 100% on their vacation…not the labor and stress of putting it together. And Monograms not only makes the planning and booking easier, it provides support on trip, including a Local Host who’s ready and able to point you in the right direction.

Monograms will select between one (minimum) and three videos for purchase and their creators will each receive a one-time fee of $5,000. Plus, the top pick will receive an extra bonus award of $2,500. In addition, five video producers will receive a total of $2,000 in Poptent’s “Editors’ Choice” awards

To enter this video contest click here.



Wonderful clear, concise tutorial of how to make stop-action animation using a basic digital camera, computer and some imagination –


Let’s say, for example, that you would like to make that sock move itself across the floor. Start at the beginning: place the sock somewhere and take your first photo. Remember, you want to use camera (still frame) mode, not movie mode.

Using a tripod and only moving your object will make it appear as though your object is moving through your frame. Keeping the object in the same general area in each frame by moving the camera along with it will make it appear as though you are traveling with the object. It’s up to you.

( . . . )

Stop-motion animation is one of the simplest, most fun animation techniques.

Mix equal parts digital camera, computer, and imagination (you’ve got all three), and you’re on your way.


Really easy and fun . . .


I thought of another one that makes a ton of money –

One man that I met several years ago, was making his living from home by translating video, conference materials and films from different languages to English. Some companies pay for their materials to be translated into other languages, especially their sales materials and videos about their products, also. There are needs that exist for teaching English to those who would have it as a second language and for translation service in person for a variety of occasions from police interviews to business activities. These translation services can be done freelance or by creating a business in it, by teaching at the adult education center, or all of the above as the opportunities are available.

And if you think there are no opportunities for doing business because it has all been done already – take a look at this sometime – it is a whole different world –

IFSEC is the world’s leading global annual security event, uniting over 25,000 security professionals with more than 600 world leading companies, spread over seven product areas, to source all your security solutions and meet with your peers.


“In the Neighborhood of Now”
Title for this on the blog and maybe on the website – needs something doing with getting money

– cricketdiane