Okay now – this is ridiculous –

After responding to this comment about the Deepwater Horizon Oil Disaster, it occurred to me that there is something very derisive about this comment – so I decided to share it here . . .

barry wenhold

You are wrong. Well “A” is damaged.

ROV coordinates witnessed via video live feed while servicing the damaged wellhead are within one meter of the coordinates for well A.

You had no information leading to your (false) conclusion that well A had been completed and capped.
That doesn’t mean they aren’t grossly negligent, or even criminal in their conduct; It just means you tortured your own mind for nothing.


This was the response I had posted to it –

Thankyou for letting me know about that. I appreciate the information about it. When I found the MMS documents describing two wells in the same area – it didn’t say anything about the information you are describing and I wondered why they didn’t just use well A to tap into the one that had been damaged. Thanks so much for setting that straight.

I’m not sure where your information is found and I would love to know.

Thanks again,


My Note –

Is it not possible to simply say that there is more information than the part I have and this is it? And, here is where to find it?

As much as I’m taken by surprise that a complete stranger would be so included in my life as to worry about my torturing my mind for nothing – it also seems clear that his explanation about how he knows well A is in some condition based on the ROV feed being within a meter of it – doesn’t make sense. Maybe well A was damaged, maybe not – but the question still remains, why didn’t they use that one to tap into the other one and why did well A get damaged by something unrelated to it – were there two explosions? Are they connected? Is that a possibility for any exploratory wells drilled close to one another? Was it damaged in the hurricane that had taken the original drilling platform offline?

The other thing –

It never ceases to amaze me, how many ways it is done and how many people choose to decide what others can or cannot be allowed to think about or question or look into or consider (acceptably) in a country described by its freedom.

There are so many ways to be derogatory and insulting to even the very efforts to consider things in a bigger world that affect us all. Its almost as if we are to all sit back and accept anything we are told without question and without wondering why or expressing that publicly to anyone. I don’t get it.

When I heard that the Deepwater Horizon well had exploded, killed 11 men and was pouring vast quantities of our national resources of crude oil into the waters of the Gulf of Mexico – my mind was tortured right then. I didn’t have to think any about it for my conscience to be touched by it and by the events that were unfolding as a result, killing marine and coastal animals, making people sick, destroying the fishing grounds that serve us all, making the ocean into a cesspool of chemical toxins unnatural to it, and making life along coastal areas into a vast economic devastation for families and the communities there. It is my country. These are my fellow Americans.

How hard is it to see that it affects me and everyone around me when these things happen anywhere in our nation? BP isn’t working on their own planet – they are working on a planet where our families and our lives can be impacted by their actions or ineptitude for years to come. That is true for many things found in the news today. When the pastor of a Florida church burns Korans in America – he is using my name as an American to back what he is doing and using my nation to promote his bigotry against an idea and a religion different from his own. When an Arizona sheriff decides to promote his own ideas of how to deal with an illegal immigration program, he isn’t doing it on his own behalf – he is influencing how my immigrant neighbors think about me and about my family and my children as Americans. What right does he have to do that? What right does anyone have to do things in my name and in the name of every American that none of us agrees with at all? Thirty people at a church in Florida gets to represent how all of us feel about it as they burn Korans? No.

I don’t care who it is – from BP and their few executives making decisions that we have surely suffered from in order to guarantee their business model profits or the few at a church making a statement of bigotry against a religion that isn’t theirs or the horrors of seeing a camp in the desert for internment of immigrants that the sheriff in Arizona has arrested and detained to suit himself – it is all affecting us and putting a label on America. It is a label carried by us in our communities as also intolerant, stupid, unquestioning sheep without a moment of curiosity, common sense or willingness to stand up and say – no, that is wrong. And it isn’t just a label that we are getting from these things. The very real economic damage of the oil spill and destruction of wildlife there affects all of us. The war that is being started in our name with the burning of Korans in Florida and the Mexican immigrants wanting to have a new life in America – impacts us personally and directly in our day to day lives as the people of these harms look at us differently, suspect us, consider us their personal enemies. But, we – most of us anyway – don’t even agree with any of these things being done to them in the first place. None of us agree with doing business as some companies, including BP have done – at the expense of the greater good to cut costs here and there while putting all of us at risk. Most of us don’t agree with bigotry and hate.

Maybe I am as derisive as the writer of the comment that got me started on this soapbox, in telling people not to worry about those things, or not to think about those things, or not to torture their minds with things they can do nothing about, or not to study on a thing of no relationship to them. The idea that it is up to me to decide what you do with your mind – I’m sure I have taken on at times intending no harm in doing it. But personally, I’ve had it with it – whether I’m the one doing it or anybody else. The freedom to think about things of our own choosing may have been taken away long ago in America – I think its time to get that back.

Don’t tell me I’m looking at a helicopter if it is, in fact – an airplane. Don’t tell me what to think about that plane or helicopter. Give me information about it if you want. But don’t you dare tell me that I’m not to ask why it is there or what it is doing or who built it or why the engines are whining with that funky sound. I’ve had enough of it. In fact, I think we all have had enough of it. There are plenty of tv shows calling themselves news to tell us what to think about everything with translations and interpretations of every single event using some of the finest “experts’ there are. And how many people and businesses and states and agencies across America and throughout the World have lost money as a result of buying into that way of looking at things as we are all supposed to understand them?

When I have a question about something – I look it up or I post it here or I ask somebody or I do all of the above. But, after everything I’ve seen in America of my lifetime (and apparently lifetimes before mine were the same way) – I am not about to defer to an expert simply and without question because they are an “expert”. It is stupid to do that knowing what is the truth of it – that many times another agenda is driving the interpretation of the facts and analysis of the facts they are choosing to express. Facts are not supposed to be rhetorical. Freedom is not supposed to be abrogated. Thought is not supposed to be the purview of others to determine. Knowledge is not supposed to be re-created to suit the agenda of an industry, nor a political agenda, nor religious agenda, nor to suit what people want to hear simply to keep them listening. It is wrong and it is costly to do anything that way. Some of those costs we are bearing today.

If it turns out that well A at the Macondo Prospect of the Deepwater Horizon drilling disaster was possible as a tapping point for the damaged well B to be killed faster than what they did, it won’t matter whether I have said so or the writer of the comment said I was wrong about it – sooner or later people will know and the industry will know, if they don’t already. And, the government supervising these wells and the oil industry in general will know and politicians will know and international players will know who will all take discretionary steps in the future as a result. There is no hiding the truth whatever it is – sooner or later, it becomes obvious.

There is a very common saying which is one of the farthest things from the truth that I have ever considered. But, it is used all the time by people all over the world – it is the statement that “people never change.” And, yet it is that one thing that is ever changing. People learn, grow, adapt, change, age, become more educated, create, think new things, alter in every way possible and some that don’t even seem likely.

The one thing that people don’t do – is to stay the same. People are flexible and adaptive. And, as much as they can be influenced to think or not to think about things and apply their reasoning and common sense to it – sooner or later, people learn the facts about things exactly as they are , or exactly as they were at the time they occurred. The freedom to do so cannot be taken away by any efforts, no matter how derisive, shaming, backhanded, destructive, twisted, perverted or underhanded those efforts might be day in and day out. There will always come a point at which that derision is known for what it is and the truth comes to the forefront that was being denied by using that strategy.

When history tells it, the sheriff in Arizona will not be among the good guys acting with honor and integrity. The pastor burning Korans will not be looked upon as a man of tolerance and piety. And, BP will not be considered a competent, conscientious organization serving the greater good of the US and the world’s people. But, in every case – long before history explains the truth of it – our people in America, including me and my family – will be paying for the actions of these assholes.

And, that makes it my business to learn about it, to question it, to do what I can to be of some help and to participate in a greater sense than myself. And, to post what I find out about it if I choose to do that.

I can accept being wrong about something I’ve thought, something I’ve posted, something I’ve said, something I’ve done, or something I’ve studied and repeated. I will never accept some jackass telling me not to try at all.

– cricketdiane


It will never be okay to shame me about it either.