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Very fun – a lot better.

Updated the America the Beautiful Show website and now it shows the new format that I’ve been working to do – it isn’t finished but at most of it is done.



Now there are over 50 pages, but the information is a lot easier to find and to navigate. There is a bit more info that was on the original website to be moved over to it yet and some other things about learning resources and problems to be solved that have yet to be added but most of those are already written.

Just made a video on Animoto called “Oceanata”: http://animoto.com/s/8idmBwAjlCv5tmuJ8j6AfA

having a little fun in my spare time – and trying to conceive of what a full-length video of this type might be – this one doesn’t use my music – I need to fix that by converting the music I create into MP3 format

I’m going to do another one.


This isn’t music that I created but it is my photos and it is the truth . . .

I titled it “America the Beautiful 2010”


and Mander Commander updated the other website for the America the Beautiful Show –


check out page 6 (on the tabs at the bottom or top of the page that fade in after the page loads)

I must’ve played this thing about 8 or 10 times already. I love it and I don’t know why. It is a bit on the funky side. And, it has had 54 views, not including mine in the last hour – wow – very nifty . . .



I think I’ll play it again.