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A page with links to 19 live beach cams from Myrtle Beach, and North Myrtle Beach, S.C. just south of the North Carolina state line.



North Carolina Surf Cams – in left-hand side menu – click on any of them



NOAA Offshore Significant Wave Heights – September 2, 2010 – Hurricane Earl – issued about an hour ago





North Carolina – Hurricane Earl – Avalon Pier, Kill Devil Hills, NC


water temp – 78 degrees

has current pictures – very stirred up surf – churning up the sea bottom, sand and people are still out walking on the pier – the American flag on the left side of the image shows the winds are getting stronger

(at 4 pm EDT – image I found was two hours old)


Live Surf Cam from Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina – also has a real time radar image on the right hand side of the page with the rains coming into the coast from Hurricane Earl’s outer rain bands – seems like the camera is getting blown by the winds a bit




Surfline report on the right side of the page – says the surf is 7 – 10 feet

Water temp – 84 degrees

Next high tide – must be around 2.53 am (Friday morning – Thursday night)

Has Live Cam on the page and on the left-hand side – Tide Chart


Surfside Beach, South Carolina – Live Surf Cam – and yes there are surfers – very dangerous way to do it with Hurricane Earl now moving by the state – actually has picture in real time right now



SurfChex Live Local Radar showing the rains and storms of Hurricane Earl – click image for a loop to run to show the development – within minutes of real time (about 10 minutes)



North End Litchfield Island – (South Carolina – Hurricane Earl)

Predicted Surf by LOLA at 8.00 pm – 13 – 19 ft. Waves

water temp – 85 degrees (predicted by LOLA at 8.00 pm)

sunset at 7.40 pm


(below the surfcam and ad – there is a banner chart of the winds and one just below that of the tides, then a chart on the left of center with the wave heights expected – lots of nifty stuff including wave heights for specific beaches below that for Edisto Beach, Gray’s Reef, and Frying Pan Shoal.)

This site also has a number of webcams and info on the lefthand sidebar to other South Carolina Beaches and Islands.


Kiawah Island / Seabrook Island, South Carolina – Surf of 9-13 ft Waves predicted 8 pm tonight – also from surfline and LOLA



a list of streaming cams and traffic cams / surf cams and beach cams – for Wilmington, North Carolina and the NC Coast –



Holden Beach Cam – Holden Beach, North Carolina – between Wilmington and Myrtle Beach


real time – photos from right now – that is some seriously large waves – there is also massive spray coming off the wave tops – amazing


SE U.S., Gulf of Mexico Marine Weather


Click on a yellow or green icon to see the most recent observations for that location.

Includes the Carolina buoy data recordings being made from Hurricane Earl currently.

On top bar above map – click on the sea surface temps to see the current chart of ocean temperatures that have been measured today – very quick and responsive chart to get an overview

– includes a radar loop


A time lapse cam of the storm moving in today – from WeatherBug

Cape Fear Community College, Wilmington, NC 28401 (today)


click on the button below the photo that says “Rerun” and it will run through the serious of 33 images from the last couple days including today as Hurricane Earl’s clouds fill in the sky.

Very interesting to watch.


Storm Education Team –


shows video taken from a truck cam during Alberto’s flooding in North Carolina – pretty scary . . . I hope this storm leaves all its rain in the ocean.


Outer Banks WebCams – Surf Cams and Hurricane Cams North Carolina


Hurricane Webcams!
Follow our popular list of webcams as Hurricane Earl approaches the Atlantic Seaboard.

The S-Curves at Rodanthe External websites open new window
You are viewing a live feed from The S-Curves in Rodanthe, North Carolina. WebCam automatically refreshes itself every 15 seconds.

Hatteras Village Web Cam External websites open new window
The webcam overlooks Route 12 at the approach to Hatteras Village. Hatteras Island is one of the North Carolina barrier islands. This camera will be directed toward the vulnerable area of NC Highway 12 where a breech was carved in September of 2003.

These are the last two in the list – but this page has about twenty of them – very, very nifty.


Virginia Beach Web Cams / Surf Cams –


There are also some others that the surf community uses – check an online search for surfcams – Virginia and traffic cams throughout are available also – I watched Hurricane Dennis go up through there on them to see the local wind damage and flooding in real time some years ago


Outer Banks North Carolina –



On this page it includes surfcams and traffic cams with current photos from some of them obvious with one look across the page – very nifty – also has Nags Head, NC


Hurricane Earl coverage – Outer Banks – North Carolina


It says the eye will pass by around 2 am – isn’t that about the same time as high tide?


Current – GOES satellite image from NOAA

water vapor


Menu of current – or nearly current satellite images of Hurricane Earl



Traffic Cams at the Outer Banks, NC


click on a street view in the middle of the page and see the cam come up in the box next to the map on top of the page – very fast – from NCDOT

the US-158 @Martins Point – shows one of the bridges (nearly no traffic right now) – very eery


It looks like night in those videos and on the video clips coming in live on the news now in the coastal NC areas – but here – it is still daylight in Atlanta. (at 7.37 pm)

– cricketdiane

They just showed a couple of the surfers on FoxNews explaining why they were out there surfing in these waves. It is to be expected – surfers are like that. Give them a fifteen foot – or better wave, and they are happy no matter whether the foam is filled with sand and winds are whipping across the ocean or not.

This website is just nifty for the various beach cams it offers from around the world –


I think the weather channel guy just said there is a tropical storm warning for New York City – now wait a minute. Is that right?

Can they have a tropical storm there?

I did notice yesterday that there are storm surges of about 3 ft expected in NYC and Long Island. But what will all those winds do in NY around all those buildings?

That doesn’t sound fun.

Here is a television website for the area of North Carolina around Charlotte –


It says Kill Devil Hills, NC – NWS: Wave Heights Will Increase Up to 18 Feet

There is also a video at


Shows some of the waves coming up under the houses at Kill Devil Hills today and overwash on Highway 12 during high tide (Outer Banks, NC)

Good video clip.


Hurricane Force Wind Speed Probabilities – 120 Hours


Menu of maps and Hurricane Earl projections from the National Weather Service –


Tropical Storm Force Wind Speed Probabilities – 120 Hours



The Mariners’ 1-2-3 Rule, or “Danger area”, is indicated by shading. The 1-2-3 Rule, commonly taught to mariners, refers to the rounded long-term NHC forecast errors of 100-200-300 nautical miles at 24-48-72 hours, respectively. The contour defining the shaded area is constructed by accounting for those errors and then broadened further to reflect the maximum tropical storm force (34 knot) wind radii forecast at each of those times by the NHC. The NHC does not warrant that avoiding these danger areas will eliminate the risk of harm from tropical cyclones.


The Mariners' 1-2-3 Rule, or "Danger area", is indicated by shading - Hurricane Earl National Weather Service Chart

The Mariners' 1-2-3 Rule, or "Danger area", is indicated by shading - Hurricane Earl National Weather Service Chart

(from National Weather Service 09-02-10)


National Hurricane Center – Hurricane Earl

8:00 PM EDT Thu Sep 2
Location: 33.0°N 74.7°W
Max sustained: 110 mph
Moving: N at 18 mph
Min pressure: 948 mb



How Nifty – Charts to Download and Track the Storms along with the Hurricane Service – and the news, weather channel and CNN

NHC Blank Tracking Charts

Below are links to the hurricane tracking charts used at the National Hurricane Center. Print one out so you can track storms with us. (You may need to install the free Acrobat® Reader to view and print them.)


very fun.


The current radar picture from the coast of North Carolina – showing Hurricane Earl coming up into the North Carolina coastal areas – outer bands so far – but the eye is about 160 miles SSE of Cape Hatteras now.


Shows the bands of storms, winds and rain on the way. Maybe it will stay out over the water mostly. That would be good.

Doesn’t look very likely, however.