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Finished the last page of the America the Beautiful Show website – page 28 – but also changed the products listing too. I think they may need to be refined a little more yet.


This is the email I was sending –

Just want your corporate team to see this –

The point is to help build the America the Beautiful Shows all over the country in the communities to start rebuilding the economies from the ground up.

The website above contains all the tools for people to use for building these shows themselves and it needs sponsors, advertisers and support to stay online. Once the shows are being done by communities – they will need help to make them successful.
Please take a look. Let me know if I can answer any questions or help your team understand it better.

Diane C Phillips,


My Note –

I was going to try and find some old notes about the America the Beautiful Show from the last couple years of working on it which are in my files – maybe it would be worth doing a video blog of that process. Sounds boring.

And, where is the proposal I made for Staples which was rejected by their sponsorwise group that looked at it? Somewhere – in the computer. I’m going to go find that too. Maybe I’ll post it here when I find it.

– cricketdiane


Aside from finishing the last page of the website and posting some videos on the YouTube page, updating the Facebook pages for the site (and my personal one) and sticking a Twitter on occasionally, I thought maybe a look at some of these “10 things” kind of articles might be worthwhile to help me understand the best way to incorporate that style with something about the America the Beautiful Show. I might just write that here.

Found this from one of my other emails sent out –

Ideas are the foundation of our country and ideas are the positive strength in our country’s economy.

Ideas are the fuel that powers our economic growth.

This is my big idea. (One of them.)

Please help me with it.



Here is how I’ve changed the products offered on the site –


Not sure its right quite yet – needs to be developed a bit more.

– cricketdiane


Found this too – maybe it would make a good article expanded some –

(from an earlier blog post I made)

Are we not inventors?

Have a little enthusiasm – aren’t we the nation of inventors? or not . . .

Aren’t we the nation of can-do mentality and haven’t we brought great things to the world over the course of history?


And this is from the last page of the America the Beautiful Show website just added yesterday

Is it legitimate? Who are the people behind the America the Beautiful Show?

If I were homeless, I wouldn’t ask someone with $500,000 in the bank for advice because their ideas of what can be done and what I would have available are far removed from one another. So, what is legitimacy in this case? Is it whether the people, including me that are creating the America the Beautiful Show project and this website have any legitimate claims to know anything about this subject matter or to do what we’re doing? I say we do.

We don’t know how to start a business with a $3 million dollar loan, but we do know how to start one from scratch with nothing. If you want to know how to start one with a $3 – $5 million dollar loan, call the small business administration. If you want to know how to start a business with what you have, with the talents wholly unique to you, using your own limitations and specific difficulties and nothing in the bank – then ask me or ask us, because that we know how to do. And, our core team knows how to be resourceful from zero and from minus zero.

Is it legitimate? Hmmmm……… let’s see. Have I asked you for money? Have I asked you to sign up for anything? Have I required any information from you? Have any of our team members taken anything from you without giving something in return? No. In fact, what we’ve done so far, is to open our business with you. We have also filled these pages with resources and new ways to think about business.


My Note –

Maybe I could take some elements from that to create some newsy articles worth reading. Hmmmm……………

– cricketdiane


Here’s what threw me for such a loop in the first place – from the Tyra Banks show website –



Read more: http://tyrashow.warnerbros.com/#ixzz0woeWkyGr

Be a Guest

Do you have a compelling story to share or a personal issue you are looking to resolve? Do you, your friends or your family members have experiences or crises that you’d like help with? We want to hear from you  To be a guest, CLICK ON the item below that you’re interested in.

* Are You in Love with a Cheater?
* Does Your Man Need a Makeover?
* Are You in a Sexless Marriage?
* Teen Friend in Trouble?
* Wish You Were Happier?
* Think Plastic Surgery Could Change Your Life?
* Addicted to Shopping?
* Teen Secrets
* Trust Your Teen?
* Do you need help proposing to your man?
* Need Help Dumping Someone?
* Teen Living a Double Life?
* Internet Ruining Your Relationship?
* Are you a Bully or Being Bullied?
* Do you Need a Makeover to Help You Attract Men?
* Might be having a Change of Heart?
* Living Beyond Your Means?
* Keep Getting Fired and/or Never Hired?
* Are you a Parent on the Edge?
* Facebook Fears?
* Is Your Teen Addicted to Prescription Drugs?
* Addicted to Sex?
* Do You Know a Runaway Teen?
* Facebook Drama
* In a Relationship but in Love with an Ex?
* Secret Facebook Friend Crush?
* Obsessed with Vampires?
* Secret to Reveal?
* Compulsive Hoarder?
* Teen Wants Plastic Surgery?
* Suspect Someone’s Cheating On You?
* Is The Internet Ruining Your Relationship?
* Teen Addicted to Prescription Drugs?
* Is Your Mom A Cougar?
* Is Your Man A Mama’s Boy?
* Are You Dating Out of Your League?
* Are You Having an Affair?
* Boyfriend/Husband Hates Your Gay BFF?
* Secret Facebook Friend Crush?
* Are You a Party Girl?
* Does Your Family Need A Weight Intervention?
* Is Your Family in Crisis?
* Teen 911
* Are You a Mom with an Addiction?
* Addict Need an Intervention?
* Involved in a Love Triangle?
* Dumped And Don’t Know Why?
* Are You A Dating Dunce?
* Are You In a Relationship but in Love with an Ex?
* Do You Have a Secret To Reveal To A Loved One?

Read more: http://tyrashow.warnerbros.com/beontheshow/index.php#ixzz0woftKqd7



Are those really the things America wants to know?

Apparently . . .

There is certainly a lot of that around everywhere – so I’ve been trying to fit the America the Beautiful Show project into that format and style of thinking – I don’t think it works.

– cricketdiane


The pages on the website for the America the Beautiful Show –

Here are the pages on the 26 – soon to be 27 page website – (at Verio)

1. The Big Idea
2. The Business Plan
3. The Business Plan 2
4. Flow of the Show (and Marketing)
5. Handy Stuff to Have (our products page)
6. – 10.  How To Do It – (expands across five pages of the website linked from its first page)

10. How To Do It – 5 and other information
11. Information Sources
12. Product Detail
13. Resources for the Show

14. Resources for Show 2
15. Our Product List
16. Related Links
17. Our Project Lists
18. General Info 1
19. General Info 2
20. Our Sponsors Page
21. About Our Advertisers – (doesn’t have anything about that on it)
22. General Info 3

23. Calendar of America the Beautiful Show events (around the country)
24. More Links to Help
25. About Us
26. Other Stuff (you just can’t do without)

There are actually 26 pages which include the extra four that are attached to the How to Do It section.

There will be 27 pages (at least) – once I create a site map.

27. Site Map

28. Tools and Benefits


I had sent this on an email with this note – on August 3 or 4, 2010

We have four followers so far on twitter and 132 views on the wordpress blog just since midnite. Very nifty – there were 470 today and it is Sunday which is always slower for obvious reasons and I hardly posted for two days.

We’ve had 3 uploads of the video on YouTube and as I said on the phone, there were 12 views before I could even see the whole seven minutes of it. So, that is good. We need to make a CNN I-report for it – I mean for the America the Beautiful Shows and I also sent a note over to the Michael Moore group about it – maybe they will go by and see the site.


My Note – (today)

As of last night, we had 165 uploads on the YouTube site with 407 channel views. There are about 12 followers on Twitter but aside from links – none of the twitters are actually showing up even though I sent a note about it to the Twitter help site about it. There have been over 350,000 views of this blog since creating it and it generally has slightly over 500 views per day everyday except on Saturdays and Sundays. There are two subscribers to the YouTube site and I don’t know what the traffic on the main websites look like yet.

Also, there has been an increase on Facebook – but the two Facebook pages for the America the Beautiful Show aren’t very busy yet – so I need to work on that a bit and find some friends for them. There have been over 300 emails sent out to business and organizations’ around the US and one comment by an angel investor (whether legitimate or not) on the blog so far.

That’s about where it is now and the website has been online for a little over three weeks right now today. Although I’ve been working on it for two years, the online presence was just constructed as of August 1, 2010 – not in its complete form but the domains and hosting services were started on that date.

So, not bad.

Not good – but not bad either. It isn’t exactly a viral video kind of thing after all, but it could be better as far as letting people know about it and finding advertisers for it.

– cricketdiane, 08-29-10


That reminds me – sending out the emails may be positive and maybe not – there could be an interpretation of those emails sent to let organizations and businesses know about it – that it was nothing but spam in their inbox. I hate that. And, I’m not sure what to do about it. I don’t want to spam places. I thought they would like to know about it and needed to know about it but maybe it isn’t any different than sending an email about breast or penis enlargements, buying insurance or get rich quick schemes. It didn’t seem that way to me – but I don’t think these organizations are manned to look at the emails necessarily, and anyway – it isn’t right apparently.

I guess the National Organization for Women and the Coalitions for the Homeless didn’t need to know about it by email – ((among others.)) I’m not sure. It is impossible to call some of these places, they don’t want emails, they don’t look at emails most of the time anyway, and they don’t want to be left out of getting the information about it either. Durn. How does it need to be done?

Some notes I had made about possibilities –

Scripts and Talking Points – Something Sensational and Press Releases appropriate to outlets

1. What is the America the Beautiful Show?

2. What is the business about?

3. What is the website about?

4. How does it make money?

5. What is the purpose?

6. Who are the people behind this effort?

7. Why do it?

8. When and where?

9. Why should people have anything to do with this?




Press Release –

the new business tools / business model / international internet access points for business

the new ways of doing business and starting a business “from scratch?”

the shoe string budget business startup
10 ways the internet has made new business models and new business tools possible

how to think up something fantastic

waiting for China to bring us some jobs? waiting for Japan, for Germany, for a business from where to open a plant here in the US, so we can get some work? to fix the unemployment here?

the truth about the business model that has been in use for the last twenty years – now what?


Sensational ideas –
* lay bricks from here to the West Coast and back again up through the northern tier states
and say we’re relaying the foundation of America – one brick at a time

* remember guy walking across America video sponsored by Levis jeans

* remember the Tibet protesters dropping signs and banners down building sides and Golden Gate bridge to get airtime – artists covering islands with fabric

* the biggest, the best, the strangest, the most unusual, the silliest, the stupidest, the most bizarre, the coolest, the ugliest, the most outrageous, the most American, the brightest, the funniest, the tallest, the one thing you’ve never seen before, the most extreme, the tiniest,

* the ten best things about America

* benefits / interactive / engaging / interesting / helpful / unique

* advertising

* pr campaign

* 10 things you could do to make America better

* 10 ways to start a business in America today

* 10 new tools to change the business model forever

* request interlinks with other websites – inc. magazine, etc.

* set up email at the website hosts for the America the Beautiful Shows – at Verio and Wix


Now the CNN folks are talking about some efforts in Philadelphia to require a license to be purchased for blogging – aren’t the shows about the parking meter wars in Philadelphia where they are booting people’s cars for the revenues already – when does it quit?

Like we don’t have enough problems already. In the country of freedom and capitalism – the government leaders, especially at the local level where it concerns the startups and small businesses, the community residents and economic survival at the most basic levels and freedom and opportunity – these leaders are doing the most harm rather than the most good. It is a shame. And, there is never once a cost cutting measure which includes their own salaries, per diems, office furnishings, overhead, staff, perks, travel, or health benefits and retirement. It is never ending raises and increases for them while they treat the population like medieval England.

Whatever. All it means is that these public officials and their agencies will end up having slimmer revenues over the longer term because the population is busy running around giving them little bits of money here and there today along with all the time spent doing it, the inconveniences of it and the stymieing effects it has, instead of spending their time and resources rebuilding America’s communities and economic foundations. On top of that, as their community leaders and elected officials build and fund an office to police bloggers and the licensing of them, not only are they impeding the opportunities and freedom of speech for those bloggers, they are spending money to police it and fund the office for it. That’s insane. Whose side are they on? Maybe we can send those kinds of officials we have been insulted to endure – over to our enemies to help them out for awhile. That might buy us enough time to fix the economy in the US and then they can come back and muck it up again.

Like I said in an earlier post, whether it is the America the Beautiful Show or anything else – it probably will take a $3 million dollar loan to get the $500 – $1500 of startup money it actually needs. If it takes $300 licenses for it – then the total will be closer to $1500 and maybe more than that if every state where the website reaches requires a whole set of licenses and permits for it. Honestly. They don’t want new businesses and new employment for the United States. These city officials and state elected officials just want to continue getting their own goodies covered regardless what it costs to the rest of us. Sometimes, it is really hard to see anything in this country worth saving when I look at things like that. And, it is everywhere – whether its in the county where I live with their pursuit of over 70,000 misdemeanors a year while letting murderers go or any other petty bit of nonsense that costs us time and money that could be doing something else. It’s ridiculous.

Yep, ridiculous. And, I’ve gotten off target watching the durn CNN stuff again. I ought to just turn it off. I’ve watched a lot of the coverage about Hurricane Katrina – five years later – in the last three days and I haven’t wanted to write about it because – well, just because.

Maybe I’ll just go vacuum something instead and leave all of this for awhile so I can think about it a bit. That’s probably best. If I think about what the US has been like for the last thirty years, and how the people and local governments are even now – I probably will find it much harder to create anything of any value whatsoever to help anybody – ever. It would just seem rather pointless – now wouldn’t it really . . .

I’ll go vacuum something –

– cricketdiane


Okay – I vacuumed something – it still doesn’t feel any better but did find this after coming back to the computer –

extra stuff you might like to know –

Universities with free online courses for independent study and self-education

Rewards offered for a multitude of things – a business could be made just doing that . . .

stuff you can buy from us and the stuff you can’t pay us enough money to do or to put up with – just changed a bit of it yesterday

The page on the America the Beautiful Show website with a list of things people pay over $50,000 to have (or to do) – and they’re still doing it –


Facebook page addresses –

for the America the Beautiful Show Community –

for the main core website – America the Beautiful Show project –

YouTube –



Still can’t find the proposal made to Staples and there was something else I was looking for on my computer that hasn’t been found yet and now what was it? Hmmmm…….. Need to make better notes.

Last weekend, I did make a separate document for each of the places I had emailed or contacted – which is good and they are all in one file. They had been on several documents with all the contact info listed in the same order as they were sent. Those six documents weren’t changed and that is where the proposal stuff is somewhere, unless I made a separate document just of that . . .

Let’s see.