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There was a great story on CNN a little bit ago – with Grameen Bank microloan innovator and founder, Muhammed Yunus – very, very nifty with Ali Velshi.


Going to look into that.

Also, yesterday – I walked up to the MicroCenter and bought the memory chip for the computer that was buggared putting the Norton Security Suite on it. I’m about to take the computer apart and do brain surgery on it. The files and website were copied over to the external drive, just in case – about an hour ago. Now, to get the computer out from under the table, grab the paintbrushes to get the dust out while I’m doing this and hopefully, I’ll still have a computer when I’m done.

There’ve been 365 channel views of the YouTube videos – very nifty – and 136 uploads of the videos – also very nifty. I worked on the website a bit this morning and it didn’t crash the computer thankfully. I still need a good way to tell people about it besides emailing places to tell them which probably isn’t anything except spam to them. I’m thinking of calling first as a possible solution.

Well, on to brain surgery on the computer. Wish me luck.

– cricketdiane





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