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Nonthermal Plasma Assisted Fuel Conversion for Green Chemistry (component of 40th ACS National Meeting), 22 – 26 August 2010, Boston, Massachusetts USA. Contact Tomohiro Nozaki, Tokyo Institute of Technology, 2-12-1 O-okayama, Meguro, Tokyo 1528552, Japan; phone/fax +81-3-5734-2681.


Theory of Fusion Plasmas, 30 August – 3 September 2010, Villa Monastero, Varenna, Italy. Contact Donatella Pifferetti, Via Nazionale, 85 – 23821 Abbadia Larianna (LC), Italy; phone +39-0341-732490.


International Workshop on Requirements for Next Generation Plasma-Material Interaction Test Stands in Fusion Research, 31 August – 2 September 2010, Oak Ridge, Tennessee USA. Contact Ted Biewer; phone 865-574-2715; fax 865-574-1191.


Cold Rydberg Gases and Ultracold Plasmas Workshop, 6 – 17 September 2010, Dresden, Germany. Contact secretariat.


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My Note –

That was the most bizarre experience I had this morning about 5 am with an online tech specialist who worked with my computer a bit from his office after I buggared my computer putting on the Norton Security Suite. And, now – somehow, I’ve got to go get some more memory for my computer or else it isn’t going to do much at all, because the Norton programs use almost the entire memory available. I’m not even sure if I can finish working on the website updates or if those will have to wait until after I walk up to the MicroCenter, give them a bunch of money and get some chips to send it up to 1 GB instead of the whatever it has now – which is about 3 kb.

No, I know that isn’t accurate – it just feels like 3kb when I’m trying to do anything. There is little wrong with this computer that another brand new dual core processor and about 3 Gb of RAM wouldn’t fix or that another new computer driven up under it wouldn’t fix. Oh well. I guess throwing it through the wall wouldn’t help the wall any but it sure would make it easier to feel good about this computer. At least temporarily, until I tried to start it again after that. It might not like me after getting thrown at the wall.

This is ridiculous – I’m in a relationship with a computer.

– cricketdiane


So, I was looking at some drafts I had saved which included a list of physics conferences – and it seemed like a good thing to include those at the top of this post from the list because they are the ones that interest me the most and are going on right now – or about to happen anyway.

And, since I’m working on the “Tools” page for the America the Beautiful Show website – in order to post some really nifty ideas and useful things along with trying to write some press releases to tell people about the project, I’ve been sorting out how to work with those elements to present them in an appropriate context.

What I mean is – how do I tell someone reading the website or reading a press release about it – that it is possible to take the information from research labs, universities, small tech companies and physics conference, for instance – marry them together with the needs that exist in the marketplace to produce products and services for it while simply licensing the technology and resources from those original sources?

How do I explain that in some sensible, yet easily understandable way? And, how do I put those resources on the website to do that without just confusing the hoodookeys out of everybody that reads it?

And how do I fit that together with the “blog” type stories and possible press releases about the America the Beautiful Show which would probably have to have titles like these –

“10 Good Reasons to be Patriotic”

“10 Good Reasons to Build Our Own Jobs in America”

“The Sky’s the Limit Club”

“Electric Candy Business Startup Tools”

“5 Handy Concepts to Use For Brainstorming Solutions”

“How the America the Beautiful Show Can Help Your Community”

“50 Ways to Think Outside The Everyday Ways to Do a Business”

(etc. – I have made a list somewhere)


I’ll never get there from here. Which reminds me of a story – a true story from when I lived out in West Georgia. No matter which way I asked this old man about how to get somewhere – he would launch into this long drawn out explanation about going down through this holler, turning at old man somebody’s tree near where some farm used to be, going round this bend, down some fork in the road – and then he’d scratch his head and say – Naw, you cain’t git there from here.

And – it might have come straight out of the old tv show, Hee Haw – or it could’ve been that’s where the show got it, but he wasn’t the only one that genuinely didn’t think there was much funny about it at all – because most places in West Georgia – he was right, you couldn’t get there from here. And, anywhere beyond it – you couldn’t get to either unless there was a whole lot of dirt roads, muddy hollers and four wheel traction involved. But, I always remember that when lost in a place my mind just won’t go. And, maybe I can’t get there from here – it is a possibility.

The fact is, there is a shopping list over at the DoD and elsewhere for that matter – and there are all these marvelous new things being created, designed, tested, researched, studied ad infinitum – at universities, and at research labs all over the world. They need to be matched up with manufacturing processes and engineering which takes the research and applies it into palatable products and services for the marketplace. That’s supposed to be where business comes in and does that part. But in many cases, unless there is an assured and guaranteed short-term return of 3 – 5 times what investors have put into it, then there’s no real startup capital.


But, individuals creating teams of startups to manufacture these things and bring them to market across the US could fix that. There could be engineering done to apply these researched and studied discoveries to the needs known in the marketplace – from the DoD shopping list to those still obvious to this day around the world. It could be – it could make jobs and large groups of employment whether the products are actually manufactured in the US or wherever else because it would sustain new businesses and new profits and new profitability for existing businesses.

I need to find a way to say it and then post the links I’ve found for doing it on the last page of the America the Beautiful Show website. Then people seeing the website can have available some of the possibilities that exist right now, in order to have a starting place in the middle of the book rather than starting at the word “The” on the first page when thinking of how to build a business in America together with their community.

See, my mind can’t get around the problem of how that fits with “10 good ways to start a business” kinds of press releases and blog entries and writing styles – it just doesn’t fit together. And, I can’t get there from here.



– cricketdiane

Here is the page I have set up to put the tools – there is nothing on it yet online – but I’ve been working with it for the last four days in Publisher.


Of course, since I added the Norton Security stuff which buggared the available memory last night – I haven’t tried to open the Publisher program. It may not even work now especially since it is a huge memory user too.

I’ve been scared to try opening it since the computer could crash doing it. I realized for a long time now that I needed to spend $50 – $75 and get some memory upgrades but I also need a cd-rom on the durn thing too and Microsoft word on both computers and Adobe Photoshop and I’ve been buying website hosting and domain names with the tiny bit of sacrificed extra – which isn’t going to go very far as it is. And, I’m supposed to run down and get a business license at some point and register the name and register the LLC with the state office along with registering the trade name there too. It can’t be done.

Those great little community based access points for business loans all require collateral and exceptional credit ratings despite being given the money to distribute based on getting it to people without those things. And, the small business administration – I don’t even want to run around in those infinite circles again – usually the same problem, collateral or nothing comes of it.  My daughters tell me that it is all intended to keep the poor down and never let anyone get beyond that class who finds themselves in it. They may be right. Like I said yesterday, the chances are that the only thing I will get from doing the America the Beautiful Show website or any other business concept I have is a stay in a mental hospital while everything I own gets thrown out into the street. I’ve lost everything more than 9 times in my life because of that and it doesn’t help anything. I’m tired of starting the research over after watching it be toted off to the dumpster or out into the street while I’m forced to take medications that make life a living hell. And, because of that too – nobody is going to invest in me doing a business or anything else. I know that.

And, I’m tired of working with everything I have to educate myself, create things, build things, research and design things – then be told that it is nothing but a delusion to believe I know anything about anything. I’m over it. That is bullshit. One psychiatrist explained to me in group therapy at a mental hospital that I should try to paint one painting a year if I wanted to try to be an artist – despite the fact that for over twenty years at that time, I had already produced 5,000 plus paintings and sculptures – whether or not they qualified as “fine art” in the gallery sense of the word.

My family had to bring photos of my paintings and an actual 3 foot by 4 foot oil painting – a portrait of a lady and castle against the backdrop the planet earth hanging in the universe – for him to even believe it. And, then he apologized but didn’t change the paperwork that said my belief that I’m an artist was the reason to be considered delusional. I give up. They are making money. I’m not. They’ve made a business out of screwing people’s lives into irreparable nightmares while they live in nice homes. I don’t even get to be part of the community, let alone have any employment, business or real income. Yes, I still have issues with the way America has been run for the last thirty years and it hasn’t gotten a durn bit better either – except to add more people into the same place where I’ve been sitting for all this time. I’m not trying to be somebody I’m not. I’m wanting to have the right to be who I am, where I live in America. Is that so hard to understand? Is that so outlandish and some way unacceptable as to put me in the class of criminals and undesirables and keep what I can do out of the marketplace?

And, on top of the fact that my take from all this is probably going to be homelessness rather than profits or rewards of any good kind, I can’t get my head around how to tell people the simplest things from where I sit. If it doesn’t have to do with somebody’s boyfriend cheating on them, or finding a teenager texting too much or what kind of shoes First Lady Michelle Obama is wearing this week, nobody wants to know about it anyway. And, maybe I just don’t know. Maybe other people are having the same problems building businesses that I am – no rewards, hundreds of thousands of risks.

I’m just talking it out. Maybe I’ll go create some music and record it to upload to the YouTube page. I had a great video clip of America the Beautiful with a bluesy twist that was too long when I uploaded it. Maybe I’ll do that awhile and the other things will sort out in my mind. Then, walk up and take my last fifty dollars to my name and buy some RAM chips from the MicroCenter. And pay the cellphone bill and take out the trash. Then, maybe I’ll know how to approach the website page with the information I want to put there and how to bring it all together in some press releases to send. I have places to submit them if – I can just see how it fits with the ways they are presenting information to the public generally. That’s what I’ll do – go make some new music and film it. Then, I won’t be in Georgia at all – I’ll be vacationing in the middle of the universe for awhile. That would be good.

– cricketdiane


P.S. – I haven’t written about the floods in Pakistan (on my blog) for two reasons . . .

1. There are resources already in place in the area and they are not half-ass using them.


2. The international resources groups at the UN and elsewhere that are responsible for getting help to them can’t seem to get $10 to where it was intended to be used. (and I don’t know why) – which is mucking up a lot more than getting aid for the flood victims in Pakistan (and to Haiti’s earthquake survivors and to Chile and elsewhere.) As far as I can tell, there are literally billions of dollars missing in action, and billions of dollars worth of goods that aren’t anywhere it seems, though they were sent to help – some of which were purchased with that money and never got to anybody affected by the event.)


3. which I wasn’t going to say, but I will – the well-known international aid organizations and other very solid “non-profit” organizations responsible for getting aid where it is intended to go are dicking around with money given to them for the victims of various horrific events – and I don’t know why that is either. (unless they’ve put it in portfolios of stocks or something intending to leverage it and use the dividends to supply aid instead of the actual moneys donated to them for it. I’m still checking on that one – it isn’t even worth talking about it. The Pakistan flood victims have been two weeks in the muddy waters, many without food, sustenance, shelter or clean water. Add to that the multitude of inept and incompetent events surrounding Haiti’s recovery – and you will see what I mean,) I’m just not even going to talk about it at this point.