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My Note –

I’m trying to get a better understanding of other things to add on the website for the America the Beautiful Show that would help –



This is an overview of what is found there so far –

Page 1 –

The Big Idea



Page 2 & 3 –

The Business Plan


The Business Plan 2


The America the Beautiful Show can incorporate a great deal of information in a very short period of time to a vast audience as it is promoted and when the event occurs.

Description of Costs and Requirements –

Description of Funding Sources and Revenue Streams –

Description of Possible Future Revenue Streams from the event –


Page 4 –

Flow of the Show


Sample of written materials for promotion of the show – press release

America the Beautiful show – script for the flow of event

Stop. Look around. Listen to the real sounds of the real world. Take note, stop worrying, fix what is broken and implement workable solutions that hold possibility of working. Get on it – Let’s work this:

1. We are going to have to make our own jobs.

(list – etc.)


Page 5 –

Handy Stuff to Have


Learn Something Today – Everyday –

list of free online courseware from universities around the world

Products we are offering – except I’m about to change those a bit


Page 6 – 10

How To Do It

How To Do It (cont.)






On this last page – continuing the last paragraphs of the article – then –


from the SBA

Mentor-Protégé Program – SBA


A quickie true story –                 (cricketdiane 2008)

So, once upon a time, I thought it would be great to be  a roofer – everyone needs roofers.


Page 11 –

Information Sources


Information Sources – Resourcing

SBA’s Program for Investment in Micro-entrepreneurs (PRIME)

US Dept of Energy link – to news and resources

Tech-Net at the SBA – It is a search engine and electronic gateway of technology information and resources for and about small high-tech businesses.


Rewards offered list from a 2009 google search which may be a good business model – just for solving them and others like that – from jewelry missing to crimes


Page 12 –

Product Detail for America the Beautiful Show


There is no charge for you to create  a show on your own using these tools . . .

But then I got really tired of writing on the business plan and all its expanded parts. (and the parts that are not free – like calling me to tell me its a goofball idea list.)


Page 13 & 14 –

Resources for Show


Accounting for the Revenues – How to Set Up Ledger Books

Places where the America the Beautiful Show can be held (list)

Books that might help (3 in particular)

Resources for Show 2


Rocket Science and Common Sense

Several Universal and Unusual Business Models – things that made money

Dept of Commerce Grants

Inventors’ Resources

SBA – How to Write a Business Plan link


Page 15 –

Our Product List


Focus on what you have. (not on what you don’t have.)

“If you want to think “outside the box” – then to keep telling me the box is this and its this and its this – rather defeats the purpose doesn’t it?” – cd9

List personal assets and things you need to do this (article)


Page 16 & 24 –

Related Links


There is money in the community to do this – funding sources page


Page 24 –

More Links to Help


1. Design for the Show events – How the shows can be done over the course of three days – suggestions for the hosted event and showtimes, etc.

An explanation about “Resourcing”

And links to demographic info about the US, inventors conference and Dept of Labor Hiring Incentives, financial education resources, finance tutorials


Page 17 –

Our Projects List


How to Start a Business that Matches You and Fits a Need in the World –

If you look around a bit – there are some grants to help businesses startup, innovate, expand, and be competitive. (Dept of Commerce grants)

How do sponsors and advertisers know they are getting something when they get involved with the America the Beautiful Show events? (list)


Page 18 –

General Information 1


What can people do with info from the show? (bulleted list)

Some Really Nifty Things Worth Exploring –

Gates Foundation Grants

Free Online Classes about Business Subjects from the SBA (30min quickies)

WIPO – World Patents

Commerce Dept – Competitiveness Grants

Dept of Energy


Keys to the Universe – You Wanna Drive? – about invention and innovation


Page 19 –

General Info 2


Business.gov helps small businesses understand their legal requirements and locate government services from federal, state and local agencies.

Challenge your assumptions because just maybe  – you can do more than you think you can.

To figure out a rough guesstimate of how many sponsors and advertisers you will need in order to support the America the Beautiful Show,

Handy Ideas for sources to find sponsors and info to give away at the show


Page 22 –

General Info 3


There are –

conventions and trading shows where you can network

Facebook Pages for America the Beautiful Show –

Glossary of Terms – (used in America the Beautiful Show business plans and information)

A note about Citizenship

The America the Beautiful front cover for the business plan and logo

Links to Interop and the X-prize, EPA Retail Industry help to go green, and Consumer Electronics Show


Page 23 –

Calendar of

America the Beautiful Events


Calendar of America the Beautiful Events around the US

(a place to list them when they get started)

This is a quick explanation of The America the Beautiful Shows – (after the event listings – at the bottom of the page)


Page 26 –

Other Stuff


Links for creating marketing and business plans – generally, model legal documents to expect working with venture capitalists, free online university courses and Global Entrepreneurship Week (all 50 states)

Starting your own business – creating innovation starts with new business models . . . (selling parking spaces in Boston and thinking in new terms)

America the Beautiful Show promotions – a list of creative promotion ideas

Companies, businesses, corporations, investors, bankers, financiers, financial partners – could be conscientious and make healthy profits. These things are not mutually exclusive. (article about conscience and business)


Page 20 –

Our Sponsors Page


Note – I am the only sponsor of the main core event website and there are not sponsors on this page – probably should rename it maybe (probably should maybe . . . )

General Information

How To Find Resources To Give Away At the America the Beautiful Show That You Create Where You Live –

What would a person or a business pay $50,000+ to have?

(massive list I created several years ago and added to it – takes up most of page and there are likely some things yet to be added that are true also)


Page 21 –

About Our Advertisers


There aren’t any advertisers yet either, although I have made some email requests – apparently that is not the way to do it nor the way to let people know about the America the Beautiful Show either. It just makes it spam instead of being something they’d like to know about . . . that sucks.)

A little more information you didn’t know you need –

* When you get down – and it seems hopeless –

In every office of every department in the county you can find information that is available to help people in the community – from how to fix credit that has become mucked up to how to buy a house and know what a mortgage contract means. – places to find info to give out at the show

Adventures in Business –

The biggest trade barrier to the kitchen table inventor, the non-business oriented innovator and individual creator is that every business, every industry and every corporation has a series of people and systems designed to protect and prevent anyone from getting through (etc. – article)


Page 25 –

About Us

We thought maybe it would be good to introduce ourselves. Just a quick note about why we are doing this, how we got started and what we’ve been doing around the place before now. It may not be real exciting, but we’ve been doing a bit of a thing or two here and there.

We just had nothing better to do. (article)

Better Things To Do – (quickie article)

About Flex-time and links to some aids for startup and women’s economic development agency

Diversity and Survival – (article)

“As we succeed – we all succeed.” – our company focus statement


Page 27 – Site Map


About The America the Beautiful Show (company) –

we’re just getting started but some things we know for sure about what we’re doing

Company Overview, Mission, Products, Corporate Philosophy


Page 28 – Tools (working on it now)


Real Life demands Hands-On Living



Just added a video hear explaining the concept a little better – but I still say this one is the best –



Facebook Pages for America the Beautiful Show –




My Note –

I’m thinking that maybe somewhere on the site – in the last three pages or at the bottom of the Product Details page which has some info about us, and about the project – it would be good to include some other things I’ve written and created.

Other things I’ve written –

Field Guide to Independent Living – (written but unpublished)

Got No Money Guides – (published online except for a few of the entries)

Create-a-Planet Contest – (created and hosted in 1991)

Business Brainstorming Boxes – (built but unpublished – Christmas presents for my children that were never given to them)

Baby Crickets Pocket Art – Art Cards w/Ocean and Coffee Themes, Days of the Week and Months of the Year (and Stolen Art – Treasure Cards)

There was something else or two or three or a dozen – where was that file?

– cricketdiane



Okay, not (etc.) –

There are some other things I’ve built, created, written, designed, invented, researched, painted, organized, worked on, and originated.

And, there are a lot of those still not made public yet. Over many years – I’ve been working on some of them and some are sitting in files or in stacks of work sitting here waiting to be public – to be brought into the market.

Okay – I’m not making a list. I already have one in a file somewhere. And, I’m not going to go looking for it either. Its none of your business. Oh, I did not say that.

It might be helpful to include some of these things on the website about the America the Beautiful Show – but I doubt it. There really is not an interest in what ugly poor people have been doing with themselves for the last forty years, including me. Give me a break, I’m not even going to try dealing with that.

There might be some useful information in it that could be helpful to people designing an event for their communities – I’ll include it as I find it in my files or in research documents on my computer. It really wasn’t my intention to be adding video clips on YouTube of me at all nor of making music off the cuff as I do at home a lot of times – but I didn’t own anything else and I’m not paying to subscribe to the music producers association that owns all the rights to any music ever written. So, I was stuck with just creating my own to use. In fact, it has taken about thirty video clips to get one or two worth watching.

After trying to talk just about anybody into making the quickie video explanation about the America the Beautiful Show concept – I finally gave up and just did it myself yesterday. It only took making, I don’t know – 8 or 9 or 15 videos to get it.

Something like that – I’m just guessing when I set up the camera, and apparently filming in the sunroom is not my friend. And, I never notice the fans going until after the sound shows up on the camera when looking at the video . . .

I’ve come to the conclusion that the best way to get time by myself is to describe some project I’m working on and ask people in my little group of family and friends to help me with it. Then, all of a sudden – they get scarce and its as if I uttered the four letter word – starting with a “W” – I don’t know why they think this isn’t fun. Maybe it isn’t. It definitely has its moments of agita and frustrationus maximus – but mostly that comes before the world ever gets to see any of it – from the very people around me at my elbows whose idea of what I should be doing encompasses nothing and more of nothing and then nothing after that – except they all seem to want me to keep working on my projects but just not at the point of bringing any of them to the market.

Once I get to that threshold – and beyond it, its as if everything that is possible to anyone else in the world, cannot possibly be available to me according to those around me. I don’t get it.

Or maybe they simply believe that nothing valuable is the only thing I have any right to do since I don’t own a hundred million dollars in my back pocket or have a PhD behind my name.

– cricketdiane


I don’t mind having a list of what can go wrong – I can understand that and have made a very good way of handling those items of information which make it very helpful. But, I don’t want to see the America the Beautiful Show project fail simply because I can’t do it right or make it happen. I’m not particularly keen on being homeless over it – but that certainly might be the only thing I get out of it at this point.

It is possible that the only rewards I will see out of it is to have everything I own including all my research, designs, projects, inventions and belongings, thrown out into the landfill or the street or the dumpster or all of the above – when people in my community, the state of Georgia and the support systems helping me to have a place to live decide that I shouldn’t be doing this. That’s actually the most likely scenario for my personal life from previous experiences I have had with my family, my friends, the community where I live, the state of Georgia and the support systems that are helping me survive as a poor and disabled person.

I don’t know why I bother. There generally isn’t any good that comes out of it for me. And, there likely won’t be this time either from what I know of past experiences. But, I know that. And, I would still rather do it than not.

It occurs to me that – I should say something on the America the Beautiful Show website and here about a fact which I’ve shared with my children and a few of my friends at times. And it is this –

The same horrible life experiences that cause some people to go shoot up places and cause terrible pain, crimes, and horrors to others – are the same horrible life experiences and traumas that create the greatest and most brilliant geniuses of our time. In fact, across all of human history – that is true and it is true in every genre, in every arena, in every kind and measure of genius that has improved life for all of humanity. They were not born of great things and great measures. They experienced horrible life traumas and events that would make the mind irreparable – and yet they succeeded in transforming life for the better for all of us – and sometimes, even improved our lives throughout history for hundreds of years after they lived.

There was a choice they made to do it that way rather than to act out against humanity around them. That is true meaning of free will. We can choose what we do with it. Those life experiences can build our character – but what we do with it is up to us to decide. Read the story of Lucille Ball sometime and what her life was like growing up. Read the stories of great writers, musicians, inventors, politicians, statesmen, mathematics and physics geniuses – they weren’t born or created in perfect happiness, but rather from tremendous sadness and difficulty.

However, that being said – I’m tired of sadness and difficulty. I think I’ve had enough to build character now and I’m ready to do something else.

Just a thought.

– cricketdiane


And, it sure is hard to keep working to do something good for humanity when “they” – (the people in humanity, especially ones related to me) all get to run around and act as shitty as they want to, all the time, to anybody and everybody including me. It makes it hard to see that its a worthwhile idea to do good things and to try to do great things for the world around me. I think that’s why Candide was written actually.

Maybe there just is no good in it. For some reason our world only kisses the feet of those who’ve made millions of dollars – even when they did it by screwing everybody else out of their hard-earned money to get it. And, it seems like the greatest rewards and kudos are given to those who’ve done the least to get that money based on the most they could get for the least amount of effort rather than honor and decency going to those that have worked hard for it.

Interesting – the facts are exactly the opposite of what is taught and said by most people – I guess that’s no surprise. Look at Wall Street. Those clowns couldn’t cross the street without help and a driver and a GPS and a secretary or assistant to tell them how to do it – but those jackasses make more money than anyone could use in a lifetime. They get air time on any broadcast within a minute’s phone call with honor and respect given to them without question anywhere they go for anything they might say. It’s as if the money they have makes people believe their words and ideas are knowledgeable and wise. Sometimes – they might be knowledgeable and wise, too – but even I know that what goes up must come down, including house prices and real estate and valuations and markets – where was that information among the Wall Street traders, brokers and hedge fund managers, bankers, mortgagers, cdo makers and financial tycoons?

Give me another minute and I will have talked myself out of doing this America the Beautiful Show thing at all – I only paid for it to be online for the month of August and it could just be let go of – and I can go do something else – like take a trip to the beach, or take a trip to Washington DC to see the capitol and the Smithsonian, or go to New York and see daughter and grandbaby.

Or, I could do something really worthwhile according to American values and create another shifty financial product that could rob people of their life savings like Bernie Madoff and others have done. We sure need a new credit derivative, cdo type package or mortgage backed securities piece of crap to trade that costs people more than they ever put into it or could ever hope to get back from it. That way – everybody in America would think I’m wonderful, too. And, they might listen to what I have to say about something – and I could buy a house and a bunch of good cars, even electric ones and hybrids and vacation homes and maybe a yacht to run around the Georgia lake basins looking like somebody. Ooh yeah – wouldn’t that be fun.

But, no. –