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After taking all day to do it – I finally have one little video clip that explains the America the Beautiful Show.

One of the other things I did this weekend, was to adjust the products to be offered and work on the website. I also straightened out some of the computer files that had accumulated.

– cricketdiane





(We’re still working on this one.)


The You Tube Channel for the America the Beautiful Show


And here is the script that I started to do – but then it didn’t work very well to read the words off a piece of paper and hold the camera and read it like the words made sentences – all at the same time.

I wanted to tell you about the America the Beautiful Show. I started it a couple years ago, because it looked like our country was going into an economic disaster.

That isn’t just a news story.

It means that when I go to buy groceries, it costs more. When my children, who are grown children or I or our neighbors or our friends, need a job – there isn’t one.

It means that when there’s a job fair, instead of a couple hundred people showing up or even a couple thousand, there’s tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of people vying for the same three jobs.

It means that when its time to rent something or buy something, or buy a house or a car, that there’s no way to do it.

It means when its time for credit, that there’s no way to get that either.

And it means that when, businesses are trying to survive in the community, when they’re looking for customers with money – to guide them to the right restaurant tonight, or the right retailer tomorrow, that those customers are not there. That they don’t have the money to spend, if they do come.

And, in fact – that’s what we’ve dealt with – in fact, that’s what our country’s dealt with for a little more than two years, but certainly, it’s been obvious in the last two years. And, there were plenty of experts that said it would go away quickly – in a couple months. Well, it’ll all be just fine in a couple months and maybe six months or nine months – and it wasn’t.

It really wasn’t okay then.

And, it isn’t okay now.

And, long term unemployment is not okay – I know I’ve been there. I’ve lived it.

It’s not only not healthy for the self-esteem, it isn’t healthy for the community either.

So, I had an idea a couple years ago, that if our communities had a way to come together, bring businesses and people who live in the community together then resources could be shared across – those things could be available to everyone and there could be a supportive environment for the communities to rebuild the economy at that level – starting at the ground up, instead of starting from the top down.

Well, we’ve done a lot of things from the top down already. The only thing we’re missing is that there has to be a way to build our communities and their economies from where they sit.

That’s where real innovation occurs anyway – that’s where invention happens, where creativity happens – it doesn’t happen in the boardroom, it happens at the kitchen table, it happens where people are really living.

And, that’s where we’ll get new products, and that’s where we’ll get innovations and new businesses and new business models. But, there has to be a supportive and encouraging environment there or it doesn’t happen.

Where everyone is isolated in the community and everybody’s just about the Lone Ranger in that community, the businesses are on one side and the government leaders are on another and the residents are kept out of that loop entirely  – that isn’t a supportive environment where innovation and invention and new businesses can prosper. It isn’t even a place to harvest new customers.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

The invention that I made of – well an idea really – of the America the Beautiful Show is that each community can build its own. It can go to the website I’ve built and have all the tools to cross into their community with those tools – reach out to the community with sponsors and businesses and residents and teams and put together the show for themselves.

And, it explains it all on the website. Well, I would tell you, let’s see – right now where is that –


I’m reading it off this card – maybe that’ll show up on the camera.

It works.

And, the America the Beautiful Show works, too.

There’ve been a lot of other invention and innovation conferences and events and –

They’re great.

They really are great. There’s a lot of great information. I can find it online.

Where I can’t find it – is being used in the communities where it was supposed to find its way.

It didn’t get there.

Most of the people in the communities didn’t even know about it and a lot of times, if I hadn’t looked for it online – gone through pages and pages of searches, I wouldn’t have ever found it.

Most people that need it aren’t finding it either. Those things are great. They need to be incorporated in this plan to show these things to the community – to bring them into the real atmosphere where they’re used.

And I really believe this can build our communities’ from the ground up in their economic and financial stability, and foundation – and growth, prosperity. I think it can come again.

But it has to start somewhere. It has to start somewhere.

– cricketdiane, 08-22-10

(from video spontaneously recorded and then transcript made to use for video presentation about the America the Beautiful Show.)