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My Note –

Still working on building the business websites, social networking stuff and fixing the websites for the America The Beautiful Shows today.

Discovered that some of the pages are hidden on the website I published as it is under construction yet – just to get it online and then go from there. And, I found out today that if anybody wants to buy anything on the site or be a sponsor or advertiser with us at our main core site – there is no way to make an online payment with us set up on the pages, even though I have a PayPal account. It isn’t connected for the site to use yet but I had gone ahead and published the website before realizing that. In fact it was today before I even thought about that part. Duh.

And the flash website about the America the Beautiful Shows created by Mander Commander on Wix had a mis-spelling when the domain was input for it, so right now it is still listed as a free site with them even though we paid for their premium unlimited service for it to have the domain name we bought over at GoDaddy. I put the other main core site on Verio with its domain names including (.net) and (.com) – it looks like that will allow others to add their state, city, town or focus to use when they make their own America The Beautiful Shows where they live.

Oh yeah – just to explain right quick –

I decided that it would make a better business model considering my own limitations, to create a core website online and put the tools and business plans public on the site for people to use for building their own events around the country.

The only basic incomes from it for us will be the sponsors, advertising on the site and sales of information that is extra not published on the site. I can send those things on cd or flashdrive in the mail, put on an email attachment or allow them to download them online. But there does have to be a way for people to order them and pay for them through PayPal or by a check in the mail or something. It is possible as quick as I figure out how to put the PayPal button on the html pages over on the server. Looks like I will be reading tutorials again today.

So here is what I wrote that explains the America the Beautiful Show Concept for the business –

America the Beautiful Show

With the tools on this site you will be able to create your own America the Beautiful event for your town or city.

The America the Beautiful Show is a themed event that anyone can create with available local resources for sponsors to be showcased and audiences to enjoy while they discover the possibilities in the community around them for inventing their own solutions to our national economic crisis.

found here –


one of our hidden pages (accidentally) – it takes going through links to find it:


and here is our products page –


this page describes the show from the perspective of the sample press release about it and below that is a “Flow of the Show” script suggested to describe the way shows could be done for two hours with entertaining music and speakers – massive resource rich information would be given to the audience members in the lobby or as gift packages to take home (without charge as part of the show) –



The way the site is written – I’m hoping that anyone would be able to follow the guidelines and information found on the site to build and host their own event for America The Beautiful Show where they live and generate revenues for themselves and their team from it. – (and helping the community at the same time.)

The Wix site that Mander Commander built for it is amazing – right now, it can be found at this address –

http://www.wix.com/cricketdiane/America The Beautiful Show/

And I also made a YouTube site for the business and a twitter account –

at user name –


on Twitter





on YouTube


Now, let me see if I can get this other stuff fixed up with the domains assigned to the Wix site that we’ve bought for them and the PayPal links made on the main site for people to use.

I guess I can do this – I’m trying and it is certainly harder for me than it would have been to simply put on the show in Atlanta myself because I’m having to learn about things that I’m not as comfortable with doing.

Oh well – it’ll work . . .

– cricketdiane


Inventing solutions for America again – I hope they do some good this time.

(my note -)


There you go.

This is the logo I designed for the main core business and website for this part of the project –

America The Beautiful Show Logo by CricketDiane

America The Beautiful Show Logo by CricketDiane / Cricket House Studios for our new business - America The Beautiful Shows

With the tools on our new website site you will be able to create your own America the Beautiful event for your town or city and make your own money from it or be inspired to create some other great business of your own from what you find there.

– cricketdiane

The About Us page on the America the Beautiful Show website –



(and that’s what y’all get for letting me write it . . . )



And this is an excerpt from our new About Us page on the site –

Better Things To Do –

Two years ago, when I first designed this show (cricketdiane), not many people believed that our economic downturn would last much of any time at all really. And, they would’ve been right if it had been another time in our more recent history – but this time, things were different. And, I think most people may not have been aware of how different the facts are from past modern recessions that post-date the Great Depression of the 1930’s in America and around the World.

Now, most people realize what long-term unemployment can come with an event of this scale and many people know that communities and individuals, families and businesses are all in trouble.


And an excerpt from one of the hidden pages that can only be accessed through the links on the projects page (so far) –

Handy Stuff you might need to know –

Glossary of Terms – (used in America the Beautiful Show business plans and information)

Resourcing – Turning inventiveness into reality by bringing together a multitude of resources available in the surrounding and extended communities (to serve a goal or many goals at once.)

Functionable – Do what actually works. (paraphrased for polite company)

Pile Theory – If you can’t pile it correctly, you may never find it again, (for papers and notes.)

– written by cricketdiane

(down a ways on the same page is a little of the idea we believe about citizenship and then there are sections that are yet to be completed – but I’m working on it.)

From –



Now – I’m wandering over to the PayPal site to figure out how to add that on the site where we are offering products and opportunities for sponsored ads, sponsors and business partners who want to put ads on our site to participate. The other things on the site are available without charge except for things like using our logo to co-brand their event when somebody puts together an America the Beautiful show where they live, and we’re going to charge for more comprehensive marketing and promotion plans than those available on the site publicly accessible without charge. And, we are also going to be charging for comprehensive downloads which involve the entire business plan found on the site although anyone who wants to do it one part at a time can take the things found on the site using copy and paste, if they don’t mind spending the time to do it.

And that is what I want people to do that come to the site – to get the info that is there which they can copy off and paste to a document and use it to make events they put together themselves around the country. Except for the parts where we are charging something to get it – the rest is available for people to use without having to interact with us at all. I am hoping to find some sponsoring businesses that would like to advertise in the margins of the site for the costs of doing it to be covered and maybe enough to pay a little to us for making it available and keeping up with it. I hope it works.

On to other things now – I’ll write some more tomorrow or later tonight.

– cricketdiane


It’s very exciting . . .