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So, I figured out the revenue streams on the America the Beautiful Show central website –

First, anyone can go to the website and build their own America the Beautiful Show using the tools there along with their own skills and abilities without paying anything at all. There is enough on the site, (and more of it will be added from my own notes and business plans for it and research), for someone who wants to accomplish creating this show where they live, to actually do it.

We do have things that we will charge people to access that will be available on two pages in the central website, on the “Handy Stuff to Have” page and on the “Our Products” page. And our team, including me (there are three of us now) will be working to promote the concept and brand of the America The Beautiful Shows so more people will know about it and be able to access the tools to build their own events all across America.

Some of the things where we will get revenue from this, are:

AMerica’s Team members can pay us for –

1. Using our little AMerica the Beautiful logo on their event information and website to co-brand their event . . . (for $60.00) but they don’t have to use it all unless they want.

2.  a digital download of our more comprehensive marketing, promotional, and public relations plans . . . ($60.00)

3.  a digital download or email attachment download of our creative public relations promotional plans to help them accomplish letting people know about their America the Beautiful Show event . . . ($40.00)

4.  a Calendar and Timeline for creating the show as we would do it with the goals for accomplishing the event marked on them . . . ($14.95)


5.  a digital download of the “How To Do It” written narrative about how to do the things and accomplish the activities to produce the show . . . ($24.95) by cricketdiane. The materials through Day Five are actually on the website for no charge and some of the marketing concepts are on the website too in a less expanded form without charge.

6. a digital download, cd, email attachment or flashdrive of all the materials on the website as documents with the full written elements . . .  ($80.00) but nearly everything on the site now and in the future will be able to copy and paste over for people planning their own America the Beautiful events to use without charge whatsoever. (I noticed that a few text boxes won’t allow them to be copied for some reason, but it wasn’t intentional and I’m going to fix it as soon as I can figure out why they are doing that.)


7.  an advertisement on our website not only helps to support the efforts we are making, it also targets this specific audience that wants to find out the things that are on the site as well as the kinds of things we want them to know exist in the world around them to help (I’m thinking of some other things like “Intellectual Ventures” and big trade shows and conferences, business tools and invent America resources, but we haven’t approached them yet and it is where I’m going to start asking around for it.)

An advertisement on our site of one standard block parked on one single page for 3 months . . . ($300.00)

8.  Sponsorship listing as a supporting member of the America The Beautiful Show Team . . . ($200)

Now, I thought about the last one a bit and decided that people don’t have to do anything beyond taking the information from our site and doing something with it which is what I hope they will do. But, if they want us to list them as a participating member of our team that is supporting what we are doing, then there is a one-time fee of ($200) and we will put their name, contact info they want listed and leave it there forever (unless they do something really, really raunchy or vastly illegal.) That will help us keep going and give their participation a public acknowledgment on our site.

– cricketdiane


A little while ago on Kramer, (cnbc) he was onstage with Maria Bartiromo, I think it was – and talking about selling shares to all Americans in something – and a bit about creative approaches in business to prevent the “flippers” from coming in and taking over (and mucking it up, my note). It caught my attention because it is a brilliant idea that I might be able to apply to the America the Beautiful Shows. I’ll have to think on it. They were actually talking about something else – but that sure would be a nifty idea to apply to this . . .


Today, well – starting now anyway – I’m going to work on the website for the America the Beautiful Show (the large main site) to put the PayPal buttons on it and write press releases to send around by email and submit to news and business outlets, blogs and places that might be interested. I also need to upload another video on the YouTube for this business and I’m working to add social networking pages for the America the Beautiful Shows too. I have fixed up a tweeter spot for it at AmBeautifulShow user name and every so often, I’m trying to put something on it as I go.

There are a bunch of documents that I’ve written or put together of access to resources that I want to put on the website and there were a few very nifty things that CNN had segments about that I want to post over to Facebook. One of their stories was about a racetrack who installed solar panels to cover all their electric needs for the track and stadium. I definitely want to post that one and there was a new thing I saw a couple days ago that I want to find and post here and on the Facebook.

The other big thing to do today, besides putting the buttons on PayPal – I’ve already made the buttons on their site to use (did that last night – or early this morning in non-Australia time), is to start sending out invitations to businesses and individuals that I want to hopefully get as advertisers on our site and as participants in the project generally. I hope they will respond well. I never know. It seems so wonderful and exciting to me, but then it is my baby in a way and that means I am wonderfully biased to think its great whether it is or not and I know that.

I keep thinking, what if people who come to the America the Beautiful Show website think they can’t do this or don’t believe that it is possible for them to do whether they are some big company or expert or whatever? That is scary to me and maybe many people will feel that way and just keep waiting for a job to call back from their last two years of filling out online applications . . .

I really don’t know what to do about that.

The American spirit isn’t dead. I know it isn’t . . .

But it makes me sad to think it might be.

– cricketdiane


Now, that does bring tears to my eyes without meaning for it to happen. It just can’t be that. I know that spirit still lives.

Well, I better get back to work on it. The sooner people know about the project and the America the Beautiful Shows project specifically, the better.

*** That’s all for now – maybe later.***

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The CNN story about the racetrack that is solar-powered –


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