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Dead Birds Collected  – 2980

Dead Dolphins Collected – 64

Dead Sea Turtles Collected – 492

This represents the only ones they are counting – if it wasn’t collected but died or was covered in oil – they don’t include it obviously and aside from one lizard and one sperm whale – billions of other marine animals and thousands of species are not being counted as representative of the oil spill and toxic dispersant damage to wildlife.

There was an expert on CNN earlier that said how great it is that humans are able to clean the birds and release them as a measure of how toxic (implying not toxic) that the oil and dispersant must be.

Bullshit – did he even consult these charts before opening his damn fool mouth or did BP and the oil companies fund his department and the research opportunities available to him or what?

There was a video clip earlier this evening on CNN which went with a fisherman whose business is to charter fishing in the Gulf and he took reporters to the estuaries where there is not one bird, not one sound of an animal or fly or mosquito or in fact, any living thing on the entire video clip. I am so entirely disgusted with the “scientists” and environmental engineering “experts” that talk about this as if the whole thing is being magically remedied and so much less in scope than the rest of us think it is, despite every last shred of evidence that the losses are massive, still continuing and known to be long-lasting for generations.

The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico harbors an immense on-going tragedy that will not end in our lifetimes no matter what any “expert” says today about it and that is a fact. I resent the idea from some of these experts that they believe which tells them to downplay the numbers, downplay the dangers, downplay the toxicity, downplay the damages, downplay the ongoing disaster, downplay the degree of the disaster and to downplay the far-reaching consequences of it. The facts and scientific evidence clearly say that this oil and the toxic dispersants have killed massive numbers of animals, marine wildlife, fish, birds, and all manner of coastal creatures large and small.

I’m tired of hearing how it is not what we are looking right at, that its not as bad as people think it is and how its not as dangerous and toxic as every piece of evidence says it is. I don’t care what kind of expert they are, or where they came from, or where they went to school or who is paying for their research or speaking tours or department programs – any expert who alters the truth of the facts or the truths given by the facts is no expert by the very definition of the words, “expert” or “scientist” or “educated.”

Of 745 sea turtles collected and countless others that were not collected but killed or maimed by the oil nonetheless, 492 or almost 500 of them were collected dead. That didn’t happen because they were exposed to a non-toxic substance. And, of the 2980 birds that were collected dead – not one of them died because they were just a little inconvenienced by the crude oil filth in the Gulf of Mexico. I still think that the executives of BP should be thrown into the oil covered marshes and left there with nothing but toxic dispersant (COREXIT) covered tuna sandwiches to eat. Then, we can all do a scientific study to see if it really is not toxic or just an alarmist opinion of toxicity or it really is the filthy chemical sewage it appears to be. And, the MMS director that let them get away with it can be thrown right in there along with them. It is a shame the whole damn bunch of them aren’t in a country where they would be treated to the picnic they forced upon everyone else.

– cricketdiane

I am glad to see that the other big oil companies are working to create more appropriate plans for cleanup and oil spill containment for the future with resources far beyond the pittance that was thrown at this mess. They should all be required to replace every community, every bird, every sea turtle, every school of fish, every shrimp bed, every oyster bed, every crab, every coastal animal and every sea animal until the populations are what they would’ve been naturally without the oil companies generally disrupting and destroying them.

And all the oil companies that have raided our national resources should have to participate in that starting right now every single place where they have drilled, refined, transported, pumped, fractured, shipped, changed the landscape or seascape, changed a river or stream, marsh, estuary or coast in the United States. With as much as the oil companies always had in profits, there is just no excuse for the way they’ve done things to tear up and destroy every single place where their operations have been done.


5,220,000 barrels of oil per day have been spilled into the Gulf of Mexico

(from April 20 – July 15)

How does this compare to US daily oil production?
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est. barrels per day:

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When do they have to pay a fine for this mess? What year is that going to be and how many lawyers’ maneuverings will take it out into forever where they don’t have to pay anything in fines to the United States until fifty years from now or longer? Why shouldn’t they have to pay it right now? There is certainly indisputable evidence that BP acted in a manner that was negligent, that the oil came gushing out of their well into the Gulf of Mexico and that they placed over a million gallons of toxic chemical dispersants into those same waters.

– cricketdiane