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Angel Investor Directory
Jun 13, 2005

To help get you started in your search for an angel, we’ve compiled a list of U.S. angel networks. Because many angel groups limit their investments to a particular geographical area, we’ve divided the list into eight regions: Pacific Northwest, Southwest, Mid-Atlantic, Northeast, North Central, California, South, and Midwest. There is also a category for those groups that consider investments anywhere in the country.




My Note –

I have been looking up angel investors for the last three days. It was interesting at first and now, after seeing a multitude of information about how to deal with them and what to do as a “startup” business generally – forget it. I’m throwing the whole damn mess in the trash that I’ve spent thirty-five years creating and researching and designing and testing – and I’m going to walk away to a beach somewhere and just forget the whole thing. It is not worth it. Between finding stuff online and the many years of already studying the business aspects of doing anything in business – it is bullshit and I am not the person to do it. Oh yeah and this –



How to Find an Angel Investor

When you’re in search of financing, the idea of an angel — an individual investor with money to invest in early-stage or start-up companies — can seem nothing short of enchanting. But where do you find an angel? This guide will help you start your search.
By Inc. Staff |  Feb 1, 2006

“Here’s what they’re looking for, how they operate, and (because the devil is in the exit strategy) what they expect for their money”




My Note –

So, the only real goal is the exit strategy? Give them money back plus money made on their money and give them the way out where they make even more money on the “exit strategy” – hmmm…… If I did that and presented my intentions that way, it would be considered criminal, immoral, unethical and just plain wrong – maybe even delusional.

Damn – this can’t be business.

– cricketdiane


Seven Steps to Heaven

Funding for entrepreneurial businesses has completely dried up, right? Wrong. Angel investors — long a tried-and-true source of capital for young businesses — have not hung up their wings.
By Paul B. Brown |  Oct 1, 2001

“Angels, who are often cashed-out entrepreneurs, invest money of their own, typically the $250,000 to $500,000 that companies need to get off the ground. VCs, by contrast, invest mostly institutional funds, and they typically come on board later in a company’s life, supplying the $1 million or more needed to keep both early-stage and midstage companies going.”


STEP 1: Sourcing, or Who Are You, Anyway?
The best angels are always looking for good new deals. They call it  sourcing.  Before you go courting them, do some sourcing of your own. Look for angels who can do you the most good. Here are five traits all good angels share:

(see article)

The most effective way to find them, as in nearly every other aspect of commerce, is word of mouth.  You want to come recommended,  says Amis. In a perfect world you’ll have a track record and will be known by someone who knows an angel. That someone introduces you, and you’re off and running.




Atlanta Technology Angels
Early stage capital and support for Georgia startups

The Cold Reality of First-Time Funding
DateFriday, May 28, 2010 at 10:41AM

Too many people think they can raise money on an idea, a powerpoint deck, or even a mere prototype. From what I see, that is the exception, not the norm, regardless of chatter about a lot of seed money swirling around.

An idea and vision is necessary but not enough. Maniacal zeal is necessary but not enough. A smart, clued-in team is necessary but not enough. A first version of the product is necessary but not enough. You are competing against other funding-hopeful startups that have achieved all that PLUS initial traction PLUS a fit with the investor’s sweet spot.




The Network of Business Angels and Investors

NBAI is a community of investors that want to actively pursue business opportunities that may involve the investment of time, money, or other resources. Traditionally, we have focused on private equity and funding transactions.  The organization has evolved to include special interest groups that have socio-economic influence, short term liquidity requirements, or acquisition and participation elements.

Investors are invited to attend the NBAI Investor Meetings, a premier invitation-only meeting for early stage venture capital, angel investors, executives of early stage, early stage capital, accredited angel investors, angel investor networks,  capital investors, angel groups, small business investors, and emerging growth companies, investment bankers, executives, successful entrepreneurs, premier service providers and industry leaders.



How investors get involved?

Investors preview innovative company presentations at the NBAI Investor Meeting.
Learn more

Investors review deals from NBAI and other Angel Groups from across the United States using Angelsoft.
Apply Here

Who should present?

If your company has raised $500,000 or more in startup capital, you are eligible to apply at Angelsoft and get exposed to angel groups across the United States including the NBAI Investor


LAUNCHfn is the leading strategic advisory and investor relations firm helping entrepreneurs prepare for and obtain early stage capital. LAUNCHfn’s ‘Access to Capital System’TM is a proven system for entrepreneurs to connect with early stage venture capital and small business investors.   The CEOs that engage LAUNCHfn to be strategic advisers to them attract more early stage venture capital and small business investors for their business quicker than those companies that seek to find angel investors and meet with angel groups without the benefit of our knowledge, experience and our vast network of early stage venture capital sources and private equity funds.

(etc. – found from the NBAI site – it also says this at the bottom of the page – )

LAUNCHfn, NBAI, and SPEC are all part of the holding company, Kugarand Holdings.
NOTE:  All credit card charges are handled securely through Authorize.net and will show up on your bill as Kugarand Holdings.   Refunds will be issued if request is received within 24 hours and no service has been provided at that point in time.



Angel Investor Georgia
Why and how are angel investors useful and important? Who are they and how do you find them? How does a company in Georgia profit from their use and what is the cost of using them? Angel investors can help a business in Georgia get off the ground or they can help rescue businesses in financial trouble.

( . . . )

Angels offer a unique way for a business to raise capital without making money commitments of their own in the way of loans or getting new permanent partners.

These are not regulated investments as the SEC assumes the angels are sophisticated investors and do not need government protection. They have the knowledge and experience to do their own due diligence when making an investment decision.

This is a special area of finance that is not tapped by as many companies as it should be. Small companies in Georgia could grow well beyond what the owners expect if they had the money and knowledge an angel or a group of angels could bring to the table.




Updated: Atlanta Angel Investors Mashup
March 7, 2008 A 1 Comment
Edit on 12/5/08
Atlanta Technology Angels

The Atlanta Technology Angels (known as ATA) is a formal angel investment group founded in 1998. It is comprised of 50+ private individuals who are active angel investors. ATA’s investments are focused on early stage, Georgia based, technology companies that are focused on large markets. 90% of the companies funded by ATA receive local or outside venture capital funding within 12-18 months of angel funding. The group has funded 40+ technology companies since 1999 and currently has 24 active portfolio companies. ATA, as a group, has invested $25,000,000+ into these 40+ companies and these same companies have gone on to raise over $300,000,000 in venture capital funding from 21 venture capital funds in 18 states. The vast majority of the members of ATA are active investors and often mentor entrepreneurs within ATA portfolio companies. Recent positive exits include Invirtus and Spi Dynamics. ATA formally reviews two companies 10 months out of the year. ATA has completed one funding in 2008, is closing another in March and is actively engaged in additional financings.


ATDC Seed Fund

State funded. Often co-invests with angel investors. $3 to $1 match provision ($3 private capital to each $1 state funds) Run by Charles Ross within ATDC. This one is getting active and is one to keep an eye on. Has plenty of capital. Remember, tho, that the match is a must for any investment. So to get ATDC in, you must have private capital.

( . . . )



Angel Investor Network, Private Equity Investors, Accredited Investors

Venture capital

Angel Investor Networks vary considerably. They are generally a group of accredited investors who get together to review companies for potential investment. The investments can be made by the private equity investors belonging to the network or by the network itself as a limited partnership. Some angel networks charge a fee to the entrepreneur for the business plan to be reviewed, or for an in-person presentation to be made to the  angels  group and other angel networks don’t. The Angel Networks are linked and listed below.

(includes an extensive list – many angel networks charge entrepreneurs and investors to list and participate in their resources – my note)



Call us (800) 991-5137
SCORE Small Business Association Loans    SBA Small Business Administration Loans in Association with SCORE     Get your SBA Loan up to $3 million.
Georgia SBA Small Business Administration Loans in Association with SCORE
SBA Business Loans in Georgia GA
We provide small business loans in Georgia to all types of businesses and organizations. You qualify if your business is a corporation, partnership or sole proprietor. We will assist you in getting your application approved.  We are a preferred SBA lender in Georgia GA.

SBA Small Business Administration Loans in Georgia GA
The SBA offers numerous loan programs to assist businesses; although the actual lending is done by approved SBA lenders, participating banks and private and commercial financial institutions like us.  We offer small business owners all types of business loans in Georgia GA. Our loan programs are guaranteed in part by the United States Small Business Administration (SBA).

The Small Office Home Office (SOHO) Community Express Micro Loan is the most basic loan offered by the SBA and is geared toward women, minority and veteran business owners in Georgia GA. It was put in place to help Georgia GA small businesses obtain loan financing when they might not be eligible for business loans through normal lending channels. We also offer the SBA 7(a) and real estate secured SBA 504 loans in all 50 states.

Our loans may be used for start-up, expansion, equipment purchases, working capital, inventory, franchise, business acquisition or real-estate acquisition.

SBA Georgia

Georgia  SBA Office

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(404) 331-0100
Office Hours 8:30am to 5:00pm



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Business Loans and Cash Advance for Georgia
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Angel Investor Network
Angel investing has long been an important source of financial support and mentoring for new and growing businesses bridging the gap between individual (friends and family) and institutional venture capital rounds of financing. Over the past several years, Angel / Sophisticated investors and this sector of the private capital market has been formalizing in response to both growing demands and complexity.

New Angel Groups Online –

Rockies Venture Club – Angel Investor Network
Angel Investor Forum (Connecticut) – Angel Investor Network
Core Network – Angel Investor Network
Eastern Montana Angel Investor Network – Angel Investor Network
eCoast Angels – Angel Investor Network
Enterprise Oklahoma Venture Fund – Angel Investor Network
Lancaster Angel Network (Philadelphia) – Angel Investor Network
Louisiana Angel Network – Angel Investor Network

ACE-Net – Angel Investor Network in White Plains, NY

Active Angel Investors – Angel Investor Network in Vienna, VA

Alaska InvestNet – Angel Investor Network in Juneau, AK

Alaska Technology Research Transfer Center – Angel Investor Network in Anchorage, Alaska
Alliance of Angels – Angel Investor Network in Seattle, WA

Angel Capital Network – Angel Investor Network in Sausalito, CA

AngelDeals – Angel Investor Network in ,

Angel Healthcare Investors – Angel Investor Network in Newton, MA

Angel Investing Group – Angel Investor Network in ,

Angel Strategies – Angel Investor Network in Tustin, CA

Angels With Attitude – Angel Investor Network in Seattle, WA

Angels With Attitude WA – Angel Investor Network in Seattle, WA

Arizona Angel Network – Angel Investor Network in Scottsdale, AZ

Arizona Angels – Angel Investor Network in Scottsdale, AZ

Arkansas Capital Corporation – Angel Investor Network in Little Rock, Arkansas

Atlanta Technology Angels – Angel Investor Network in Atlanta, GA

Atlantic Venture Networking Group – Angel Investor Network in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Atlantis Group – Angel Investor Network in Raleigh, NC

Aztec Venture Network – Angel Investor Network in San Diego, CA

Band of Angels – Angel Investor Network in Menlo Park, CA

Ben Franklin Technology Partners – Angel Investor Network in Bethlehem, PA

Bi-State Investment Group – Angel Investor Network in Lenexa, KS

Blue Ridge Angel Investment Network – Angel Investor Network in Asheville, NC

BlueTree Allied Angels – Angel Investor Network in Pittsburgh, PA

Calgary Angel Network – Angel Investor Network in Calgary, Alberta

Calgary Enterprise Forum – Angel Investor Network in Calgary, Alberta

Califonria Angels Forum – Angel Investor Network in Los Altos, CA

Camino Real Angels – Angel Investor Network in El Paso, TX

Canadian Angel Investment Network – Angel Investor Network in Montreal, Quebec

C-Cap – Angel Investor Network in Cincinnati, OH

Center for Emerging Technologies – Angel Investor Network in St Louis, Missouri

Center For Entrepreneurship Norfolk State University – Angel Investor Network in Norfolk, Virginia

Center for Innovation University of North Dakota – Angel Investor Network in Grgand Forks, North Dakota

Central Coast Angel Network – Angel Investor Network in Santa Cruz, CA

Charleston Angel Partners – Angel Investor Network in Charleston, SC

Charlotte Angel Partners – Angel Investor Network in Charlotte, NC

Cherrystone Angel Group – Angel Investor Network in Providence, RI

Chesapeake Emerging Opportunities Club – Angel Investor Network in Columbia, MD

Chippewa Valley Angel Investors Network – Angel Investor Network in Chippewa Valley, WI

Common Angels – Angel Investor Network in Lexington, MA

CTEK Angels – Angel Investor Network in Boulder, CO

CVBI Angel Investor Network – Angel Investor Network in Clovis, CA

Dallas Womens Venture Fund – Angel Investor Network in Addison, TX

Delta Angel Group – Angel Investor Network in Post Falls, ID Spokane, WA

Desert Angels – Angel Investor Network in Tucson, AZ

Emergent Growth Fund – Angel Investor Network in Gainesville, Ocala, FL

Fast Angels – Angel Investor Network in ,

Florida Angel Investors – Angel Investor Network in Miami, Boca Raton, FL

Foster Center for Private Equity – Angel Investor Network in Hanover, New Hampshire

Gathering of Angels – Angel Investor Network in Santa Fe, NM

Global Stock Trends Private Capital Network – Angel Investor Network in Boca Raton, FL

Goodmans Angel Investor Network – Angel Investor Network in Toronto, Ontario

Gould and Co – Angel Investor Network in Merrimack, NH

Grand Angels – Angel Investor Network in Grand Rapids, MI

Great Lakes Angels – Angel Investor Network in Bloomfield Hills, MI

Houston Angel Network – Angel Investor Network in Houston, TX

Idaho Angel Network – Angel Investor Network in Boise, ID

Idealflow Angel Fund – Angel Investor Network in Los Angeles, CA

Inception Micro Angel Fund – Angel Investor Network in Greensboro, NC

Indiana AngelNet – Angel Investor Network in , Indiana

InterPeak Partners – Angel Investor Network in Denver, CO

Investors Circle – Angel Investor Network in San Francisco, CA

Investors Circle MA – Angel Investor Network in Brookline, MA

Jumpstart New Jersey Angel Network – Angel Investor Network in Mt Laurel, NJ

Kalamazoo Angels – Angel Investor Network in Kalamazoo, MI

Keiretsu Forum – Angel Investor Network in ,

Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development – Angel Investor Network in Frankfort, Kentucky

Kentucky Capital Network – Angel Investor Network in , Kentucky

Launchpad Venture Group – Angel Investor Network in Wellesley, MA

Local Fund – Angel Investor Network in ,

LORE – Angel Investor Network in Philadelphia, PA

Maine Angels – Angel Investor Network in ,

Marquette University Golden Angels Network – Angel Investor Network in Milwaukee, WI

Maryland Angels Council – Angel Investor Network in Rockville, MD

Minnesota Investment Network Corp – Angel Investor Network in St. Paul, Minnesota

Minnesota Seed Capital Network – Angel Investor Network in Minneapolis, MN
Nashville Capital Network – Angel Investor Network in Nashville, TN

National Angel Organization – Angel Investor Network in Toronto, Ontario

National Association of Seed and Venture Funds – Angel Investor Network in ,

NCIC Capital Fund – Angel Investor Network in Dayton, OH

NEOSA Angel Network – Angel Investor Network in Cleveland, OH

Network for Business Angels & Investors – Angel Investor Network in Atlanta, Georgia

Nevada Angels – Angel Investor Network in Incline Village, NV

New Mexico Private Investors – Angel Investor Network in Albuquerque, NM

New Product Development Consortium – Angel Investor Network in ,

New York Angels – Angel Investor Network in New York, NY

North Bay Angels – Angel Investor Network in Healdsburg, CA

North Country Angels – Angel Investor Network in , Vermont

North Dallas Investment Group – Angel Investor Network in Dallas, TX

Northern Illinois Angels – Angel Investor Network in Chicago, IL

Northwest Angel Network – Angel Investor Network in Boise, ID

Oklahoma Capital Network – Angel Investor Network in Tulsa Oklahoma City, OK

Ottawa Capital Network – Angel Investor Network in Ottawa, Ontario

Pasadena Angels – Angel Investor Network in Pasadena, CA

Pennsylvania Private Investors Network – Angel Investor Network in Jenkintown, PA

Piedmont Angel Network – Angel Investor Network in Greensboro, NC
Portland Angel Network – Angel Investor Network in Portland, OR

Portland Area Angel Network – Angel Investor Network in Portland, Oregon

Prairie Angels – Angel Investor Network in Chicago, IL

Prince George County Economic Development Corp – Angel Investor Network in Lanham, Maryland

Private Investors Network – Angel Investor Network in McLean, VA

Purple Angels – Angel Investor Network in Ottawa, Ontario

Reseaucapital – Angel Investor Network in Montreal, Quebec

Richmond Venture Forum – Angel Investor Network in Richmond, VA

River Valley Investors – Angel Investor Network in Springfield, MA

Robin Hood Ventures – Angel Investor Network in Wayne, PA

Sacramento Angels – Angel Investor Network in Sacramento, CA

Sand Hill Angels – Angel Investor Network in Menlo Park, CA

Seed Capital Network – Angel Investor Network in Knoxville, TN

Seraph Capital Forum – Angel Investor Network in Seattle, WA

Sierra Angels – Angel Investor Network in Incline Village, NV

Silicom Ventures – Angel Investor Network in Los Altos, CA

Silicon Garden Angels – Angel Investor Network in Somerset, NJ

Silicon Garden Angels and Investors Network – Angel Investor Network in Somerset, NJ

Silicon Pastures – Angel Investor Network in Whitefish Bay, WI

Silicon Valley Band of Angels – Angel Investor Network in Portola Valley, CA

Small Business Development – Angel Investor Network in Charleston, West Virginia

Sound Angels – Angel Investor Network in Stamford, CT

Southern Connecticut State University – Angel Investor Network in New Haven, Connecticut

Southwest Pennsylvania Angel Network – Angel Investor Network in Pittsburgh, PA

St Louis Angel Network – Angel Investor Network in St Louis, MO

TechCoast Angels – Angel Investor Network in Laguna Hills, CA

Tech Coast Angels – Angel Investor Network in Laguna Hills, CA

Technology Alliance – Angel Investor Network in Seattle, WA
TechRanch Angels – Angel Investor Network in Bozeman, MT

Tech Valley Angel Network – Angel Investor Network in Troy, NY

TechVentures Network – Angel Investor Network in Oakland, California

TENEX Medical Investors – Angel Investor Network in Burlingame, CA

Texas Angels Network – Angel Investor Network in Austin, TX

Texas Venture Post – Angel Investor Network in Fairview, Texas

The Angels Forum – Angel Investor Network in Los Altos, CA

The Dallas Angels – Angel Investor Network in Dallas, TX

The Desert Angels – Angel Investor Network in Tuscon, AZ

The Dinner Club – Angel Investor Network in Washington, DC

The Meyering Corp – Angel Investor Network in Harper Woods, MI

The South Carolina Technology Alliance – Angel Investor Network in Columbia, South Carolina

The Stoops Distinguished Professor of Entrepreneurship – Angel Investor Network in Muncie, Indiana

The Texas Angels – Angel Investor Network in Austin, TX

The Tribe of Angels – Angel Investor Network in San Francisco, CA

TiE Angel Forum – Angel Investor Network in Wellesley Hills, MA

Toronto Angel Group – Angel Investor Network in Toronto, Ontario

Tri-State Investment Group – Angel Investor Network in Chapel Hill, NC

Tri-State Private Investors Network – Angel Investor Network in New York, NY

Tristate Venture Group – Angel Investor Network in New York, NY

UH Angels University of Hawaii – Angel Investor Network in Honolulu, HI

University Angels – Angel Investor Network in White Plains, NY

University of Puerto Rico – Angel Investor Network in San Juan, Puerto Rico

UNLV NSBDC – Angel Investor Network in Las Vegas, Nevada

Utah Angels – Angel Investor Network in Salt Lake City, UT
Valley Angels – Angel Investor Network in Green Bay, WI

Valley Angels Investment Group – Angel Investor Network in Green Bay, WI

Vancouver Angel Network for Tech Companies – Angel Investor Network in Vancouver, BC

Vancouver Enterprise Forum Angel Technology Network – Angel Investor Network in Vancouver, BC

Vegas Valley Angels – Angel Investor Network in Las Vegas, NV

Venture Investment Forum – Angel Investor Network in Middleton, PA

Vermont Investors Forum – Angel Investor Network in Waterbury, VT

Walnut Venture Associates – Angel Investor Network in ,

Walnut Venture Group – Angel Investor Network in Wellesley Hills, MA

Washington Seed Capital Network – Angel Investor Network in Seattle, WA

Wisconsin Investment Partners – Angel Investor Network in Madison, WI

Women Angel Investors – Angel Investor Network in Washington, DC

WomenAngels – Angel Investor Network in Washington, DC

Womens Investment Network – Angel Investor Network in Pottstown, PA

Wyoming SBDC – Angel Investor Network in Laramie, Wyoming

Angel Networks / Groups are as unique as the private investors that make them up. A network of angel investors is a group of accredited investors (sophisticated investors) who get together to review companies for potential investment. The investments can be made by accredited individuals belonging to the network or by the network itself as a limited partnership. Some angel networks charge a fee to the entrepreneur for the business plan to be reviewed, or for an in-person presentation to be made to the  angels  group and other angel networks don’t. Learn about as many angel networks / groups in your area as possible.

The number of organized angel groups / networks has grown in response to several factors:
– A desire to attract better deals and generate higher returns than angels acting alone
– The legal and economic complexity of these investments.


Angel Investor Networks – Groups of Private Investors funding CEOs / seed stage entrepreneurs



Angel Investment Network


(has a list of individual investors on a scrolling list to the right side of the website with their interests for investments they are seeking – very interesting, my note)


Angel Investors in Texas and Southeast and Southwest
(Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Arkansas, Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma)

Angel investors in the Southeast (Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Arkansas) and in the Southwest (Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma) tend to invest nearby.  It’s pure economics — angel investors from Dallas find it very expensive to travel to Maine to oversee their investment.

Check the web sites of each group carefully before submitting a proposal.  Some are looking in particular industries, some are more general; some focus on startups, some want companies to have some kind of track record; some will accept only online submission, some want a business plan.

Southeast U.S.

* Atlanta Technology Angels – Atlanta, GA
* Atlantis Group – Raleigh, NC
* Blue Angel Ventures, Inc – Morrisville, NC
* Blue Ridge Angel Investment Network (BRAIN) – Asheville, NC
* Charleston Angel Partners – Charleston, SC
* Charlotte Angel Partners – Charlotte, NC
* Columbia Angel Partners – Columbia, SC
* Emergent Growth Fund – Gainesville, FL
* Florida Angel Investors – Miami/Boca Raton, FL
* Fund for Arkansas’ Future – Little Rock, AR
* Inception Micro Angel Fund – Greensboro, NC
* Louisiana Angel Network – Baton Rouge, LA
* Nashville Capital Network – Nashville, TN
* New World Angels – Boca Raton, FL
* Piedmont Angel Network – Greensboro, NC
* SCP Capital – Spartanburg, SC
* Springboard Capital – Jacksonville, FL
* Startup Florida – Sarasota, FL
* Triangle Accredited Capital Forum – Wake Forest, NC
* Tri-State Investors Group – Chapel Hill, NC
* Wilmington Investor Network – Wilmington, NC

Southwest U.S.

* Arizona Angels – Scottsdale, AZ
* Camino Real Angels – El Paso, TX
* Desert Angels – Tucson, AZ
* Enterprise Oklahoma Venture Fund – Tulsa, OK
* Houston Angel Network – Houston, TX
* New Mexico Private Investors – Albuquerque, NM
* North Dallas Investment Group – Dallas, TX
* San Antonio Angels – San Antonio, TX
* Technology Tree Group – Houston, TX
* Texas Women Ventures Fund – Dallas, TX

Also see:

Check out tips on business plans for venture capital firms.  Many of the techniques for venture capital firms can be used effectively here as well.

Never discount the SBA as a funding source.

Emerging Venture Capital in Alabama aims to put the state on the technology map.




My Note –

My document from the last couple days of working with this – is over 273 pages, so I’m trying to get only the links and a bit of info with each to post here. However, there is every evidence that these angel investor networks and angel investors, as well as venture capitalists – take in thousands of packets requesting funding and choose only a few – likely less than five from those each year or so. That is about the same odds as playing bingo – in a room full of 100 people, only one wins for each game – that makes 99 losers on each game. The fact is, that doesn’t mean (in either case) that any of the others that did not receive funding were without merit, but it would be hard to believe that throughout the experience of it. There has to be another way.

– cricketdiane


Yesterday, I called the Cobb County Chamber of Commerce and the lady was nice enough to look up some local angel investor groups and business incubators for me. Then I wrote them on a card and called the three business incubator companies – all of which exist on the far side of Metro Atlanta from here and at least one of which is set up more like a rent-an-office and officey stuff place than an incubation system for supporting businesses – but maybe its both.

(my note, cricketdiane)

DECEMBER 19, 2005

Smart Answers
By Karen E. Klein

Send Me an Angel Investor
Need cash and maybe some hands-on management help? If your startup has the potential for rich returns, you just might snag an angel
Contrary to the sound of it,  angel  investors do not earn their wings by dropping money from the sky. They are wealthy current or former business owners motivated not by philanthropy but by the desire to achieve extraordinary return on their investments in entrepreneurial companies.

Most institutional investors and venture capitalists put their money into expanding businesses that are already proven winners. Angels, on the other hand, are more willing to invest in startups they deem good prospects — but that may not have already achieved profitability.


Most angels operate independently, but they do come in groups as well. You can find a listing of these approximately 225 groups, organized by region, at the Angel Capital Association Web site.

You have to be ready to partner with a funding source who will primarily be interested in a return on investment. It’s a big step away from friends-and-family money,  he notes. The pressure for the company to perform up to expectations can be intense. 

Our goal is to get three to five times the money we’ve invested within three to five years,  May says, adding that his group typically looks to invest $500,000 in companies valued at as little as $1 million.

Talk to your attorney and accountant about the implications of bringing angel investment on board, then ask them to make introductions for you, or find someone who can. Individual angels are usually well-connected in regional business circles, and have a network of professionals looking out for deals for them, so if your company is a good prospect for an angel investor, it shouldn’t be difficult to meet up with one.





The Angel Capital Association is North America’s professional alliance of angel groups. The association brings together many of the angel organizations in the United States and Canada to share best practices and collaboration opportunities. ACA provides excellent professional development and discounts on important services for angel investors who belong to member groups, and also serves as the public policy voice of the American angel community.
ACA thanks Senate for passing amendments to Financial Reform Bill. Learn more.

Our Members
Quick Info

2010 ACA Summit Join ACA ACEF Newsletter ACA Member Directory ACA Member Newsletter Sign-up Guidelines for Charging Fees Syndication Webinar Series


Info for Entrepreneurs
ACA itself is not a source of capital, but we do have helpful information.

Our member angel groups do make investments in companies that fit their investment criteria and are selected through their investment evaluation processes.

ACA does not review business plans or provide financing to companies and cannot introduce you or your business to an angel group or other investor. Please do not send us business plans. However, we do have several resources in this section for you, including:

* FAQs/ Info for Entrepreneurs – Learn more about what angel investing is, general criteria to determine if this type of capital is right for you and your company, basic information on how to prepare for the funding process, and other helpful Web sites, articles, and books.

* Listing of ACA Member Angel Groups in the United States, Canada, and Mexico with links to each group’s Web site. Entrepreneurs are welcome to review the directory to learn about the investment interests and processes of these organizations. If you decide to contact any of these groups, please do so in the way they request on their Web site. This page also links you to a larger set of angel groups, including groups that do not belong to ACA, via the Angel Capital Education Foundation Web site.
* Guidelines to angel groups for charging fees to entrepreneurs – ACA feels strongly that angel groups should charge no or little fees to entrepreneurs to apply for funding or present their business plans to angel groups, and that any fees should be transparent on their Web sites and other materials. This page outlines ACA’s guidelines to angel groups and background on what ACA member groups do.




ACA Member Directory

Below is a listing of angel groups that are members in good standing of the Angel Capital Association, as well as organizations that are affiliated with ACA.

The directory includes a link to the Web site of each organization so you may learn more about the group, including investment preferences and processes. Click on the group name to link to the corresponding Web site. (on their site – my note).

Entrepreneurs in the process of searching for funding sources may also find valuable information resources specifically for entrepreneurs on the Angel Capital Education Foundation Web site, including a longer set of links to angel groups.


* Angels’ Forum – Palo Alto, CA
* Band of Angels – Menlo Park, CA
* HealthTech Capital – Los Altos Hills, CA
* Imporium Angels – San Diego, CA
* Life Science Angels – Menlo Park, CA
* Maverick Angels – Thousand Oaks, CA
* North Bay Angels – Healdsburg, CA
* Pasadena Angels – Pasadena, CA
* Sacramento Angels – Sacramento, CA
* San Joaquin Angels – Stockton, CA
* Sand Hill Angels LLC – Menlo Park, CA
* Tech Coast Angels – Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, Santa Barbara, CA


* Alberta Deal Generator – Edmonton, AB
* Angel Forum – Vancouver – Vancouver, BC
* Anges Quebec – Quebec City, QC
* First Angel Network Association – Halifax, NS
* Fundamental Technologies II – Coquitlam, BC
* Maple Leaf Angels – Toronto, ON
* Newfoundland and Labrador Angel Network – St. Johns, NL
* Okanagan Angels – Kelowna, BC
* Saskatchewan Angel Investor Network – Saskatoon, SK
* Vancouver Angel Technology Network (VANTEC) – Vancouver, BC

Great Lakes

* Akron ARCH Angels (Akron Regional Change Angels) – Akron, OH
* Blue Water Angels – Midland, MI
* Core Network – Toledo, OH
* Cornerstone Angels – Northbrook, IL
* First Angels – Kalamazoo, MI
* Grand Angels – Grand Rapids, MI
* Hyde Park Angel Network – Chicago, IL
* Irish Angels – Notre Dame, IN
* Lakes Ventures II – Alexandria, MN
* Main Street Venture Fund – Fort Wayne, IN
* Marquette University Golden Angels Network – Milwaukee, WI
* Medical Growth Fund – Cleveland, OH
* North Coast Angel Fund – Cleveland, OH
* Ohio TechAngels – Columbus, OH
* Phenomenelle Angels – Madison, WI
* Queen City Angels – Cincinnati, OH
* RAIN Source Capital – St. Paul, MN
* River Valley Capital – Montevideo, MN
* Rocket Ventures – Toledo, OH
* Silicon Pastures – Milwaukee, WI
* South Metro Investors – Burnsville, MN
* Stateline Angels – Rockford, IL
* Stepstone Angels – Indianapolis, IN
* Two Rivers Angel Investment Network – Mankato, MN
* Wisconsin Investment Partners – Madison, WI


* Angel Ventures Mexico


* Active Angel Investors – Vienna, VA
* BlueTree Allied Angels – Pittsburgh, PA
* Capital Access Network (Dingman Center of Entrepreneurship) – College Park, MD
* Delaware Crossing Investor Group – Doylestown, PA
* Jefferson Corner Group – Charlottesville, VA
* Jumpstart New Jersey Angel Network – Mt Laurel, NJ
* LORE Associates – Philadelphia, PA
* Mid-Atlantic Angel Group Fund I ( MAG ) – Philadelphia, PA
* Minority Angel Investor Network – Philadelphia, PA
* New Dominion Angels – Warrenton, VA
* Pittsburgh Equity Partners – Pittsburgh, PA
* Private Investors Forum – Jenkintown, PA
* Robin Hood Ventures – Wayne, PA
* Virginia Active Angel Network – Charlottesville, VA
* West Virginia Angel Network – Fairmont, WV

Midwest/ Great Plains

* 3C Capital Partners – Northfield, MN
* Billiken Angels – St. Louis, MO
* Centennial Investors – Columbia, MO
* FM Angel Investment Fund – Fargo, ND
* Great Opportunities – Aberdeen, SD
* Louisville Angel Investor Network – Louisville, KY
* Mid-America Angels – Lenexa, KS
* Nebraska Angels Inc – Lincoln, NE
* Northern Plains Investment – Bismarck, ND
* P3 Alliance – Indianapolis, IN
* Seedstep Angels – Oklahoma City, OK
* Show Me Angels – Kansas City, MO
* St. Louis Arch Angels – St. Louis, MO
* Valley Angel Investment Fund – Grand Forks, ND
* Wildcat Angels – Evanston, IL
* Women’s Capital Connection – Lenexa, KS

National/ International

* ECS Angels – Bar Harbor, ME
* Health Care Angel Group – Houston, TX
* Investors Circle – San Francisco, CA

New England

* Angel Investor Forum – East Hartford, CT
* Bay Angels – Cape Cod, MA
* Beacon Angels – Boston, MA
* Boston Harbor Angels – Boston, MA
* Boynton Angels – Worcester, MA
* Cherrystone Angel Group – Providence, RI
* CommonAngels – Lexington, MA
* eCoast Angels – Portsmouth, NH
* Golden Seeds LLC – Stamford, CT and Boston, MA
* HubAngels – Brookline, MA
* Landmark Angels – Greenwich, CT
* Launchpad Venture Group – Wellesley, MA
* Maine Angels – Portland, ME
* Race Point Capital Group LLC – Newton, MA
* River Valley Investors – Springfield, MA
* Walnut Venture Associates – Wellesley Hills, MA

New York

* Golden Seeds – New York, NY
* Long Island Angel Network – Melville, NY
* New York Angels – New York, NY
* Rochester Angel Network – Rochester, NY
* Seed Capital Fund of CNY – Syracuse, NY
* Tech Valley Angel Network – Albany, NY

Pacific Northwest

* Alliance of Angels – Seattle, WA
* Bellingham Angel Group – Bellingham, WA
* Boise Angel Alliance – Boise, ID
* Northwest Energy Angels – Maple Valley, WA
* Oregon Angel Fund – Portland, OR
* Puget Sound Venture Club – Bellevue, WA
* Seraph Capital Forum – Seattle, WA
* Tacoma Angel Network – Tacoma, WA
* WINGS – Seattle, WA


* Angel Capital Group – Hendersonville, TN
* Ariel Savannah Angel Partners – Savannah, GA
* Atlanta Technology Angels – Atlanta, GA
* Birmingham Angel Network – Birmingham, AL
* Emergent Growth Fund – Gainesville, FL
* Fund for Arkansas’ Future – Little Rock, AR
* Georgia Angel Investor Network – Savannah, GA
* Go Beyond Network – Naples, FL
* Gulf Coast Venture Forum – Naples, FL
* Huntsville Angel Network – Huntsville, AL
* Inception Micro Angel Fund – Family of Funds – Winston-Salem, NC
* Mississippi Angel Network – Ridgeland, MS
* Nashville Capital Network – Nashville, TN
* New World Angels – Boca Raton, FL
* Piedmont Angel Network – Greensboro, NC
* Seraph Group – Atlanta, GA
* South Coast Angel Fund – New Orleans, LA
* Springboard Capital – Jacksonville, FL
* Triangle Accredited Capital Forum – Wake Forest, NC
* Upstate Carolina Angel Network – Greenville, SC
* Virginia Active Angel Network – Charlottesville, VA
* Wilmington Investor Network – Wilmington, NC


* Arizona Angels – Scottsdale, AZ
* Arizona Technology Investor Forum (ATIF) – Tempe, AZ
* Central Texas Angel Network – Austin, TX
* Concho Valley Angel Network – San Angelo, TX
* Desert Angels – Tucson, AZ
* Houston Angel Network – Houston, TX
* New Mexico Angels Inc – Albuquerque, NM
* North Texas Angel Network – Fort Worth, TX
* Startech – San Antonio, TX


* Frontier Angel Fund – Kalispell, MT
* Hawaii Angels – Honolulu, HI
* Sierra Angels – Incline Village, NV
* Vegas Valley Angels – Las Vegas, NV

Capital Source and Matching Databases

Other Resources

* Angel Capital Education Foundation – Listing of all angel groups in North America, (that we know about)
* Chenango Capital – Greensboro, NC
* European Business Angel Network – Listing of angel networks in Europe
* Innovation Park at Notre Dame – Notre Dame, IN
* Jumpstart Inc – Cleveland, OH
* Kansas Technology Enterprise Corporation – Topeka, KS
* Microsoft BizSpark Program – Software for Startups
* National Angel Capital Organization – Listing of angels and networks in Canada
* North Carolina Biotechnology Center – Research Triangle Park, NC
* Pennsylvania Angel Network
* Washington Technology Center (WTC Angel Network) – Seattle, WA
* Wisconsin Angel Network – Madison, WI




The mission of New York Angels, Inc. is to provide a forum in which its members can exchange information about investment opportunities in early-stage technology and emerging growth companies in the Northeast and to provide administrative support as its members help such companies to grow to market leadership.
We provide early-stage capital in the range of $250,000 – $750,000, an investment range not generally served by venture capital funds. Since 1997, we and members of our predecessor group have invested over $28 million in more than 65 ventures companies.
Our members are entrepreneurs, CEO’s, venture capitalists and business leaders who have founded, funded and built world-class companies. We mentor and coach the entrepreneurs in whom we invest, serve on their boards, provide contacts and assist with team building, strategic planning and fundraising.
We welcome you to browse through this site to learn more about us, and about how you can work with us; as an entrepreneur to be funded, a professional industry sponsor, or as prospective angel investor yourself.

For Entrepreneurs

If you are a company with a great idea, we want to hear from you. Read about our investment criteria, funding process, and then learn how to submit your business plan.

For Angel Investors

Membership in New York Angels is by invitation only, and is extended to individuals who share our vision and will actively contribute to our process. Find out more about becoming a member.





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Both SBA district offices and women’s business centers offer mentoring roundtables. If there is not an existing roundtable nearby, women’s business centers may be able to help women entrepreneurs set them up.




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Name your business and product – your customers will recognize your product by that name.

Understand the concept of the free enterprise system and how to use the concept of “profit” to your advantage.

Organize it.


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Create your image.


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The Seraph Investor Network

About Us

It all began in 2003, with a conversation outlining the inefficiencies in Angel investing in addition to the difficulties entrepreneurs face while raising start-up capital. Few investment groups specialize in investing $50,000 to $2,000,000 in early-stage companies and even fewer bring a broad value-add network to support entrepreneurs. The Seraph Investor Network was founded with the vision of providing capital and support  in an expedient and efficient manner without geographic prejudice. Our Investor Network reaches 21 cities and spans three continents. The reach provides valuable expertise to entrepreneurs and investors.
Many of the challenges that Angel investors face are:

* inadequate access to quality investment opportunities due to limited personal network and geographic reach.
* limited negotiating leverage to obtain attractive terms, insufficient time available to devote to due diligence
* inability to construct a diversified venture capital portfolio
* high transaction costs as percentage of investment.

Seraph Group offers solutions to these challenges by providing members access to quality deal flow, better investment terms, professional due diligence and post investment monitoring. Addtionally, we offer a unique co-investment feature to our members allowing them to customize their investment portfolio.

.    .
Meet Our Team

Bruce Leak
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Tyler Dorman



“BONDING WITH INVESTORS.   The main thing they are looking at is an exit strategy for the investment. They don’t always understand the technology, but they can tell if you know what you’re doing, if you have the right team on board, and if you have a compelling value set,  Wingard says. The early money is the most difficult to get, and communication is key. Wingard’s partner does investor relations full-time, he says, and he devotes about 20% of his time to the same endeavor.”




Start-ups Only Catalyst for Job Creation Jobs Report

When it comes to U.S. job growth, startup companies aren’t everything – they are the only thing  A study released by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation shows that all net job growth occurs in the U.S. economy only through startup firms. Now if only we could get policy makers to read the study.

New Resource for Entrepreneurs Advancing Energy Innovation

The Kauffman Foundation has launched a new initiative for advancing promising new ventures in energy. If you have an interest in energy as an entrepreneur, investor, buyer, agency or advocate, click over and add your voice to the growing choir of those working to kick our energy addiction.

Entrepreneurs have led the U.S. out of every recession of the last 100 years.

To learn how, consider these relevant stories. Also get your FREE E=R decal today and spread the word that entrepreneurs will lead the economic recovery.

A Better Way to go from Concept to Commerce?

New thinking about commercializing collegiate innovation can yield greater success in moving from the laboratory to the market – building companies, employing people along the way  Click here to read more.

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Atlanta Development Authority. Central Atlanta Progress. Corenet Global. Corporate Real Estate For Women. Georgia Chamber of Commerce …


My Note –

Among the things I found online were a number of local resources including development authorities and civic organizations which I’m not including here and then I sent information to one of the business incubator groups that the Chamber of Commerce lady gave me – after which – I discovered this on my blog stats page and forgot to send along, although it probably doesn’t matter.

In this post, I’m also leaving out the online info I found about the business incubator groups that they suggested (since these are specific to this area) and the information about what I sent to them – unless I decide to add it at the end of the post – (probably not, but maybe).



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Basics of Company Valuation

Formal valuation of the seller’s business is a vital component of the buyer’s analysis when discussing a proposed acquisition. The valuation of a business in the context of an acquisition, as opposed to estate planning or other purposes, often involves consideration of  investment  or  strategic  value beyond a street analysis of fair market value. Valuation may be done by the seller prior to entertaining prospective buyers, by the buyer who identifies a specific target or by both parties during negotiations to resolve a dispute over price.

However, company valuation is not an exact science, nor will valuation issues typically drive the terms and pricing of the transaction. There are numerous acceptable valuation methods and, in most situations, each will yield a different result.




My Note –

The article above didn’t tell me as much as it would take to even have a basic understanding of how the business would be put through steps of valuation – so I went to the wikipedia entry to get more info. (And it is way too complex to figure it out – so later today, I’m going over to the Harvard business school online and see if I can find some notes on it somewhere.)

– cricketdiane


Business valuation

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Business valuation is a process and a set of procedures used to estimate the economic value of an owner’s interest in a business. Valuation is used by financial market participants to determine the price they are willing to pay or receive to consummate a sale of a business. In addition to estimating the selling price of a business, the same valuation tools are often used by business appraisers to resolve disputes related to estate and gift taxation, divorce litigation, allocate business purchase price among business assets, establish a formula for estimating the value of partners’ ownership interest for buy-sell agreements, and many other business and legal purposes.
Standard and premise of value

Before the value of a business can be measured, the valuation assignment must specify the reason for and circumstances surrounding the business valuation. These are formally known as the business value standard and premise of value.[1] The standard of value is the hypothetical conditions under which the business will be valued. The premise of value relates to the assumptions, such as assuming that the business will continue forever in its current form (going concern), or that the value of the business lies in the proceeds from the sale of all of its assets minus the related debt (sum of the parts or assemblage of business assets).

Business valuation results can vary considerably depending upon the choice of both the standard and premise of value. In an actual business sale, it would be expected that the buyer and seller, each with an incentive to achieve an optimal outcome, would determine the fair market value of a business asset that would compete in the market for such an acquisition. If the synergies are specific to the company being valued, they may not be considered. Fair value also does not incorporate discounts for lack of control or marketability. SFAS 142

Note, however, that it is possible to achieve the fair market value for a business asset that is being liquidated in its secondary market. This underscores the difference between the standard and premise of value.

These assumptions might not, and probably do not, reflect the actual conditions of the market in which the subject business might be sold. However, these conditions are assumed because they yield a uniform standard of value, after applying generally-accepted valuation techniques, which allows meaningful comparison between businesses which are similarly situated.

Elements of business valuation

Economic conditions

A business valuation report generally begins with a description of national, regional and local economic conditions existing as of the valuation date, as well as the conditions of the industry in which the subject business operates. A common source of economic information for the first section of the business valuation report is the Federal Reserve Board’s Beige Book, published eight times a year by the Federal Reserve Bank. State governments and industry associations often publish useful statistics describing regional and industry conditions.

Financial Analysis

The financial statement analysis generally involves common size analysis, ratio analysis (liquidity, turnover, profitability, etc.), trend analysis and industry comparative analysis. This permits the valuation analyst to compare the subject company to other businesses in the same or similar industry, and to discover trends affecting the company and/or the industry over time. By comparing a company’s financial statements in different time periods, the valuation expert can view growth or decline in revenues or expenses, changes in capital structure, or other financial trends. How the subject company compares to the industry will help with the risk assessment and ultimately help determine the discount rate and the selection of market multiples.

Normalization of financial statements

The most common normalization adjustments fall into the following four categories:

* Comparability Adjustments. The valuer may adjust the subject company’s financial statements to facilitate a comparison between the subject company and other businesses in the same industry or geographic location. These adjustments are intended to eliminate differences between the way that published industry data is presented and the way that the subject company’s data is presented in its financial statements.

* Non-operating Adjustments. It is reasonable to assume that if a business were sold in a hypothetical sales transaction (which is the underlying premise of the fair market value standard), the seller would retain any assets which were not related to the production of earnings or price those non-operating assets separately. For this reason, non-operating assets (such as excess cash) are usually eliminated from the balance sheet.

* Non-recurring Adjustments. The subject company’s financial statements may be affected by events that are not expected to recur, such as the purchase or sale of assets, a lawsuit, or an unusually large revenue or expense. These non-recurring items are adjusted so that the financial statements will better reflect the management’s expectations of future performance.

* Discretionary Adjustments. The owners of private companies may be paid at variance from the market level of compensation that similar executives in the industry might command. In order to determine fair market value, the owner’s compensation, benefits, perquisites and distributions must be adjusted to industry standards. Similarly, the rent paid by the subject business for the use of property owned by the company’s owners individually may be scrutinized.

Income, Asset and Market Approaches

Three different approaches are commonly used in business valuation: the income approach, the asset-based approach, and the market approach[2]. Within each of these approaches, there are various techniques for determining the value of a business using the definition of value appropriate for the appraisal assignment. Generally, the income approaches determine value by calculating the net present value of the benefit stream generated by the business (discounted cash flow); the asset-based approaches determine value by adding the sum of the parts of the business (net asset value); and the market approaches determine value by comparing the subject company to other companies in the same industry, of the same size, and/or within the same region.

A number of business valuation models can be constructed that utilize various methods under the three business valuation approaches. Venture Capitalists and Private Equity professionals have long used the First chicago method which essentially combines the income approach with the market approach.

In determining which of these approaches to use, the valuation professional must exercise discretion. Each technique has advantages and drawbacks, which must be considered when applying those techniques to a particular subject company. Most treatises and court decisions encourage the valuator to consider more than one technique, which must be reconciled with each other to arrive at a value conclusion. A measure of common sense and a good grasp of mathematics is helpful.

Income approaches

The income approaches determine fair market value by multiplying the benefit stream generated by the subject or target company times a discount or capitalization rate. The discount or capitalization rate converts the stream of benefits into present value. There are several different income approaches, including capitalization of earnings or cash flows, discounted future cash flows (“DCF”), and the excess earnings method (which is a hybrid of asset and income approaches). Most of the income approaches look to the company’s adjusted historical financial data for a single period; only DCF requires data for multiple future periods. The discount or capitalization rate must be matched to the type of benefit stream to which it is applied. The result of a value calculation under the income approach is generally the fair market value of a controlling, marketable interest in the subject company, since the entire benefit stream of the subject company is most often valued, and the capitalization and discount rates are derived from statistics concerning public companies.

Discount or capitalization rates

A discount rate or capitalization rate is used to determine the present value of the expected returns of a business. The discount rate and capitalization rate are closely related to each other, but distinguishable. Generally speaking, the discount rate or capitalization rate may be defined as the yield necessary to attract investors to a particular investment, given the risks associated with that investment.

* In DCF valuations, the discount rate, often an estimate of the cost of capital for the business is used to calculate the net present value of a series of projected cash flows.

* On the other hand, a capitalization rate is applied in methods of business valuation that are based on business data for a single period of time. For example, in real estate valuations for properties that generate cash flows, a capitalization rate may be applied to the net operating income (NOI) (i.e., income before depreciation and interest expenses) of the property for the trailing twelve months.

There are several different methods of determining the appropriate discount rates. The discount rate is composed of two elements: (1) the risk-free rate, which is the return that an investor would expect from a secure, practically risk-free investment, such as a high quality government bond; plus (2) a risk premium that compensates an investor for the relative level of risk associated with a particular investment in excess of the risk-free rate. Most importantly, the selected discount or capitalization rate must be consistent with stream of benefits to which it is to be applied.

Capital Asset Pricing Model (“CAPM”)

The Capital Asset Pricing Model ( CAPM) is one method of determining the appropriate discount rate in business valuations. The CAPM method originated from the Nobel Prize winning studies of Harry Markowitz, James Tobin and William Sharpe. The CAPM method derives the discount rate by adding a risk premium to the risk-free rate. In this instance, however, the risk premium is derived by multiplying the equity risk premium times “beta,” which is a measure of stock price volatility. Beta is published by various sources for particular industries and companies. Beta is associated with the systematic risks of an investment.

One of the criticisms of the CAPM method is that beta is derived from the volatility of prices of publicly-traded companies, which are likely to differ from private companies in their capital structures, diversification of products and markets, access to credit markets, size, management depth, and many other respects. Where private companies can be shown to be sufficiently similar to public companies, however, the CAPM method may be appropriate.

Weighted Average Cost of Capital (“WACC”)

The weighted average cost of capital is an approach to determining a discount rate. The WACC method determines the subject company’s actual cost of capital by calculating the weighted average of the company’s cost of debt and cost of equity. The WACC must be applied to the subject company’s net cash flow to total invested capital.

One of the problems with this method is that the valuator may elect to calculate WACC according to the subject company’s existing capital structure, the average industry capital structure, or the optimal capital structure. Such discretion detracts from the objectivity of this approach, in the minds of some critics.

Indeed, since the WACC captures the risk of the subject business itself, the existing or contemplated capital structures, rather than industry averages, are the appropriate choices for business valuation.

Once the capitalization rate or discount rate is determined, it must be applied to an appropriate economic income stream: pretax cash flow, aftertax cash flow, pretax net income, after tax net income, excess earnings, projected cash flow, etc. The result of this formula is the indicated value before discounts. Before moving on to calculate discounts, however, the valuation professional must consider the indicated value under the asset and market approaches.

Careful matching of the discount rate to the appropriate measure of economic income is critical to the accuracy of the business valuation results. Net cash flow is a frequent choice in professionally conducted business appraisals. The rationale behind this choice is that this earnings basis corresponds to the equity discount rate derived from the Build-Up or CAPM models: the returns obtained from investments in publicly traded companies can easily be represented in terms of net cash flows. At the same time, the discount rates are generally also derived from the public capital markets data.

Build-Up Method

The Build-Up Method is a widely-recognized method of determining the after-tax net cash flow discount rate, which in turn yields the capitalization rate. The figures used in the Build-Up Method are derived from various sources. This method is called a “build-up” method because it is the sum of risks associated with various classes of assets. It is based on the principle that investors would require a greater return on classes of assets that are more risky. The first element of a Build-Up capitalization rate is the risk-free rate, which is the rate of return for long-term government bonds. Investors who buy large-cap equity stocks, which are inherently more risky than long-term government bonds, require a greater return, so the next element of the Build-Up method is the equity risk premium. In determining a company’s value, the long-horizon equity risk premium is used because the Company’s life is assumed to be infinite. The sum of the risk-free rate and the equity risk premium yields the long-term average market rate of return on large public company stocks.

Similarly, investors who invest in small cap stocks, which are riskier than blue-chip stocks, require a greater return, called the “size premium.” Size premium data is generally available from two sources: Morningstar’s (formerly Ibbotson & Associates’) Stocks, Bonds, Bills & Inflation and Duff & Phelps’ Risk Premium Report.

By adding the first three elements of a Build-Up discount rate, we can determine the rate of return that investors would require on their investments in small public company stocks. These three elements of the Build-Up discount rate are known collectively as the “systematic risks.”

In addition to systematic risks, the discount rate must include “unsystematic risks,” which fall into two categories. One of those categories is the “industry risk premium.” Morningstar’s yearbooks contain empirical data to quantify the risks associated with various industries, grouped by SIC industry code.

The other category of unsystematic risk is referred to as “specific company risk.” Historically, no published data has been available to quantify specific company risks. However as of late 2006, new ground-breaking research has been able to quantify, or isolate, this risk for publicly-traded stocks through the use of Total Beta calculations. P. Butler and K. Pinkerton have outlined a procedure, known as the Butler Pinkerton Model (BPM), using a modified Capital Asset Pricing Model ( CAPM) to calculate the company specific risk premium. The model uses an equality between the standard CAPM which relies on the total beta on one side of the equation; and the firm’s beta, size premium and company specific risk premium on the other. The equality is then solved for the company specific risk premium as the only unknown. The BPM is a relatively new concept and is gaining acceptance in the business valuation community.

It is important to understand why this capitalization rate for small, privately-held companies is significantly higher than the return that an investor might expect to receive from other common types of investments, such as money market accounts, mutual funds, or even real estate. Those investments involve substantially lower levels of risk than an investment in a closely-held company. Depository accounts are insured by the federal government (up to certain limits); mutual funds are composed of publicly-traded stocks, for which risk can be substantially minimized through portfolio diversification.

Closely-held companies, on the other hand, frequently fail for a variety of reasons too numerous to name. Examples of the risk can be witnessed in the storefronts on every Main Street in America. There are no federal guarantees. The risk of investing in a private company cannot be reduced through diversification, and most businesses do not own the type of hard assets that can ensure capital appreciation over time. This is why investors demand a much higher return on their investment in closely-held businesses; such investments are inherently much more risky.

Asset-based approaches

The value of asset-based analysis of a business is equal to the sum of its parts. That is the theory underlying the asset-based approaches to business valuation. The asset approach to business valuation is based on the principle of substitution: no rational investor will pay more for the business assets than the cost of procuring assets of similar economic utility. In contrast to the income-based approaches, which require the valuation professional to make subjective judgments about capitalization or discount rates, the adjusted net book value method is relatively objective. Pursuant to accounting convention, most assets are reported on the books of the subject company at their acquisition value, net of depreciation where applicable. These values must be adjusted to fair market value wherever possible. The value of a company’s intangible assets, such as goodwill, is generally impossible to determine apart from the company’s overall enterprise value. For this reason, the asset-based approach is not the most probative method of determining the value of going business concerns.

In these cases, the asset-based approach yields a result that is probably lesser than the fair market value of the business. In considering an asset-based approach, the valuation professional must consider whether the shareholder whose interest is being valued would have any authority to access the value of the assets directly. Shareholders own shares in a corporation, but not its assets, which are owned by the corporation. A controlling shareholder may have the authority to direct the corporation to sell all or part of the assets it owns and to distribute the proceeds to the shareholder(s). The non-controlling shareholder, however, lacks this authority and cannot access the value of the assets. As a result, the value of a corporation’s assets is rarely the most relevant indicator of value to a shareholder who cannot avail himself of that value. Adjusted net book value may be the most relevant standard of value where liquidation is imminent or ongoing; where a company earnings or cash flow are nominal, negative or worth less than its assets; or where net book value is standard in the industry in which the company operates. None of these situations applies to the Company which is the subject of this valuation report. However, the adjusted net book value may be used as a “sanity check” when compared to other methods of valuation, such as the income and market approaches.

Market approaches

The market approach to business valuation is rooted in the economic principle of competition: that in a free market the supply and demand forces will drive the price of business assets to a certain equilibrium. Buyers would not pay more for the business, and the sellers will not accept less, than the price of a comparable business enterprise. It is similar in many respects to the “comparable sales” method that is commonly used in real estate appraisal. The market price of the stocks of publicly traded companies engaged in the same or a similar line of business, whose shares are actively traded in a free and open market, can be a valid indicator of value when the transactions in which stocks are traded are sufficiently similar to permit meaningful comparison.

The difficulty lies in identifying public companies that are sufficiently comparable to the subject company for this purpose. Also, as for a private company, the equity is less liquid (in other words its stocks are less easy to buy or sell) than for a public company, its value is considered to be slightly lower than such a market-based valuation would give.

Guideline Public Company method

The Guideline Public Company method entails a comparison of the subject company to publicly traded companies. The comparison is generally based on published data regarding the public companies’ stock price and earnings, sales, or revenues, which is expressed as a fraction known as a “multiple.” If the guideline public companies are sufficiently similar to each other and the subject company to permit a meaningful comparison, then their multiples should be similar. The public companies identified for comparison purposes should be similar to the subject company in terms of industry, product lines, market, growth, margins and risk.

Guideline Transaction Method or Direct Market Data Method

Using this method, the valuation analyst may determine market multiples by reviewing published data regarding actual transactions involving either minority or controlling interests in either publicly traded or closely held companies. In judging whether a reasonable basis for comparison exists, the valuation analysis must consider: (1) the similarity of qualitative and quantitative investment and investor characteristics; (2) the extent to which reliable data is known about the transactions in which interests in the guideline companies were bought and sold; and (3) whether or not the price paid for the guideline companies was in an arms-length transaction, or a forced or distressed sale.

Discounts and premiums

The valuation approaches yield the fair market value of the Company as a whole. In valuing a minority, non-controlling interest in a business, however, the valuation professional must consider the applicability of discounts that affect such interests. Discussions of discounts and premiums frequently begin with a review of the “levels of value.” There are three common levels of value: controlling interest, marketable minority, and non-marketable minority. The intermediate level, marketable minority interest, is lesser than the controlling interest level and higher than the non-marketable minority interest level.

The marketable minority interest level represents the perceived value of equity interests that are freely traded without any restrictions. These interests are generally traded on the New York Stock Exchange, AMEX, NASDAQ, and other exchanges where there is a ready market for equity securities. These values represent a minority interest in the subject companies – small blocks of stock that represent less than 50% of the company’s equity, and usually much less than 50%. Controlling interest level is the value that an investor would be willing to pay to acquire more than 50% of a company’s stock, thereby gaining the attendant prerogatives of control. Some of the prerogatives of control include: electing directors, hiring and firing the company’s management and determining their compensation; declaring dividends and distributions, determining the company’s strategy and line of business, and acquiring, selling or liquidating the business. This level of value generally contains a control premium over the intermediate level of value, which typically ranges from 25% to 50%. An additional premium may be paid by strategic investors who are motivated by synergistic motives.

Non-marketable, minority level is the lowest level on the chart, representing the level at which non-controlling equity interests in private companies are generally valued or traded. This level of value is discounted because no ready market exists in which to purchase or sell interests. Private companies are less “liquid” than publicly-traded companies, and transactions in private companies take longer and are more uncertain. Between the intermediate and lowest levels of the chart, there are restricted shares of publicly-traded companies. Despite a growing inclination of the IRS and Tax Courts to challenge valuation discounts , Shannon Pratt suggested in a scholarly presentation recently that valuation discounts are actually increasing as the differences between public and private companies is widening . Publicly-traded stocks have grown more liquid in the past decade due to rapid electronic trading, reduced commissions, and governmental deregulation. These developments have not improved the liquidity of interests in private companies, however. Valuation discounts are multiplicative, so they must be considered in order. Control premiums and their inverse, minority interest discounts, are considered before marketability discounts are applied.

Discount for lack of control

The first discount that must be considered is the discount for lack of control, which in this instance is also a minority interest discount. Minority interest discounts are the inverse of control premiums, to which the following mathematical relationship exists: MID = 1 – [1 / (1 + CP)] The most common source of data regarding control premiums is the Control Premium Study, published annually by Mergerstat since 1972. Mergerstat compiles data regarding publicly announced mergers, acquisitions and divestitures involving 10% or more of the equity interests in public companies, where the purchase price is $1 million or more and at least one of the parties to the transaction is a U.S. entity. Mergerstat defines the “control premium” as the percentage difference between the acquisition price and the share price of the freely-traded public shares five days prior to the announcement of the M&A transaction. While it is not without valid criticism, Mergerstat control premium data (and the minority interest discount derived therefrom) is widely accepted within the valuation profession.

Discount for lack of marketability

Another factor to be considered in valuing closely held companies is the marketability of an interest in such businesses. Marketability is defined as the ability to convert the business interest into cash quickly, with minimum transaction and administrative costs, and with a high degree of certainty as to the amount of net proceeds. There is usually a cost and a time lag associated with locating interested and capable buyers of interests in privately-held companies, because there is no established market of readily-available buyers and sellers. All other factors being equal, an interest in a publicly traded company is worth more because it is readily marketable. Conversely, an interest in a private-held company is worth less because no established market exists.

The IRS Valuation Guide for Income, Estate and Gift Taxes, Valuation Training for Appeals Officers acknowledges the relationship between value and marketability, stating: “Investors prefer an asset which is easy to sell, that is, liquid.” The discount for lack of control is separate and distinguishable from the discount for lack of marketability. It is the valuation professional’s task to quantify the lack of marketability of an interest in a privately-held company. Because, in this case, the subject interest is not a controlling interest in the Company, and the owner of that interest cannot compel liquidation to convert the subject interest to cash quickly, and no established market exists on which that interest could be sold, the discount for lack of marketability is appropriate. Several empirical studies have been published that attempt to quantify the discount for lack of marketability. These studies include the restricted stock studies and the pre-IPO studies. The aggregate of these studies indicate average discounts of 35% and 50%, respectively. Some experts believe the Lack of Control and Marketability discounts can aggregate discounts for as much as ninety percent of a Company’s fair market value, specifically with family owned companies.

Restricted stock studies

Restricted stocks are equity securities of public companies that are similar in all respects to the freely traded stocks of those companies except that they carry a restriction that prevents them from being traded on the open market for a certain period of time, which is usually one year (two years prior to 1990). This restriction from active trading, which amounts to a lack of marketability, is the only distinction between the restricted stock and its freely-traded counterpart. Restricted stock can be traded in private transactions and usually do so at a discount.

The restricted stock studies attempt to verify the difference in price at which the restricted shares trade versus the price at which the same unrestricted securities trade in the open market as of the same date. The underlying data by which these studies arrived at their conclusions has not been made public. Consequently, it is not possible when valuing a particular company to compare the characteristics of that company to the study data. Still, the existence of a marketability discount has been recognized by valuation professionals and the Courts, and the restricted stock studies are frequently cited as empirical evidence. Notably, the lowest average discount reported by these studies was 26% and the highest average discount was 45%.

Option pricing

In addition to the restricted stock studies, U.S. publicly traded companies are able to sell stock to offshore investors (SEC Regulation S, enacted in 1990) without registering the shares with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The offshore buyers may resell these shares in the United States, still without having to register the shares, after holding them for just 40 days. Typically, these shares are sold for 20% to 30% below the publicly traded share price. Some of these transactions have been reported with discounts of more than 30%, resulting from the lack of marketability. These discounts are similar to the marketability discounts inferred from the restricted and pre-IPO studies, despite the holding period being just 40 days. Studies based on the prices paid for options have also confirmed similar discounts. If one holds restricted stock and purchases an option to sell that stock at the market price (a put), the holder has, in effect, purchased marketability for the shares. The price of the put is equal to the marketability discount. The range of marketability discounts derived by this study was 32% to 49%.

Pre-IPO studies
Another approach to measure the marketability discount is to compare the prices of stock offered in initial public offerings (IPOs) to transactions in the same company’s stocks prior to the IPO. Companies that are going public are required to disclose all transactions in their stocks for a period of three years prior to the IPO. The pre-IPO studies are the leading alternative to the restricted stock stocks in quantifying the marketability discount. The pre-IPO studies are sometimes criticized because the sample size is relatively small, the pre-IPO transactions may not be arm’s length, and the financial structure and product lines of the studied companies may have changed during the three year pre-IPO window.

Applying the studies

The studies confirm what the marketplace knows intuitively: Investors covet liquidity and loathe obstacles that impair liquidity. Prudent investors buy illiquid investments only when there is a sufficient discount in the price to increase the rate of return to a level which brings risk-reward back into balance. The referenced studies establish a reasonable range of valuation discounts from the mid-30%s to the low 50%s. The more recent studies appeared to yield a more conservative range of discounts than older studies, which may have suffered from smaller sample sizes. Another method of quantifying the lack of marketability discount is the Quantifying Marketability Discounts Model (QMDM).

Estimates of Business Value

The evidence on the market value of specific businesses varies widely, largely depending on reported market transactions in the equity of the firm. A fraction of businesses are  publicly traded,  meaning that their equity can be purchased and sold by investors in stock markets available to the general public. Publicly-traded companies on major stock markets have an easily-calculated  market capitalization  that is a direct estimate of the market value of the firm’s equity. Some publicly-traded firms have relatively few recorded trades (including many firms traded  over the counter  or in  pink sheets ). A far larger number of firms are privately held. Normally, equity interests in these firms (which include corporations, partnerships, limited-liability companies, and some other organizational forms) are traded privately, and often irregularly.

A number of stock market indicators in the United States and other countries provide an indication of the market value of publicly-traded firms. The Survey of Consumer Finance in the US also includes an estimate of household ownership of stocks, including indirect ownership through mutual funds.[3] The 2004 and 2007 SCF indicate a growing trend in stock ownership, with 51% of households indicating a direct or indirect ownership of stocks, with the majority of those respondents indicating indirect ownership through mutual funds. Few indications are available on the value of privately-held firms. Anderson (2009) recently estimated the market value of U.S. privately-held and publicly-traded firms, using Internal Revenue Service and SCF data.[4] He estimates that privately-held firms produced more income for investors, and had more value than publicly-held firms, in 2004.


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Apollo 11 Moon Landing – 40th Anniversar 267 More stats
Offshore Oil Drilling Accident – Profits 263 More stats
Police Brutality and the America that co 262 More stats
Graphene, Diamond, Nano Carbons, informa 261 More stats
Do We Pay The US First Lady? – Cricket D 260 More stats
How I research and learn – 259 More stats
Air Quality in the United States and Tox 256 More stats
Summer Roses by Cricket Diane C Phillips 250 More stats
USA Health Care is number one – who told 246 More stats
Bullet Proof Fashion Clothing – and othe 245 More stats
Corruption, Abuse of Human Rights, Civil 244 More stats
G8 Summit L’Aquila Abruzzo Italy – July 243 More stats
Ocean Wave Painting by Cricket Diane 243 More stats
palexpo 243 More stats
USAID – Latin America, Chile, Haiti, inf 240 More stats
Earthquake resistant building engineerin 239 More stats
How can our government legally take over 239 More stats
re206xv1x_20090406 236 More stats
US infrastructure crumbling while money 235 More stats
Lehman Brothers could have been made int 235 More stats
Cricket Diane C Phillips – How To Paint 235 More stats
cricketdiane 2009 – sea glory – ocean wa 234 More stats
Nifty stuff – places to get on televisio 232 More stats
US and Global Economic Crisis – have the 229 More stats
US Corps of Engineers is busy spending t 228 More stats
Swine Flu Information – How the World is 228 More stats
re206yxyx_20090406 228 More stats
Oil Companies found a way around the law 228 More stats
Volcano Information – Chile near the ear 228 More stats
Paul Krugman article explains what has c 225 More stats
Mark-to-Market Accounting To be changed 225 More stats
Now what? After years and years of doing 223 More stats
Republicans created bank bailout for $70 221 More stats
Paris Air Show – St.Petersburg Russia Ni 214 More stats
Sea Cat – Painting by Cricket Diane – Ar 213 More stats
Winter Night Sea – Unusual Ocean View – 213 More stats
Business how to – start your own busines 209 More stats
Financial system constraints – US and Gl 206 More stats
Iran nuclear weapons – missiles – facili 203 More stats
America aristocracy, socialism, communis 203 More stats
Exploratory Drilling means to stick a st 202 More stats
Earthquake in Chile today 02-27-10 2 mil 202 More stats
Map of Earthquakes in Mountains near L’A 201 More stats
The Danger – the Economy in the US is ba 201 More stats
Ocean Policies – Who decided / Who decid 198 More stats
Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Informa 198 More stats
cricket organizing stuff – home office / 195 More stats
Archives Cricket House Studios 195 More stats
Air conditioning without electricity? 194 More stats
Some information about the Gulf of Mexic 193 More stats
Foreclosures and Crime Statistics – The 193 More stats
Angel Song – photo collage by Cricket Di 193 More stats
Earthquake Chile info sources 192 More stats
Between pharmaceutical companies and the 191 More stats
Air passenger travel to and from Mexico 191 More stats
Gulf of Mexico dead zones – BP petroleum 188 More stats
BP is killing the Gulf of Mexico with th 187 More stats
Chile earthquake and tsunami effects cur 186 More stats
More of the Happy Being a Mother and a W 185 More stats
The division of wealth has been manufact 184 More stats
italy Seismicity Map 184 More stats
When did they change the look of the bad 182 More stats
Nifty Stuff about Sustainable Developmen 182 More stats
Stolen Personal Data on People is happen 181 More stats
More ridiculous government stuff includi 180 More stats
Space Programs – NASA – China’s Moon Exp 180 More stats
Global warming – desertification solutio 179 More stats
The schools and office buildings could u 179 More stats
Strange facts about economic crisis of 2 176 More stats
The real economy – macroeconomic choices 173 More stats
Trading Cards that could be used to Prom 172 More stats
An art moment – by cricketdiane – Patrio 171 More stats
Earthquake L’Aquila Italy and Abruzzo – 171 More stats
Accounting standards that allow 100% val 169 More stats
From crude to housing – it has all been 169 More stats
Earthquake L’Aquila Italy 168 More stats
On The Question of Pi and Imaginary Numb 168 More stats
Uncle Henry “Hank” Paulson Continues Con 168 More stats
Republican California Governor Schwarzen 166 More stats
Michael Jackson video tonight on MTVJ wa 165 More stats
Banks and the proprietary trading that i 164 More stats
US Economic Crisis – credit default swap 161 More stats
California budget and education funding 161 More stats
US Deploy Diplomats to China during annu 161 More stats
Lehman Brothers Bankruptcy and Manhattan 158 More stats
158 More stats
cricketdiane09 – Night Sea – 2007 – acry 158 More stats
COREXIT safety hazard sheet link – satel 156 More stats
Ten art tips and tricks for artists – Cr 156 More stats
14th Annual Independent Inventors Confer 155 More stats
Start Your Own Business – Inventiveness 155 More stats
L’Aquila Italy earthquake – host city of 155 More stats
The rare bits of air up there at the top 153 More stats
United States Thomas Jefferson words for 149 More stats
why aren’t they using well “A” as a reli 148 More stats
The Difference Between Illustration and 148 More stats
Money has been continuously fed to compa 146 More stats
Alternative Energy, Ethanol Symposium co 146 More stats
Every state has raised fees and taxes, c 144 More stats
Two Deaths Reported from Earthquake in M 144 More stats
There has to be a better way – Typical c 144 More stats
United States and New Jersey in particul 144 More stats
Happy Mothers’ Day thanks to the Republi 143 More stats
Solutions to the Oil Spill in the Gulf o 143 More stats
Start Your Own Business – How to – and s 142 More stats
BP owns and controls all activities in t 141 More stats
Explanations for educating ourselves ind 140 More stats
A note from a friend about Assergi being 139 More stats
US economic crisis and bailout – more it 138 More stats
There was a BP statement yesterday that 135 More stats
ENGAGE – about banks not lending money, 134 More stats
US has continued inflation and Great Dep 134 More stats
Gasoline isn’t the only way to power a v 133 More stats
Bankrupt retailers steal from customers 133 More stats
Invention, inventiveness, innovation, cr 132 More stats
Gulf of Mexico – crude oil spewing into 131 More stats
When the farmers plant fewer crops to bo 130 More stats
Don’t tell me America needs innovation a 129 More stats
Brainstorming Solutions To the Oil – Ene 128 More stats
Accountability for TARP funds is written 128 More stats
Oil slick Alabama – Oil slick Louisiana 128 More stats
cricketdiane – how to paint an ocean sai 127 More stats
Yes, it is illegal to lie to the Congres 126 More stats
Inflation, unemployment, economic crisis 126 More stats
Nuclear Energy – Atomic Energy – Informa 123 More stats
cricketdiane-ocean-art-card-original-acr 123 More stats
US economic crisis – there are huge fund 123 More stats
wsaz_christygrice 122 More stats
Test Your Economic Knowledge – Cricket D 122 More stats
Petroleum isn’t the only choice to fuel 121 More stats
nuke 119 More stats
Solar Energy Grants are now available th 119 More stats
Answers and Solutions to Business Scarci 118 More stats
Somali Pirates have been an increasingly 117 More stats
Some Solutions to the Energy – Oil Crisi 117 More stats
cricketdiane-2006-marble-flooring-design 116 More stats
Organic Pollution – Mercury – Blackwater 116 More stats
US economic crisis – global economic cri 116 More stats
Cricket House Studios – Cricketdiane – 2 115 More stats
New York Stuff for Ms. K 115 More stats
Bondholders are acting like principles, 115 More stats
Cornell University administrators and me 114 More stats
Pervasive Corruption – Health Care Refor 114 More stats
Another day in Georgia facing a future t 113 More stats
Crude oil, Oil industries, Sugar Cane, T 112 More stats
Michael Jackson had a doctor who left an 112 More stats
US economic crisis – global economic cri 112 More stats
Financial Ratings Agencies – Investment 112 More stats
current1 111 More stats
Did the experts add any of the stimulus 111 More stats
Castle Diana – computer digital fantasy 110 More stats
Chile earthquake – seismicity map and ot 108 More stats
Thimerasol and mercury is still in vacci 107 More stats
Castle In The Sky – digital art by Crick 106 More stats
Chile earthquake aftershocks – earthquak 106 More stats
Why is it there was a product that works 105 More stats
US LABOR DEPT Unemployment – Jobs Lost D 104 More stats
Ocean Waves and Sailboats – new series o 104 More stats
Apollo 11 tapes lost because they were e 104 More stats
Thanks to Republican thinking and policy 103 More stats
Fun and funky science – superboosting ol 103 More stats
Painting Ocean Waves 4 – Exercises To De 103 More stats
California Education Code – California L 103 More stats
business, Atlanta, Dayton Ohio, NCR, Wor 102 More stats
Somewhere on CNN is a video they shot fr 102 More stats
Overview of AN – SNAFU – USA money spend 102 More stats
Food Security – Commodities Markets – Sp 101 More stats
Oil industry is out of their element whe 101 More stats
Somebody finally noticed that the strong 101 More stats
Some of Where the Recovery and Reinvestm 100 More stats
Nifty but Scary Stuff that we all need t 99 More stats
Commercial Bankruptcies – Personal bankr 96 More stats
AIG and Citigroup and Congress – no bett 96 More stats
More stuff that you never knew what to d 96 More stats
Ocean Waves Painting – Brindle Sea – Cri 96 More stats
cricketdiane-fantasy-sword-hilt-design-2 96 More stats
Oil in the marshlands, oil in the sea, o 96 More stats
Teachers and police state funds hold up 95 More stats
Electric Cars – Hybrids – Alternative En 95 More stats
Gulf Oil Spill will be what in two years 95 More stats
Ocean Painting – 3.5 in x 2.5 in – Tales 94 More stats
Small business – employ yourself, create 93 More stats
Overview of the oil spill – who did it – 93 More stats
Money for Haiti has been studying the he 92 More stats
When it is a matter of what looks good a 91 More stats
Dream a dream – supply and apply the sci 91 More stats
Seeking the solutions to the oil in the 91 More stats
Health Care Bill – does not “extend” hea 91 More stats
Financial Crisis Info 91 More stats
Mining Oil – Mining – Gushing Oil in the 90 More stats
The Financial Stability Board will hold 90 More stats
A little more about how I learn – (cont. 89 More stats
What happens when our brilliant technolo 89 More stats
There has got to be a better way – Haiti 89 More stats
Don’t tell me you didn’t know what you w 88 More stats
l_aquila-destroyed_1380330i 88 More stats
They’re handing out instructions to wash 88 More stats
Living in America – subjected to the abu 87 More stats
Plowing Under America – There are a bunc 87 More stats
Economics / Macro-economics is taught in 86 More stats
I don’t know a title for this – cd9 note 86 More stats
In pursuit of oil – the petroleum crude 86 More stats
Prolonged exposure to disruptions in mar 86 More stats
alternative energy – fuel – propulsion – 86 More stats
86 More stats
This is amazing – a one wheeled stable m 85 More stats
Science note – live bacteria created by 84 More stats
Global Economic Crisis – US Economic Cri 84 More stats
US economic crisis – Global crisis – Wel 84 More stats
Federal Reserve / US Treasury Stress Tes 83 More stats
What does the FDIC do with all that stuf 82 More stats
June 1, 2010 – EPA official information 82 More stats
cricketdiane – ocean art card – original 82 More stats
President Obama names May 17 – 23, 2009 82 More stats
Health Care Reform and for over 40% of o 81 More stats
If the Republicans believed in families 81 More stats
Businesses that I wish somebody would st 81 More stats
Credit default swaps information on cnbc 81 More stats
Where did BP get the idea that they own 80 More stats
About the information that I have posted 80 More stats
There’s gotta be a way – International b 79 More stats
Gulf of Mexico – air quality and sea fil 79 More stats
BP denies negligence in oil spill disast 79 More stats
Make America great again – support educa 78 More stats
Oil spilling into the Gulf of Mexico una 77 More stats
US Chamber of Commerce has taken over Fo 77 More stats
Start Your Own Business Stuff – Tools, R 76 More stats
US economic crisis – Global economic cri 76 More stats
Economic Reality and the Reliable Facts 76 More stats
So, why would you think bottled water is 75 More stats
According to some conservatives, Republi 75 More stats
It is all wrong – there is nothing worth 75 More stats
Oil, Oil Everywhere and not a drop that’ 75 More stats
Sparkly Sea by Cricket Diane C Phillips 75 More stats
Bankers didn’t want regulations messing 75 More stats
North Korea nuclear tests – underground 74 More stats
Energy solution possibilities – Cricket 74 More stats
2007-10-20_154036_c3r 74 More stats
Davos 2009 – World Economic Forum Meetin 74 More stats
Warrior Princess Original Artwork by Cri 74 More stats
Nuclear materials – enriched uranium – p 74 More stats
L’Aquila G8 Summit underway right now – 74 More stats
Ocean Waves On A Cloudy Sea – by cricket 74 More stats
Shanghai World Expo – Pavilions and the 74 More stats
Iran – Iran protesters, Basij, Qud Squad 73 More stats
Once BP and whoever makes COREXIT and th 73 More stats
North Korea claims the desire to use the 72 More stats
Climate Change and Global Warming – wild 72 More stats
Nifty Stuff I found while working on oth 72 More stats
Solution possibilities for the Afghanist 72 More stats
Afghanistan – Taliban – Al Qaeda – Osama 71 More stats
Crude Oil Gulf of Mexico wash zone is in 71 More stats
Paint Ocean Waves – cricket diane c phil 71 More stats
My list of what is lacking in the US gov 71 More stats
Solutions – oil spill – oil leading the 71 More stats
Sea Calm – Cricket Diane C Phillips – Cr 71 More stats
Stuff found over the State Department – 71 More stats
ju02 70 More stats
International Trade Law decisions being 70 More stats
pratiditivo_zoom_bpdah 69 More stats
Apparently BP isn’t a British company – 69 More stats
Clean Energy Summit and the Toxic Enviro 69 More stats
Education resources – revenues in Califo 69 More stats
Financial Stability Forum and US Congres 69 More stats
When credit default swaps paid out 100% 69 More stats
We, the American people are already back 69 More stats
Search Tools – going google-ing – well, 68 More stats
Blizzards – Earthquakes in Illinois – Vo 68 More stats
applied living – places to network – fin 67 More stats
Clean Energy and the Pollution We are li 67 More stats
Petroleum and drilling monopolies – pric 66 More stats
EPA says everything fine here – no chemi 66 More stats
Health care insurance companies need to 66 More stats
Ocean Sunrise by Cricket Diane C. Philli 65 More stats
US economic bailout and Headline News Ci 65 More stats
On ACCEXX – AXXESS – ACCEXS – ACCESS – A 65 More stats
From Wallonia to Zurich – lots of nifty 65 More stats
65 More stats
Reuters Article – Where the US bailout m 65 More stats
The Sun’s Dance With The Sea – Cricket D 65 More stats
This evidence suggests that if you have 64 More stats
Muck and Mire in the Gulf of Mexico – Pe 64 More stats
World Decision Makers – US and Global Ec 64 More stats
US economic crisis has its basis in cred 64 More stats
Amazing Breakthroughs and the need for A 64 More stats
iran 64 More stats
Thomas Paine and our founding first prin 63 More stats
AIG, health insurance, insurance compani 63 More stats
Air propelled car, gender equality chang 63 More stats
Thoughts and Solutions for the US and Gl 63 More stats
Diane’s World – digital photo collage or 62 More stats
Taxes placed on sugary beverages and cig 62 More stats
Econometrica – International Econometric 62 More stats
If . . . 61 More stats
Ranting about Republicans hijacking the 61 More stats
Business – US Economic Crisis News – EU 61 More stats
luria8-r1-e002_22 61 More stats
Critical US Government Information Sourc 61 More stats
Photos of the Oil Spill in the Gulf of M 60 More stats
Overreaching – the catheter of right-win 60 More stats
Haiti, disasters and the World Food Prog 60 More stats
Oil in Gulf of Mexico – continuing to lo 60 More stats
GM, Ford and Chrysler took DOE money to 60 More stats
Earthquake rebuilding – structural engin 59 More stats
220px-piazza_duomo_aerea 59 More stats
1902373209-car-is-covered-with-debris-in 59 More stats
G8 Summit L’Aquila Italy July 8 – 10, 20 59 More stats
europe 59 More stats
In response to Bratz authorship and orig 58 More stats
Job Advertisement that I stumbled over – 58 More stats
Why did banks and investment brokerages 58 More stats
coil3 58 More stats
Oil Spewing into the Gulf of Mexico will 57 More stats
Start Your Own Business Stuff – just a t 57 More stats
If we survive the police brutality, the 57 More stats
Global economic crisis, G20 meeting, G20 57 More stats
oil disaster – gulf of mexico – 2010 57 More stats
Georgia Conflict with Russia isn’t over 56 More stats
Network of Resources that we, as America 56 More stats
Data Animations for the current Economic 56 More stats
A personal note about reality, life and 56 More stats
Alternative Energy Possibilities – 2008 56 More stats
CNN announced just now that over 1600 ca 56 More stats
From earthquakes to green technology – n 56 More stats
Nanoscience – science applications of ma 55 More stats
Here a Trillion – There a Trillion – Eve 55 More stats
Celebrating Freemen of the Revolutionary 55 More stats
10 More Great Tips for Artists 2 – Crick 55 More stats
About the new artificial intelligence se 54 More stats
Options for China et al. Dam Reconstruct 54 More stats
Poverty and Wealth in the US – bailout o 54 More stats
6-30-07 CricketDiane 2009 – caveat 4 – c 54 More stats
23 Days Times 210,000 gallons or more fi 54 More stats
Mark to market rule was significantly al 53 More stats
Unemployment Extension Stopped by Republ 53 More stats
L’Aquila Abruzzo restoration will be par 53 More stats
Japan pension fund losses during 2008 st 53 More stats
Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico was usin 53 More stats
Reliable Places to find statistical data 53 More stats
Strange Conspiracy – a continuing saga o 53 More stats
Education – and how do legislators give 53 More stats
Bad Government – Bad Money – Bad Busines 53 More stats
US Treasury And Federal Reserve said las 52 More stats
Banks and a range of other non-financial 52 More stats
Washington DC – Strange unusual events t 52 More stats
Stuff you never knew you needed to know 52 More stats
Subconscious Absorption of Materials Cro 51 More stats
Gulf Oil Disaster is exaggerated accordi 51 More stats
What I do with my brain and my choice to 51 More stats
The vale of economic and financial insan 51 More stats
World Weather – changing and bizarre – w 51 More stats
Women In United States made 78% of Men’s 51 More stats
New internet banking service options bei 50 More stats
Taxes and income made by insurance compa 50 More stats
Oil Spewing Disaster in the Gulf of Mexi 50 More stats
6-23-07 CricketDiane – Gone Swimming – c 49 More stats
1972 Nov 14, The Dow Jones Industrial Av 49 More stats
How stupid do they think we are? Oh than 49 More stats
Recovery efforts in the Gulf of Mexico c 48 More stats
Where employers have refused to put thei 48 More stats
Starting your own business – creating in 48 More stats
cricketdiane-2006-marble-flooring-design 48 More stats
What are they doing? – this is a nationa 48 More stats
Christmas Star Shower tonight and for th 48 More stats
Recession / Depression Economics of 2009 48 More stats
cricket stuff – Cricket Diane art video 48 More stats
Just a thought about what has been destr 48 More stats
US and Global Economic Crisis – a very d 47 More stats
cricketdiane08 – Serenity – 2008 – 1991 47 More stats
After awhile that derision seems to be c 47 More stats
Cricket live webcast experiment – ongoin 47 More stats
Star Princess original artwork by Cricke 47 More stats
cricketdiane-original-pastel-design-woma 46 More stats
picture-188-2 46 More stats
US economic and credit crisis – global e 46 More stats
The financial crisis puts a real crimp o 45 More stats
A touch of reality in the US economic cr 45 More stats
Inventiveness, invention, innovation – o 45 More stats
Spiritual Sea Dance – Cricket Diane C Ph 45 More stats
If you ever want to know something – the 45 More stats
Journey To Another World – Cricket Diane 44 More stats
US economic crisis could have been preve 44 More stats
If we had simply not allowed loans to be 44 More stats
case_emergenza_triennale_01 44 More stats
Gulf Coast History being made right now 44 More stats
Ditch the bull and take a look for yours 44 More stats
The only real true crimes in America are 44 More stats
CNN reports that the Texas Tea Party cal 44 More stats
US degradation of representation, democr 43 More stats
z2008 – 2009 231 43 More stats
Health Care Reform is not a debate about 43 More stats
cricketdiane-stonehallway-art2a 43 More stats
Links to US economic crisis causes – hig 43 More stats
National and International Resources and 43 More stats
global warming – maybe the Republican co 42 More stats
280,000 government jobs added in the US 42 More stats
sold – CricketDiane 09 – Sonata by Crick 42 More stats
The United States needs to apply the ten 42 More stats
What it has really been like living in t 41 More stats
The Diaspora of Disaster in the Gulf of 41 More stats
cricketdiane-fox 41 More stats
CIA stuff – is it really a civilian agen 41 More stats
Analogic Holistic Thinking – Integrated 41 More stats
Mark to market rules weren’t intended to 41 More stats
On The CO2 Air Chemistry Problems and Bu 41 More stats
Since when are bankers and Wall Street t 41 More stats
Legislators and Analysts – What Recessio 41 More stats
Crude Oil Catastrophe in the Gulf of Mex 40 More stats
Gulf oils spill – accidents happen – exp 40 More stats
Decision-makers around the World – globa 40 More stats
More interesting stuff from the World Ec 40 More stats
US allows accounting practices to be res 40 More stats
Earthquake in Haiti and Economic Develop 40 More stats
Bullet Trains and Virus-Powered Car Batt 40 More stats
Computer records – computer and paper re 40 More stats
Economics, Sociology, and Governments in 39 More stats
39 More stats
If you see this, call up the Larry King 39 More stats
cricketdiane 09 – ships of the imaginati 39 More stats
More insanity in the California state bu 39 More stats
More stuff I wish I didn’t know – and it 39 More stats
Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Calls for Propo 39 More stats
Who decides some of this stuff? nuclear 39 More stats
Energy Fixes and Climate Change / CO2 Em 39 More stats
Subconsciously Absorbing Materials & 39 More stats
cricketdiane – how to paint an ocean sai 38 More stats
On Physics of Change – Cricket Diane C P 38 More stats
The things found below this are real. Th 38 More stats
aqcosta 38 More stats
Economic Crisis – Swiss insulate toxic d 38 More stats
Sun Drama – Ocean Painting by Cricket Di 38 More stats
Brainstorming battery and energy ideas – 38 More stats
Captivation of the Sea – Cricket Diane C 38 More stats
What would we do without gasoline? 37 More stats
The Ocean As A Subject of Art – 2 – Cric 37 More stats
There is no health care in the health ca 37 More stats
presidents video from funny or die – abo 37 More stats
The Artists’ Bill of Rights by Cricket D 37 More stats
The Got No Money Guides by Cricket Diane 37 More stats
Employment options that I stumbled acros 37 More stats
In a place and time where organized and 37 More stats
Bush, Cheney, Boehner, Rove, Gingrich, A 37 More stats
Osama bin Laden – Al Qaeda – terrorists 37 More stats
Accidentally found some jobs / employmen 37 More stats
A few more available jobs and a thought 37 More stats
Shade Tree Wisdom – Cricket Diane C “Spa 36 More stats
The Ocean As A Subject of Art – Cricket 36 More stats
fig1.2 36 More stats
Info portal of satellite images includin 36 More stats
Answers to Economic Test – How Did You D 36 More stats
Statistics available through internation 36 More stats
Influences of Power – International and 36 More stats
Start your own business – venture capita 36 More stats
cricketdiane-2006-marble-flooring-design 35 More stats
Getting Money When You Need It – Resourc 35 More stats
When, not if – There are differences bet 35 More stats
There are no human rights respected in t 35 More stats
Who decided that credit card companies a 35 More stats
Financialization – what a pathetic excus 35 More stats
United States Founders on Corruption and 35 More stats
Afghanistan – here $38 Billion – there $ 35 More stats
Failed Banks, Foreclosures Increase by ? 35 More stats
Nearly 2 trillion already spent once the 34 More stats
American captain rescued from hands of S 34 More stats
health care insurance does nothing to re 34 More stats
Creating A Creative Flow – Methods and P 34 More stats
Petroleum Industry is using “technologie 34 More stats
Cool Places to Look for Great Jobs in Eu 34 More stats
What if there is no real money in the sy 33 More stats
Education budget cuts to universities an 33 More stats
architettura_emergenza_01 33 More stats
March 22, 2008 – Treasury and Federal Re 33 More stats
Really good ideas – really bad ideas – I 33 More stats
L’Aquila 1450a.d. statue of grace – Virg 33 More stats
cricketdiane-2006-waters-of-life-digital 33 More stats
Earthquakes and paying AIG executives bo 32 More stats
Original written materials about Recall 32 More stats
Fourteen Places To Make Money – Cricket 32 More stats
Working Title – more insanity from the r 32 More stats
No Wonder People in the UK aren’t mobile 32 More stats
From the live webacam and new flash webs 32 More stats
Foreign Policy choices in the United Sta 32 More stats
Bank bailouts in US economic crisis cove 32 More stats
cricketdiane-castle-in-the-sky-2006-1 32 More stats
On The Intelligent Use Of Resources And 31 More stats
What to do when a University or College 31 More stats
Emotion-Rich Ocean Painting – “Cricket D 31 More stats
The IMF is on the move, the Federal Rese 31 More stats
Containment cap off the well right now – 31 More stats
Who pressured the Financial Accounting S 31 More stats
Create Solutions 31 More stats
Over 110 Things That People and Business 30 More stats
On Politics As A Premise of Freedom To B 30 More stats
Lady and the Tiger – photo collage by Cr 30 More stats
cricketdiane-castle-in-the-sky-2006-2a 30 More stats
seasons-8-8-07-aceo-summer-coffee-cdcp07 30 More stats
How I Knew Our US Economy Is In A Mess – 30 More stats
New ocean painting by Cricket Diane 30 More stats
tesla2 30 More stats
How could the Republican party including 29 More stats
Great info for investors and other inter 29 More stats
29 More stats
Our economy has very real systemic probl 29 More stats
United States of America sorrows of the 29 More stats
The real uses of power that are occurrin 29 More stats
cricketdiane-metallica-floating-hologram 29 More stats
cricketdiane09 – Princess On The Thresho 29 More stats
cricketdiane – how to paint an ocean sai 29 More stats
The reason I knew about the internationa 29 More stats
Moon Over An Ancient Sea – Cricket Diane 29 More stats
Unsecured US debt will destroy the fabri 29 More stats
Space Shuttle was fixing satellites – no 29 More stats
Some solutions to bailout business packa 29 More stats
Education in America 28 More stats
Tips for Artists – Paints and Color – Cr 28 More stats
History repeats itself – tax cut politic 28 More stats
Who Painted It – Who Created It – by Cri 28 More stats
Californians do not deserve the trashed 28 More stats
Start Your Own Business How – To and Res 28 More stats
The United States Of America Is A Nation 28 More stats
Possibilities for sturdy structures to h 27 More stats
lego1 27 More stats
A Painting A Day Keeps The Ocean In My M 27 More stats
US supply and demand concept is based on 27 More stats
Call of the Ocean 27 More stats
The Companies from Hell – Let’s just sta 27 More stats
The US Treasury sent Secretary Paulson a 27 More stats
US Budget from 2008 has some interesting 27 More stats
US Government Accountability Office Issu 26 More stats
cricketdiane08 – Serenity – 2008 – 1991 26 More stats
Tourism and Judge Shopping by BP for pre 26 More stats
A – Sea Glory – cdcp07-2sm 26 More stats
Physics of Change – There’s no sense tel 26 More stats
Analogic Thought Processing & Compar 26 More stats
Oil Spill now called hydrocarbons instea 26 More stats
Handy Economic Resources Info from Inter 26 More stats
26 More stats
US Census Bureau figures off in la-la la 26 More stats
Points of influence on policy, decision- 26 More stats
Economics Info available about what caus 26 More stats
I paint to communicate – by Cricket Dian 25 More stats
US and Global financial macroeconomic mo 25 More stats
Einsteinian politics of capital – meanin 25 More stats
How do I determine the difference betwee 25 More stats
For The Love of the Ocean 25 More stats
310px-Aralship2 25 More stats
Harvard ARTICLE – A good explanation of 25 More stats
Wall Street, Central Banks, and the IMF 25 More stats
Happy Wave by Cricket Diane C Phillips – 25 More stats
Organize the Receipts – Video of How I d 25 More stats
Gulf Coast fishing, charters, tourism, t 25 More stats
Economics overview – US experts, economi 25 More stats
cricketdiane09 – ships of the imaginatio 25 More stats
cricketdiane-stonehallway-art 25 More stats
And guess who knows who that is deciding 24 More stats
US GEE – is it green shoots or does that 24 More stats
Iran distorts democratic process into fo 24 More stats
On Getting A Good Haircut Around Atlanta 24 More stats
Alternative Electric and Hybrid Vehicles 24 More stats
Open Process Creativity – Cricket Diane 24 More stats
US economic crisis – credit crunch defau 24 More stats
USA abuse of people through corruption a 24 More stats
When I was growing up in California, the 24 More stats
Find information about the US economic p 24 More stats
Financial Discernment – Information and 24 More stats
International resources for cooperative 24 More stats
EPA and BP air quality and water quality 24 More stats
The truth of Living My Life In America – 23 More stats
US Representative Steny Hoyer has an int 23 More stats
Analogic Thought – Part III – (IV) – 200 23 More stats
State of GA has over 128,000 new unemplo 23 More stats
The problems occurring in the state depa 23 More stats
About Poverty and Thinking – Cricket Dia 23 More stats
cricketdiane-2006-waters-of-life-digital 23 More stats
New Aceo Painting by Cricket Diane C Phi 23 More stats
USA – USXA – Cricket House – Atlanta 23 More stats
Rain by cricket d 23 More stats
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what good is it – IT IS BETTER 22 More stats
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A research thought from 2006 that govern 19 More stats
Tuition hikes and budget cuts at college 19 More stats
US undermines its own – Abusing the US T 19 More stats
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An easier way to find demographics for t 19 More stats
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2008-2009-5-047 19 More stats
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International Aid to Chile for earthquak 19 More stats
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Seeking a publisher – and no I don’t hav 17 More stats
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We really are different from one another 16 More stats
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US economic crisis wasn’t manufactured – 16 More stats
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Real information – Real data – Real plac 16 More stats
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There weren’t clear answers about the pl 16 More stats
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Republican conservatives using fear mong 16 More stats
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N – atuen 14 More stats
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-+ The efforts in the Gulf of Mexico oil 14 More stats
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14 More stats
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6a2a3e0e2e26cf9e99c310de09fd0a1b 13 More stats
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cricketdiane 09 – ships of the imaginati 12 More stats
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Republican cronies still at large runnin 11 More stats
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If its broke – fix it – US policy makers 9 More stats
Iran election fraud admission by Iran’s 9 More stats
TAX the poor and middle class – give to 9 More stats
What Would Stimulate the Economy? as qui 9 More stats
New paintings done today – 9 More stats
seasons-8-8-07-aceo-summer-coffee-cdcp07 9 More stats
7-28-07-aceo-kaffee-klatsch-cdcp07-wc-wc 9 More stats
9 More stats
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to utilize public resources and tax mone 9 More stats
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2008-2009-363-2 8 More stats
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EPA says their tests on the shoreline of 8 More stats
Failed in pursuit of workforce investmen 8 More stats
There is plenty of evidence of corruptio 8 More stats
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International Criminal Court – Office of 8 More stats
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Resources for novel ways to educate your 8 More stats
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If every country in the Persian Crescent 8 More stats
US Data and Economic Indicators Are Poli 8 More stats
Credit default swaps aren’t the only rea 8 More stats
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Dutch coalition government collapsed tod 8 More stats
8 More stats
Liars and thieves running America into t 8 More stats
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Did you know the US Chamber of Commerce 8 More stats
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Whatever standard is in play – must be a 7 More stats
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natural consequences of doing something 7 More stats
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oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is a mis 5 More stats
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A quick look and yes – it is worse than 5 More stats
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This page on SkyNews has a great page of 5 More stats
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Stop all money going to either Democrati 3 More stats
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Non-Proliferation requires more than kno 3 More stats
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How to Choose Valuable Original Art For Nearly Nothing
by: cricketdiane ( 101Feedback score is 100 to 499)

Thankyou for answering my questions this afternoon over the phone. I really appreciated the time you made available to me. This is the contact information and a quick note about our conversation –


(it would take getting two-thirds of the way down the page to find anything not about the oil spill – but there are some other things including economics, financial research stuff and things about earthquake resistant housing, etc., the ocean art I do and various solutions for things.)



A tiny bit of the art stuff – but this is not why I called you –

Some of the ocean art cards I painted – called Baby Crickets, pocket art you can hold in your hand

Some of my photography – (from this year)


About my world page on Ebay – from when I was selling there – and I wrote a guide

A page for Ebay about my studios and art –
(At the bottom of the page – there are the recommendations from buyers through my Ebay sales)

One of the written sets of comedy materials from the real world – I’ve also made bumper stickers from it – for protecting cars and homes from thieves who haven’t thought about having to get the brakes fixed if they steal it – or having to find somewhere else to steal credit cards that aren’t maxed out, etc. – better than a security company.

The guide / review I wrote for Ebay –
How to Choose Valuable Original Art For Nearly Nothing
by: cricketdiane

My YouTube Channel –

One of the Animoto videos I created of my artwork – doesn’t use my original music –

Two of the Wix websites of my work –


And the procaster channel / livestream for Cricket House Studios – where some of the clips have the images from my computer files which indicate the things I have been researching and studying –

My Note –
Okay, now all that being said – the problem I have is that I’m not any good with business at all. And, I have been working on a number of things that have nothing to do with art or music (some of which appears on my blog over the last three years of writings there) – but I have been working on these other things for business to be built from them for at least the majority of my lifetime from about the time I was seven years old – I am 52 now.

First, what I am seeking is a way to divest myself of all of it. I don’t want to do anything else with any of it but I do want these businesses to succeed and profit in the hands of someone far more competent in business than I am.

Second, these are not business  ideas  nor am I talking about the art that I’ve created. I’ve done Ebay – I don’t want to do it ever again. I’ve had businesses that I’ve helped – I don’t want to do that again either. I’ve done nothing at all with it and that hasn’t worked either. It can’t continue to sit idling here in my small apartment while the need for these businesses could be of help to our state and our economy.

Third, the kinds of things that I’m describing are –
1. definitely profitable in the hands of someone else that isn’t me.
2. capable of employing people and making a profit with very reasonable startup costs and efforts.
3. qualified for specific grants, incentives and startup resources.
4. could meet a national as well as regional marketplace, possibly with a foothold for international markets.

I don’t know if the services of a business incubator are a correct fit for what I am trying to do. The idea that I had originally was to seek angel investors who would be interested in pursuing these without my help or participation, but then I become a business of selling these business plans, inventions, prototypes, commercial promotion campaigns, research and similar things to others which I don’t know how to do correctly either.

To be honest, I’m tired of studying business and just not getting it right. I’m tired of trying to figure it out. I own all the rights to my art, to my photos, to my music and to my inventions and I’ve tried very hard to understand how to do the business parts with hundreds of thousands of hours in books, online research and interactions – I just don’t get it.
So, that is the best I can do to try and explain without dancing through everything that is sitting here that I’ve been working on for the last twenty years plus. Today, I will be reading about the ways in which investors make valuations of companies and business concepts to better understand it so that I will at least understand what you are telling me a little better whenever we finally meet in person and I am also covering some materials written about how to package the business plans and spec sheets, customer databases and marketing acceleration campaigns from the angel investor websites and investor associations I found online so they can format properly to be understood.

This is the remaining contact info for me that you might need –

Diane C. Phillips
Marietta, GA  30067

Cricket House Studios –


not employed
not employable
not a good credit risk
income – a disability check and government assistance
a valid drivers’ license – but no car

Born – Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton, Ohio
Birthdate – 07-20-1958

Graduated from Monroe High School – Sepulveda, California 06-10-1976

Attended several colleges and universities

Continued with independent studies since that time – do not have a degree but probably qualify for one

Not married currently – have seven children, none of which live with me

My fave reading material is encyclopedias – Encyclopaedia Britannica specifically
My favorite goal is to make a scanning tunneling microscope at home from plans I found online
And my favorite hobby / pastime – according to my children – is studying business, planning businesses and generating business stuff while not doing any business with any of it and inventing things

That is what I think might help. If there is anything else you need, let me know. If we are not the right fit and you know of a better way for me to divest these things I’ve created into the marketplace, please let me know. I am not the right person to do business with them but doing nothing with it, isn’t right either.

One of the business concepts I’ve considered as a good model –
To make it possible to have money show up wherever in the US for a fee of $3.00 – Western Union recently started a campaign to do that for $50 to be moved around at a fee of $5.00 which is wonderful. But, there still needs to be a way to do it from one store to another, say for groceries or for Target, for pharmacies – where a gift card isn’t sent in the mail to the recipient and all it would take is the right software similar to the software used for pharmacies to interact with prescriptions. Then, a person here in Atlanta would go to their local store of whatever kind and simply pay for the purchase here or the gifted amount and it would be available immediately in New York at the same branded store for the person to pick up, sign for and use as they see fit – right now today – for a small fee to the purchaser. However, my business model suggests that selling the software to the store is where the lion’s share of the money would be for a business to be created. It could be a very good selling point for stores to build a greater customer interaction and repeat business opportunities since people could come to do this at their store and then wander around and buy other things while they are there.

But, some of the business plans are a little more filled out than that one. It is here as an example of the way I think about these before getting them onto paper and to explain a little about the approaches I make to it.

That’s about it, other than to say I have two computers, internet, cellphone and a number of other resources, have invested in online access and other tools, and have invested the time and effort to develop networks of online resources to do any number of things effectively including access portals to people, statistics and research, among other things that are extremely efficient and useful quickly and immediately. I don’t know what else to tell you.

Thankyou so much for your help today. I am so glad that the lady at the Cobb County Chamber of Commerce gave me your information where I could contact your team.

I look forward to seeing what we can do with this together.

Thanks again,

(Diane C. Phillips)