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Added On July 6, 2010

Jane Velez-Mitchell says she has issues with BP’s handling of the oil spill and questions the company’s truthfulness.


My Note –

British Petroleum is not the king of the United States, nor is the oil industry. The company BP has no rights to privacy. They are a publicly traded company whose activities have endangered human lives and animals throughout US territorial waters and lands. Who gave the order to deny journalists and photographers access to this historic event where the BP oil spill has so completely devastated our nation? Who made it legally enforceable with jail time and fines for covering the news of this crude oil event and its impacts in a nation that guarantees transparency and freedom of the press and the rights of its citizens to have the accurate facts about what is happening?

What will it take to destroy the influence and persuasion that BP is using to run our entire US and state governments and our national and state agencies? What right does this psychotic pathologically anti-social, pathologically lying, abusive and tyrannical company have to be king over our nation and to claim sovereignty in our national waters while taking our national resources and destroying them? The oil they are burning off belongs to the American people. The birds they have killed belong to the American people, and the turtles, fish, sharks, other marine and coastal mammals and wildlife they have killed and are sadistically killing every single day belong to the American people. The coastal waters and offshore ocean waters they have destroyed for generations belong to the American people. The lives and communities they are destroying belong to the American people.

Even the natural gas and crude they are spewing into the Gulf of Mexico belong to the American people. And, the abuse and denial of our right as citizens of the United States and of the World to know the truth of the situation as it unfolds is intolerable. There is no excuse for the American government, for any state or local government, nor for any of our federal or state agencies to serve the interests of this criminally foul and completely reprehensible, irresponsible, anti-American, horrific, incompetent and psychotic corporate entity that is British Petroleum as evidenced by the indisputable facts from this and other events. They wouldn’t let people working in the oil spill fumes wear respirators because it would look unfavorably on their corporate public image even though they’ve known the long term health risks of people being subjected to these fumes and toxic substances. They have continued to lie at every opportunity to make any public statement, publicly broadcast or printed materials and have even lied to legislators when their testimony and expert knowledge was given under oath.

And now, the BP lawmakers and sovereign masters that apparently have exclusive rights to make enforceable laws against American people, against America’s agents for the freedom of the press and against our national sovereignty continue to deny access to the news, photos and accurate facts about the oil spill which was directly caused by BP in its distorted concept of business profits. They can all go to hell. That way BP is using our government and abusing our national sovereignty and denying our Constitutional laws isn’t American – it isn’t even British, nor English, nor good intelligent business either. There have always been businesses who have done things in these ways and every single one destroyed itself by the manner of doing it this way where greed and profits were acquired at the demise, death, destruction and murder, by maiming and by cruelly and unnecessarily causing horrible suffering to the lives of people and living creatures.

Where businesses are built upon lies – what ends up happening?

Where corporations become all-powerful rulers to whom all must bow, worship and pay fealty – what ends up happening?

Where companies or industries take over governments and the interests of the people – what happens sooner or later?

And, where the people involved in those corporations or their agents act as did any other tyrant in history – what happens?

“Just keep lying you psychotic and sadistic elitist morons at BP. Maybe you do believe you own the United States, the Gulf of Mexico, Alaska, Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, California and many of our national parks oil and natural gas resources with the rights to trash our national parks and national lands and rivers, streams, nature preserves, coastal lands, estuaries, coastal waters, and offshore national economic zones. But, there are some things even your money can’t fix. People will not put up with this king over everybody crap from BP or any industry at some point, when the people who make up BP and their corporation, the BP backers, BP investors and BP shareholders, BP executives and BP’s board of directors have done enough damage already – from oil spill to incompetence to abuse of power to violations of Constitutional guarantees of freedom of the press to lies upon lies upon lies to contempt for US Congressional investigations and authority to breaking the laws of the United States to violating international laws to killing people, animals and a multitude of living things to refusing to protect the safety and well-being of workers and destroying every single place where they have been – BP is an abomination against humanity and all of mankind.”

– cricketdiane


Board game contains BP spill scenario

Tar balls found on Lake Pontchar…2:01


Added On July 6, 2010
Parts of the lake, near New Orleans, are now off-limits for fishing. CNN’s Brooke Baldwin reports.

Added On July 6, 2010
CNN’s Randi Kaye tracks the movement of the Gulf oil spill and the areas that it has affected.
If every one of us in America – and even around the world – send a note with a dollar that says, “I am an American (or whatever) and I want to see this produced – here is what I can do to help.” to each of these two guys below – the one who used his own money to work on nuclear fusion and the one who has created the air lithium battery and JTEK engine – then we wouldn’t have to put up with oil companies owning everybody and wouldn’t have to watch some big companies take over these inventions and shelve them. We could all send even a dollar each to them and if millions of us did that – these things could go into production whether investors, or bankers or anybody else decided to get off the dime or not.
Wouldn’t it be about time that we decided that these things to benefit all of us – go forward, instead of leaving it to somebody else who doesn’t care about us and our future at all? I’m going to do it and I will see what can be done to encourage everyone to do it. A million one dollars or thirty million one dollars would take care of what these brave inventors need to put their inventions into production so we can all benefit from them. Let’s do it. Why not? Somebody has to get on with it and it might as well start right now, right here.
I’m going to figure out where they are and send them a dollar each with my little note – I encourage everyone else to do the same and let others know what we are doing and why – so maybe they will send a dollar each to them also. It could be very interesting to see the choices for what goes forward coming from the rest of us rather than Wall Street and corporate players who only want the same old, same old game to our detriment.
We joined together to create airplanes in World War II when it was necessary for our world’s safety and protection. It is time to get going on things that matter by walking around those who are playing by rules that do not serve our greater good.

– cricketdiane, 07-07-10

Homemade Nuclear Fusion –
Added On July 5, 2010

CNN’s Carol Costello talks with an amateur physicist who built a nuclear fusion reactor in a New York warehouse.


Engineer’s life mission3:49


Added On July 6, 2010
An engineer looks to find a way to phase out gas and coal and harness the sun. CNN’s Tony Harris reports.


Gulf oil spill

Published: July 6, 2010 at 8:47 AM
By United Press International

Galveston, Texas, July 6 (UPI) — Tar balls from the Gulf of Mexico oil spill have reached shores from Florida  to Texas, U.S. and state officials said.The National Atmospheric and Oceanic Administration said moderate-to-strong southeasterly winds have been driving oil west with Texas officials the latest to report oil had reached their shores. State officials said tar balls made landfall east of Galveston during the weekend and Monday the substances were confirmed as being from the Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion and leak.