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Report oiled shoreline or request volunteer information: (866)-448-5816

Submit alternative response technology, services or products: (281) 366-5511

Submit your vessel for the Vessel of Opportunity Program: (281) 366-5511

Submit a claim for damages: (800) 440-0858

Report oiled wildlife: (866) 557-1401

Key contact numbers

  • Report oiled shoreline or request volunteer information: (866) 448-5816
  • Submit alternative response technology, services or products: (281) 366-5511
  • Submit your vessel for the Vessel of Opportunity Program: (281) 366-5511
  • Submit a claim for damages: (800) 440-0858
  • Report oiled wildlife: (866) 557-1401
Deepwater Horizon Incident
Joint Information Center

Phone: (713) 323-1670
(713) 323-1671



HOUMA, La. – The Unified Command today released a public service announcement (PSA) regarding boom vandalism currently taking place on Louisiana waters.

The PSA urges citizens to help protect Louisiana’s shoreline and marshes by not cutting, tampering or moving boom currently in place. Boom is an essential part of the ongoing response efforts and by damaging boom, the effort to protect Louisiana’s coastline and natural inhabitants is jeopardized.

Citizens are encouraged to report any boom vandalism to local law enforcement, the U.S. Coast Guard or by calling (866) 448-5816.

The Unified Command has been established to manage response operations to the April 20, 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill. A Unified Command links the organizations responding to an incident and provides a process for those organizations to make consensus decisions. The Houma Unified Command is responsible for all operations in Louisiana.

Click here to listen the PSA.  For more information about the response effort  visit www.deepwaterhorizonresponse.com.

For information about the response effort, visit www.deepwaterhorizonresponse.com



Deepwater Horizon Response The vacuum barges in Louisiana have been deemed safe to re-join the fight against the oil spill in the Gulf. The vacuum barges were temporarily removed from service after safety concerns occurred including stability and the lack of lifesaving and firefighting equipment. All concerns have been addressed and the vessels …are safe for all crewmembers aboard. Read more: http://ht.ly/20189

See More

The official site of the Deepwater Horizon Response Unified Command. Find the latest information about the BP Gulf oil spill response.
Yesterday at 11:35pm



My Note –

I received a comment on my post which I will put here about a test that anyone can do (non-invasive) for benzene exposure. It costs 36 pounds and can be purchased online. However, I’ve only briefly looked into it and what I want to do is find the other tests available for the specific chemicals that are in the crude oil and dispersants in the Gulf of Mexico air and water such that people can take those samples themselves and test what is there.

We have a lot of boats going out into those areas and if many are taking samples where the fumes are assaulting them – maybe a better idea of the overall health risks can be developed and proven in ways that the EPA and health agencies cannot ignore. As much as they know it is dangerous, they continue to say it doesn’t require respirators or eye protection for those being exposed to the crude oil and dispersant and crude oil burnoff vapors concentrated in the area and coming ashore.

This is the one of those tests. This one is for exposure to benzene. It doesn’t say how quickly after exposure that the test has to be made for it to be correct. And, there are other tests available to get information about what is in the air and water including some handheld devices used for sampling that tech teams, scientists, some environmental groups, miners and industries use. I will look for them.

This one is from the company BIOMARK. This is the comment I received –

Dr Latha Ball

Those involved with the oil spill clean-up and those living and working close to the affected shoreline will be exposed to benzene. With airborne monitoring it is not possible to say exactly how much benzene an individual has been exposed to. Biomonitoring, the measurment of a chemical or a breakdown product from that chemical in the body of an individual allows a much more accurate measurment of a persons exposure to that harmful chemical. For example the measurement of a specific urinary metabolite of benzene called S-PMA allows a persons exposure to benzene to be determined. Biomark Limited have recently launched a simple to use and cost-effective benzene biomonitoing test. This test allows large numbers of sample to be taken and quickly measured. Details of this test can be found at http://www.biomark.co.uk. The test is available on-line to individuals, environmental organisations, companies and governments. This test could be a very powerful tool for determining benzene exposure and assessing the long-term inpact of this environmental disaster.


Biomark Limited
14 Camelot Way
CF14 9AN

Telephone       ++44 (0)29 20521890

E-mail             info@biomark.co.uk

For simple, rapid and cost-effective biomonitoring (biological monitoring)
On-line Benzene Biomonitoring / Benzene Biological Monitoring now available


Biomark Limited
Registered in England and Wales                                                                                            Company No. 6034383

Biomark’s test measures the urinary biomarker S-phenylmercapturic acid (S-PMA). S-PMA is specific to benzene and presence of this metabolite in urine confirms inhalation, ingestion or absorption of this harmful chemical.

S-PMA is recommended as a biomarker by:

The American Conference of

Governmental Hygienists (ACGIH)

The UK Health and Safety

Executive (HSE)

The German DFG – Deutsche


The UK Institute of Petroleum

Singapore Ministry of Manpower



NOAA Conducts Tests to Determine Fate of Whale Found Dead in Gulf of Mexico

Whale Not Found in Oiled Water, but Cause of Death Unknown

June 17, 2010

NOAA Ship Pisces.NOAA Ship Pisces.

High resolution (Credit: NOAA)

On Tuesday, June 15, the NOAA Ship Pisces reported a dead sperm whale floating 77 miles due south of the Deepwater Horizon spill site. NOAA is currently in the process of conducting thorough testing to determine the circumstances surrounding the mammal’s death, as well as collect information about its life. This is the first dead whale reported since BP’s rig exploded on April 20 It was not found in oiled waters; however, its location of death is unknown.

As soon as the whale was sighted, Pisces Field Party Chief Paul Felts called the marine mammal hotline to report the finding to the Wildlife Branch of the Unified Command and NOAA’s marine mammal experts.

Based on the estimated size of the whale, scientists believe it is a sub-adult. Its condition suggests it may have been dead for between several days to more than a week. Although it was not found in oiled water, NOAA marine mammal experts are using hindcasting analysis to look into the location from which the whale carcass may have drifted.

While it is impossible to confirm whether exposure to oil was the cause of death, NOAA is reviewing whether factors such as ship strikes and entanglement can be eliminated. Samples collected from this carcass will be stored under proper protocols and handed off when the Pisces comes to port on July 2, or possibly if another boat is sent to meet the Pisces. Full analysis of the samples will take several weeks.

In accordance with the Wildlife Branch protocols, NOAA’s Southeast Regional Marine Mammal Stranding Coordinator Blair Mase requested that the NOAA field crew take photographs of the approximately 25-foot whale, collect skin swab for oil analysis, collect blubber and skin samples for analysis, and measure its height in the water. Although the whale is very decomposed, the photographs and samples will help scientists better understand how long it has been dead. The blubber and skin samples will be used for genetic analysis and to determine the sex of the animal. Measurements of the whale floating in the water will be used to determine how far and how fast it might have floated from where it died. The carcass has been marked so that aerial reconnaissance teams will be able to identify the individual and will not report it as a new mortality.

NOAA and the Unified Command Wildlife Branch have had numerous reports of sperm whales seen swimming in the oil, but this is the first confirmed report of a dead whale since the BP oil spill began. NOAA remains concerned about sperm whales, which are the only endangered resident cetaceans in the upper Gulf of Mexico. Sperm whales spend most of their time in the upper Gulf offshore area, live at depth in areas where subsurface dispersants and oil are present, and feed on deepwater squid, which may also be impacted by the oil and dispersants.

The NOAA Ship Gordon Gunter sailed yesterday for a multi-week cruise to do photo identification, assessments, tagging, biopsies, and prey-density studies for sperm whales and Bryde’s whales. Nearshore and offshore response efforts are continuing, and include investigations to determine cause of death or illness for dolphins that have stranded and aerial surveys for cetaceans throughout the area.  The information gained from these efforts will help assess the impacts of this event on cetaceans in the Gulf of Mexico.



Two of the things I’ve noticed in the last few days about the oil spill –

1. That the five biggest oil companies are paying ZERO royalties for the 141 wells they are operating in the Gulf of Mexico. (said by a Representative in the Hearings earlier this week. I looked it up and apparently that is true.)

2. That the ideas, products, inventions, and solutions being put into the email to the Senators, Representatives, the Department of Energy and elsewhere including on the BP website form page are going to a team of six people somewhere in the Unified Command and they’ve received 100,000 plus – maybe because they are all shipping them over to the same place when people and companies are sending the ideas to them.

And, although Tony Hayward yesterday in hearings said that they are incorporating some of those ideas into the oil spill recovery and oil spill containment and well containment – there is no evidence of that, except where local leaders are putting them to use in a few cases on their own. But, they are not using the ideas being submitted to BP or the Unified Command because those are not being made available to them.

– cricketdiane


Finally, CNN is showing a few pictures where people working in the spill areas do have a few respirators. David Michaels, Assistant Secretary of Labor at OSHA is speaking now about the respirators and suggesting that now they are saying that some workers are being told to wear respirators. But apparently that is not being required in the areas of the marshes and many other places.

One thing he just noted – (on CNN) is that to include requirements for respirators is to require a fit test and another test to make sure they are being used correctly so as not to be damaging to the heart and in the heat – these respirators are apparently very difficult on the body as well. Hmmmm……

So, he is excusing the fact that OSHA is not requiring those standing in oil in the marshes or on boats being subjected to the oil or leaning over the oil in the marshes to clean it up with absorbent towels from the grasses who are being exposed to benzene and other chemical hazards found in crude oil.


Testing the air, testing the water – finding too little chemicals to be of concern but meanwhile – people are being overcome by the fumes and made sick by them. What is wrong with this picture? Why does it continue to be wrong? And is this the best we can offer these workers, respirators that are worse than what they would be breathing even when it is known to be extremely hazardous chemicals? That mentality of how much trouble it would be to fit test everyone who might need to be using a respirator.


By the way –

I’m very glad that the $20 Billion dollars was put into an escrow account by BP and I’m very proud of our President and our team in the White House for their tough negotiations with BP’s Chairman and executives to accomplish it.

However, I’ve noticed that there are already statements made by Tony Hayward yesterday about these funds being expected to cover virtually everything for the next ten years and I don’t think that is realistic. What is realistic is that having this money set aside into escrow will protect it in the event that BP, its subsidiaries involved in this event or by separation of the oil spill event into a separate company – that any of them go into bankruptcy. That is important as is that the money is protected in the event of a merger or the numerous ways that corporate structures can be manipulated to sidestep continuing financial liabilities.

And, the other thing I noticed is how much Mr. Barton of Texas spoke directly for the views of the Republican Party yesterday in the hearings as he apologized to BP for the “shakedown”. When he was speaking, he mentioned that he found it distasteful that a business or an individual legitimately at fault could be required to set aside some measure of assets in this way (my paraphrase – what he said was even better).

The thing is that he and his Republican counterparts decided during the Reagan years forward, that any business, corporation or individual who was found accused (long before being found guilty in any court of law or mounting any sufficient defense,) of violating any number of US laws would immediately find their homes, businesses, vehicles, properties, assets, bank accounts, belongings and every other thing confiscated by the law enforcement agencies of the US. If that is not a shakedown – I don’t know what is.

And long before any of the cases could go to court, all that property was confiscated and often, auctioned off before it was ever ascertained that the action had been appropriate in the first place. So, get off it – The Republican Party policy makers had determined to do that and to push for sovereignty laws across the US and to push lower and lower what standards could be used to facilitate taking property through eminent domain laws, including to use them for the mineral rights under our national public lands, national parks, and federal lands.

Mr. BP representative Barton (R) Texas didn’t mind when all that has been going on and the Republican Party were the ones who decided on it being that way. So, what is their problem when one of their favorite friends have to put up a bit of money for what they’ve done. In fact, based on the laws of the United States as the Republicans have remade them, all of BP’s assets could be frozen right now and literally confiscated – all of it.

And, on CNN yesterday – although I’ve noted it on earlier posts and elsewhere online it can be found through the US Treasury Department, the State Department and through International Petroleum websites – BP owns and operates facilities in conjunction with Iran and for Iran and together serves the needs of Iran. CNN noted that one massive investor with 24 million shares of BP stock was found to be Iran’s own – but I don’t know that it can be substantiated by the public. The laws of the United States and the European Union, along with the UN facilitators and other agencies within the US departments do know however, as does the UK government oversight members. So, that will get fixed before it is all over.

What struck me most yesterday watching the two hearings yesterday – the subcommittee with BP and the other one with the Minerals Management Service – was to watch the sidestepping of the Republicans in the MMS hearings of the subcommittee on natural resources.

Instead of using the time to ask pertinent and appropriate questions to investigate the situation and others that may be accidents waiting to happen, at least two of the Republican representatives used that time to push, push, push Republican Party policy position paper statements about the oil drilling moratorium on the 33 wells in deepwater of the Gulf of Mexico.

I wish they would use the time properly or just shut up and let somebody else do it. What a waste of time, effort and opportunity when Republicans are doing it that way when in this once in a lifetime hearing event when decisions and investigations are occurring – they use it as a chance to further intentionally instigate and promote oil industry interests in a continuing stream of read and re-read statements straight out of the Republican party conservative thinktanks and Wall Street backers consumed with the Oil play.

How could they do that? And, I was proud to see some of the Republican Representatives in the hearings with Tony Hayward of BP finally getting into the real deal of trying to understand what has happened, why it happened, how it might happen again even yet, and how the recovery efforts are being done. At first their statements were the same old stuff and then they started getting angry with the bullshit too.

BP doesn’t seem much like an oil company and I can see now why the other oil executives from the large oil companies in hearings earlier started distancing themselves away from BP. It seems that the executives in BP have acted more like Wall Street members than oil industry members. Maybe their only job is to maneuver deals, manage mergers and sustain the corporate hierarchy to cut costs, deliver layoffs, drop overhead and increase profits as a result.

Maybe they have no abilities to fund and implement reasonable safety measures and safe operations in that business and corporate model as it is now. To them (given that structure) – safety measures and R&D into better, safer ways would simply look like a column on a balance sheet to cheat out of the needed resources in order to boost profits on a continually short term basis but always immediately out in front of them. They could literally say that safety was their first priority even as severe financial and resource cuts were made to each and every safety system and safety based measure in use.


– cricketdiane


June 17, 2010
Consolidated Fish and Wildlife Collection Report – June 17, 2010 (256.80 KB)

Birds Collected Dead – 829

829 Birds Collected Dead as of 06-17-10

Total Birds Collected – 1468

42 Birds Cleaned and Released

Total Sea Turtles Collected – 461

Sea Turtles Collected Dead – 358

Of the 461 turtles verified from April 30 to June 16, a total of 355 stranded turtles were found dead, 34 stranded alive. Four of those subsequently died. Four live stranded turtles were released, and 26 live stranded turtles are being cared for at rehabilitation centers. Turtle strandings during this time period have been much higher in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and the Florida Panhandle than in previous years for this same time period. This may be due in part to increased detection and reporting, but this does not fully account for the increase.

The above note from June 16, 2010 – NOAA website –



Dolphins Collected Dead – 44

Total Dolphins Collected – 46

(and one reptile collected alive)

Plus One Sperm Whale Collected Dead

And as noted elsewhere – from NOAA ships – there are thousands of sea cucumbers dead in the waters that have been observed and photographs taken of their numbers floating dead in the waters along with man of war, jellyfish, and other similar animals floating dead in the Gulf of Mexico waters.

I haven’t found the condition of the coral reefs at the pinnacles however, there was a mention on CNN by some members of local governments that the bottom of Barataria Bay is covered in oil and oil mixed with dispersants, tar balls and thick gooey oil product.

(my note)


There were also nests destroyed and pelican chicks and eggs along the coastal marshes that were reported in the last couple days where they had either been stepped on by cleanup workers or bags of petroleum crude oil had been thrown over on top of them awaiting collection of those bags. It doesn’t make sense – do you know there are UV protective clothing with specially made fabrics to be cool that are used in Death Valley and Sahara races and neck bandanas made in Australia that cool the body. There have to be the better designed respiration equipment somewhere and yet, everywhere I look, the Coast Guard, the National Guard, and workers hired to cleanup or place boom are not required to wear respirators and none of these things listed above are available to them even though the heat index in some areas is around 110.

Its as if I am watching a cleanup and recovery operation designed in the 1960 time period predating the computer access to all these things across the world and prior to the time when these products and their companion technologies existed. It is also as if none of the things that have been known for the last one hundred years, especially throughout the last fifty years have been added to the mix of what is available to bring to bear on a situation from knowledge and information to products, inventions, discoveries and options.

It is maddening. And, I still think that the contractors are getting more of the decision making about who and what and where assets are placed along with how they are used and which contractors or subcontractors are allowed to do them. That is the most insanely irresponsible manner to operate this approach that has ever existed ever. It is almost been worse than doing nothing at all in many cases and it ties up resources and assets which could be used to put them into permanently idling on the docks or out of the action which costs immeasurably every single minute it is happening.

That has to be changed immediately or it will go on this same way over the next six months of this operation and continue making it worse on a daily basis as reasonable courses of action are withheld.

– cricketdiane


Oh yeah and yesterday, Mr. Hayward said that the find at Macondo Prospect where the Deepwater Horizon was drilling was expected to yield 100 million barrels but there were items I posted on earlier posts which indicated that BP was expecting it to be a find much larger than that of around a billion barrels. He had to know that and one thing I noticed is that he did know about that argument on the Deepwater Horizon which had been reported by a number of employees had been “repudiated” under oath at another investigative hearing. So, isn’t that interesting considering that vast array of things he either didn’t know or didn’t testify to in a correct manner such as him saying that everyone on the Deepwater Horizon rig agreed to go forward on the operation despite a great deal of evidence to the contrary of what he said.

Apparently, he didn’t mind saying that however, knowing damn full well it wasn’t true when he said it – not only once, but twice during these hearings.

– cricketdiane


And why is it that oil rigs and semi-permanent drilling rigs and semisubmersible rigs or whatever oil drilling platforms can be used in the Gulf of Mexico and our national waters that register in the Marshall Islands and elsewhere but skimming boats and other types of recovery vessels can’t come help us that are registered in other nations? Does that make any sense at all? Are they just making up this stuff as they go along or is it that rules are applied just however it suits depending on whose benefit they want to serve?

I still don’t understand why the Coast Guard stopped those boats from getting the oil out of the marshes and sent them back to port – why couldn’t they just hand them some lifejackets and a fire extinguisher temporarily with an inspection for those things to be added appropriately once the boats were taken back to port after getting up the oil for the day? Some of this stuff just absolutely defies any good sense whatsoever.

Now, they’ve made it harder to get the NOAA forecast for the oil spill. I went to the NOAA incident page and then where it used to be easy to get the current map, now it is a separate page which my computer browser insisted in through an untrusted site, then it leads to a pdf that is incomplete. And, maybe the onshore trajectory has been divided up from the offshore trajectory maps. Also – as if it isn’t bad enough that their information typically runs a full day behind – now its harder to get it, slow and difficult to share. Thanks a lot for denouncing every concept of transparency. Do they have nothing better to do than try to botch up the only three things that were actually working correctly or close at least?

Whose goals are causing these aberrations from the Incident Response Team?

In fact the map that it sent me to see – is from 06-04-10. God, I hate them.


Another work of Jane Lubchenco, no doubt. She is such a piece of work. Wasn’t she the one saying that there was no chance this oil would come ashore and that it wouldn’t get into the loop current and that the amount of release was only 5,000 barrels a day long after it was known that was a lie?

I don’t doubt she and the Commerce Department is manipulating things to serve the interests of the tourism industry or who the hell ever this time that is lobbying them to make things appear better than they are and to thwart the truth being made available to the American people and the international communities. I think she isn’t a member of the scientific community at all. She acts more like an administrator (and one with specific interests benefiting business and industry) than anyone with concerns for the biological species in the Gulf of Mexico. Nor does her emphasis seem to be transparency and availability of information easily accessible to the American people. I’ve had it with the whole bunch of them. They are going to keep mucking up things until finally they do find themselves brought up to tar and feathering – and I don’t mean in the nice chambers of the House Congressional hearings either.

It is just a matter of time.

– cricketdiane

Here is the nearshore trajectory map for the oil spill from today – only available now as a pdf unless I go to the Chinese websites, European websites and Persian websites that will allow me to get it as an html doc or jpg image – what kind of bullshit is that?


And here is the other one –

Trajectory Forecast Maps
24, 48 and 72 hour oil spill trajectory forecasts. Updated daily.
[ 24 Hour | 48 Hour | 72 Hour ]
[ 24 Hour | 48 Hour | 72 Hour ]


That’s it – I hate them.

I tried printing the trajectory map for today and I was going to scan it so I could post it and although the document properties says it will print – it isn’t printing. Not only did it buggar my computer waiting to see the thing after sending me to the one for 06-03/04-10 first off the bat – then it won’t print.

They aren’t trying to make this all better – they are trying to avoid, evade, make things far more difficult than they already are, deny people the protective gear that would maintain their health and well-being, stop the use of any other things to fight the spill than those things on the “original plans” which used techniques, products and methods that didn’t work even in 1969 when they were also used without change from then to now and they are doing everything possible to thwart any full public disclosure of the facts from any and all sources. That isn’t American. That isn’t freedom of the speech. That isn’t their job. That isn’t effectively fighting this spill and recovery of the ocean and coasts from this oil spill nightmare. That isn’t fixing the spill nor the containment of the well. Who the hell are they serving?

NOAA Deepwater Horizon BP oil spill nearshore and onshore trajectory map for 06-18-10

NOAA Deepwater Horizon BP oil spill nearshore and onshore trajectory map for 06-18-10

There is another map which shows the offshore trajectory – and apparently – the expansiveness of it is part of why they are making it harder to post around the internet. Gee, do they really think that nobody on this planet can see what is going on in the Gulf of Mexico or is it simply to make it harder so people will stop making it available?

What a waste of resources the indecent incident command group has become – they aren’t trying to deal with this – they are doing something to keep the information about how many animals are killed out of the public eye and to keep these documents from being readily available at every turn, including those from the Minerals Management Service which were submitted in the first place about this operation and those about the Spill Response Plans which have to be accessed in person at the federal depositories with an id check and “shakedown” to make sure somebody isn’t coming in there to do something foul . . .

That was put into place by the Bush administration but this was not – this is the current incident command groups doing this shit including preventing our media from taking pictures of animals and birds covered with oil or speaking to workers and using the funds intended to get Gulf Coast towns and coastal areas prepared to keep the oil off the beaches and out of the estuaries which is being diverted to cover toys for the state police and other goodies they want like studying whether cows (who don’t reside at the Gulf Coast nor drink sea water) are getting crude oil or its constituents in their drinking water from the Gulf Coast oil spill. It is horrendous.

This isn’t America. I don’t know if it is the nation of fealty to whom but it isn’t the United States of America. But, then it probably hasn’t been for my entire adult lifetime and I just didn’t know what to do about it. As I have watched police brutality across this country for the least and most petty offenses like jaywalking or refusing to sign a citation – while the greatest of thieves and murderers like Goldman Sachs and BP go free – there are no words to describe the what the historical evidence suggests as the yield of such things. It is not going to work, to put it mildly and our leaders having filled our streets with cameras, and surveillance online and unwarranted search and seizure laws, unwarranted phone and electronic surveillance laws and similar heavy handed coverage of armies of police in multiple layers of police and 16 layers of national security agencies – I would say they have been expecting it wouldn’t work for a long, long time.

But, this is different. Just wait and see.

– cricketdiane

And do you know this is one of the largest oil field finds in North America – United States in a hundred years – and they are burning off our much needed petroleum resources from this find that belong to our Nation?

Subsea operational update:
For the last 12 hours on June 17th (noon to midnight), approximately 8,020 barrels of oil were collected and approximately 4,770 barrels of oil and 24.5 million cubic feet of natural gas were flared.
Optimization of the dual recovery system continues; on June 17th, total oil recovered was aprox. 25,290 barrels.

  • approximately 16,020 barrels of oil were collected,
  • approximately 9,270 barrels of oil were flared,
  • and approximately 50.3 million cubic feet of natural gas were flared.
Total oil recovered from both the LMRP Cap and Q4000 systems since they were implemented is approximately 204,200 barrels.
The free standing riser installation is progressing for the long term containment option.
The next update will be provided at 6:00pm CDT on June 18, 2010.
Updated June 18 at 9:00am CDT / 3:00pm BST

From the CNN coverage – right now –
The American people want Republicans like Cheri Jacobus, Representative Barton and Michelle Bachman along with their other Republican cronies of all varieties to shut the fuck up – that is enough. They caused this problem and as usual – somebody else has to fix it and the American people have to pay for it. The entire Republican Party including that bitch are not worth the space between their ears that apparently is taken up by recorded materials input by the oil industry, Wall Street and the Republican Party. They can all go to hell.

And as usual – they want it to be twenty or thirty years from now when the “little people” and “small people” get anything to make up for lost families, lost communities, lost health and lost incomes from some disaster that was directly caused by the Republican Party policies of the last thirty years.

Who spawned these demonic Republican and Corporate entities that have spread sickness, disease, murder, death and suffering across such wide swaths of time and measure? The permanent and irrevocable damages they have caused by direct intervention of de-regulation, big business favored laws and self-regulation of their activities has cost our entire economy, our future and our communities irretrievably. They caused the biggest bailouts necessary in the history of our world, the biggest disasters economic and ecological in the history of our world, the biggest unemployment in the history of our world and at the same time, made it more difficult for small businesses and start up businesses with such a host of trite and petty regulations and fees as to be no more than an intentional stumbling block and hindrance to anyone interested in starting or having a business in America.

That is only the tip of the iceberg in the real lives they have destroyed, the real deaths they have caused and the real suffering that continues unabated to this day – I would hope they would all be given a bath in the Gulf of Mexico as it is today at their re-imaging of America. And, in fact – they ought to have to be placed in that crude oil killing everything out there in the Gulf of Mexico. It would be the first of several things that would be appropriate to what they’ve done. But, no – they get air time, kudos and money in a never ending stream along with every respect and fealty from vast arenas. The fires of hell are awaiting them for doing this to people and to our nation – yet they still worship that brass bull on the street of New York and they still are given the honor of seats of power and money even as their damages continue to be experienced and will be for multiple generations.

If it wasn’t for the Republicans in power all these years, we already would be far from dependent on foreign oil because we would be driving our cars and trucks powered by many other things. Our air would be clean and it would have cost nearly nothing in comparison to the damages that have been done which must be cleaned up now in every nation on the earth from their horrendous shoddy business practices. And, it could’ve been profits plus safety throughout the entire time – it never had to be this way. It is what they wanted. And, our nation would’ve been seeing an entirely different event today in the Gulf of Mexico from the pride of having resourced the largest find in the last hundred years to successfully and safely harvesting it for our nation’s petroleum needs as well as being able to buy virtually every other possible source of fuels for transportation and types of vehicles.

But no – Representative Barton and his Republican cronies didn’t want that.

They wanted to fill the Gulf of Mexico with a crude oil petroleum toxic dispersant swamp that gives no value to the American people but to watch our national resources being burned off into the air and watch the full and complete destruction of every last wildlife resource that we’ve had for centuries. Goddamn every one of those bastards. There isn’t anything strong enough to say about them. They were the decision makers and then to have the audacity to send Michelle Bachman onto a CNN show to explain how the Obama administration was responsible for bailing out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac when the Bush administration Republicans did that and accuse the administration of causing this disaster when their use of the Minerals Management Service, the Department of Energy, the Department of Interior and the Bureau of Land Management to steal every last national resource and give it damn near for free to the corporations they have been serving – no. Damn hell – no.

and Ms. Palin and Republican Stevens who decided to create cutouts in the national wildlife preserves of Alaska to make it possible to drill for oil there, strip mine for minerals there and destroy the last remaining wildlife preservation areas – need to be treated to prison cells for absolute treason and violations of every treaty and law we’ve ever signed about it. And, they did do it with intention – absolute intention. Yeah – using our USGS to define the shale oil and minerals so that your friends in industries, mining and oil companies can destroy the last of the lands and mineral resources in our nation to line their own pockets – no, just don’t even get me started. It is and has been treachery of the highest order serving interests that do not serve our nation at all but certainly serve those foreign corporations and nations that came to harvest and profit from these activities while robbing the American people and the American Treasury blind and bankrupting every state along the way along with many generations to come.

Who decided to remake the Highways Safety and Transportation board into an industry representative and agent working for the auto industry?

The Republican Party did that.

Who decided to remake the Consumer Product Safety Board into an agency representing the corporations they were supposed to be regulating and enforcing regulations upon?

The Republican Party did that too.

Who decided to remake the Department of Agriculture into a place that didn’t enforce regulations and inspections of our food supply to favor large corporations involved in food processing and food distribution?

The Republican Party did that one.

Who decided to remake the Minerals Management Service, the Bureau of Land Management and the Department of Interior into a giveaway program for our national resources, oil, natural gas, and minerals along with serving the interests of the oil and mining industries instead of America?

Hmmm? The Republican Party did that.

Who decided to remake our national economic foundation into a parlor game of casino gambling with financial instruments that destroyed our national economy, destroyed many of the world’s economies and decimated every state economy in our nation?

Yes, The Republican Party did that.

Who decided to serve up every agency in our federal and state governments to act as agents and representatives serving the interests of those industries they were missioned to regulate and supervise and make safe?

Republicans did that also.

And – Who decided that the FAA should serve the interests of airlines and air transportation companies instead of the public’s safety?

Well, gee – let’s see. Oh yeah, the Republicans did that too.

And who did they steal from and who is paying for what they did when they were doing it and are paying for it today?

I am.

And the American people across the board are paying for it – not the corporations, not the banks, not the bankers, not the CEOs, not the politicians, not the foreign interests stealing our national resources, not the old officials that made the decisions, and not the Republican Party.

Nope, I am paying for it.

My children are paying for it and have been paying for it their entire lives.

My family is paying for it.

My grandparents paid for it and my uncles and my aunts and my cousins and my friends have all paid for it.

The Republican Party and their conservative right-wing jackoffs took over our churches, bankrupted our American businesses of our last hundred and fifty years along with small businesses at the rate of 40,000 bankruptcies a month even today, foreclosed on houses that our families had paid on for many years, destroyed all the jobs that might possibly be available and made it possible for someone from Bahrain in Bahrain to get a business grant made to them from our small business administration while our businesses were denied any access to money and nothing but a sea of stupid, petty, trite and unwieldy state and federal legislated regulations and taxes and fees and can’t do’s and don’t do’s and won’t work’s and nonsense. It has been a nightmare of factual and exact proportions that has reached into every arena of life from walking through our neighborhoods destroyed and destitute to fighting for the few beds in homeless shelters to having no other recourse than to accept never having a home, an income or a life of any value.

There is no way to say how it is in the fullness of evil, horrific and decimations of life that have been done by these things at the hands of the Republicans who have run this country into the ground on top of us. And, I mean nearly everyone who are all paying for it while the people at the top thrive and smile and vacation and go to spas and play and fuck everything that isn’t nailed down regardless of its age or sex or sexual orientation.

Who remade the IRS into a bully that would beat small businesses out of the marketplace?

The Republicans did that.

Who remade the Small Business Administration into a clearinghouse for bankers to get loan candidates so the loans could be resold and profits made by a select few with no investment or risk whatsoever?

Republicans did that too.

Who remade the federal government into a whipping boy for state projects to blame while taking every last dime they could get to do with in whatever way they pleased including those things in violation of the Constitution and Federal laws?

Hmmm – let’s see – yes, that was the Republican Party that did that in every state they’ve run and in every government office they held, were appointed to or elected to and from every seat they used to serve their own agendas in the highest offices and Congressional and Senate seats in our nation.

The Truth – Republican ideas that have been in use these last thirty years are not from the Republican Party as it was originally created and mandated and are not in the manner of the principles which is its foundation and claim.

– cricketdiane


Now, I’ve paid for this shit the Republicans have done and so have my children and my children’s children as have my parents and my grandparents, my friends, my fellow citizens of America, my relations, my community, my state, and my family. There is nothing that our President today can do that will not be stopped by these same Republicans and their cronies behind the scenes and from their continuing positions of power in our churches, in our media, in our Congress and in our states. They want it the way they remade it and will not today nor every do anything to help fix it, to make the damages less severe, nor to correct the damages that have been done, nor to help solve the problems they’ve created. They like it this way. They want to keep it this way.

The Republicans and the Republican Party policies and interests do not serve the American people. They are serving something else and my guess is that whatever the Republican Party has been serving and is continuing to serve today is not user-friendly to humanity nor to continued life in America nor even to life on our planet in general. That is devoid of conjecture. Every evidence of fact points exactly to that in every case and every arena.

Don’t believe me? – look at the Gulf of Mexico and see if any living thing survives what they’ve done there. And at every turn, the Republican Party continues to work with every resource at their command to thwart fixing anything or correcting any of it or recovering from any of it or restoring any of it to something that supports life, families, individuals, communities and living into a future of decency and safe, thriving lifetimes.

Oh but wait – there’s more . . .

Who took the best and the brightest of our American people – young and strong to be killed, permanently maimed and their precious irreplaceable lives destroyed to fight in the deserts of hell to serve the industries’ interests of the Republican Party?

Hmmmm —-

Gee, let me think?

Who would’ve done that? And then gone to them and paid back their lives with nothing but an endless hole to sink our national tax dollars to rebuild while our own country and their lives has nothing?

Who did that?

Republicans and their idea of economic policy did that. Economics by the stimulation of that economy through war did that and those lives meant absolutely nothing to them in pursuit of Republican Party interests and thieving their own profits from it.

Who made these people that have been calling themselves Republicans because surely it was not anything of goodness, mercy, kindness, love nor nature nor God. Or is it just what they did with it that was somewhere twisted away from anything of good?

And Republicans and their idea of international interdependency as foreign policy has left our nation a big dead rock in the middle of two oceans, without any means to take care of our own national needs for survival and progress.

But, since they have enough money to live anywhere on the planet, why would that matter to any Republican Party policy maker, politician or big business interest backing them? Maybe they will live in France – no wait, there are bizarre floods there. Maybe they can live in Australia – no wait, the desertification is increasing exponentially there with wildfires and flooding consuming cities and territories in short periods of time. Maybe they can live in Saudi Arabia or Dubai – no wait, there are floods happening there, too where it has rarely been recorded in their entire history and the sandstorms are tremendous and far too common. Maybe they can live in Mexico and any number or other nations around the world – no, wait there are wars of discontent and economics there from the vast poverty they’ve created and sustained, along with the most vile pollution ever seen by mankind.

They still don’t get the reasonable interpretation of what has been found on other planets – there is no Kroger and limo service, no restaurants to cook their food and if they want to leave  to come back as it suits them, that would be a problem – and yet, they didn’t mind destroying this planet as they went in order to have today what they could’ve never spent throughout the rest of history even if they started spending it twenty years ago.

There is no good in it. And yet, the Republican Party made the SEC into a porn feeding site as if it had nothing better it could be doing and funding it the whole way to serve the needs and interests of Wall Street instead of fairness and decency and financial responsibility for the American people’s interests as well as the interests of the international communities where it plays.

And the Republican Party continues to host great dinners at $10,000 a plate where President Bush and Vice President Cheney’s words are treated like a gospel from the right hand of God and where Rush Limbaugh and his cohorts are treated like prophets and saints even as the lies they spew forth resemble the very worst of disinformation campaigns and propaganda.

No wonder the rest of the world has surpassed us in damn near everything from science to technology to new discoveries to health to well-being to strong middle classes to greater distribution of higher education across greater populations of their people to magnificent creations, inventions, cities and buildings, to massive new technological advances in energy and fuels and electronics and engineering and architecture and physics and health and just about every damn thing else. And this – while our nations’ states are being forced to cut education resources to our people and our adults and to our children and to our university students and even to our business people.

It is insane. And, don’t tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about because every last bit of this can be found almost anywhere, online – in books, in libraries around the world, in archives, in databanks, in government resources of nations around the world, in facts, in evidence, in scientific and social data, and in academic studies made to the highest scrutiny. This isn’t a matter of opinion. The facts are available to anyone.

What I don’t understand is why anyone would not be willing to look at it for themselves and decide.

– cricketdiane


And one more, then I’m going to go take a bath and wash the filth of this off of me –

Who took our peace officers intent on serving the community good and made them over into a psychotic anti-social abusive cruel and sadistic gang of thugs under the name of police?

The Republicans did that at every level and every state they’ve run.

Who took our national resources and polluted them, gave them away to industries and served nothing in return to the American people except the costs of cleaning it up and repairing the damages they caused?

The Republican Party did that.

Who took our valued information resources and data and changed it to result in a poor reflection of reality to serve their own purposes including the structuring of data about unemployment and our GDP to look better than the facts actually show?

The Republicans did that too.

And, who took the USGS and used it to serve the interests of mining companies owned by foreign nationals and to serve the interests of oil companies also owned by foreign entities – so they could rape, pillage and plunder our natural and national resources without returning much for it besides death, destruction and permanent damages to our nation?


Republicans wanted it that way so they did it that way.

And one last one –

Who was it that decided to keep Americans poor, to prevent Americans from starting small business or establishing thriving businesses, to destroy educational resources and the opportunities to higher education to most Americans and to exclude over 60% of our population from participating in jobs, communities and opportunities in America including populations born and raised in America?

Republicans idea of a good time.

They can all go to hell. That is where they belong.

And, obviously there is not one moment that the Republican Party or its members and policy makers and pundits and politicians are ever going to help fix one single thing they have so utterly re-made into a destructive force on life and on mankind and on America’s people.

– cricketdiane


I didn’t tell them to do it that way.


From wikipedia –

The Gulf of Mexico (Spanish: Golfo de México) is the ninth largest[1] body of water in the world.

It is an ocean basin largely surrounded by the North American continent and the island of Cuba. It is bounded on the northeast, north and northwest by the Gulf Coast of the United States, on the southwest and south by Mexico, and on the southeast by Cuba.

The shape of its basin is roughly oval and is approximately 810 nautical miles (1,500 km) wide and filled with sedimentary rocks and debris.

It is part of the Atlantic Ocean and is connected to it through the Florida Straits between the U.S. and Cuba, and with the Caribbean Sea (with which it forms the American Mediterranean Sea) via the Yucatan Channel between Mexico and Cuba. With this narrow connection to the Atlantic, the Gulf experiences very small tidal ranges.

The size of Gulf basin is approximately 615,000 mi² (1.6 million km²). Almost half of the basin is shallow intertidal waters.

At its deepest it is 14,383 ft (4,384 m) at the Sigsbee Deep, an irregular trough more than 300 nautical miles (550 km) long.

The basin contains a volume of roughly 660 quadrillion gallons (2.5 × 1015 m3).

It was probably formed approximately 300 million years ago as a result of the seafloor sinking.[1]




The basin contains a volume of roughly 660 quadrillion gallons (2.5 × 1015 m3).

The Gulf of Mexico’s eastern, north, and northwestern shores lie along the US states of Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas. The US portion of the Gulf coastline spans 1,680 miles (2,700 km), receiving water from thirty-three major rivers that drain 31 states.[6]

The outer margins of the wide continental shelves of Yucatán and Florida receive cooler, nutrient-enriched waters from the deep by a process known as upwelling, which stimulates plankton growth in the euphotic zone. This attracts fish, shrimp, and squid.[7]

Map of northern part of Gulf of Mexico - from wikipedia entry

Map of northern part of Gulf of Mexico - from wikipedia entry




(also from the same site)

The Gulf of Mexico is an excellent example of a passive margin. The continental shelf is quite wide at most points along the coast, most notably at the Florida and Yucatán Peninsulas.

The shelf is exploited for its oil by means of offshore drilling rigs, most of which are situated in the western gulf and in the Bay of Campeche.

Another important commercial activity is fishing; major catches include red snapper, amberjack, tilefish, swordfish, and various grouper, as well as shrimp and crabs. Oysters are also harvested on a large scale from many of the bays and sounds.

Other important industries along the coast include shipping, petrochemical processing and storage, military use, paper manufacture, and tourism.


The gulf’s warm water temperature can feed powerful Atlantic hurricanes causing extensive human death and other destruction as happened with Hurricane Katrina in 2005. In the Atlantic, a hurricane will draw up cool water from the depths and making it less likely that further hurricanes will follow in its wake (warm water being one of the preconditions necessary for their formation). However, the Gulf is shallower and its entire water column is warm. When a hurricane passes over, although the water temperature may drop it soon rebounds and becomes capable of supporting another tropical storm.[8]

The Gulf is considered aseismic: however, mild tremors have been recorded throughout history (usually 5.0 or less on the Richter scale).

A 6.0 tremor was recorded on September 10, 2006, 250 miles (400 km) off the coast of Florida which caused no damage, but could be felt throughout the Southeastern United States.

Various biota include chemosynthetic communities near cold seeps and nonchemosynthetic communities such as bacteria and other microbenthos, meiofauna, macrofauna, and megafauna (larger organisms such as crabs, sea pens, crinoids, and demersal fish and cetaceans including endangered ones) are living in the Gulf of Mexico.[11]

(and from another entry)

The Gulf Coast is a highly productive economic region with many industries relating to fishing, aerospace, agriculture, biomedical research, and tourism. The region is anchored by the cities of Houston, New Orleans, Mobile, and Tampa, all the centers of their respective metropolitan areas and containing large ports.

Much of the land along the Gulf Coast is, or was, marshland. Ringing the Gulf Coast is the Gulf Coastal Plain which stretches from Southern Texas to the western Florida Panhandle.

These landforms protect numerous bays and inlets providing as a barrier to oncoming waves. The central part of the Gulf Coast, from eastern Texas through Louisiana, consists primarily of marshland. The western part of the Gulf Coast, predominantly Florida, is dotted with many bays and inlets.

The Gulf Coast is a major center of economic activity. The marshlands along the Louisiana and Texas coasts provide breeding grounds and nurseries for ocean life that drive the fishing and shrimping industries. The Port of South Louisiana (between New Orleans and Baton Rouge in Laplace) and the Port of Houston are two of the ten busiest ports in the world by cargo volume.[1] As of 2004, seven of the top ten busiest ports in the U.S. are on the Gulf Coast.[2]

The discovery of oil and gas deposits along the coast and offshore, combined with easy access to shipping, have made the Gulf Coast the heart of the U.S. petrochemical industry. The coast contains nearly 4,000 oil platforms.

Besides the above, the region features other important industries including aerospace and biomedical research, as well as older industries such as agriculture and — especially since the development of the Gulf Coast beginning in the 1920s and the increase in wealth throughout the United States — tourism.

The petrochemical industry, launched with the major discoveries of oil in Texas and spurred on by further discoveries in the Gulf waters, has been a vehicle for development in the central and western Gulf which has spawned development on a variety of fronts in these regions.

Texas in particular has benefited tremendously from this industry over the course of the 20th century and economic diversification has made the state a magnet for population and home to more Fortune 500 companies than any other U.S. state.

Florida has grown as well, driven to a great extent by its long established tourism industry but also by its position as a gateway to the Caribbean and Latin America.

As of 2006, these two states are the second and fourth most populous states in the nation, respectively (see this article).

Other areas of the Gulf Coast have benefited less, though economic development fueled by tourism has greatly increased property values along the coast, and is now a severe danger to the valuable but fragile ecosystems of the Gulf Coast.



American Association of Petroleum Geologists


The Division of Environmental Geology (DEG) offers AAPG members an opportunity to increase their knowledge about the environment and the petroleum industry. DEG approaches basic environmental issues from a geological standpoint, so the profession’s understanding of geological, geochemical, geophysical and hydrogeological principles and methodologies can be applied to environmental problems.