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And – as a bit ago on CNN, I heard that BP is setting up tent cities for workers – Who is that stupid?

You don’t make tent cities for people where it is over 90 degrees, high humidity, covered over with gnats, ants, flies, mosquitoes and every other crawling thing – with hurricanes on the way. Who could be that stupid?

And to be filled with the fumes from the coast of crude oil and dispersants and increased diesel exhausts that the areas have – without any chance to get into a hotel room with air conditioning and air filters or anything?

And common afternoon and evening thundershowers – they’re setting folks up to “camp out”? What kind of thinking is that conceptually stupid?

– cricketdiane, 05-29-10


They must have said twenty times between Rear Admiral Landry and BP executive Doug Suttles, that the very best minds are working on this – the “brain trust” etc. –

I don’t care who they hell they’ve got making these decisions – stupid is still stupid no matter how many people think that’s the way to do it.

And EPA tests showing there isn’t oil where we are looking at it in photos – is stupid.

And EPA air monitoring that say there aren’t chemical dangers and health hazards in the air – where everybody anywhere in the area can smell it – is stupid.

And, BP building a “tent city” in Louisiana in the summertime for workers near the coast filled with fumes and heat and humidity and mosquitoes – is stupid.

I don’t care who you are – this shit is stupid.

– cd9


The Louisiana National Guard is acting and doing what is smart and intelligently applied. The state of Louisiana local, state leaderships and other locally based assets are fighting to add practical and common sense measures which should’ve been added by BP, Coast Guard, EPA and other agencies of the government responsible for the knowledge – in the first place.

The international meteorological scientists, oceanographers, marine biologists and marine ecologists along with multitudes of our own scientists are getting it right or more closely aligned to the truth than every single agencies’ representatives working under the direction and intellectual bias of BP and their specialists and incident command members.

And stupid is still stupid – and if things that don’t work are continuing to be done the same way – that is stupid –

including setting booms that don’t do anything in seas with choppy wave forms, winds, waves over a foot high, waves going in different directions, in even the slightest 10 knot wind – and its already obvious since very early in the process – that they don’t work. That is stupid.

including putting people in tent city in Louisiana in the summertime – that is stupid.

including insisting that fisherman and local boat owners who went out into the open ocean to place booms in petroleum oil-laden seas with overhead known toxic chemical dispersants blowing by the wind across them – was criminal, life-threatening, health damaging and stupid.

including treating this oil spill the way that has been done knowing the chemical dispersants in use would kill marine life and food chains and be toxic to people when they come on shore with the winds and storm surges – that is stupid.

including dicking around about the quantities being released into the ocean as if equations and methods for finding such quantities didn’t exist – that is sad, create unnecessary dangers and was stupid.

including that pretense of the quantities being released being different than they had to know them to be and then saying the quantities don’t matter – that is stupid.

including not knowing that things, techniques, and possible solutions in the plan they had were inappropriate to the task and its unique requirements – which also includes acting like they didn’t know the gas hydrates would clog the last “top hat” they used – was completely stupid. And didn’t work.

including the insistence that priorities be to stop the leak and then keep the oil out of the marshes until it had completely killed over 30 acres that are now known to be dead zones. That was stupid.

including the instigation of putting out public information as if no animals have died as a result of this despite the high numbers of unnaturally occurring deaths of marine wildlife at a time when their only place to live is coated with crude oil, filled throughout the water column with toxic chemical dispersants mixed with crude oil, and the air above the water is filled with burning methane leftovers, controlled burn leftovers, motor oil from boats, and diesel exhaust from boats, and every dangerous fume and vapor chemical hazards known to be in the crude oil and in the chemical dispersants. Stupid.

including saying that they don’t know how those marine animals, dolphins, porpoises, sea turtles and other marine life, birds, etc. died – and put out public opinion pieces about there only being a little oil on a couple bird’s wings – is also stupid.

including the EPA taking water and air samples and saying it is safe and not toxic when we’ve all seen the crude oil thick in the water and people have smelled the fumes and now many people are getting sick and were getting sick all along with permanent health damages known to be caused by these things – see, that is stupid.

I don’t care how professional, how many degrees or credentials they have up there at the Unified Command or at their Brain Trust – stupid is still stupid.

And, doing the same things that aren’t working – is stupid.

And, causing or allowing to be caused inhumane and dangerous, life-threatening, permanently life-altering ill health, ecologically damaging things that also kill the food chain and marine animals for generations –

is stupid – I don’t care who you are.

you can’t credential that – but the thinking that is being used on this thing has been consistently proving to be stupid.

– cricketdiane


When –

a.) the things being done aren’t working, aren’t working well, or are making things worse, causing death, causing sickness, killing people, killing animals, killing future generations of animals, making children sick, destroying the future health of children, families, people, elderly and future generations –


b.) the solutions being tried to cap the well continue to be producing ill, non-existent or failing results which allows the situation to be catastrophically worse –


c.) the complete menu of solutions has simply carried forward things already planned that were known to not work, or tried in places with drastically different parameters making them unlikely to work in this one –


d.) the overall impacts of the continuing expansion of the dangerous situation is massive, catastrophic on every level, expansive in the amount of dangers and destruction it can and will likely do –


doing it the way they are going about it – even with the credentialed experts and specialists being the “best minds available” backing up doing it that way – is still stupid, is still wrong, and is still failing to meet the measure of the event successfully mitigating it and its damages.

And, if BP or anyone else thinks that using those intellectual educated resources in the way they have been using them and intimating that those experts back up BP’s way of doing it – will all relieve their responsibility and liability for getting it wrong and making things worse – they are wrong.

It won’t be an excuse at all when it gets down to it. They have the best and brightest minds applying what they know to this situation – then let ’em lose to find anything and everything that could possibly work given the unique parameters of this event in all its complexities including the massive spread of it – and let them generate solutions novel to it and include those from any and all other places as well. Then use all of those things generated.

Keep doing what does work. Discard what doesn’t work. Modify until the full measure of the challenge has been given solutions, had them paid for and implemented in a timely way – and y’all can study the hell out of it later. To use the same solutions without having generated any new ones nor to have filled things in where solutions were found that do work and doing more of that – is stupid, to say the least and irresponsible to a criminal level in fact.

And, there is no excuse for that.

– cricketdiane