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Somebody or some organization – or the news organizations or the state / local governments along the Coast – needs to take air samples and these people can tell how to get the sample using a sterile vacuum thingy they have – and then pay to have an independent air chemistry evaluation made. I don’t work for these people but they are one of the best, if not the very best lab in the country – and then let’s get an international UN team to take some of these samples also and independently verify the results – they need to be done for the air and the water like I just saw on the photos of the fishermen without masks and crude oil thick in the water where they were working on CNN at 9.30 pm tonight.The EPA saying that samples of air and water are fine – not toxic and that their samplings show nothing of any kind of danger are wrong somehow – and way wrong at that – it is a matter of life and death. These independent analysis by this lab can be made very quickly knowing that the samples have come from the Gulf Coast area and the labs in France can have the samples within twenty-four hours and the results not long thereafter. This isn’t a joke and Putting public relations ahead of public health and well-being is unacceptable.

– cricketdiane

The lab is called IMR test labs – they are a leader in materials testing –
they have a kit to take the samples in these big vacuum pressurized containers that look like propane tanks as part of the testing package. It isn’t cheap but it isn’t tremendously expensive either and they are very fast with results.

And, they can show every chemical and particulate matter in the air along with the full chemistry using the tools they have. It does require more than a single sample in order to get the chemicals coming onshore from the open ocean areas with the crude oil and dispersant/oil mixed, etc.

IMR Test Labs information on materials testing - air and water quality comprehensive chemical analysis labs
IMR Test Labs information on materials testing – air and water quality comprehensive chemical analysis labs
IMR Test Labs – air and water chemistry evaluations – comprehensive chemical materials analysis –
Hi, Diane. BP explained that their plan was to drill the well, cap it, and drill another well nearby. Eventually, those wells would have been connected to an existing platform, for production. They use this sort of batch system, because working at sea and at such depths is more difficult than drilling a well and hooking it up, as they do on land.

I used to write a newsletter for people in the oil spill business about 10 years ago. The technology is little different than it was then. The best way to fight an oil spill is not to spill it in the first place. Skimming will only get about 10 percent. Burning it will reduce it by some other fraction — they’ve not yet given details on the burning they did the other day.
Most of it “goes into the environment”: evaporates in the air or is churned into the ocean. There are natural oil seeps in the Gulf of Mexico and the ocean there does have bacteria that have been eating it since long before we started drilling for it. But they’re not going to eat this thing at a rate of 5,000 barrels a day. The dispersant they’re applying basically makes it mix into the ocean faster. Maybe its better to have a little bit of oil mixed into 5,000 feet of ocean than to have it floating on top. Most scientists seem to think so. We’ll see how it comes out this time.
Jim Polson

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Do you know –

What is this process? Why did they drill and then cap a producing well? Are they running around the Gulf, drilling and then capping rather than pumping it to harvest the crude? How do they place  a “cement” cap 5000 feet underwater?

And – there was a senior editor from PopSci on bloomberg just now who explained that the companies, and engineers in the Gulf are going to do the plan as planned without trying anything else in the interim. Not only was his attitude really shitty, for lack of a better word – we can see already what there “plans” are producing and burning off 100 gallons at a time where 210,000 gallons per day are pouring into the Gulf waters is a sad note in the history of engineering and innovation in America.

Just wanted to say – notwithstanding Mr. Bjorn Carey being very informative, his patronizing and exclusionary attitude about solutions which could work long before the ones they are using or planning to use – is unacceptable. Is that also the attitude shared by the oil companies, recovery companies, engineer teams in the area and others making the decisions about fixing the problem? Is there any way they could have some other choices on their menu or are we to watch them continue for five weeks or three months to destroy the economies and wealth of the sea throughout the Gulf Coast and Gulf of Mexico. How about finding out –



that email was an interaction from April 30, 2010

And – as a bit ago on CNN, I heard that BP is setting up tent cities for workers – Who is that stupid?

You don’t make tent cities for people where it is over 90 degrees, high humidity, covered over with gnats, ants, flies, mosquitoes and every other crawling thing – with hurricanes on the way. Who could be that stupid?

And to be filled with the fumes from the coast of crude oil and dispersants and increased diesel exhausts that the areas have – without any chance to get into a hotel room with air conditioning and air filters or anything?

And common afternoon and evening thundershowers – they’re setting folks up to “camp out”? What kind of thinking is that conceptually stupid?

– cricketdiane, 05-29-10


They must have said twenty times between Rear Admiral Landry and BP executive Doug Suttles, that the very best minds are working on this – the “brain trust” etc. –

I don’t care who they hell they’ve got making these decisions – stupid is still stupid no matter how many people think that’s the way to do it.

And EPA tests showing there isn’t oil where we are looking at it in photos – is stupid.

And EPA air monitoring that say there aren’t chemical dangers and health hazards in the air – where everybody anywhere in the area can smell it – is stupid.

And, BP building a “tent city” in Louisiana in the summertime for workers near the coast filled with fumes and heat and humidity and mosquitoes – is stupid.

I don’t care who you are – this shit is stupid.

– cd9