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Turtle deaths running high since oil spill: expert

Reuters – Steve Gorman, Jackie Frank – ‎May 18, 2010‎
NEW ORLEANS (Reuters) – At least 150 sea turtles have washed up dead or dying along the US Gulf Coast since the giant oil spill off Louisiana, a higher number than normal for this time of year, a leading wildlife expert said on Monday.

BP Keeping Mum on Many Oil Spill Details

Newsinferno.com – ‎4 hours ago‎
It seems that BP is keeping some vital information about the Deepwater Horizon oil spill secret. Even worse, the federal government appears to be going along with that. According to a McClatchy Newspapers report, BP hasn’t disclosed results of tests on

US Considers Gulf Dredging to Protect Coastline From Oil

BusinessWeek – Jordan Burke – ‎1 hour ago‎
May 19 (Bloomberg) — The US Army Corps of Engineers is considering Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal’s request to dredge along the Gulf of Mexico, building a natural defense against oil leaking from a well off the state’s coast.

Videos on Oil spill in Gulf of Mexico

Palm Beach Post – Christine Stapleton – ‎4 hours ago‎
A NOAA situation status map released this morning predicts the oil spill is already deep in the Gulf Loop Current. The map from the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration shows the narrow tendril of oil that barely

Florida tarballs not from spill, impact still felt

Reuters – Michael Haskins, Jane Sutton – ‎3 hours ago‎
With energy giant BP Plc (BP.L) still struggling to contain its gushing undersea well that has spewed a huge rust-colored slick into Gulf waters, oceanographers have forecast crude from it will be carried by currents southeast to the

Key Westers React To News Tar Balls Aren’t Linked To Spill

WPBF West Palm Beach – ‎2 hours ago‎
KEY WEST, Fla. — People are feeling good in Key West now that they know the tar balls that washed ashore there earlier this week are not linked to the oil slick in the Gulf. But people are still concerned. “You know I’m not convinced.

FACTBOX-What are tar balls and what is their impact?

Reuters – ‎4 hours ago‎
May 19 (Reuters) – Tar balls found on beaches in the Florida Keys this week are not from the Gulf of Mexico oil spill leaking from a well owned by BP (BP.L), the US Coast Guard said on Wednesday, citing laboratory tests. [ID:nN19221677] But tar balls

APNewsBreak: US and Cuba hold talks on oil spill

Washington Post – Paul Haven, Tamara Lush – ‎3 hours ago‎
AP HAVANA — US and Cuban officials are holding “working level” talks on how to respond to the massive Deepwater Horizon oil spill that is believed to be dumping some 5000 barrels of crude a day into the Gulf of Mexico,

Obama diplomatic aides talking to Cuba (and Mexico) about oil spill

USA Today – ‎1 hour ago‎
The Gulf Coast oil spill has led to an interesting set of diplomatic talks between the US and Cuba. State Department spokesman Gordon Duguid confirmed US-Cuban talks “at the working level,” telling reporters that “it is incumbent upon us to inform all

Oil spill scientists head to loop current on USF vessel

Tampa Tribune – Ray Reyes, Kristen Dahlgren – ‎3 hours ago‎
TAMPA – A University of South Florida research vessel left this morning to investigate how a major current in the Gulf of Mexico will spread oil from the massive spill near Louisiana to the Florida Keys and beyond.

Oil from spill has entered Loop Current – NOAA

Reuters – Chris Baltimore – ‎58 minutes ago
HOUSTON, May 19 (Reuters) – A “small portion” of oil sheen from the giant oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico has entered the powerful “Loop Current,” the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) said on Wednesday.

NOAA: Oil Tendril ‘Likely’ Headed Into Loop Current

New York Times – Paul Voosen – ‎May 18, 2010
A thin stem of oil stretching east from BP PLC’s spill is increasingly likely to enter the Loop Current, a powerful Gulf of Mexico flow that runs past the Florida Keys and up the Atlantic Seaboard, the National Oceanic and

Many Experts Agree: Oil Slick Enters Loop Current

CBS 4 – ‎2 hours ago‎
Computer model that shows a thin portion of the oil drifting southward into the Southern Gulf of Mexico by the weekend. Many scientists are now in agreement that oil from the massive Deepwater Horizon spill is either now entrained in the Gulf of Mexico

Oil Spill Lawsuits Begin, Could Cost BP Billions in Damages

Legal Info – ‎48 minutes ago
Even before the massive Gulf oil spill has been cleaned up—or even contained—a wave of lawsuits, both individual and class-action, is already threatening BP, which operates the still-gushing Deepwater Horizon drilling rig.

Gulf oil spill reaches loop current, putting Florida Keys at risk

Tampabay.com – Craig Pittman – ‎51 minutes ago‎
ST. PETE BEACH — The Florida Keys likely will see tar balls in eight to 10 days now that oil has entered the Gulf of Mexico’s loop current, state and federal officials told wildlife commissioners Wednesday.

Fla. calls for quick reopening of Gulf to fishing

MiamiHerald.com – ‎3 hours ago‎
AP ST. PETE BEACH, Fla. — Florida fish and wildlife officials are urging a quick response and reopening of waters that are closed to fishermen because of the Gulf oil spill. Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Chairman Rodney Barreto

Underwater video shows oil gushing from wellhead

NBC2 News – ‎1 hour ago‎
It turns out tar balls found on a Key West, Florida beach are not from the giant oil leak in the Gulf but forecasters say the oil is expected to get into the loop current soon. A research vessel is scheduled to go out on Friday and another left from

Tampa Bay residents tell state how spill is affecting them

Tampa Tribune – Rob Shaw – ‎1 hour ago‎
Fishing enthusiasts, people in the tourism business and wildlife lovers packed today’s emergency meeting of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission at the TradeWinds Island Resorts. So many people showed up that the resort moved the

John Marks: Local involvement is critical in dealing with the Gulf oil spill

Gainesville Sun – ‎1 hour ago
As BP struggles to stanch the flow of oil gushing into the Gulf of Mexico – and as our state and federal governments prepare to coordinate a massive clean-up effort – it will be critical for these responders to work closely with local governments to

Petrobras monitors BP oil spill in Gulf

Latino Business Review – ‎1 hour ago‎
Petrobras, the federal oil company for Brazil, has continued its monitoring of the BP oil spill that occurred in the Gulf of Mexico. According to a press conference involving investors and analysts, a company official recently announced that it is

Gulf Coast fears spreading slick, fishing ban widens

Reuters – Michael Haskins, Matthew Bigg – ‎19 hours ago‎
KEY WEST, Fla., May 18 (Reuters) – Fears that oil from a massive Gulf of Mexico spill was drifting to US shorelines rose on Tuesday after tar balls were found in Florida, while BP (BP.L) faced mounting pressure to stem its leaking

Fishing Ban Is Expanded as Spill’s Impact Becomes More Evident

New York Times – Matthew L. Wald, Tom Zeller Jr – ‎18 hours ago‎
WASHINGTON — The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration greatly expanded the fishing ban in the Gulf of Mexico on Tuesday in response to spreading oil from the BP well blowout.

Turtle deaths running high since oil spill: expert

Reuters – Steve Gorman, Jackie Frank – ‎May 18, 2010‎
NEW ORLEANS (Reuters) – At least 150 sea turtles have washed up dead or dying along the US Gulf Coast since the giant oil spill off Louisiana, a higher number than normal for this time of year, a leading wildlife expert said on Monday.

La. Spending on Oil Spill Reaches $5M

ABC News – Melinda Deslatte – ‎4 hours ago
AP By MELINDA DESLATTE AP Writer Louisiana agencies have spent more than $5 million to combat the still-growing oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, and they estimate the spending could top more than $20 million by next month, according to information

US Coast Guard prepares for oil in south Florida

Reuters – Tom Doggett, Ayesha Rascoe – ‎May 17, 2010‎
WASHINGTON, May 17 (Reuters) – The US Coast Guard is preparing for the possibility that tar balls from the massive Gulf Coast oil spill might be swept up in a current and reach the southern Florida coast, a top official

Restaurants sue BP for damages from oil spill

Nation’s Restaurant News – Ron Ruggless – ‎2 hours ago
By Alan J. Liddle NEW ORLEANS (May 19, 2010) Ten Louisiana restaurateurs and a distributor have filed a lawsuit that seeks to recover damages from petroleum giant BP PLC tied to higher costs and lost business that they allege are resulting from the

Does the BP spill mean the end of cheap oil?

Christian Science Monitor – ‎4 hours ago‎
Offshore drilling was banned for decades after a 1969 spill off the Santa Barbara coast. If the same happens after the BP spill in the Gulf of Mexico, oil prices could shoot through the roof. Development Drillers float beside Discoverer Enterprise

Photo Gallery: Gulf Oil Spill Shoreline Damage

The Epoch Times – ‎1 hour ago‎
The Gulf oil spill is already being described as the biggest environmental disaster in US history—and it doesn’t look like it will get plugged any time soon. Louisiana is in a state of emergency as millions of gallons of oil have poured into the ocean

Gulf Oil Spill: A Catastrophe of Epic Proportions

The Epoch Times – Gary Feuerberg – ‎4 hours ago‎
Oil from the gulf oil spill, coats sand at the mouth of the Mississippi River on May 17, south of Venice, Louisiana. (John Moore/Getty Images) As the Gulf oil spill crisis enters its fourth week, independent scientists estimate that

DEP updates Deepwater Horizon response (May 19)

The News Herald – ‎4 hours ago
TALLAHASSEE – The State Emergency Response Team and the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) are actively coordinating and responding to the Deepwater Horizon incident. The following is a summary of state and BP response actions to date,

Republicans Put Taxpayers ‘On Hook’ for Oil Damage, Obama Says

BusinessWeek – James Rowley, Jeff Plungis – ‎17 hours ago‎
May 19 (Bloomberg) — Senate Republicans threaten to leave taxpayers “on the hook” for damages from the BP Plc spill in the Gulf of Mexico by blocking legislation to raise the liability limit, President Barack Obama

Florida, Gulf Cities’ Credit May Suffer From BP Spill

BusinessWeek – Darrell Preston – ‎May 18, 2010‎
(Updates with Florida tourism numbers in fifth paragraph, Key West statement in eighth and Louisiana effects in 12th.) By Darrell Preston May 18 (Bloomberg) — Florida and Gulf Coast cities in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama may see credit ratings

BP works to increase percentage of oil contained from gulf spill

Oil & Gas Journal – Paula Dittrick – ‎4 hours ago
HOUSTON, May 19 — BP PLC crews worked May 19 to gradually increase the volume of oil being collected through the raiser insertion tool at the site of a deepwater blowout, and government scientists reported tar balls found in the Florida Keys were

Florida Democratic lawmakers push for united front against drilling

Tampabay.com – Alex Leary – ‎3 hours ago‎
WASHINGTON — Chastened by the growing oil threat in the Gulf, Florida Democratic lawmakers called on colleagues Wednesday to once again present a unified front against more offshore drilling.

Senate Dems: Make Oil Industry Pay for Inspections

ABC News – Matthew Daly – ‎4 hours ago‎
AP By MATTHEW DALY AP Writer Senate Democrats are calling for the Obama administration to improve inspections of deepwater oil rigs such as the one that exploded last month in the Gulf of Mexico. The blast killed 11 people and spilled millions of

Obama Administration Wants It Both Ways on Gulf Spill Liability

The Washington Independent – Mike Lillis – ‎4 hours ago‎
There have been plenty of headlines generated by President Obama’s apparent criticism of Senate Republicans for blocking legislation to raise the oil spill liability cap. The implication has been that Obama supports the

Videos on Oil spill in Gulf of Mexico

Palm Beach Post – Christine Stapleton – ‎4 hours ago
A NOAA situation status map released this morning predicts the oil spill is already deep in the Gulf Loop Current. The map from the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration shows the narrow tendril of oil that barely

Gulf disaster on level of Three Mile Island

Houston Chronicle – Jennifer A. Dlouhy, Brett Clanton – ‎May 17, 2010‎
WASHINGTON — As President Barack Obama prepared to authorize an independent commission to investigate the deadly Deepwater Horizon explosion and oil spill, a top federal regulator on Monday became the first to fall in what likely

Florida State scientist: NOAA ignores spill findings

Houston Chronicle – Monica Hatcher, Jennifer Dlouhy – ‎15 hours ago‎
A prominent oceanographer, who was among the first to say official estimates understated the volume of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, charged Tuesday that a federal agency is punishing scientists whose findings disagree with government


My Note –

And here is a little of the persuasive writing going on throughout the market community about continuing offshore drilling – they are in happy hyperdrive making their trim twists of logic and how the information supports a greater need to drill and how alternatives to our energy and fuel needs aren’t the answer. Every so often, I stumble over one of these and I am astonished to see how they weave the facts and arguments into a line of reasoning to support their viewpoint, whether reason would say it makes some connected sense or not. There is always a point at which they leave what common sense and observed facts say that follows one from the other – a cause to effect scenario that fits known science.

Here is one of those writings I found today –

(from the group above on google news search about the oil spill)

– cricketdiane


Signs of Oil Spill Pollution Might be Hiding Underwater

Todd M. Schoenberger, Managing Editor, Taipan’s Tipping Point Alert
Monday, May 17, 2010

If you haven’t seen Scott Pelley’s piece about the Deepwater Horizon Explosion on 60 Minutes, do yourself a favor and check it out at www.CBSNews.com. Not only will you have a better understanding of the events leading up to the accident, but you’ll be left angrier than ever that this even took place.

At least that’s how I felt following the segment that profiled one of the survivors from the April 20 explosion that took 11 lives and has resulted in thousands of barrels of crude oil flowing into the waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

Naturally, viewers who see this will initially feel upset about the equipment malfunctions that should have created a fail-safe to prevent this from happening at all. And, sure, others will be upset about the production pushes by BP to drill a second well in an effort to begin flows of crude oil to counter the millions in exploration costs the oil giant incurred.

But let’s take this a step further. Only four years ago, the Department of Energy published a report about the amount of crude oil – and natural gas – sitting off the shores of the United States. The Interior Department could have easily pushed to issue leases to oil exploration companies to begin tapping into the reserves available off our shores. Had more rigs been available, and more offshore initiatives been followed through, some feel production wouldn’t have overshadowed safety and the horrific events of April 20 wouldn’t have occurred.

There’s no question that demand for crude oil is sky high, and despite what some environmentalists like to say – including President Obama – alternative fuels are not the answer. Crude oil is not only used for petroleum; it’s used for everything from plastic to carpet.


Marine scientists will say the long-lasting effect on the environment will be felt for years as a result of the accident. But I’ll take it a step further and say that the impact of preventing additional offshore exploration opportunities will be felt for decades to come, and our national security will be permanently altered as a result of us further depending on foreign sources of crude oil.


(from an article with this promising title which tells nothing about these facts at all – my note, cricketdiane)

Signs of Oil Spill Pollution Might be Hiding Underwater

Todd M. Schoenberger, Managing Editor, Taipan’s Tipping Point Alert
Monday, May 17, 2010

My Note –

I posted the research of today’s news a little above – it is a good overview. I had made these two notes (below) from the news – and Dr. Sanjay Gupta with the CNN team is putting together a show about Toxic America that will play on June 2 and 3. The ad shows a family picnicking with HazMat suits on and doing other activities – great ad and so true, unfortunately.

On ricks list, they just said the European satellites show the crude oil is already in the loop – ESpace group / European meteorology group – (CNN)

from 05-19-10

last nite on ac360 – bp says it will only be moderate damage from the oil leak – statement by bp pres hayward yesterday (CNN)

from 05-19-10


I was actually looking for the BP statement in the news and then it occurred to me that this is history in the making right now and I wish my children and my children’s children could have this moment in the process available to them so I posted the overview of new stories about the oil disaster.

These news stories above are a part of the unfolding horrors that await when even at any one time in one single occasion, there is an accident involving crude oil – wherever it is and in whatever kind of landscape.

Personally, I don’t know that it is the drilling that is bad to the same degree that it is the absolute power in the hands of corporations with no humanity, no sense of conscience about it, no sense of safety about it, and no mercy which seem to be the ones who end up drilling (and mining for that matter.)

Secondly, what also seems worse than the actual drilling, recovery of petroleum, shipping, moving, storing and refining of the crude oil is that they have inhibited and in most cases, altogether stolen from the even playing field of those other technologies and sources that would provide energy and fuels from other things or done in other ways. That seems pretty extreme in what has been left to us that puts us at the mercy of these oil and mining corporations and industries that have absolutely no mercy and not one shred of decency in them. That is a problem. And, that has definitely undermined our nation’s safety, security and well-being.

Thirdly, the pervasive propaganda that twists the trust and truth until it has no recognizable attachment to the facts which is not only used by these industry corporations and their trade lobbies, but also by those who serve them – is second only to the machines of propaganda used in the most hideous of places and situations, including those of tyranny and oppression.

That bothers me a lot because it is an indication of intent – not only to persuade but to determine what everybody thinks about it and the way in which everyone must perceive it – with absolutely no relationship to the facts or the truth. Its just plain wrong and purely dangerous.

That one strategy of propaganda and perception management has gone farther to create the damages that we are now seeing in the Gulf of Mexico which caused the accident, to have prevented immediately containing it with everything available within a short three or four day window, and to have created sustained and continuing damages that are now catastrophic rather than “moderate” no matter what Mr. BP says.

Fourthly, there is nothing so disgusting as a company of individual people acting as a group in an effort that can only be called self-serving to the point of evil. That’s true whether it is some obscene government junta somewhere insisting on genocide for their perception of the greater good, or when it is done by a huge international corporation insisting on doing things that are permanently harmful to mankind in pursuit of their profits and exclusive self-interests.

– crickdiane, 05-19-10


I read this one – it has a lot of interesting views in it – including the note by the European Space Agency that the oil has already entered the looping current –

( . . . )

Large ribbons of crude and sludge have started washing ashore in Louisiana’s marshlands in recent days, even as BP says it has contained some 40 percent of the oil streaming from the wreckage of the Deepwater Horizon rig.

The European Space Agency said on Wednesday that its satellites showed oil being dragged into the powerful clockwise-moving current that joins the Gulf Stream, the northern hemisphere’s most important ocean current system.

“We have visible proof that at least oil from the surface of the water has reached the current,” said Bertrand Chapron, a scientist at the French Research Institute for Exploitation of the Sea.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the main US agency monitoring the spill, had warned on Tuesday that the leading edge of the slick was perilously close to the current and could be starting to enter it.

NOAA chief Jane Lubchenco said that by the time the oil reaches the Florida Strait it was likely to be “significantly weathered and degraded as well as diluted,” showing up in the form of emulsified streamers and tar balls rather than fresh crude.

Despite her words of caution there are fears that the already enormous economic and environmental impact of the spill could be magnified if it reaches the hugely popular tourist beaches and fragile coral reefs around the southern tip of Florida.

One of the state’s two US senators, Bill Nelson, described the prospect of oil hitting Florida and heading up the US east coast as his “worst nightmare.”

“While I always hope for the best,” Nelson said in a statement, “this is looking like really out-of-control bad.”

Scientists said the entry of the Gulf oil into the Loop Current made it harder to predict where the crude would surface next.

The spill, one of the worst environmental disasters ever to hit the United States, poses an ever more immediate threat to the environment in the Gulf and the businesses that rely on it, including its once-thriving fishing industry.

Officials on Tuesday closed a large swath of the Gulf of Mexico in the latest blow to the region’s economy, affecting some 120,000 square kilometres – about one-fifth of the Gulf’s federal waters.

BP, meanwhile, continued its efforts to siphon up as much of the spewing oil as possible via a mile-long suction tube that it says is sucking up some 2,000 barrels of crude a day spouting from a fractured pipe.

BP estimates that some 5,000 barrels, or 210,000 gallons, of crude is spewing each day from the wreckage of the Deepwater Horizon rig, although independent experts warn the flow rate could be at 10 times as great.

There are also concerns that huge underwater plumes of crude could be starving the Gulf of oxygen and thus harming the marine environment far more than previously thought.

More than 150 dead sea turtles, 12 dead bottlenose dolphins and 35 oiled birds – 23 of them dead – have been recovered, government wildlife officials said on Tuesday, without directly linking this to the spill. – AFP/de



And, I don’t know why the NOAA commerce group is so willing to downplay every last significant part of this – through their spokesman, Jane Lubchenco – but I would swear she works for the oil industry instead of NOAA or the United States. It is like she is a spokesman for BP every time she opens her mouth and I don’t know why that is. We have put up with that from the Minerals Management Service and from some of the EPA officials over these last twenty years, especially through the last decade of mining and oil spill horrors. But, I would’ve never expected it to come from anywhere in NOAA. That may be why the European science community decided it was time to get another voice into that analysis. Thank God they did.

The other thing that is eminently obscene is the insistence by BP that the damage is “moderate” even as Governor Bobby Jindal took our a team from CNN to the marshes where the oil sits throughout the coastal marsh like “chocolate syrup” – they showed a bottle of the stuff on CNN’s Wolf Blitzer show a little bit ago – and you can’t see light through it. That’s bad. Really bad.

There are giant plumes of crude oil that extend for miles under the surface, surface waters covered in oil, 70,000 barrels a day spewing out (in a conservative scientific analysis done from the video), and a known lethal toxicity to the oil and the dispersants being used. It is a nightmare of historic proportions and BP still treats us all as if we, (as the public, the state and local leadership, the journalists and news reporters bringing news of it to the public and the people affected by it directly) are absolutely held in contempt by their company and its executives. In fact, that seems to be the case across much of the oil industry and its extensive companion industries.

I guess since they have all our money and we are at their knees to get the oil for our machines and homes and transportation vehicles of every kind – maybe that breeds contempt for us. We are no more or less than a money stream for feeding their industry’s insatiable black pit of greed.

– cricketdiane


My Note –

(another quick note)

Let me tell you something that I know is an absolute fact about Wall Street, British Petroleum and other oil industries, and every other corporate entity or financial investment group entity –

This is an absolute fact, can’t be argued, can’t be changed, isn’t going to be any different because of rhetoric or perception management strategies. It is an absolute.

The absolute fact is that not one of them can make one sea turtle from scratch. (period.)

– cd9


There are also concerns that huge underwater plumes of crude could be starving the Gulf of oxygen and thus harming the marine environment far more than previously thought.

More than 150 dead sea turtles, 12 dead bottlenose dolphins and 35 oiled birds – 23 of them dead – have been recovered, government wildlife officials said on Tuesday, without directly linking this to the spill. – AFP/de



There is a reason why you don’t destroy what you didn’t create and can’t replace. When you kill a thing, an animal, an environment, a place, a creation that you cannot make one iota of in order to replace it, restore it, give it life, or create it from scratch – you have done the same thing as putting yourself in the position of a criminal – and for the same reasons it is criminal to put a gun to shoot and take a life – it is also criminal to do corporate things as an entity which takes lives, destroys lives and takes the lives of animals and people horrifically.

It is cruel, it is savage, it is vicious and psychotic – And, it is criminal in the same way that every other horrifically cruel and vicious taking of life with torturing and causing tremendously cruel suffering – is criminal.

– cricketdiane


Here’s what we could do –

Take Mr. Doug Suttles of BP and Mr. Tony Hayward with that guy who just retired from Minerals Management Service responsible for this mess, and put them into a boat, take them out to the Gulf of Mexico near the spill. Then throw them in with, not lifejackets on – but the old-fashioned kind of ski belts that force them to end up with their faces in the water where the oil can get into their eyes and noses and mouths. Then, after thirty minutes of swimming around in the crude oil, get them out onto the boat and feed them lunch that is completely coated and permeated with the same crude oil and toxic dispersants with globs of oil in their iced tea to go with it.

and, after their lunch is finished – throw them coated with the same oil that came from the Gulf – back into the waters of the crude oil spill near that mess they made. Leave them another 30 minutes, then get them out and give them a snack with the same crude oil in it and don’t give them any way to get the shit out of their eyes and noses and mouths on the way by – and just keep doing that for about two days, twenty-four hours a day for two full days.

Then, they will understand the cruelty of what they have done to the people and animals that are in the Gulf of Mexico and on their oil rigs that have no where to go when this oil and toxic dispersants fill every thing everywhere as far as the eye can see. Let them smell those fumes as their only source of air. Let them feel the burn of the chemicals in their eyes that every eel, sea turtle, dolphin, porpoise, bird, fish, seahorse, octopus, squid, otter, seal, whale, shark and every other single thing has been experiencing. I’m not suggesting they be subjected to the experiences that those eleven men had on the rig when they were exploded into little bits and burned to death in the flash of an eye (which could’ve been prevented), and I’m not suggesting they be burned alive as happened to those men and countless others these oil men have caused directly to be burned alive by their decisions and actions and failures to create actions necessary to protect life.

If the courts would find this to be cruel and unusual punishment – then so it is for the animals and people that these men and others have done the very same thing to and to those animals and marine life and birds and people that they are doing it to right this very minute in the Gulf of Mexico and Alaska and halfway around the world –

And that is absolutely the facts of it – too.

Now, I’m all for petroleum being a magnificent product and group of products that enhances all our lives, our nation and our technical progress – but damn the way they are going about it without regard to human life and animals and marine life and eco-systems and animals that rely upon them. These business people in the oil industry, including the one who wrote the damn discrediting, disregarding, disreputable lies of there only being “moderate damage” in the Gulf that BP Tony Hayward read as a public statement yesterday – need to be put out there in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico where it gets in the eyes they can’t replace, and in the lungs they can’t fix, and in their mouths to be swallowed that they can’t dissolve in the linings of their stomachs and small intestines – until they do “get it”. Then they would be in a better position to make decisions that affect all of us forever.

– cricketdiane


The consequences that I listed above – are not something that might not happen. The executives of the oil industry, their traders, their shippers, their backers and bankers, their lobbyists and public relations firms and their spokespeople which serve their interests in our governments around the world, have been at risk of those kinds of things happening to them personally all this time, from day one.

There are governments and nations around the world that don’t play by the same rules we do and there have been times in our history when we didn’t play by the civilized rules of consequences and punishments either. These people including the ones that have destroyed the life in the Gulf of Mexico with gushing crude oil and killed eleven men while endangering hundreds of others on the rig, have been at risk of these kinds of personal consequences and punishments for the damages they have done the whole time. I didn’t make it so. It has always been there – that somewhere, sometime when they created a disaster by their actions – they would be thrown into it directly to experience it for themselves to their personal detriment. They never minded that risk – what’s any different now?

It is something to be considered that explains why we, stupid as we all might be out here in America – know. We have the ability to understand what the marine life is experiencing in all the cruelty and suffering of it because we can do what BP cannot – we are capable of applying all that we know to the situation at hand. And, I don’t know why BP, and Wall Street, and those at the Minerals Management Service and the Department of the Interior in Colorado offices can’t “get it” by doing that. I really don’t understand that part. And, nor do I want to understand that part anymore.

Why should I have to explain in visual, visceral terms what it would be like for these men who died, the animals and marine animals that are dead and are dying, the birds that have been killed by it – and express what they were experiencing by bringing it down to the level of what that would be like if the executives and government personnel responsible for it were to be required to swim in it for two days and eat food coated in it? Why didn’t they understand that part of it long before I ever said anything about that at all? Didn’t they know that in many countries where they have spilled, and spoiled, and fouled and “fooled” people – there might be laws of retribution, punishment and consequences that would put them right into that mess they created? Didn’t they ever know that?

But, my voice isn’t heard and my way of looking at it means very little. They never heard it before and they are unlikely to hear it now. The solutions that were available that were known to work for containment, for control of the oil when the event happened, that were known for cleaning it up quickly and immediately and that were known to work to keep it from happening in the first place – went unused and weren’t even on their menu. I’ve though about that a lot. It really is like the lady I saw dead on the bridge in New Orleans who died in the heat while our President said they were doing a good job and while news crews and Salvation Army missions people were able to get into the area but the resources held back by FEMA couldn’t go two miles to help them or to get anything to anybody before they were horribly, cruelly suffering or dead from it.

I will never forget the picture of America I saw in that moment when no one in our government in Baton Rouge hunkered down with all the resources at their command could see one thing that was happening around them and they knew nothing of the pictures and facts that any of us could get within any two minute time frame right where we were sitting in our homes far away./ I hated that then and I hate it now as I watch efforts for creating solutions that work, fall by the wayside unused by the very people at BP and in government resource groups that need them most – and have needed them “right this very minute” from the point at which it all started and expanded exponentially by the moment afterward. I am qualified to say – that is insane in this day and age. There is no excuse for it.

Had they started at the beginning with everything on the menu that was actually available to them – we wouldn’t have the total destruction of the waters of the Gulf of Mexico and the complete degradation of the Gulf Coast areas, including the wildlife, the marine life, the birds, the sea communities, the people communities and the economic well-being of the entire area. That is a fact. This isn’t an argument – it is an absolute fact. Had they contained it immediately – we wouldn’t be here talking about it at all.

I have thought of a few things that could be done and absolutely should be done, no matter what else happens –

“My voice is not heard – these industries are accountable to no one.” 7

But they are accountable to me, and to you and to the leadership of countries and governments, they are accountable to our Legislatures, to our US government, to our States and to the nations of people around the World including to the people of our nation whether they know it or not. And, whether they and their friends in Wall Street and Washington know it or not. And, whether they believe is amounts to anything or not.

How so?

We can –

1. Require a database to be set up that they are required to use – for each and every possibility of solutions that work – or that might work for any and all parts of it. That includes for containment, cleanup, special uses, safety and for special extreme conditions and events of various kinds (high pressure depths, marshlands, deepwater currents, highly populated areas, etc.)


2. Require their preparations be available for possible spills or disasters (whatever their products, drilling, mining, refining, chemical manufacturing, etc.) to include all of those things be on reserve / standby within a hundred miles of any rig, drilling, plant, facility, operations, explorations, point of shipment, port, terminal, storage and / or refinery in these industries with a complete menu of options available on standby rather than just three.


3. Require that list of options available within a hundred miles on standby plus all other resources available in the nearby area along with current, updated weekly – local, regional, government, academic, international and other resources that are also available for these events using a user-friendly, software interface that any third grader in America can use.


4. Require that level of increased computer literacy (such as the rest of us have), among the executives, decision-makers, government agency representatives and decision-makers, etc. at every level of every corporation and industry whose actions can impact others in vile and quickly expanding negative ways. And, I mean a computer literacy that has the fluency and fluidity as a quickly evolving situation and decision-making would require that matches the level that our generals have to use, we have to use, our children use fluently and that the rest of us are constantly working to better ourselves to do.


5. Require a history of business of our executives and government decision-makers that includes the knowledge base available to anyone else who can get online and see it – to be made available to every corporate employee and every level of decision-making at a moment’s notice – such that when they need a quick understanding of the impacts that their decisions might have, that they – and not their secretaries, analysts, scientists, engineers, attorneys, lobbyists, pr firms and pr decision-makers can have a good possibility of having a concrete analysis of the options available to them and what the known results have been. This isn’t rocket science either. It can be done and it can be done in an efficient, immediately available way that doesn’t take hours for them to first-hand “figure it out” before deciding some fool thing that makes it worse and was known to have made it worse the time it was done before this.


6. When an event occurs which must be assumed to be of any possibility, considered catastrophic with immediately and quickly expanding metrics of catastrophic, require that from the get-go – it be considered to be that and not something else. Then, if it isn’t catastrophic – then so much the better. But, many things we have all seen – quickly got out of hand and became catastrophic when they did not have to be in the first place. But, to determine by law that it be assumed to be catastrophic in nature from the very beginning and all the way through the process and be handled as such – would be far more sensible and far less dangerous and catastrophic than what they’ve been doing (in every single case.)


7. When an event might occur, does occur, is occurring, is unfolding, is expanding, is of catastrophic consequences – there does not need to be one solution and such a solution or path of prepared solutions that inhibits the multitude of possible potential solutions that are actually available in real time. And, it can be required that such a system to include all of these along with what can be generated throughout the world “flying by wire” during an emergency be available in real time in a fluid, intelligent manner to each and every single decision-maker involved. And legally require that this system must be in place for any industry forecast to potentially affect anyone or anything in any negative way at any time, anywhere and to any negative degree.


8. Require that these things be put in place right now without extension, without excuse and without regard to complaints about it. Each and every thing on this list is reasonable, economically sound, good investments, good sense and can be the things to insure against future catastrophic events quickly getting more catastrophic and life-threatening and expansive. There doesn’t need to be a twenty-five year plan on any of these things, nor even a two year plan to accomplish them. Every single one of them and all of them together can be done in any six-month period of time including the one we are currently enjoying. That is a fact – and all of these resources, systems, capabilities are at hand – not far away. They are immediately available.


9. Require, as corporate entities and as businesses generally – that there are user-friendly interactive interfaces for your critical information immediately available along with those resources available throughout the rest of the world. What I mean is this – when a decision or set of decisions needs to be being made right this minute, there is no realistic time frame to figure out what some technical report might be trying to say. That can be in an extending link or expanded entry available with it – not as a pdf but as a web page with its own companion information included that can be taken into the mind understandably and quickly – which also has the pdf available and the email address and phone number of whatever idiot wrote it.

There is no time to look up words for what they mean in a crisis – despite their meaning being critical to evaluating and understanding the information immediately for use and application in the unfolding misery and stress of a catastrophic event. A lot of information needs to be at hand that can go into the human minds involved at high speeds of facility including company documents, reports, world knowledge about the specifics concerning the event and other information sources that are pertinent to it. There is no room for “impressing with a fine presentation and fancy eighty dollar words” being helpful in that unfolding crisis situation where decisions must be quickly made and knowledge-based flexibility is required in real time.


10. As corporations and businesses, and their shareholders and boards of directors – require that once a year, every member of the executive team be required to spend a three day weekend in a development seminar for “flying by wire” in a crisis confrontation scenario. Make it full-time for those three days without relief at the bars or casinos or any other entreaty of entertainment. Make it a three-day required seminar that is specific to an industry based crisis – but not given by the industry, the pr firms, the lobby firms, their side-business firms, the government, the industry association nor by anyone else that could possibly want to influence the outcome of how such an event would be handled, either to buffer their own profits in that occasion or for whatever other political or business agenda they might have. Also require that every employee in the corporation be given a follow-up seminar by these executive management teams who went through the crisis response development seminar in the first place such that they must convey what they learned to do successfully –  to the others in the organization through a week-long set of classes – maybe once a day or something added to the normal work activities – once a year.

My suggestion is that such a seminar be taken from either another industry with some lick of common sense – or with a group of much younger university student aged engineers and science geeks giving it along with their academic teams. Then, your basic executive corps would know a thing or two in a developing crisis situation that they don’t know right now today.


11. As a corporate executive, a corporate decision-maker, a business, a company, an industry, a corporation or a government agency providing oversight – and for every business school and academic class teaching anyone who might find themselves in any of these jobs – there needs to be a change – a simple change in the way it is being taught and introduced. The concept of “extent of damages” in corporate activities is not a legal one, nor an economic one, not even a social or moral one in the final analysis. It is what would it be like if you endure the results of it personally? That is the extent of damages that are real. The rest of it is just an intellectual discussion.


12. Know this – and if it were me, I would make sure that every executive and every employee in the company that I derive an income from would know it – there is not enough money in the world, not enough resources owned by a company, not enough security in any economic revenue stream or foundation of corporate resources that can withstand the onslaught of a public comprehensively infuriated by an event directly caused by any entity.  Nor can anyone nor anything nor any business nor any industry withstand the undermining effects of revenues being detracted from the corporation’s coffers from a catastrophic event that exacts a toll of decimation across generations now and in the future and does so comprehensively, disastrously and in magnifying degrees of complex catastrophic consequences.

That is a fact and our history as civilized peoples are littered with that fact across the ages, across all cultures, across all nations and across every part in the history of mankind – and across all types of industries and business activities. It isn’t even arguable. It is a fact that destroys future revenues, depletes secured revenues, decimates existing revenues, detracts from overall progress and growth of the entity which could be done using those resources otherwise engaged in “fixing the mess” and ultimately, in a multitude of cases – this very fact has completely destroyed the entity and decimated it in its entirety. In fact, some entire industries have been destroyed by it.


That’s not all I have to say about it. But, suffice it to say this at this point – there are decisions right now that can be made to fix this. They can and do make sense – following some of the guidelines above. They are possible. They are plausible. They are practical. And, they are do-able. And, they work.

Now, the only thing that does not make sense –  is to not do them.

– cricketdiane


One other note – many years ago, I went to a disaster mock up session with FEMA or GEMA that put us all in a room to manage a disaster. I noticed in this situation, that in every case – every agency of the government locally, every group of what we call “first responders” now, every business leadership group and every state or local resources that came to the pretend disaster command center for the exercise – sent not the decision-maker, but the secretary, the office manager, the right-hand man or woman, the junior whatever, the assistant whatever, the reporter rather than the editor, in my case.

What this does is that once a real disaster occurs, the only people who know how to deal with it have been sent out of town to safety and the only ones left to do the job of managing, coordinating, facilitating, organizing, placing resources, decision-making and responding with flexible problem-solving are those inadequate and untrained to the task. That is exactly what I watched happen during numerous occasions of disasters, hurricanes including Katrina, chemical spills and industrial accidents, floods and flood evacuations, and other similar catastrophic events.

And, each time there was a drill ahead of time, a seminar, a workshop, a crisis management development class or practice or mockup or information resource – these same decision-makers didn’t want to be bothered with it. They didn’t want to figure it out. They didn’t want to know how to deal with it. They didn’t want their golf tee time to be interrupted and they didn’t want to waste their time with it. That is what – when the event actually does occur – causes much of the confused ineptitude that we’ve all watched. The people actually capable of doing the job well – that were also the ones who were sent to the seminars and drills in place of the decision-makers, aren’t there to do their normally efficient, capable job that can flex to dramatically changing conditions, facts and requirements quickly and effectively in real time.

Now, we all know that isn’t a necessary thing to put up with any longer. The skills of every governor, senator, congressman, congresswoman, agency decision-maker, local resource group decision-maker, mayor, county leader and business leader shouldn’t have to be without those organizational skills that they rely upon their staff to do under normal day-to-day circumstances. It is time that each of them have those skills as well – just in case they need them someday and we are all having to depend on the fact they have those skills in an emergency situation or catastrophic event.

And, for right this minute – that is all I’ve got to say about it.

– cricketdiane, 05-19/20 – 10 :  (12.07 am ET – in case you’re wondering).


P.S. – I don’t want to know what you’re going to do when your secretary isn’t there to write an email for you right quick because you can’t type. I want to know that when it matters, you will type up that email (as a decision-maker in an unfolding crisis) like lightning flying across the keyboard, grabbing the address with the speed of light and sending it off without hesitation in one beautiful fluid five-minute process. That’s what I want to know can be done.


Deepwater Horizon oil spill showing tendril moving south towards the Loop Current. May 17, 2010. Image by Jeff Schmaltz MODIS Rapid Response Team courtesy NASA) - Based on NOAA's daily trajectory maps and fisheries closure maps, mapping experts estimate the exent of the spill at 78,000 square miles. NOAA has closed about 19 percent of gulf waters to fishing.

Deepwater Horizon oil spill showing tendril moving south towards the Loop Current. May 17, 2010. Image by Jeff Schmaltz MODIS Rapid Response Team courtesy NASA) - Based on NOAA's daily trajectory maps and fisheries closure maps, mapping experts estimate the extent of the spill at 78,000 square miles. NOAA has closed about 19 percent of gulf waters to fishing.

That’s –

Based on NOAA’s daily trajectory maps and fisheries closure maps, mapping experts estimate the extent of the spill at 78,000 square miles. NOAA has closed about 19 percent of gulf waters to fishing.