2000 page legislation? when did that get to be the norm?

Derivatives that nobody understands? – then why are they making them, selling them and trading in them?

Do the American people need to hire some lobbyists so that our voices are heard too?

I thought that was something the legislators were hired to do in the first place but it looks like the only ones that are at their tables, at the hearings, in the meetings, talking in their ears down the hall and getting to their inboxes are lobbyists for everyone and everything else besides us.

It could be the concept of too-big-to-fail that should go and work faster to move out of the way when top heavy too big to fail organizations fall over.

Maybe they are trying to answer some of the wrong questions – why did companies get 100 cents on the dollar from AIG through government funds given to them for credit derivatives that went bad?

Why did the SEC not know what was going on with all the resources available to them?

Why do banks and financial firms get to leverage to such high ratios that they couldn’t give everyone their money back today if they had to do it?

“The perfect as the enemy of the good” means “anything worth doing is worth doing half-assed” – whose idea was that?

I’ve got to stop watching the news . . .

– cricketdiane