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Because Nancy Pelosi and President Obama along with every Representative who voted in favor of it, passed the health reform bill that legally requires every American to purchase health care insurance, literally sold our free citizenship as Americans to the corporate insurance companies who are now a new king over us.

When every person, born and unborn is required to pay a fealty to any privately benefiting and profiting entity, that is a monarchy – a king – an enslavement, whether to an individual monarch in the person of a king or to a corporate entity without human conscience in the form of a capitalist corporate personification of a master owed for very existence.

That is what makes it wrong. For what good does it do a man to have all the riches and wealth of the world, if that man owns not himself but is owned by the king and forever in servitude of that master?

This is what will happen. According to CNN, a family of four with an income of $30,000 a year will now be legally required to buy health care insurance at a cost of $10,000 a year to cover their family. The point will come when that 1/3 of their income or more, will go out to the insurance company as required by law but no subsidy will exist to help cover it. Sooner or later, there will be no accountability for what the insurance company gives them in return, nor does that create provision for good, safe, decent, and reasonable health care. In fact, if other experiences are an indication – it will allow the shoddiest things to go on instead among health care industry providers because there is nothing to hinder it.

So not only did they sell us to a new king and master who we will owe every day that we are alive, but they also prevented anything getting done that could successfully correct the horrendous deficiencies and dangers in the Health Care System we have now.

That is a problem.

– cricketdiane

When you assign the right to any corporation to take from our earnings without regard for our Constitution, our laws, our freedoms, our rights and our system of government by consent and representation of the governed, you have done no more than to have sold us and our freedoms as citizens away. To what purpose then is our Constitution and its oath in your hands?


Had it been for the intention of serving the greater good, Our government leaders would have offered Health Care as they do public education for the benefit of our citizens from the taxes we already pay collected by our government with our agreement (more or less). That, despite its socialist overtones would have been in the mandate of our Constitution to serve the greater good, the other which requires a fealty to be paid to a privately benefiting monarchy, is not.


(My note from that day the Health Care bill passed)

Right now, our government through various laws and means is taking over 50% of our earned incomes to pay for themselves raises, build themselves nice offices, cover their pensions, salaries, per diems, housing allowances, petty cash, miscellaneous goodie funds, health care costs, perks, travel, staff, and a multitude of resources. What we the American people get are roads in disrepair, bridges that are crumbling, dams and water systems in need of repair, filthy oceans, rivers and lakes that are too polluted to eat the fish, destruction of our Constitution and Bill of Rights, disavowments of our rights, abrogations of our freedoms, a pathetically sorry education system, a dangerous unaccountable health care system, harassment and prosecution by police and authorities for every petty and trivial law or ordinance, an overwhelming set of ridiculous obstacles, regulations and requirements for starting a business, a total lack of freedom and access to move about between our country and others, state budgets in complete disarray and bankruptcy, air quality from industrial and transportation pollution that resembles a radioactive sewer of chemical brews that take a doctorate in physics to understand and drinking water systems that are filled with toxic chemicals, are compromised or in decay.

And, that’s not all. Without giving us any assurances of an economic future where opportunity exists for all, the government chooses to give away access to our future earnings and earning potential not only to new taxes, further tax categories, fuel taxes, property taxes, income taxes, sales taxes, insurance taxes, ad valorem taxes, estate taxes and every other excuse for a tax they can create and to new fees, higher fees, and excessive fees for everything from court costs to patents and every other type of fee – they are now allowing the insurance companies to dig into our pockets without regard and take as they desire legally without any recourse by any American citizen alive today or in the future. Not only do we not have health care that’s worth a damn now, we still won’t after they’ve finished taking the next 65% of our incomes and divvying it up between government hands and the insurance company’s corporate profits.

That the United States is already falling behind many third world nations in health care now and throughout many years before this, already ranks lower than many third world countries in education, in math and in science and even in the ability to use language and know something about geography and the world, and already ranks lower than most other countries in economic future – why the hell don’t they fix some of that instead of making things worse?

– cricketdiane


11 States to Sue over Health Bill

Republican attorneys general in 11 states say they will file suits to block the health reform plan on constitutional grounds.

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Bricks Shatter Glass at N.Y. Dem. Offices

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FDA Asks Docs to Suspend Using Glaxo Rotavirus Vaccine

Rotarix is contaminated with pig virus but poses no known health risk, officials say

Posted: March 22, 2010


By Steven Reinberg
HealthDay Reporter

MONDAY, March 22 (HealthDay News) — U.S. health officials recommended Monday that doctors temporarily stop using the Rotarix vaccine — one of two brands available to prevent the diarrhea bug rotavirus — for children until the source and any potential harm from a contamination of the vaccine has been identified.


More information

For more on rotavirus, head to the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention.


Republicans Fight Health Care Bill, Obama to Sign it Into Law Tuesday

ABC News – Huma Khan, Byron Wolf – ‎32 minutes ago‎

Republicans are vowing to fight the health care bill and use it against Democrats in the mid-term election even though the bill passed Sunday night and the president plans to sign it Tuesday.

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‘The Story of Bottled Water’

01:22 PM PT, Mar 22 2010


Today is World Water Day, and there are discussions across the Internet about the sad fact that more than a billion people worldwide do not have access to safe, clean water. And then there’s the flip side of that equation, in this country, with all the needless waste produced by the bottled water industry.

Frankly, the subject of bottled water offends me and always has. I always make a big display of asking for tap water. The nicer the restaurant, the more likely I am to do this. The idea of paying money for water is, to me, a huge joke, and furthermore the plastic-packaging aspect seems simply indefensible if you have even the slightest bit of concern about the environment. And nearly everyone knows that most brands of bottled water are straight from the tap anyway! So why do people still fall for the bottled water scam so readily?

Annie Leonard, the activist filmmaker behind “The Story of Stuff” and the above short, “The Story of Bottled Water,” had this to say:

In the last few decades, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Nestle and other big beverage companies have spent untold millions making us afraid of tap water. They’ve told us that if we want to be sure what we drink is pure and clean — not to mention hip and fashionable — we should buy bottled water. After all, nobody cool or environmentally conscious drinks tap water, right?

The thing is, there are a lot of inconvenient truths the bottled water ads don’t mention:

• Bottled water is subject to fewer health regulations than tap water. In 2006, Fiji Water ran ads bragging that their product doesn’t come from Cleveland, only to have tests show a glass of Fiji water is lower quality than Cleveland tap. Oops!

• Up to 40% of bottled water is filtered tap water. In other words, if you’re concerned about what’s in your tap water, just cut out the middleman and buy a home water filter.

• Each year, according to the Pacific Institute’s Peter Gleick, making the plastic water bottles used in the U.S. takes enough oil and energy to fuel a million cars. And that doesn’t even include the fuel required to ship, fly or truck water across continents and state lines.

• Three-fourths of the half-billion plastic water bottles sold in the U.S. every week go to the landfill or to incinerators. It costs our cities more than $70 million to landfill water bottles alone each year, according to Corporate Accountability International.

Bottled water also costs up to 2,000% more than what the “on tap” variety will run you. And of course, if the above reasons aren’t enough to convince you that bottled water is strictly for dummies, bottled water is often chock full of nasty microbes that breed in the bottles themselves. Furthermore, leave a plastic water bottle in your car during a hot day and the contents can turn toxic from the chemicals in the plastic.

— Richard Metzger

Video: “The Story of Bottled Water” by Annie Leonard




Republicans Fight Health Care Bill, Obama to Sign it Into Law Tuesday

12 State Attorneys General Have Filed Lawsuits Against the Mandatory Insurance Provision

March 22, 2010


Republicans are vowing to fight the brand new health care bill and use it against Democrats in the mid-term election even though the bill passed Sunday night and the president plans to sign it Tuesday.

// <![CDATA[// // <![CDATA[// Rep. Patrick Kennedy, D-R.I., talks about his father’s life work on health care.

Sen. Jim DeMint, R-S.C., and Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, introduced bills today to repeal the health care bill. Twelve state attorneys general, all of whom are Republican, have already filed suits to block the bill on the grounds that its requirement that everyone have health insurance is unconstitutional. Four state legislatures have already passed laws blocking the bill.

Tuesday, the Senate is expected to take up a package of “fix-its” for the health care bill that were agreed to before the House vote. Senators have to pass the “fixes” before the bill can be fully implemented.

The Senate session is expected to be a madcap multi-day episode of parliamentary wrangling as Republicans try to delay the the bill.


Even as Republicans raised objections, House Democratic leaders this afternoon signed the $938 billion bill in a ceremonious act. On Tuesday, President Obama will officially sign the bill in the East Room of the White House, after which he will travel to the Department of Interior to deliver remarks. In the audience will be lawmakers who voted for the bill, and people whose stories the president has used in the long fight to get the bill passed.

* * *

My note to the legislators –

I have watched our president and democratic leaders say that a $938 billion dollar bill translates as a cut to the deficit, that a $500 billion – one trillion dollar cut to medicare doesn’t mean anything will be taken away from seniors and that the US Constitution allows the Congress to decide what Americans are to buy or not buy, what they can be required to do with their money, earnings and assets, and how they are required to manage their personal health care access and the manner in which they are required to pay for it, and to whom they are to pay it.

Further, I watched the confirmation hearings of the TSA candidate who wants to grill passengers for choosing to travel as they do in Israeli airports. Apparently, everything else they can do technologically is not enough in his estimation. His desire will not be satisfied until he has the authority to brutalize to travelers based on his discretion. He needs to work for somebody in the KGB or the Mossad if that is how he wants to conduct his activities and authority. Not one elected leaders suggested that maybe there was something wrong with the thinking he conveyed. They must have thought it to be alright. As if, in that situation there is no presumption of rights or protections granted to citizens either. And, I would have to say the brunt of this would be born, not by terrorists nor potential terrorists, but by citizens intending no harm at all.

So far, it doesn’t look like things are better.

– cricketdiane


(more about Benjamin Franklin)

Another book which had a special influence on his style may be mentioned. An odd volume of the “Spectator” coming into his hands, he read the essays over and over and took them deliberately as a model in language. This was before the date of Johnson’s well-known dictum: “Whoever wishes to attain an English style, familiar but not coarse, and elegant but not ostentatious, must give his days and nights to the volumes of Addison.” His method of work was “to make short hints of the sentiments in each sentence,” lay these by for a few days, and then having reconstructed the essay from his notes to compare his version with the original. Sometimes he jumbled the collection of hints into confusion and thus made a study of construction as well as of style; or again he turned an essay into verse and after a while converted it back into prose. And this we believe to be the true method of acquiring a good style, more efficacious than any English course in Harvard College.

At sixteen he was reading Locke “On Human Understanding,”—very strong meat for a boy—and the Port Royal “Art of Thinking.” From Xenophon’s “Memorable Things of Socrates” he acquired a lesson which he never forgot and which he always esteemed of importance in his education. This was the skillful assumption of ignorance or uncertainty in dispute, the so-called “irony” of Socrates. At first he employed this ironical method to trap his opponents into making unwary statements that led to their confusion; and in this way he grew expert in obtaining victories that, as he said, neither he nor his cause deserved. Accordingly he afterwards gave up this form of sophistry and only retained the habit of expressing himself in terms of modest diffidence, always saying: He conceived or imagined such a thing to be so, and never using the words certainly, undoubtedly, and the like.



By the way, one more note – have they not noticed that the prices and premiums of health care insurance are set with an arbitrary system of values which then health care costs skyrocketed to meet. It doesn’t matter how many people are in the pool of risk, the prices and premiums are only remotely influenced by it regardless of what the insurance companies say. The shareholder value and their ability to leverage so they can keep playing the stock market with their revenues, are the only things that matter to them. And, Congress has just handed them a monarchy over us that each of us will forever be indebted to serve. That is so wrong.

Do the Democrats not realize that the American people know that?

– cricketdiane


Why give the insurance companies the rights to our money – Congressional Democrats say its okay because their view of the Constitution allows them to do anything they want in the name of our greater good without regard to our rights and freedoms – hmmm . . .

Republicans, Democrats – maybe they’re all bad. Or maybe that rarefied air up in Washington has affected them with all the hot air and steam coming directly from the lobbyists’ mouths and into their heads.


another note –

I was just watching the coverage about the Democratic legislators who are concerned for their safety and seem genuinely surprised that people are angry about what they have done, as if that option wasn’t even on the menu. The news shows today have been parading endless political experts from both sides that are telling the American audience members that there is “NO PLACE IN AMERICA FOR THIS KIND OF DISCOURSE” and similar things about angry citizens choosing to say things that are not nice, that are angry, that are not wishing good things for the leaders who voted for this health care reform bill.

Are they kidding? Do they really think that only their violent emotions which they expressed during the weeks, months and committee meetings and Congressional hall speeches and news show discussions are appropriate? Is that freedom of speech for them but not for anyone that disagrees with them? Who are these people including those in the Democratic Party acting as spokesmen for their viewpoint to tell people that they are required to talk nice and anything else is “terrorism”? That’s not true what makes terrorism.

Why did they not know people were outraged about this? How could that possibly come as any surprise to them?

And, why, in any estimation of things would these elected people believe they have a right to tell everybody that they are required to be nice, act nice and talk nice about these outrageous destructive acts to our Constitution, to our laws, to our representative system of government and to our freedoms, our rights and our futures which they did with the stroke of a pen, a yay vote and a trade off behind closed doors or on Air Force One, for something else they wanted. It is obscene. Every person who was outraged and saying that they were not being heard – was right.

They were not being heard evidently or the Democrats now so surprised by it – wouldn’t be shocked that people are so outraged.

It reminds me of when President Bush (Jr.) went to a local Texas Chamber of Commerce meeting near the end of his term in office, but soon after the bailouts for the banks and AIG, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and others were made using our taxpayer money. Anyway, the shock and fear was evident on his face as he came out from the close quarters where he had spoken to their meeting.

It was obvious that in Washington, DC, he had no way to know and understand how thoroughly outraged and disgusted people were for what he had done, both in causing the problems in the first place and then bailing them out in the second place despite people across America being against the bailout bill.

For a fact, there is no way to get through the isolation of Washington, DC even when those who are elected come out to speak with the public across the country because they never actually get to nor want to hear anyone who does not serve their purposes. And, now to hear the people that news broadcast show producers have decided to dance in front of us to say what we can and cannot say, how we can say it and the kinds of emotions that we are allowed to convey even when we are displeased, outraged, disgusted, disappointed, frustrated, antagonized, angry, unrepresented, unheard, disrespected, disavowed, and put upon by these Congressional decisions.

Some have gone so far as to say people have no reason to feel this way about what the Congress has done in passing the health care reform bill. Many of these “experts” on the news have said that to express anger is to be a terrorist and to engage in terrorism. What country are they from? They didn’t mind when they were being emotionally charged with anger expressed verbally in exchanges we’ve all been watching on the news and in public and in the halls of Congress as they promoted the health care bill with whatever half-truths and lies they wanted to tell about it. Apparently in their estimation, freedom of speech means, “be nice and quiet while we carve you up to give to the bankers, insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies, hospital profits, shareholders and Wall Street financial businesses.” Hmmm . . . .

– cricketdiane


And I know there was evidence of the massive anger about this bill before they passed it, before they signed it and before they decided to sell our Constitutional rights down the river and legally give them to the ownership of the insurance companies and their profits. That isn’t even a European system, it is simply another corrupt system to serve corporate profits made by those who have no appreciation for the rights, freedoms and futures of American citizens, American families and American entrepreneurs. It is also obvious that it was passed in either complete ignorance of the Constitution or in complete contempt and disregard for it.