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So, do you know why we fought the Revolutionary War to break the chains of England’s king? Do you know why we don’t pay fealty to have our citizenship and our rights to anyone? Any other form of government that does require purchasing the rights and privileges afforded by the national Constitution or by some purchase keeps those rights and privileges from being threatened or taken? What form of governments have we seen that use the citizens and their efforts to serve the interests of corporations and businesses over the rights of the civic community, over the rights of the citizens and over the rights and needs of the country?

The Senators and Representatives who voted for the bailout of the banks and Wall Street firms and those that are voting to require every American to purchase insurance for the profits of the massive insurance companies, are serving a form of government that is not American, not Constitutional and not based in a free market competitive economic form of capitalism. They are not a government of the people, by the people nor serving the people’s interests. They are serving the corporate interests at the expense of the people and serving a form of government more closely aligned with something else and not America. It is treason. It is illegal. It is unconstitutional. It is in defiance of their oaths of office. It breaks the laws of our Constitution and Bill of Rights. It is an abomination that is evil and corrupt. There is profit in it for them personally and no accountability.

The checks and balances of our country do not any longer exist. The positive attributes governing our citizen’s rights, responsibilities and freedoms granted by the Constitution are being taken away without one concern or question by those elected to protect them. It is why our forefathers spilled their blood and the blood of their families to take away the chains of oppression from the King of England and fought for our freedoms.

It is the same thing. It is an aristocracy deciding for us all that our rights are to be subjected to those of tyrants. Insurance companies, banks, Wall Street firms and other corporate structures without conscience are tyrants. Their profits at our expense using our taxpayer dollars and resources while denying our rights and destroying our greater good have resulted in some of the greatest horrors of mankind against the people.

And now, today they will take more power over our rights and freedoms by legally requiring every citizen to pay of their earnings to the profits of the insurance companies while giving nothing in return. It is an abomination to the memory of every soldier who has fought for democracy, freedom and the rights of the American people under our Constitution and Bill of Rights. They died for our freedoms. What has any one of our legislators done for that freedom?

What have they done to insure our rights under the Constitution and Bill of Rights? Or, in fact – what are they doing today in continuing their years upon years as legislators of destroying the Constitution of the United States and every Constitutional guarantee written into it and written into the US Code of laws.

For when laws are no longer just and represent no more than injustice, suffering and oppression to the people they were intended to serve, then these laws and the legislators who made them are no longer the representatives of the people and those laws are no longer the rule of law but of evil and oppression and dictatorship, sovereignty and tyranny.

That is the America that it has become both at the hand of previous years of administrative wrongs, legislative wrongs and the current continuation of those wrongs which serve corporate interests over those of the people of the United States. Bad policy is not an excuse for bad government and the United States and most of its states have proven they are bad government actively enacting bad policy, unjust laws, and unjust practices; using corrupt methods, unconstitutional legislation and evil, self-serving goals; and are acting as representatives of an elite class of money hungry self-serving corporate interests at the expense of the people and the rights of the people. It is no longer the United States of America that my family’s blood was spilled to protect and to serve.

It is no longer the form of government and of the law that my forefathers fought and died to create and to preserve and to protect. It is no longer the United States of America – only the insurance companies are served, only the bankers are served, only the hedge funds are served, only the money men of Wall Street are served, only the big corporate conglomerates are served, only the political class and their families are served. It is no more the Constitutionally confined and defined country of the United States of America. The elite class have broken the law with contempt and disregard for its principles, foundation and point of fact.

There is no way that good will ever come of this – it is enslavement of the American people once more to another king and no one seems to understand why we fought against that in the first place and why it is important to stop the legislators from selling our rights and our futures down the river to suit their personal interests of pleasing their large insurance company and corporate campaign sponsors today.

– cricketdiane, 03-21-10


I am very sorry that President Obama was misled by the insurance companies, health care industry lobbyists and pharmaceutical companies he invited to the table instead of us. I’m sorry that Speaker Pelosi wasn’t hired to be a dishwasher instead of a power hungry legislator and I am sorry that she has been able to do the damage to our Constitutional rights and to our nation’s safety and international standing that she has. I’m sorry that none of them have been able to fix anything that was already broken when they got there and I am very sorry that in my lifetime, they have let the nightmares be created in Congress that have subjected the American people to these horrors for all of these years in so many different areas of life. I’m sorry they are educated well and yet know no better whether in the halls of Congress or in the desks of Wall Street and Harvard business school professors and Kennedy school of government policy makers’ minds.

That’s what happens when no difference of opinion is tolerated or considered. That’s what happens when closed minded government propaganda and pr firms regulating reference and perception management take hold and determine what everyone thinks and what everyone is allowed to think and what everyone must think and how all must agree to think in the same ways about the things as they want the perceptions about them to be. This is the result of that process and it is the damages that are done when that happens. What is the next step in that process other than for people to wake up in alarm that the rights they once enjoyed and thought were safe are now gone?

– Oh yeah – and more people being covered by car insurance legally required of every citizen did not prevent the insurance companies, since their pool of resources was greater and more extensively covering their risks – from continuing to raise premiums while offering less, requiring greater deductibles and out of pocket costs, creating higher premium groups to line their pockets and generally making life, living and making a living in the United States more difficult and financially impossible for more Americans.

ANd yes, Congresswoman whoever just speaking on CNN with your patronizing crap – Americans are not afraid – they are ANGRY because of people like you in Congress making decisions without conscience, without reason and without regard for reality.


Who was it that allowed mortgages to be resold? Who was it who allowed credit default swaps to be created knowing that they have been used as legal currency, swapped, traded and counted as assets? Who allowed Wall Street to break the laws of the United States and then gave them our money to bail them out of their bad bets and bad business practices? Who allowed the banks to engage in conflicts of interests by operating their own internal hedge funds in the first place? Who was it that allowed banks and Wall Street firms to borrow 40 to 1 and 72 to 1 without hindrance? Who was it that brought the US economy to the brink of failure and has brought economies around the world into the disaster with them – who was there in Congress that did anything to prevent it before it happened? How many in Congress knew that what could go up would also go down and allowed the free trading of mortgage backed securities in the first place beyond the walls of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac? Who was it that allowed the reselling of mortgages to interests outside of the United States and who was it that tolerated whatever the bankers and Wall Street firms wanted to do without reservation? Who was it who did that?

And, who was it that allowed insurance companies to exclude pre-existing conditions in the first place and to engage in practices of discrimination by charging women as much as 300% more for no other reason than their gender? And, who was it that allowed the insurance companies to charge premiums for 18 months before starting any coverage they were contracted to serve? Who allowed that? Who was it in Congress that had decided for the insurance companies every time a question arose? Who are they serving if not the insurance companies even now today? Why do people really even believe for one moment that the insurance premiums could possibly come down as a result of legally requiring everyone to buy health insurance when that removes all competition and entirely undermines the economic market processes that might possibly demand that they be competitive in what they offer and how they handle their customers? Why would people believe for one moment that the health care industry would be at all improved by this when so many of those organizations and industry providers are filthy, pervasively rampant with dangerous life-threatening errors and dissolute of any health care whatsoever? Why does anybody think or believe that health care costs would in any way be brought down by this bill when the truth is, once everybody is required to purchase health care insurance, there will be no reason for hospitals, doctors, pharmaceuticals and other health care industry providers to lower the costs in any way shape or form? – it will get paid by whatever measure they want to price it.