The best way to suffer a horrible death in the United States is to go to a hospital or doctor when you are already sick and suffering. They make sure that you are sicker than when you started while making sure every possible test you could be forced to endure is subjected upon you while in your vulnerable state. This gives them the extra 300% profits they want to enjoy and creates more reasons to treat you with further costly services to fix the secondary infections, to serve permanent harms from their errors at your expense and to have more health care services that must be done in order for you to survive all the things they did or didn’t do in the first place to restore you to good health. In fact, they aren’t there to restore anyone to good health. That is not their purpose.

No amount of health care insurance will fix that fact. These health care industry providers, pharmaceutical companies, doctors, nurses, technicians, hospitals, clinics and other health care industries are there to serve their own profit motives and that includes making something worse to increase the number and profitability of services they can force you to endure. At the end of the process, when you leave their facilities, if you survive its “care” – your health is insured to be less than whatever level where you started with further problems promised in your future because that is their goal. It is an unhealthy system with an unhealthy model at its core. They personally and collectively cause more horrible deaths than smoking and traffic accidents combined as evidenced by even the most conservative statistical figures that have been collected.

It is a lie to believe that health care insurance means health care. It is a lie. And, whoever told the President and the Democratic Party that a greater pool of risk for the insurance companies would provide lower costs, better care or reduced premiums to everyone, simply lied to them. It is a lie intended to further their profits and nothing else. The facts are still going to be that to most assuredly suffer a horrible death from something secondary to whatever you were sick with in the first place, just go to an American hospital or health care system provider, doctor, clinic or profit-driven hospital. The legislators are so out of touch with reality that to consider them competent is absolutely delusional.

People who say that the American health care system is the best are not using any facts at their disposal to know the truth of the situation. The health care in the United States is not at the top of the list but rather down near the bottom in nearly every category except for that of cost. To believe something else is no more than a fantasy and simply does not represent the facts based in reality.