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Right now, our government through various laws and means is taking over 50% of our earned incomes to pay for themselves raises, build themselves nice offices, cover their pensions, salaries, per diems, housing allowances, petty cash, miscellaneous goodie funds, health care costs, perks, travel, staff, and a multitude of resources. What we the American people get are roads in disrepair, bridges that are crumbling, dams and water systems in need of repair, filthy oceans, rivers and lakes that are too polluted to eat the fish, destruction of our Constitution and Bill of Rights, disavowments of our rights, abrogations of our freedoms, a pathetically sorry education system, a dangerous unaccountable health care system, harassment and prosecution by police and authorities for every petty and trivial law or ordinance, an overwhelming set of ridiculous obstacles, regulations and requirements for starting a business, a total lack of freedom and access to move about between our country and others, state budgets in complete disarray and bankruptcy, air quality from industrial and transportation pollution that resembles a radioactive sewer of chemical brews that take a doctorate in physics to understand and drinking water systems that are filled with toxic chemicals, are compromised or in decay.

And, that’s not all. Without giving us any assurances of an economic future where opportunity exists for all, the government chooses to give away access to our future earnings and earning potential not only to new taxes, further tax categories, fuel taxes, property taxes, income taxes, sales taxes, insurance taxes, ad valorem taxes, estate taxes and every other excuse for a tax they can create and to new fees, higher fees, and excessive fees for everything from court costs to patents and every other type of fee – they are now allowing the insurance companies to dig into our pockets without regard and take as they desire legally without any recourse by any American citizen alive today or in the future. Not only do we not have health care that’s worth a damn now, we still won’t after they’ve finished taking the next 65% of our incomes and divvying it up between government hands and the insurance company’s corporate profits.

That the United States is already falling behind many third world nations in health care now and throughout many years before this, already ranks lower than many third world countries in education, in math and in science and even in the ability to use language and know something about geography and the world, and already ranks lower than most other countries in economic future – why the hell don’t they fix some of that instead of making things worse?

Why do our legislators not having any perspective about this? Why do they not honor the Constitution? Why are they not interested in the American people and our lives and our futures? Why didn’t they take the insurance companies to task instead of giving them the rights to our wages and incomes and the profits from any business we might create? Why are they acting as distant dictators rather than as equals in the fight to preserve our country, protect its ideals and restore it to prestige and honor? Why is that? And, how can they have that many resources at their disposal including currently over 50% of the incomes of every American by the time all the taxes and fees are added up – without returning any real value or solutions from those resources (except for themselves and where they live and work)?

Stop all money going to either Democratic or Republican Party, to any insurance company, to any lobby or PAC – political action committee – cease all payments to them for abrogating our Constitution and giving our rights away

Why does the Congress and our President believe they have the rights to take the money from our pockets and give it to the insurance companies? Why do they think that our Constitution gives them that right when it, in fact denies that right to them? It is no more than be required to pay a fealty to a lord in the person of a for-profit business that is the insurance industry.

They have taken a right to do something that they did not have by creatively and loosely interpreting what is in the public good. If that were their intent – they might as well make nationalized health care and take the insurance companies out of the health care equation. They in fact have no intention other than stealing from us and from every citizen that has yet to be born.

They are literally selling our rights in return for money from these companies to their campaign coffers and for benefits from them in their personal futures. I would say that is a conflict of interest and corruption at its very heart. And today – that is the history they are making. They are evil without regard for human life nor any regard for the rights and freedoms of the American citizens as guaranteed by our laws.

They are not listening to us because they have no reason to do so. These Congressmen and elected officials are not representatives – they are tyrants serving their own interests and the interests of corporations instead of the interests and rights of American citizens.

There is no good in any of them. They need to be charged and convicted for abrogating the Constitution and for treason against the United States. There needs to be a stop to every dime and dollar going to any of them and to any of the lobbies and PACS involved in Washington at this point.

– cricketdiane