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Here is why I know Washington is lying – all of them that we’ve elected to be there making decisions who are at the table –

1.  They didn’t invite us to the table (as in, the American people). Oh no, they invited the insurance companies to be at the table, the automakers CEOs, the banking industry and financial services industry CEOs, pharmaceutical company representatives, oil company lobbyists and big industry consortium representatives to be at the table – not us.)

2.  If they (legislators in Washington) had wanted to pass a health care insurance bill to serve the US population, they could’ve passed one bill to make it illegal for insurance companies to charge 80% more in premiums based on gender and to make it illegal to deny coverage in pre-existing conditions. (Period – nothing else in the bill, no “riders”, no pork, no bullshit.) But they didn’t do that – no, not even after a year of fussing, cussing, discussing and putting off other more important issues to play with this one. Time consuming at best – energy, manpower, effort, money, resource, time and opportunity wasting at worst.

3.  If they were very concerned about the health and well-being of the American people and our quality of life throughout the US, these legislators would’ve stopped a lot of common practices in industries, including the release of toxic chemicals into their surrounding living communities. They would’ve stopped corporations from taking profits made in the US into other countries in order to evade taxes on those profits. They would’ve funded schools first and the re-building of Iraq and Afghanistan second. They would’ve thought more of us than to allow 2600 complaints about cars with defective design elements to be disregarded while causing deaths and injuries to people throughout the US. They would’ve made sure our food supply and food providers were using safe food handling methods and processes across the board whether the manufacturer sneaked the production facilities into another country with lax standards or was sitting here in the US right under their noses breeding salmonella and E.Coli in their production facilities. They would’ve required standards of accounting in our corporations that show everything on the balance sheet, not off-balance hidden accounting for liabilities and they would’ve required that accounting to be prudent and truthful and accurately reflect the true values of those assets and liabilities across the board. They would’ve made financiers who got into trouble dig into their own pockets to get themselves out of it, since that is the same thing required of us. And, they would’ve made sure that nobody, but nobody could buy the goodwill and rubber stamp of the consumer protection agency that was intended to keep us safe from defective products and fraudulent business practices. They didn’t do any of that.

4.  The elected officials in Washington also never, never, never create and apply policy that does what they claimed it would do, either by their intentional design of it which is the antithesis of what they claimed it would be or by virtue of some very basic misunderstanding of applied common sense which escapes their abilities and that of their staff members. Rarely, if ever, are the people of the United States doing anything that they can hear, acknowledge, believe or understand to express the accurate facts about what their policy decisions are destroying, causing, distorting, screwing up, manipulating in negative ways or otherwise resulting in some unnecessary and expensive suffering of some kind. That information is either discounted, discredited or just plainly not heard in Washington no matter how it is done and no matter what measures are used to get the information to them. Then, why do I know they are lying because of this – because I can hear it, I can see it, I know about it, I find it easy to get the information about what their policies have done in real factual reflections of reality. To say they can’t or don’t know or can’t see it or can’t hear it or don’t know about it – has to be either a lie or a lying excuse to do nothing about it.

5. I also know they are lying because the evidence is there in their choices, decisions and actions. One side of their mouths says that the American people are at fault for our financial meltdown, while their backhand is giving away our money to financial institutions and insurance companies like it is a private bank account of free money to cover whatever they want at the moment. The other side of those mouths they have are saying that they want us to innovate and create solutions, while behind their backs they are doing everything possible to hinder the growth and opportunities of entrepreneuship, raising fees and licenses, requiring absurd groups of regulations to be met by small businesses and startups, hindering business grants and loan packages to any but the large business communities and foreign investors, and generally, laying every complexity of intellectual prowess in the path of starting up any business from scratch at all – particularly those that are innovative, new, and competitive to larger industries.

6.  At every turn, they have taken out the checks and balances systems that would ensure our Constitutional rights and guarantees are upheld and that would insure our government doesn’t become the bully state of Orwellian novels which we’ve all seen come to fruition in dictatorships, regimes of absolute tyranny, despotism, aristocratic rule, profit-driven anything goes industrialism, and in Nazi Germany’s Aryan race atrocities. Enough is enough, none of us like the America that has become so close to those things as to mitigate the belief it can be something else. If our government legislators in the states and federal levels cared about that as they say they do, they simply wouldn’t be doing half the things they are doing now and wouldn’t have done 90% of the things they’ve already done. The checks and balances built into our system would be restored to what it was intended in order to accomplish what was intended and offer accountability both individually and collectively from our government officials at every level as well as our agencies. The sovereign immunity clause offering no accountability to government personnel is only appropriate in a tyranny or a dictatorship where there are no rights afforded the citizens – not in a free and democratic society where the government serves the people who are their primary source of power.

7.  One side of our government party system says that small government is desirable and offers a list of benefits they assume come with that territory – and they did their best to accomplish that while they spent the last thirty years in power. They were lying then and they are lying now. Those benefits did not materialize during their reign. And, the word for small government is “king” with the tentacles of an octopus doing all his dirty work. Which, by the way, is exactly what we’ve had in the US for the last thirty years and more so in each and every day throughout that time and still yet from the damages that they caused. States underfunded programs that the Republican administratorship did not want, removed checks and balances because they didn’t want to be accountable for the heinous crimes they committed everywhere they touched, acted like mini-dictatorships at the behest of the federal government lackeys who were serving the interests of industries, big business, and financial conglomerates and genuinely, treated the American people like slaves and undesirables along with establishing a caste system in America where it didn’t belong that is still there to this day. They were lying when they said that is the “American Way.” They were lying when they said it would be the best for America. They were lying when they told us our lives would be better and America would be stronger for it. They were lying when they said they weren’t criminals. They were lying when they said they had the interests of the American people first and foremost on their agenda and on their minds when they did these things and numerous others (both at state levels and federal levels). It was all lies.

8.  I also know they are lying now because they do know better. They have the finest resources available, all of our money, the best in education, the best in the educated minds of our country available to them, the most in money, materials and manhours to get any job done, the best in intellectual and data resources from around the world available to them, the instant information resources from the American people to use as feedback on how their decisions are actually working out – if they choose to see them or hear them, the best opportunities, the most egregious pool of combined resources that belong to us which we’ve made available to them from every hard earned dime and dollar we’ve sent there along with the resources that have been bought with it – as well as having resources available to them on a daily basis that cover every basic need, want, income, delight, luxury, comfort, opportunity and desirable life experience for each of them personally – so they could want for nothing while doing our national and state business. How the hell can you screw it up with that much to work with?

9.  If they wanted to stop waste and fraud, they could stop giving themselves raises. If they wanted to help the budget deficit, they wouldn’t have been charging the American people to cover each of them with 100% fully paid health care coverage when they, if anybody could afford it for themselves. If they wanted to cut government dole, they would’ve only hired lawyers to cover their asses as needed instead of keeping armies of them on the payroll at anywhere from $187,000 – $450,000 a year each as they have done. If they wanted to insure good health in America, they would’ve changed the fuel on school buses from diesel to natural gas and they would’ve made polluting industries stop polluting in the same year they discovered they were doing it, not years into the future after really damaging the health of everybody for hundreds of miles around and many generations thereafter. If they had ever wanted to get legislation passed that was sane, sober and built on some kind of common sense, they would’ve made it illegal to place riders into bills that are in no way related to the material subject of the legislation. At the very least, if they had wanted to do a good job for the American people, they would’ve considered the American people and their interests in light of what they were doing, what they are doing and in light of what choices they are making in order to serve industries that basically have no use for them or us in the overall scheme of their activities.

10. I’m sad to say that I know they are lying because to get to Washington requires being the better liar, the more convincing liar and the best opportunistic lying bastard of the lot or people just don’t get to be elected to go to Washington. Isn’t that the shame of it all, that we, as Americans would choose the best liar of the lot to send into Washington to get our business done than to choose an honest, decent man or woman to serve our interests? And, isn’t it the shame and tragedy of it all, that we let them get away with it without doing a damn thing to change it when we knew what they were doing was wrong and even, as most of us noticed that they weren’t listening to any of us with any real regard – that we let them get away with demonizing us, discrediting us, disregarding us, and generally, dismissing us and our concerns? They lied to us in Washington and in our state legislators and administrations. The Republican Party and the Democratic Party have served the interests of their financial power base while lying to us and using us to further their own personal opportunities and enrichment. The lies have been so pervasive and perverse that the media and the American people alike believe that the truth, the facts and the reality are no more than a matter of opinion and rhetoric as presented by whosever side is representing it and irregardless of those facts. And, isn’t it the greater shame of all of it that the truth, in fact – will be the reality that we all suffer, endure or experience – no matter what perspective we might have about it. Dead is dead and broke is broke and polluted beyond recognition is still polluted beyond recognition – climate change is, because we are experiencing it whether the “rhetoric” told us it didn’t exist or not, and most of us in America are living in a “Depression Economy” whether it is called that or not and no matter what the politicians tell us it is.


11. Just for good measure, the problem with these lies and probably the reason most religions suggest that it is a bad idea in the first place, is because reality will win out every time. Sooner or later, the propaganda doesn’t work and the deflected, distorted perspectives about reality and about the facts just doesn’t make any difference in changing what is what. It still is whatever it is. And sooner or later, people know about it and they do understand it for what it is, and sooner or later, they do get up and make things different starting right where they are with a power that is unknown and misunderstood by the people who think they hold all the power. One change, changes everything a little bit and another change, changes it even more, and as another person and another person join in making those changes one at a time from where they are with their own personal abilities and perceptions, the whole thing changes even more.

That is the truth. And, that is what made the Boston Tea Party so monumental. The American Revolutionaries said – You will not tax us without representation. You will not steal from us without our voice. You will not indenture us in enslavement to you and you will not indenture our lands and the abilities of our hands. You will not tread on me nor force me to set below your feet for you to stand on nor for your power to rest upon. You will not use me to do your bidding without my will or choice. You will not remove from Us nor from me that which God has given:  life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and the right of every man to set his own course and to pursue his own destiny. Try as you might, once a human being knows the taste of freedom, democracy and the rights to life free of the burdenous yoke of tyranny – there is no going back.

Don’t believe for one minute that perception is everything. It just isn’t. The power and truth of our Constitution does not exist in a piece of paper or some flimsy document resting in a museum somewhere. It is in each of us and that is where the true power of our nation’s substance exists and where it will always exist. It is in the power and wonder of freedom that we already know exists and can exist for each of us that can never be taken away no matter the circumstances where we find ourselves. It is the truth of what we see and know in our hearts and minds which is defined by the reality of the facts at hand that can never be distorted by politicians or religious fervor or zealousness of a cause or by the disregard for human life that we have experienced or have seen those in authority exemplify. It is the desire for human dignity and decency and fairness for all without discrimination, contempt or disregard. It is the sword of justice that is not blind, deaf and dumb to the plight of suffering and inhumanity to human lives and human dignity at the hands of others. It is the will of the American people, both individually and collectively that define the power of the government to govern by no more and no less than the consent of the governed. And, it is the true power that comes from the intimate knowledge of the freedom, rights and accountability to those tenets of America’s founding fathers that spilled our blood to protect it and have made us the soldiers of freedom that we are and will always be as American citizens and as citizens of the World.

– cricketdiane, 02-25-10