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There was a horrible little general somebody who just told CNN on CNNInternational “CNN Today” at 2.08 am ET that they couldn’t feed all the people in Haiti affected by the earthquake each day. He said they will feed a percentage of the population each day so over two weeks everyone will have eaten. That is insane with the amount of money, personnel, equipment and resources available to them. And it is wrong, women, pregnant women, children, elderly and disabled – already victimized by the earthquake and now this!

The military is not any good at handing out stuff like food – their middle name is “hurry up and wait.” They stand around in the UN peacekeeping doing security like they are ready to shoot somebody and those jackasses are getting around with enough petroleum in their armored vehicles to run fourteen cars the same distance. And for what? They can’t give out food and water while waiting to shoot somebody for stepping out of the queue?

Across every military in the world, they feed literally armies of meals and drinks every day for three and sometimes, four mealtimes. And, this UN group “organizing” this relief aid for Haiti and their American military general at their beck and call, only want to feed a percentage of the people once every two weeks? And they think that is okay? That is unacceptable. That is grossly incompetent. They are obviously not the right people for the job if that is the best they can do after having a full twelve days to get their shit together and “organize” it. There are Boy Scout leaders and Girl Scout leaders across America and in fact, across the world that could do a better job of organizing an operation than that.

A child in Haiti already suffering from the devastation of the earthquake, loss of home and family, torn apart in a community that is in turmoil and chaos, physically and emotionally in pain and trauma should not have to suffer only eating a meal once every two weeks, if they can get that and get to it. What kind of nightmare is that which would turn a catastrophe into a cataclysmic suffering of sadistic and inhumane proportions?

What pregnant woman will bear a healthy son or daughter or survive childbirth herself, after all she has suffered in the aftermath of the earthquake only to be punished by the hands of UN “peacekeepers” and Generals that withhold food and sustenance for her precious life and that of her child (- except once every two weeks, if she is in the right place with the percentage of the population getting fed when it is her turn)?

So this General with the organizational skills of a rock gets to decide along with the United Nations and Haiti’s government that only a percentage of the people affected by the earthquake in Haiti get to eat every day and have no intention of feeding people, children, babies, old people, sick people, pregnant women, mothers, grandmothers, free democratic people,  – more than once every two weeks. And, I bet they didn’t tell the Haitian people any of that – or that they could expect their next meal after the protein biscuits they are getting today – to be two weeks from now . . .

God, I hate them at the decision making table of the United Nations and military when they do horrible shitty things like this. They are worse than the earthquakes and the natural disasters themselves and all of the damage that was done in the first place. Letting people die in the rubble while dicking around on a runway about who should land or not. Sending search teams off to sit for hours waiting to be deployed while they could’ve been doing some good. Letting good food, water and medicines wither into unusable crud in 90 degree sun out on a runway in quantities that could’ve and should’ve saved the lives it was intended to help. Leaving people to suffer without medicines and without water for well over nine days. Forcing people to endure open air amputations without pain relief, without antibiotics, without sutures, without bandages, without any chance of anything but gangrene and excruciating constant pain, thirst and hunger. It was wrong and it never, never, never would have been a greater disaster than the earthquake if it hadn’t been for the outrageously incompetent decision making of those United Nations representatives, the demanded choices of the Haitian government ministers and the Haitian president along with the military generals and charities being required to follow the dictates of the Haitian president’s whims. I think that man is brain damaged from the earthquake or something – unless he is taking something that has detracted from his ability to reason.

Military and “peacekeeping” military forces that can’t operate at least as effectively as the McDonald’s corporation to serve daily food rations, water, medical aid and shelter to a population in dire need – isn’t a military operation. It is a disdain and contempt for the human life they are sent to serve.

And, Generals like that one I saw on CNN tonight saying they would only be trying to feed a percentage of the population each day so that over two weeks most of them would get a meal, ought to be digging latrines instead of organizing anything because that is the only thing he is obviously qualified to do. Just as the president of Haiti, his prime ministers, and his UN colleagues along with this US General have managed to accomplish thus far – digging a bigger hole than the one they started with.

– cricketdiane, 01-25-10


And, Mr. President, and Mr. Ban ki Moon – if that is the best these authorities and organizational leadership can do – please get them the hell out of there.

In absolute truth – considering that you could give every person in Haiti eight dollars and let them walk over to the Dominican Republic and buy a happy meal or two – which would do a better job than the billions that are being spent not even doing that much for them – then something is way, way wrong.

Why can’t the military people feed them the same way they feed millions of troops every single day three times a day with snacks in between? They manage to do that effectively every single day across every division in every theater of operation on this planet . . .

Why can’t they do that?