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US Congress is choosing to oppress more Americans than God or man ever intended for them to have the power to do. By pledging one-third or more of every American’s income to the insurance companies, young women and our children, elderly and disabled Americans will endure the greatest human rights violations of our time.

When my daughters (and yours) have a single-parent household making minimum wage or just above it, they will be legally required to submit one-third of their income to state and federal government coffers plus FICA and other fees for parking tickets and broken taillights and city ordinances. They will now be legally required to submit over two-thirds of their earned incomes to that plus the mandated health insurance premiums.

Another third or more of their income will be taken for health care insurance legally required of them and then whatever child care costs and car insurance just to have a job. Then where is the income that they have legally earned to support themselves and their children? Where is the return for spending nearly every hour of their time working? What do they have left for food, or to pay for their lights, heating, phone and gasoline? Has it improved their lives one bit to have over 75% of their income deprived of them, or in fact, hasn’t it literally taken away any and all opportunities to feed themselves and their children, clothe themselves and have any quality of life or opportunities to better their lot in life? And, without providing any real health care that should be available to them?

And, when women aged 50 and over will have over-paid the amounts charged to anyone else by twenty-eight times more for their health care insurance premiums as legally mandated by the new law, what will they have left to use from the money they have earned through their own efforts? What will they have available for food and light bills and water and heat and food and gasoline and car insurance and car payments and phone bills and house payments? What kind of poverty will they be forced to endure every day for the rest of their lives because of this?

In 2000, a presidential task force labelled medical errors a “national problem of epidemic proportions.” Members estimated that the “cost associated with these errors in lost income, disability, and health care costs is as much as $29 billion annually.” That same year the Institute of Medicine released an historic report, “To err is human: building a safer health system.” The report’s authors concluded that 44,000 to 98,000 people die each year as a result of errors during hospitalization.


Who are these people in Washington that are doing this to us and to our children? Why would they call it “health care reform” when the only thing it is designed to do will be to steal another one-third or more from the incomes of every American citizen, including those not even old enough to vote? And, it will mandate by law that every woman, female child, elderly, and every citizen aged 50 and over will be required to pay five times more to as much as twenty-eight times more for every insurance premium they are forced to pay.

What kind of government only serves the interests of corporations, is owned by corporations, run by corporations and serves only the interests of corporations? What form of government is that? Because whatever the form of government whose only purpose is to serve the corporations is what we have now and have had for awhile.

And, contrary to the viewpoints of the seat warmers up there in the Congress and Senate, when they abuse the power of the offices we have given them by perpetrating human rights abuses on great numbers of our population (the majority of it, in fact) and oppressing US citizens in the name of corporate profits – they are as evil and as corrupt as any Third World dictator that has ever existed.

And they are not doing anything to fix, reform or repair our health care system, nor to bring the health care costs down, nor to give anyone adequate health care services, nor to improve the lives of any American that put them there.

The report’s authors concluded that 44,000 to 98,000 people die each year as a result of errors during hospitalization.

Medical errors are the not only way that consumers are harmed. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that 2 million people annually acquire infections while hospitalized and 90,000 people die from those infections.

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The US will still have an infant mortality rate greater than that of some developing nations. MRSA, stapph and other infectious nightmares will still be rampant throughout our “health care system”, which is an industry that consistently kills and permanently maims more people more often than it heals anybody.

This totals 225,000 deaths per year from iatrogenic causes. In interpreting these numbers, note the following:

  • most data were derived from studies in hospitalized patients.
  • the estimates are for deaths only and do not include negative effects that are associated with disability or discomfort.
  • the estimates of death due to error are lower than those in the IOM report. If higher estimates are used, the deaths due to iatrogenic causes would range from 230,000 to 284,000.[1]

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It will still be a health care industry that is filthy, dangerous and fraught with errors in care that cause more deaths than any of the wars that have been fought and more deaths than cancer and heart attacks combined. The “health care reform” bill does nothing to address, or fix any of those things.

In fact, after one-third of the income of every American is given to the health insurance companies by law – not one of our children or grandchildren will ever know anything of America except impoverishment, despair and oppression in an America that has no democracy, no freedom, no pursuit of happiness available, even fewer opportunities than anywhere else in the world and no opportunities to participate in a free market economy, capitalism or a representative government. And, they will have no opportunities to use their hard-earned money to cover their basic needs nor to save to buy a house nor to better themselves and their lives. But then, isn’t that what we have now?

Aren’t the government officers we have elected, already decided in favor of the insurance companies and pledging two-thirds of our incomes to both the government and the insurance companies for the rest of our natural lives with no guarantees of anything in return? Aren’t they already taking from money we haven’t any right to even after we have earned it because they are allowing the insurance industry and health care industries to take our Congressional resources, manhours, information technology, IRS enforcement and other agency enforcement resources to do their bidding right now? Have they used those resources to serve anyone but themselves?

How many things could’ve actually been accomplished in all this time that has been used up in these Congressional sessions on the current health care reform bill which in its present form, only and exclusively serves the interests and profits of the health care insurance companies?

And after the health care reform bill passes, the amount of deductibles will be whatever they want, and the “co-pay” fees will be whatever they want and the premiums will be whatever they want, so that none of us, even after paying over a third of our incomes to them for insurance premiums will actually have any health care available to us anyway. There won’t be any money to do all that is required just to keep a job and to keep a roof overhead and pay insurance premiums for every member of the family and pay co-pays and pay deductibles and feed ourselves and care for our children and pay taxes and pay for education and pay for transportation and pay for utilities and pay and pay and pay and pay and pay.

We won’t have to worry about retailers anymore because those moneys we would’ve used to buy things or to buy clothing and shoes, will be paying our families’ insurance premiums and deductibles and prescription costs and co-payments even while we are being served up with the unhealthy sicknesses, infections, and medical errors caused by the profit-driven amoral health care industry that are rampant and common in the system right now.

If I had the position and resources to do so, I would bring a class action suit all the way to the Supreme Court for the waste of our national resources in time, efforts, manpower and Congressional intellectual capabilities which should’ve been used to actually solve the health care crisis in America, but instead have served the insurance companies and huge health industries profits and desires.

These Congressional members and insurance companies have no intention to provide healthy anything anywhere to anybody. The insurance companies and health care based industries including pharmaceutical corporations, hospitals, health care “professionals” and medical industries only want one thing and it has nothing to do with providing good health or high quality safe health care to America and to citizens of the United States. These corporate interests, were they considered as a human personality would be considered psychotic and deranged for the extent to which they serve only themselves and their obsessively greed driven profits.

Our government no longer belongs to the American people because it serves only the interests of corporations that are inhuman, cruel, vile, vicious, criminal, corrupt, murderous and inhumane in the name of profiting for only themselves at the expense of every one of us while providing nothing valuable in return. These corporations are the complete and total evil incarnate because they have no human conscience, they are not required to play by anyone’s rules and every day they exist this way, they steal our government’s time, our resources and our money while using money they have stolen from each of us to do it.

At the same time, these same corporations are directly responsible for driving costs up, for creating a system that is literally murdering people by incompetence and errors, for already taking our futures away and impoverishing us to the point of slavery and oppression. And now, they demand more while giving less and leaving the nightmarish unhealthy and dangerous health care system as it is. Those are human rights violations that would not be tolerated in any other country in the world by the international community at the behest of the United States government.

But here and now, these same corporations are denying the basic tenets of our Constitution by using our government to represent only them and only their interests as they use our elected leaders’ time and resources in order to even consider forcing each of us by law to submit a second third of our incomes to their private profits or have the full enforcement resources of our government come down against us as if we are criminals.

When they have taken two-thirds of the income of every American man, woman, and child, along with most of the small businesses in America, destroyed our retailers and the financial health of our communities, there will be any and every illegal immigrant who can get treated without one dime, but not one of the rest of us will be treated if we can’t pay the premiums or the deductible / co-pay when we come in the door. That is because the health care industry will serve them anyway in the conscientious  pursuit of humanity and then our indigent funds, and matching state and federal funds will cover it for them. – But they will damn sure not do that for any of us who are legally mandated to pay a third of our incomes to our government and at least a third of our incomes to the insurance companies.

Our community, county and state funds along with faith-based and charitable funds will continue to cover the costs of those unpaid health care bills for those who aren’t even citizens and be overwhelmed, as usual, before even one American is helped by the money we’ve all given to them.

The same is true for the aid to states for the incredulously high heating bills which after paying twenty-eight times higher insurance premiums to cover the sorriest health care in the world, most women, young families, single-parent households, elderly and disabled won’t be able to pay their heating and electric / natural gas / utility bills but funds to help won’t be available to pay them either.

The US government is literally setting up the next years of our lives to be frozen to death in the winter, die from heat stroke in the summer, have no food or adequate clothing, be permanently maimed by a despotic, greedy and filthy health care system and maybe go to jail on top of it and lose our homes for failing to give the required insurance premiums.

Even if we are able to find a job and work for a living or have our own business, over two-thirds of our income will be legally mandated to go to the government or the insurance companies who have not earned them. If the Madison clause of the Constitution is “for the common good,” and by this right the Congress believe that their authority extends to health care for all of us, then do that – provide high quality, healthy, safe, clean, adequate health care for all of us.

But, stealing our rights, denying our Constitutional freedoms, extorting our incomes, decimating our livelihoods, destroying our opportunities, taking moneys to enrich Washington business interests, misusing our resources, violating our human rights and, oppressing our time, efforts and quality of life by forcing us to remit another massive portion of our earned and business incomes to insurance corporations’ profits while leaving us with this pathetic excuse for health care that isn’t even in the top twenty of the world isn’t for the “common good.” It is an abomination of abuse of power, and a government corrupted by, run by and serving the interests of inhumane, greed based, unconscionable corporations serving no one but themselves.

And I know, there is nothing I could say and nothing I could do to stop our elected and selected leaders from creating this hell on earth for each and every one of my children’s lives and for my days ahead of me and for my family members and my community. Except maybe, I can create a way to generate heat or electricity or transportation or moneys that won’t require paying the utilities anymore, that won’t require putting gasoline in a car or insurance on it, and that won’t require paying the natural gas companies that we actually paid to create and support and then still suffer high bills for heating in spite of it.

Maybe I can work on that, because those things will never be available to my little grandchildren and the households of my children and to many in my community, if I don’t. And we can all just tell them what America was like and was supposed to be like and what freedom and individual human rights were before they were lost to the corporations who now own America that we are enslaved to serve because they also own our government and elected leaders.

There is a conspiracy afoot and it is the collusion between Congressional and Senatorial members who serve no one among us because they are serving corporate entities that don’t actually exist anywhere except on paper and in the thin air in the minds of the people who created them and profit from them.

It is a corrupt and inhumane government that steals what I have earned what I will ever be able to earn by over 75% of it to line their own pockets and their profit-making friends’ pockets. That is evil, but what can be expected from a bunch of people who worship their own sacred brass bull on a New York street and kiss the feet of Wall Street’s intellectually destitute money managers and who defer to worshiping  CEOs of any kind, and who gave our tax money away by the hundreds of billions of dollars without even a thought for any of us or for our interests.

– cricketdiane, 10-09-09