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4NSYS Co Ltd Hall 5 H85e
802 Global Hall 4 G120
A & S Group Hall 5 H25
A.R. Hungary, Inc Hall 3A C30
Aasset Security Ltd Hall 5 C50
Abloy UK Hall 3A E10
ACARD Technology Corp. Hall 5 B78
Access Management Solutions Ltd Hall 3A B40
Access Protection Limited Hall 4 C156
Aci SRL Farfisa Intercoms Hall 4 F7
ACTi Corporation Hall 4 F150
AcutVista Innovation Co.,Ltd Hall 5 B89
AD Network Video
Stand E40 Hall 4
AD Network Video draws upon the world leading NetVu Connected video technology of AD Group to deliver integrated enterprise security solutions.
Adams Electronics Hall 3A A12
Adams Rite Europe Ltd Hall 3A E10
AdEPT Telecom Hall 5 B40
Stand D47 Hall 4
ADSL 4 provides bonded Internet and secure IP connections for critical applications such as IPCCTV security and remote monitoring.
Advanced Perimeter Systems Ltd Hall 3A G6
Advancis Software & Services GmbH Hall 5 D145
AES IntelliNet Hall 4 H80
Agni Technology Corporation Ltd Hall 4 E142
Aimetis Corp. Hall 5 D150
Alarm Master Software Hall 4 K5
Alarm Radio Monitoring Ltd Hall 4 C42
ALCAD, S.L. Hall 4 B5
Allen Fencing Ltd Hall 3A F15
Alnet Systems Inc Hall 4 F147
Alta Definición LINCEO, S.L. Hall 4 G60
Alternative Engineering Products ltd Hall 3A H25
Altron Communications Equipment Ltd Hall 5 J80
Alvarion & BFI OPTiLAS. Hall 4 C159
American Dynamics
Stand D10 Hall 5
American Dynamics® CCTV and video technologies have earned a reputation for innovation and reliability around the globe.
American Fibertek Hall 5 D40
AMS Australia Pty Ltd Hall 3A F35
Anymax Hall 5 I60
Apollo Inc. Hall 4 G70
Appro Technology Inc Hall 4 G125
APPSS Hall 3A H13
Aprimatic UK Ltd Hall 4 C70
Apro Media Co,. Ltd Hall 5 H85A
aQovia Hall 5 B40
Ar Media Int. AB Hall 4 E158
Aras & RBH Security Group Ltd Hall 4 C60
Arecont Vision LLC Hall 5 B135
ARGUS Inc. Hall 5 E110
Argus Thermal Imaging
Stand E50 Hall 3A
Argus provide lightweight, affordable, handheld thermal imaging cameras designed especially for Police and security personnel.
Artnix Inc. Hall 5 F95
Ascom (Switzerland) Ltd. Hall 4 H115
ASDC Hall 5 G7
Asia Info Company Ltd Hall 5 H103
Asia Smart Tag Co., Ltd Hall 4 B110
ASIS International Hall 4 A60
ASM Europe LTD Hall 3A G11
ASM Shenzhen Hall 5 D155
Assa Abloy Door Solutions Hall 3A E10
Stand E10 Hall 3A
ASSA ABLOY is the global leader in door opening solutions, dedicated to satisfying end-user needs for security, safety and convenience.
Asung Electronics Ind. Co., Ltd. Hall 5 G60
ATG Access
Stand C40 Hall 3A
Manufacture, installation and service of manual and automatic rising bollard systems for access control and security.
ATG Access Hall 3A C40
ATLS Hall 5 I60
AV Tech Corporation Hall 5 A30
AVerMedia Information Inc Hall 4 H10
AVICO CO., LTD Hall 5 F85c
Avigilon Hall 4 G160
AVS Electronics SPA Hall 5 H40
AXESS TMC s.r.l Hall 4 D165
Axis Communications AB
Stand E90 Hall 4
Axis Communications provides products and solutions that focus on security surveillance and remote monitoring, based on innovative, open technology platforms.
Axxess Identification Ltd Hall 4 B65
AXXON Hall 4 F105
Bannerbridge PLC Hall 4 B45
Barco NV
Stand E100 Hall 4
Come and see how Barco is guiding more than 30,000 visitors safely to Birmingham, UK.
Barix AG Hall 4 E160
Basler Vision Technologies Hall 4 F160
Basson Company Hall 4 H7
BC Technology Ltd Hall 4 D100
Beijing Junxing Ruilong Technology Development Co. Hall 3A H12
Beijing Landwell Electron Technology Co. Ltd Hall 3A E1
Bellon Pty Ltd Hall 4 D49
BFI Optilas Ltd Hall 4 F127
Bioscrypt SA Hall 4 D105
Birmingham Barbed Tape Ltd (BBT) Hall 3A H35, H33
Bladerunner Ltd Hall 3A C17
Bluecard Software Technology Co Ltd Hall 4 G107
Bold Communications Ltd Hall 4 D30
Bona Computech Ltd Hall 5 J75
Borsche (HK) Electronic Co., Ltd Hall 5 B91
Bosch Security Systems
Stand E10 Hall 4
Bosch Security Systems offers CCTV, Intrusion, Congress, Public Address, care solutions and IP Network Video.
Brooks UK Hall 3A B12
BSIA Ltd Hall 4 C80
BSIA Ltd Hall 4 C80
BSRIA Hall 4 E154
Bunker Seguridad Electronica S.L Hall 3A C5
Burton Safes Hall 4 C20
BWA Technology GmbH Hall 5 A35
C-Well Vision Co., Ltd. Hall 4 B113
Cable & Wireless Hall 5 B40
Camdeor Technology Co. Ltd Hall 5 A110
Camos Europe GmbH Hall 3A A7
Camtron Industrial Inc. Hall 5 C5
Canon Europa N V
Stand E50 Hall 4
Cardpos Europe Ltd Hall 3A H6
CBC (Europe) Ltd Hall 5 E40
CCTV Direct Hall 5 E65
CDVI Group Hall 4 G20
CEM Systems
Stand D10 Hall 5
Central Telecom UK Ltd. Hall 4 G85
Cernium, Corporation Hall 4 G122
Chateau Technical Corp Hall 4 E128
China Pavilion Hall 5 F110e, G110b
China Public Security Hall 5 G102
China Security & Surveillance Technology Hall 5 E140
China-Vision Intelligence & Technology Co., Ltd Hall 4 C158
Cias Elettronica Srl Hall 5 F50
Cisco Systems
Stand A50, A55 Hall 4
Cisco physical security solutions provide broad capabilities in video surveillance, IP cameras, access control, emergency response and collaborative technology.
CitySync Ltd Hall 4 B90
Cixi Sanhe Appliance & Plastics Co.,Ltd. Hall 5 F110c
CMS(Cable Management Supplies) Ltd Hall 4 H130
CNB Technology Inc. Hall 5 C110
Coax Connectors Hall 5 I55
CoBaCo Barrier Company Ltd Hall 3A C40
Comart Systems Co. Ltd Hall 5 G66
Comelit Group S.p.a. Hall 4 G40
COMINFO Inc. Hall 3A H20
Commend UK Hall 4 D40
Comnet Europe Ltd Hall 4 G55
Complus Teltronic Hall 4 D40
Computer Recognition Systems Hall 3A H5
Concept Smoke Screen Ltd Hall 4 C130
Conexant Systems UK Ltd Hall 5 D94
Conlan ApS Hall 3A F32
Connectorco Ltd Hall 5 F25
Connexion2 Ltd Hall 3A A40
Controlsoft Hall 4 D45
Contronics Technologies Hall 3A A10
Coo-Var Hall 3A F24
Cortech Developments
Stand F120 Hall 4
Cortech Developments specialise in software integration solutions for building, fire and security management.
Cova Security Gates Ltd Hall 3A C20
CPS Hall 4 B47
CSL DualCom Limited Hall 4 F70
Custodian Monitoring Services Hall 5 E150
CyberVision Inc Hall 4 E162
Cylon Global Solutions Ltd Hall 5 G42
Cynix, Inc. Hall 5 H80b
D-Max (Dong Yang Unitech) Hall 5 F70F
Dallmeier Electronic Uk Ltd
Stand G10 Hall 5
Dallmeier has over 25 years of experience in transmission, recording as well as picture processing technology pioneering CCTV/IP solutions worldwide.
Dalskorea. Hall 4 D90
Databac Group Hall 4 A7
dBeech Associates Hall 5 B125
DED Ltd Hall 4 A30
Dedicated Micros Ltd
Stand D70 Hall 5
Dedicated Micros – part of AD group – is the world’s leading manufacturer of CCTV solutions.
Deeplet Technology Corp Hall 5 B70
Dehn + Soehne Gmbh + Co. Kg. Hall 3A C15
Deister Electronic UK Ltd Hall 4 B40, B35
Detection Technologies Ltd Hall 4 E102
Detekion Security Systems Inc Hall 4 E102
deView / Security Manufacturing Ltd
Stand C130 Hall 5
SML develops & manufactures unique imaging products delivering great pictures. Highest IK-rated vandal DOMES. Fastest install indoor DOMES.
Diasonic Technology Co,. Ltd Hall 5 H56
Digi-Flower Inc Hall 5 F80b
Digi-It Inc Hall 5 G68
Digicon SA Hall 3A G22
Digital Security Controls Ltd Hall 3A Piazza Mee
Doing Security Hall 5 G5
DUEVI S.n.c. Hall 5 G50
DVTel UK Ltd Hall 4 F50
Dynacolor, Inc. Hall 5 C90
E-castle Electronics Co., Ltd Hall 5 H73
E-ronix Inc Hall 5 F80A
EBOO solutions Hall 5 I60
EC Key Hall 4 B150
ECS GmbH & Co.KG Hall 4 E151
Effinet Systems, Inc. Hall 5 G64
EL.MO. Spa Hall 5 G35
Elan SRL Hall 5 G45
Electronics Line 3000 Ltd Hall 3A E5
Elmdene International Ltd Hall 5 A60
Emizon Hall 4 E26
EMS Radio Fire & Security Systems Ltd Hall 5 F20
Entelec Control Systems
Stand F100 Hall 4
EnviewTek Co., Ltd. Hall 5 H65
Equitel S.A Hall 4 G100
Ermes Elettronica Srl Hall 5 F45
ESI European Systems Integration Hall 5 D97
Etherwan Systems INC. Hall 4 B112
Etrovision Technology Hall 4 G170
EVE Energy Co.,Ltd. Hall 5 G110D
Ever Profit Technology (HK) Co., Ltd Hall 5 B42
Everday Technology Co. Ltd Hall 5 H15
Everfocus Electronics AG Hall 5 B5
Exland Technology Co., Ltd. Hall 5 B65
Eyecontrol Technologies Hall 5 H50
eyevis GmbH Hall 5 D145
FAAC (UK) Ltd Hall 4 C10
Farpointe Data Inc Hall 4 C150
Fastcom Technology SA
Stand C40 Hall 4
Leader in high security anti-tailgating solutions. Stops any unauthorised people following into security zones.
FCT – Fabbrica Trentina Conduttori Hall 5 G30
FDI Access Hall 4 C70
FFT – Future Fibre Technologies Hall 4 G145
Fiber SenSys Hall 4 B83
FingerTec Worldwide Sdn Bhd Hall 4 E152
Fire and Security Association Hall 4 B10
FLIR Systems International Hall 5 C120
Fluidmesh Networks Inc. Hall 5 H5
Forteza Hall 5 F15
Framos Electronics Ltd Hall 4 E145, E149
France RFID Hall 5 I60
French Embassy Trade Commission Hall 5 I60
Frontier Pitts Ltd
Stand B10 Hall 3A
Frontier Pitts is the British manufacturer of Gates, Barriers and RoadBlockers. AntiTerra Range is the only complete range of BSi PAS68 crash tested products
FSM Hall 4 C65
FuHo Technology Co., Ltd Hall 5 B84
Fujian Forecam Optics Co. ,Ltd Hall 5 G110C
Fujian Top Way Intelligent Science Tech Hall 4 E24
Fujinon (Europe) GmbH Hall 5 E25
Fuzhou Senview Photoelectric Co., Ltd Hall 5 G120d
Gallagher Security Management Systems
Stand D120 Hall 4
Gallagher Security Management Systems manufacture Cardax & Powerfence™ products. A complete security solution to help protect your world.
GE Security – Fiber Communications Hall 5 J40
Gemalto Hall 4 B47
Gemi Electric Srl Hall 5 H45
Genetec Inc Hall 4 C11
Genie CCTV Ltd
Stand C20 Hall 5
GENIE is a premier supplier of Analogue/Digital CCTV, IP and ACCESS CONTROL security products.
Genius Vision Digital Inc Hall 4 E157
Geoquip Ltd Hall 4 D145
George Tang Industrial Corp Hall 5 B66
Geovision Inc. Hall 4 F90
GKB Security Corporation Hall 4 G65
Global Market Hall 3A E52
Global Security Devices Hall 4 C35
GM Advanced Fencing & Security Ltd Hall 3A H27
Golmar Sistemas de Communicacion, S.A Hall 4 D70
Goyo Optical Inc Hall 5 A50
Gps Standard S.p.A. Hall 5 F30
Grandstream Networks Inc. Hall 4 E105
Grandtec Electronic Corp. Hall 4 B103
Groteck Business Media Hall 5 E153
GSP SYSTEMS Inc. Hall 5 F85f
Guangzhou Video-Tech Electronics Co., Lt Hall 5 F120C
Guardall Hall 4 E140
Guardian Staff Safety Systems Hall 4 B87
Gunnebo UK Ltd
Stand D10 Hall 3A
Gunnebo is an International group providing a full range of security products from protecting the outer perimeter of a building through to internal protection.
Haesung Optics Co., Ltd Hall 5 F80f
Hardmeier OÜ Hall 4 B145
Harp Visual Communications Ltd Hall 5 B155
Haydon Marketing Ltd Hall 4 I17
Heatsec UK Ltd Hall 5 C122
Heinen Hall 3A D42
Henan Hanwei Electronics Corp. Ltd Hall 3A A25
Hi-Tech Security Solutions Hall 3A F23
HID Global
Stand D50 Hall 4
HID Global is the trusted, worldwide leader in providing solutions for the delivery of Secure Identity.
HIK Vision
Stand F30 Hall 4
As the First Choice for Security Professionals, HIKVISION invites you to visit its Booth F30 at IFSEC UK! Welcome to meet HIKVISION & enjoy the world of H.264!
HIKT Corporation Hall 5 H61
Hill & Smith Hall 3A E30
Hirsch Electronics Hall 4 G10
Hitachi Europe Ltd Hall 4 H45
Holland Traffic Control Ltd Hall 3A B30
Home Office Hall 5 B30
Homeland Security Hall 3A H11
Honeywell Security (UK) Ltd
Stand E70 Hall 4
Honeywell provides innovative video, access, intruder and integrated security solutions to protect people, possessions and assets. Your partner of choice!
Hongfa Optoelectronics Technology Co.ltd Hall 5 C102
HR Europe SRL Hall 4 F85
Hsintek Electronics Co .Ltd Hall 5 B61
Hunt Electronic Co. Ltd Hall 4 H30
Huper Laboratories Co. Ltd Hall 4 B60
Huviron Co., Ltd Hall 5 E55
Huvitech Co., Ltd Hall 5 F80d
Hymatom s.a. Hall 5 I60
I-View Communication Hall 5 A130
iCanTek Hall 4 E147
ICATCH INC. Hall 5 B68
ICS Security Solutions Ltd Hall 5 E15
Ideal Consultancy & Engineering NV Hall 4 G127
Identec Ltd Hall 4 B120
Idesco Oy Hall 4 C160
IDFone Co., Ltd. Hall 5 G62
Ikegami Electronics Europe GmbH Hall 5 D100
iLoq Hall 3A F7
Indigo Security Co., Ltd. Hall 5 F70E
Stand D60 Hall 4
IndigoVision is a leading manufacturer of complete end-to-end IP Video security solutions for CCTV surveillance including the latest HD IP-cameras
Infinova Hall 5 D25
Info 4 Security Hall 4 I20
INFOTEH Ltd. Hall 5 B51
Inim Electronics S.R.L Hall 5 F5
Inner Range Europe Ltd Hall 5 F60
Innovise Hall 3A C45
Insafe International Ltd Hall 3A F10
Intech Furniture Hall 5 E80
Integrated Design Limited Hall 4 B127
Intercall Nursecall Systems Hall 4 B87
International Security Buyers Guide
Stand F5, I15 Hall 4
Intertek Hall 3A A35
Intertraff Hall 4 B125
Intotech Inc. Hall 5 H85b
Iomniscient Pty Limited Hall 4 I10
iProSecu Corporation Hall 5 B100
IQinVision Hall 4 F137
Irisys Infrared Integrated Systems Ltd Hall 4 E7
Italian Pavilion Hall 5
ITX Security Hall 5 C137
J&S United Technology Corp. Hall 5 B130
Jaltek Group Hall 4 I16
Jesmay Electronics Hall 5 A85
Jing Hua Long Safeguard Int`l Limited Hall 5 F120a
Johnson Security Ltd Hall 3A A32
JR Security Systems Hall 4 G100
Jupiter Systems Hall 4 E57
JVC Professional Europe Ltd
Stand C30 Hall 5
JVC Professional Europe Ltd., manufacturer of professional CCTV, broadcast, recording, playback, presentation and data storage equipment. http://www.jvcpro.co.uk
Stand D10 Hall 5
Kantech™ offer a full suite of feature rich and cost effective access control products that are reliable, easy to install and fully scalable.
KEA (Korea Electronics Association) Hall 5 H85d
Keri Systems Incorporated Hall 4 B85
KEVIS Inc Hall 5 F110d
Key Management Services Hall 4 C65
Keyhole Security Hall 4 G63
Keytracker Ltd Hall 5 A20
Kings Infomedia (INDIA) Hall 5 I81
Knotty Ash Woodworking Ltd Hall 5 C129
Kocom Co., Ltd Hall 5 H90
Kodinis Raktas Hall 4 H90
KOSEDAG A.S. Hall 3A H15
Koukaam Hall 4 H120
Kowa Europe GmbH Hall 5 A40
KT&C Co.Ltd Hall 5 E112
Kung Long Batteries Ind., Co., Ltd Hall 4 B105
Kyodensha Technologies (M) SDN BHD Hall 3A D7
L-1 Identity Solutions Hall 4 D105
L-3 Communications Hall 3A C10
Laice Electronics Co.,Ltd. Hall 5 E50
Lampustech Co.,Ltd Hall 4 A45
Lanner Electronics Inc. Hall 4 C104
Lawmate Technology Co., Ltd Hall 5 B72
Leeds Electronic Engineering Ltd Hall 5 B104
LEGIC Identsystems Ltd Hall 4 B75
Lenel Systems International Inc. Hall 4 D130
LG Electronics Inc.
Stand D110 Hall 5
LG is amongst the leading manufacturers in the security market. LG’s high-end Surveillance Security Products are recognised globally by worldwide distributors.
Lince Italia S.p.A Hall 5 I40
Louroe Electronics Hall 5 C124
LoXX bv Hall 4 B137
Stand F20 Hall 3A
There has never been a greater need for the peace of mind that selection of third party approved products and services delivers.
Lund Halsey Hall 5 E100
LuxRiot Hall 5 G7
Magnet Schultz Ltd Hall 3A B45
Magnetic Autocontrol GmbH Hall 3A D30
Magnetic Solutions Hall 4 B7
March Networks Hall 4 F40
MariMils Oy
Stand B70 Hall 4
MariMils® designs intelligent solutions for Guiding People in emergency and non emergency situations, based on MILS® LED lighting technology.
Matrox Hall 4 F130
MAXField Technologies Global LTD Hall 5 E115e
Maxim Integrated Products
Stand B135 Hall 4
MAXXESS Systems Europe Ltd
Stand H20 Hall 4
MAXXESS Systems, one of the world’s leading access control manufacturers, offers a comprehensive range of integrated hardware and software solutions.
Stand H85 Hall 4
Mayflex is one of the most trusted, reliable and forward thinking distributors of cabling infrastructure, networking and physical security products.
Meco System Hall 3A G10
Meian Technology Co., Ltd Hall 5 I82
Meiloon Industrial Co., Ltd. Hall 5 B76
MEL Secure Systems Ltd Hall 5 F145
Mentor Business Systems Ltd Hall 5 E150
Mercer CCTV
Stand E70 Hall 5
Mercer CCTV a privately owned BRITISH company, specialising since 1978, in design and manufacture of surveillance domes, control systems and monitor housings
Merit LILIN UK Ltd Hall 5 A10
Messoa Technologies Inc. Hall 4 D155
Metrum Information Storage Ltd Hall 5 J47
MIC Hall 4 C25
Micro Digital Inc Hall 5 H63
MIDICO SYSTEM, s.r.o. Hall 4 C152
Milestone Systems Hall 4 F140
Miragex Ltd Hall 4 B160
Mirasys Ltd Hall 4 F125
Mitsubishi Electric UK Ltd
Stand B115 Hall 5
Mitsubishi Electric is a world leader in the innovative design and manufacture of advanced security solutions.
Mobotix AG Hall 4 G80
Morse Watchmans UK Ltd Hall 4 B20
Mul-T-Lock (UK) Ltd Hall 3A E10
Multi Channel Direct Ltd Hall 4 C154
Multipix Intelligent Systems Co., Ltd
Stand A67 Hall 5
MuxLab Inc Hall 5 E95
Myutron Inc. Hall 5 E155
National Security Inspectorate
Stand F5, F9 Hall 3A
NSI is the leading approvals and certification body that provides inspection services for the UKs fire and security industries.
Navtech Radar Hall 4 C17
Nedap AVI Hall 4 B55
Nemtek Pty Ltd Hall 3A F30
Neotech Photoelectric Inc. Hall 4 B100
Netco Hall 5 D5
Network Video Technologies Ltd Hall 5 B55
New World (China) Tech & Media Co., Ltd Hall 5 H20
Nexcam Hall 5 H80C
Next Step Digital Limited Hall 4 D107
NEXTCHIP Co., Ltd. Hall 5 F70A
NICE CTI Systems UK Ltd Hall 5 E10
Ningbo Kingtiger Safes Co., Ltd Hall 3A A15
Ningbo Lexing Inductor Electronic Co.,Ltd Hall 5 E115a
Ningbo Sipol Electronics Co., Ltd., Hall 5 F120d
NUUO Inc Hall 4 E165
Nuvico Inc Hall 5 D140
OB Telecom Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd Hall 5 G120c
OFK Technologies Co., Ltd Hall 5 G100
Ogier Electronics Limited Hall 4 E120
Onix System Inc Hall 5 H72
Opera S.R.L. Hall 3A G27
Opgal Optronic Industries Ltd Hall 4 E23
Optelecom – NKF B.V
Stand F80 Hall 4
Optelecom-NKF, manufacturer of Siqura® advanced video surveillance solutions, provides a full range of cameras, codecs, NVR’s, fiber transmission and software.
Optex Europe Ltd Hall 5 B20
Orion Technology CO., LTD. Hall 5 H95
ORSUS Hall 4 D65
OT Systems Ltd Hall 5 E7
OYTO Co Ltd Hall 5 F85e
Ozak Elektrik San. Ve Tic. Ltd. Sti. Hall 3A G8
Pacific Corporation UK Ltd Hall 5 J70
Panasonic System Solutions Europe
Stand C10 Hall 5
Panasonic System Solutions Europe is a leader in the CCTV and IP surveillance market offering total system quality.
Paragontech Co., Ltd. Hall 5 D28
Patriot Systems Hall 4 H50
Paxton Access Ltd
Stand E20 Hall 4
PCSC Hall 4 A70
Pearmain (Zhejiang) Electronic Co., Ltd Hall 4 B17
Pentax (UK) Limited Hall 5 E20
Personal Computer Data Services Hall 4 K5
Pinetron Co.,Ltd Hall 5 E85
Pixord Corporation Hall 4 H70
PLANET Technology Corp Hall 4 C102
Plustek Inc. Hall 5 B73
Portman Security Systems Hall 3A B35
Promise Technology EMEA Hall 4 C45
PROTECH Hall 4 E102
Protect A/S Hall 4 E167
Protekta d.o.o. Hall 3A C50
Provideo Co. Ltd Hall 4 G105
Provision ISR Ltd Hall 5 C98
Pyronix / Castle Care-Tech Hall 4 C30
Qeeps Hall 5 D95
QNAP Systems, Inc. Hall 4 B102
Qtum Co., Ltd. Hall 5 H70
Rapiscan Systems Hall 3A A5
Raymax Co., Ltd Hall 5 A80
Raytec CCTV Hall 4 H15
RDI Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. Hall 5 E115D
Remote Video Response Hall 5 E150
RhinoCo Technology Hall 5 A25
Rifatron Co., Ltd. Hall 5 E87
Stand D10 Hall 4
RISCO Group creates advanced and reliable integrated security solutions, designed with the needs of the customer in mind.
Rocate Distribution Limited Hall 5 D92
Rosslare Enterprises Ltd. Hall 4 D20
RSI Video Technologies Hall 5 E67
RTR Services Ltd Hall 3A F32
RTS Co., Ltd Hall 5 B108
Saab AB Hall 4 C165, H155
Sabre Advanced Microelectronics Hall 5 B145
SAE Electronic Co., Ltd Hall 5 C105
SAG-Securitag Assembly Group Co., Ltd Hall 4 C100
Sagem Sécurité Hall 4 D110
SALTO Systems Ltd Hall 4 C120
Sambo Hi-Tech Co Ltd Hall 5 H80e
Samjeon Co.,Ltd. Hall 5 F80c
Samsung CCTV Service Co. Ltd. Hall 5 F85b
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd
Stand D50 Hall 5
Samsung Techwin Europe Ltd
Stand C70 Hall 5
Samsung Techwin’s professional security division has a wide range of CCTV products to offer the perfect solution, regardless of the application.
SantachiVideoTechnology(Shenzhen)Co.,Ltd Hall 4 F95
Sanyo Europe Ltd
Stand C40 Hall 5
The CCTV division of SANYO develops and manufactures a comprehensive range of cameras, domes, digital video recorders and monitors.
SATEL sp.z o.o.
Stand D20 Hall 5
SATEL is a 100% private Polish capital-owned company active in designing, production and sale of high-quality electronic alarm system devices.
SAVV S.r.l. Hall 5 G40
Scanna MSC Ltd Hall 3A E20
Schmeissner GmbH Hall 5 I50
Se-Kure Controls, Inc. Hall 3A B55
SEC Global FZE Hall 4 B147
Securefast plc Hall 4 G5
Securit World Ltd Hall 4 A5
Securiton GmbH Hall 4 D115
Security Dynamics Hall 4 D85
Security Focus Hall 3A E55
Security Installer (SI) Hall 4 I20
Security Oracle Hall 3A F28
Security Specifier Europe Hall 3A C52
See Tec Communications GmbH & Co KG Hall 5 D145
Select Manufacturing Ltd Hall 4 C65
Send Word Now Hall 4 G23
Senko Advanced Components (Euro) Ltd Hall 5 B90
Sensor Access Technology Hall 4 F60
Stand F20 Hall 4
Senstar is a world leader and the trusted choice in perimeter intrusion detection technology, products and solutions. http://www.senstar.com
Senul Hall 4 B80
Seoul Business Agency Hall 5 H64
SerVision Hall 5 B120
Seyeon Tech Co Ltd Hall 5 H80A
SGW Security Consulting Hall 4 d108
Shany Electronic Co. Ltd Hall 5 B62
Sharps Electronics Co., Ltd Hall 5 C96
Sharpvision Co. Ltd Hall 5 B50
Shenzhen AEE Wireless Technology Co., Ltd. Hall 5 E8
Shenzhen Avideo Technology Co., Ltd Hall 5 C101
Shenzhen FSAN Intelligent Technology Co. Hall 5 G110F
Shenzhen Huiruitong Elec Appliance Co Lt Hall 5 E115C
Shenzhen Jiameikang Science Co., Ltd Hall 5 H28
Shenzhen Leshi Video Technology Co., Ltd Hall 5 C100
SHENZHEN LLT Wire & Cable Co., Ltd Hall 5 E90
Shenzhen Orinsong Technology Co., Ltd Hall 5 I10
Shenzhen Qihan Technology Co., LTD Hall 5 G103
Shenzhen Seeing Technology CO.,LTD. Hall 5 F110f
Shenzhen Success Electronics Co., Ltd Hall 5 H102
Shenzhen Wanjiaan Industrial Co. Ltd Hall 5 D37
Shenzhen Yonghui Technology Development Hall 5 F110a
Shenzhen Yuxin Technologies Co., Ltd. Hall 5 E115B
Shenzhen Zhongben Security Electronic Co., Ltd Hall 5 A90
Shenzhen ZX-Neon Digital Video Co., Ltd. Hall 5 F120e
Shield Security Doors Ltd Hall 4 G29
Sicura Systems Limited Hall 4 E25
Sicurit Alarmitalia SpA Hall 5 F40
Sierra Wireless Hall 4 G85
Silentron SpA Hall 5 G55
Silver Telecom Hall 5 A75
Silverstone Technology GmbH Hall 4 G95
Simulation Systems Limited Hall 5 I57
Stand F80 Hall 4
Optelecom-NKF, manufacturer of Siqura® advanced video surveillance solutions, provides a full range of cameras, codecs, NVR’s, fiber transmission and software.
Skyguard Hall 3A B15
Smokecloak – MSS Professional Ltd Hall 4 B170
SOEST Hall 5 B92
Software House
Stand D10 Hall 5
From access control to total control, Software House C•CURE® solutions enable businesses to better manage their security and business infrastructures.
Stand J10 Hall 4
Sony’s hybrid video security solutions allows seamless integration of old and new across the complete Sony range and other manufacturers’ products.
Sony United Kingdom Ltd Hall 4 H170, I7, H175
SOREX Wireless Solutions GmbH Hall 4 B137
Sorhea Hall 5 B123
Southwest Microwave Ltd Hall 4 F110
SPACE inc Hall 5 D35
Specialist Alarm Services Ltd Hall 4 B15
Specialized Security Products Hall 4 E5
Spectator Video Technology Holding BV Hall 4 A80
SSAIB Hall 4 D35
Stocksensor Hall 4 H150
STR Inc Hall 4 H140
Stretch Inc. Hall 4 H105
Stryker Communications Ltd Hall 5 E105
Styl Snaf Hall 5 I60
Sun Myung Electro-Telecom Hall 5 F80e
Sunell Electronics Co. Ltd Hall 5 A100
Sunwave Electronics Co., Ltd. Hall 5 I23
Superon Technology Co., Ltd. Hall 5 B60
Suprema, Inc. Hall 4 E52
Surelock McGill Group Hall 3A H10
Surpedia Technologies Co., Ltd Hall 5 A125
SVS Ltd. Hall 5 E97
SWIT Electronics Co., Ltd Hall 4 B57
SYAC Spa Hall 4 G130
Synectic Systems Group Ltd Hall 4 F10
Synology Incorporated Hall 4 C105
TAB Systems Hall 3A B5
Tagtronics Ltd Hall 3A C35
Tai Shing Precision Pressure Cast Co Ltd Hall 5 B102
Taitra Hall 4 B111, B114, C115
Taiwan Commate Computer Inc. Hall 5 B64
Taiwan Jantek Electronics, Ltd Hall 4 C113
Taiwan Pavilion Hall 5 B69, B77, B81, B85
Takex Europe Ltd Hall 5 F27
Talitor (Far East) Co., Ltd Hall 5 B80
Tamron Co. Ltd Hall 5 B45
Tavcom Training Hall 4 G31
TBS Touchless Biometric Systems Inc. Hall 4 C40
TBT INC Hall 5 F90
TCI Labs/TradeMark Cosmetic Laboratories Hall 4 G85
Stand E30 Hall 4
Integrated access control systems specialist TDSi, continues to deliver high quality, value for money security solutions to projects worldwide.
TEB SAS Hall 5 A127
Tech Fass s.r.o. Hall 3A G3
Techwell Inc
Stand B145, B148 Hall 5
Stand H30 Hall 5
High technology, reliability, userfriendliness and design are the main features that are common to all of the Tecnoalarm systems.
TeleCCTV Co., Ltd Hall 5 A65
TeleEye Europe Ltd Hall 4 F55
Telguard Hall 4 B30
Teltonika UAB
Stand F25 Hall 3A
Texas Instruments France Hall 5 B150
Texecom Hall 4 E130
TG Security Technology Co., Ltd Hall 5 I76
The Body Armour Company Hall 3A D25
The Security Institute Hall 4 G25
Thermoteknix Systems Ltd Hall 5 B105
Thinking Space Systems Ltd. Hall 4 G30
Tibet System Co. Ltd Hall 5 H71
Todd Research Limited Hall 3A D50
Tokina Co. Ltd Hall 5 A55
TOMST s.r.o. Hall 3A B20
Topica Technology Co., Ltd. Hall 4 G15
TQ Training Hall 3A B37
Tracer Technology Co Ltd Hall 5 E5
Traffic Safety Systems Hall 4 G50
Trajet GMBH Hall 5 H10
Traka Ltd Hall 4 D140
Transexpo Corporation Hall 3A G30
Tranwo Technology Corp Hall 4 C114
TRIKDIS Ltd Hall 3A H31
Trium Security Hall 5 C95
TRUEN Co.,Ltd Hall 5 H75
Tu Shing Electronic Co., Ltd. Hall 5 B67
Turun Turvatekniikka Oy Hall 4 F135
Tuv Product Service Ltd Hall 3A G25
TVT Digital Technology Co., Ltd Hall 5 B143
Tyco International
Stand D10, D5 Hall 5, Hall 4
Tyco International EMEA Access Control and Video Systems is one of the world’s leading suppliers of integrated security management solutions.
UBM Information Ltd Hall 4 I20
ULIS Hall 5 F147
Ultra Electronic Card Systems Hall 4 C135
Ultracker Technology Co. Ltd Hall 5 B75
Uniform Industrial Corp Hall 5 B86
Unimo Technology Co., Ltd Hall 5 H60
Urmet Domus UK Hall 4 C70
VADSYS Hall 5 F130
Vaelsys S.L.
Stand A30 Hall 3A
Vaelsys provides affordable, easy to scale, advanced video analysis solutions. Best cost-efficient results.
Veracity UK Ltd Hall 4 H100
Verint Video Solutions Ltd Hall 4 D84
Vicon Industries Limited Hall 5 E120
Videcon Plc Hall 5 E60
Video Cells Hall 5 B40
VIDEOR E. Hartig GmbH
Stand D30 Hall 5
The company’s wide product range covers components and integrated systems in the security, networking, imaging and broadcast sectors.
Videoswitch Hall 5 E30
Stand C60 Hall 5
VIDEOTEC, Italian manufacturer since 1986, offers a full line of state-of-the-art CCTV products specialized for external surveillance.
Vidicore KG Hall 5 B135
Viewlink Technology Ltd.
Stand F120B Hall 5
Vigilant Technology Ltd Hall 4 E135
Vigitron, Inc Hall 5 B97
Vimo Elettronica Snc. Hall 5 F35
VIRDI Company Hall 5 H74
Vision Digital Technology Ltd. Hall 5 D105
Visionhitech Co., Ltd Hall 5 C133
Visual Tools S.A.
Stand B95 Hall 5
Visit Visual Tools on stand B95 at IFSEC, where we will show you our intelligent video surveillance solutions for the professional market.
Vivotek Inc Hall 4 G110
VTQ Videotronik GmbH Hall 5 C150
Vue Hall 5 B101
Wakayama Enterprise Co., LTD Hall 5 C103
Watec Co Ltd Hall 5 I92
Wavecom Hall 4 G85
Webgate Inc Hall 5 D7
WebWayOne Hall 4 C5
WEC Camera Mounting Solutions Hall 5 J90
WES Expo Ltd – Shenzhen Office Hall 5 E9
Westbase Technology Ltd Hall 4 C48
Western Digital (UK) Ltd Hall 4 F57
Whitebox Robotics Co., Ltd Hall 5 H85f
Winland Electronics, Inc Hall 3A A18
Winsted Limited/American Fibertek Hall 5 D40
Wireless CCTV Limited Hall 5 D90
WithSolution Company Hall 5 H80f
Wonwoo Engineering Co.,Ltd. Hall 5 F135
Xiamen Genway Security Tech Development Hall 4 A40
Xiamen Leading Optics Co. Ltd Hall 4 H25
Xingtel Security Xiamen Co., Ltd Hall 4 G90
XRPLUS Inc Hall 4 D86
Stand B35 Hall 5
Xtralis provides powerful, early warning fire detection and security solutions that detect threats before safety or business continuity is compromised
Xundao (Shenzhen) Ind. Co., Ltd Hall 5 I70
Y3K (Europe) Limited
Stand K20 Hall 4
Y3K is one of Europe’s leading CCTV & Security Equipment Distributors offering a wide range of security products & solutions for every application and budget.
Yaan Technology Electronics Co. Ltd Hall 5 E94
YDT Technology International Hall 4 E150
Yuan High-Tech Development Co., Ltd Hall 4 C101
Yudor Technology Co., Ltd Hall 5 F106
YUHUA Electric Equipment Manufacturing Hall 5 A115
Zareba Security Systems Hall 3A D40
Zavio Inc. Hall 4 H125
Zenitel UK Hall 4 I5
Zhejiang Dahua Technology Co., Ltd Hall 5 A140
Zhejiang Dali Technology Co., Ltd. Hall 5 F100
Zhuhai RaySharp Technology Co., Ltd. Hall 5 F110B
Zhuhai Witson Industrial Co.,Ltd. Hall 5 G120a
Zhuhai Yuxun Coaxial Cable Co., Ltd Hall 5 F120f
Zippy Technology Corp Hall 5 A70

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Hanging with hackers can make you paranoid

updated 1 hour, 21 minutes ago

(CNET) — At a hacker conference no one is safe.

Jump forward to Defcon 17 this year, which was held over the weekend in Las Vegas, things certainly have changed. The attendees are older and wiser and employed, most of the feds aren’t in stealth mode, and even the most savvy of hackers is justifiably paranoid.


Defcon and Black Hat, the pricier and more corporate sister confab held the two days preceding Defcon ($120 for Defcon registration versus $1,395 to $2,095 for phased registration at Black Hat), offer a forum for researchers to share information about vulnerabilities they find in software, hardware and systems.

[ . . . ]




DEFCON 17 Logo

Contest & Event Status

Hacker Gatherings

Show up to the next DEFCON event this month!

The Buzz on the DEFCON Forums

Latest Active Threads
Photos From The Shoot
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Clear WiMAX is coming to a Metro Area Near You 9/1
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New Defcon Rules
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NorVA DC 703
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Latest Tweets

Follow the DEFCON Twitter Feed for the latest news and announcements concerning the show!

DEFCON 17 is happening right now!

Get the Live Feed Straight from dc17.defcon.org!

We’ve been working on a little something new this year… You can check out the live action straight from DEFCON 17 at dc17.defcon.org! It’s got all the latest twitter updates, as well as integrated #defcon twitter search and embedded qik feed. Not to mention the schedule of events! It’s the next best thing to being there, and great for finding out what’s going on while you’re here!

Dont Miss NIST’s Hack the Quantum at DEFCON 17!

Presented by the Joint Quantum Institute, National Institute of Standards and Technology and University of Maryland, and the Centre for Quantum Technologies, National University of Singapore

With a hands-on Bell-o-meter for entangled photons you can convince yourself that there are quantum effects beyond classical physics: a real qubit is offered to the participant who achieves the strongest violation of a Bell inequality. We also present a fresh attack that breaks many current quantum crypto systems, and demonstrate a photon-based quantum randon number generator.

Find it in Capri 114 /115 Friday-Sunday at DEFCON 17!



‘Three Sheets’ host will drink (and eat) anything

* Story Highlights
* Zane Lamprey hosts “Three Sheets” on Fine Living Network
* On show, Lamprey drinks things like “Black Death” and viper rum
* For all that, his liver’s in good shape, says Lamprey

updated 1 hour, 7 minutes ago

By Shanon Cook

NEW YORK (CNN) — Coagulated sheep’s blood. Pig knuckles. Snake bile. Fried crickets. Sound like ingredients you might see bubbling away in a caldron, right?
Zane Lamprey raises a toast to alcoholic beverages the world over.

Zane Lamprey raises a toast to alcoholic beverages the world over.

Well, these are just some of the unusual items Zane Lamprey has eaten — yes, eaten — during the course of his day job.

[ . . . ]

CNN: By now you must have discovered a cure for a hangover.

Lamprey: There is no cure. Actually, there’s two. Either don’t drink, or don’t stop. Once you break one of those, you get into trouble.

We’ve found remedies, things that’ll make it a little easier. I’ve jumped in freezing water, I’ve done just about everything, and nothing has wiped out my hangover.

[ etc. ]

Lamprey is a 37-year-old comedian who hosts a TV program about drinking, “Three Sheets.” The show follows him all over the world as he samples local libations.

The show now airs on the Fine Living Network, which has just popped the cork on “Three Sheets’ ” fourth season. New episodes air Monday nights at 10 p.m. ET and repeat throughout the week.

[ . . . ]




USA 2009 Briefings & Training


July 25-30, Caesars Palace

Las Vegas, Nevada


Training July 25-28
Briefings July 29-30

Presentations, White Papers & Videos from Black Hat USA 2009 are now online.

Briefings USA 2009 selected speakers are now live.

This Webcast will preview some of the hottest topics being presented at Black Hat USA 2009.



IFSEC 2009 is now closed…

But don’t worry, the world’s largest global annual security event will return next year between 10-13 May.

IFSEC 2009 was jammed packed with over 600 world leading companies divided into six product areas, myriad product launches and the latest innovative technologies, free seminars including Business Seminars for Security Installers, the high-level IFSEC Conference, the IFSEC Security Industry Awards and more.

Join our group on Join our LinkedIn group and follow IFSEC on Follow us on Twitter.

See content of specific interest to public sector professionals here.

Please contact a member of our sales team to secure your stand today and ensure you get your preferred position.






Intersec trade fair and conferenceIntersec – the international meeting platform for security, safety and protection.

Intersec trade fair and conference plays a major role in reflecting the security industry worldwide.

The exhibition and conference combines a huge international profile, with a strong regional impact. Over 17,200 visitors from 96 countries and over 700 exhibitors from 50 countries attended Intersec 2009.

Intersec show video 2009



Press Release – 21 January, 2009
Business worth multi-million dirhams concluded during three-day security fair

The much vaunted global economic slowdown did not manifest itself at Intersec trade fair and conference 2009, the second largest security exhibition in the world as attendance crossed 17,206 (at the time of going to press), an increase of 20%. Trade visitors from all over the world networked at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre.

H. H. Sheikh Majid bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum inaugurated Intersec
trade fair and conference

His Highness Sheikh Majid bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al MaktoumWe are delighted to announce that His Highness Sheikh Majid bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, son of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Prime Minister and Vice-President, and Ruler of Dubai, officially inaugurated the Intersec trade fair and conference on Sunday, 18th of January.

Intersec 2010:

The holistic approach to security and safety

Trade Fair and Conference - Click here for larger image
Commercial and information security, homeland security, counter terrorism and policing, disaster prevention, management and recovery, and safety and health issues have become
inseparably intertwined as globalisation poses profound challenges to international security.

It is no longer only nation-states that are facing and influencing the challenges and opportunities of complex global systems: Fifty-one per cent of the top 100 global economies are companies, 300 multinational corporations account for 25 per cent of total global assets and more than 40 per cent of total world trade occurs within corporations. Also as a result of globalization and technology, individual actors can intentionally cause disruptions and inflict damage on a massive scale.

Intersec trade show and conferences recognise these challenges and will for the 11th time bring together everyone involved in the process of improving security and safety. Show and Conference will again give the unique opportunity to meet and discuss and to gather first-hand information about state-of-the-art technologies, techniques, and services in all areas related to securing people’s lives, property, information, critical infrastructure and borders.

If you are in

Latest News

UAE cybercrime squad gunning forward
ITP – 23 April, 2009
The United Arab Emirates Computer Emergency Response Team (aeCERT) has dealt with close to five phishing attacks in the country since its launch in July last year, its director has revealed.





Police Convention USA – August 10 – 11, 2009
Las Vegas, Nevada
ALOA Convention – security and police industry convention United States
Associated Locksmiths of America

ALOA 2009 Security Expo
Educational Classes August 8-16th
Trade Show August 13-15th

My Note –
Looks like there would be some opportunities for work in this area – they are the only ones with any money . . .
– cricketdiane, 08-04-09

Safety & Security Asia 2009
Safety & Security Asia 2009

10th International Safety & Security Technology & Equipment Exhibition & Conference

20 glorious years very well speak of what Safety & Security Asia (SSA) is today – the most established and participant-focused safety & security show in the region.

Through the years of market knowledge and successful presentations, SSA understands its commitment well – to introduce a highly relevant and effective business platform that would open unlimited business opportunities while level the playing field for all industry players in the region and around the world. Into its 10th biennial show, Safety & Security Asia 2009 is bringing its goals higher to the next level.

Exhibitor profiles include:

  • Access control devices & systems
  • Biometrics technologies
  • CCTV & surveillance systems
  • Control & communication systems
  • Identification devices & systems
  • Intrusion/detection devices & systems
  • IT & network security
  • Perimeter security
  • Security consultancy
  • Tracking devices & systems
  • Environmental protection equipment
  • Industrial protection equipment
  • Personal safety products

And many more…