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Comment posted today on this post – (and my response) –

California selling off state landmarks article on my wordpress blog

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Comment and Reply – on 08-03-09 – WordPress BlogPost

Marinda Griffin

Submitted on 2009/08/03 at 6:35pm

This is all so enlightening. I recently saved enough money to move to California to study Environmental Science at great California University. After moving across the country I was admitted to California State University Los Angeles after applying in February of 2008.

One month before I am supposed to begin school I receive a letter in the mail saying that two of my courses are not transferable. Why they did not tell me this earlier so that I could take the classes over the Summer I don’t know. Now, after paying a $55 application fee and a $100 registration fee, both non-refundable, I must wait an entire year before attending a University.

Spring admissions to state schools are closed due to the budget crisis. Attending a university has been a dream of mine and my families. I am the first in my family to have an Associates Degree. Currently, I am interning with a state agency concentrated on environmental efforts. It is such an amazing opportunity, especially with such little education. I truly enjoy it but with the state California is in, I have absolutely no opportunity to have a dream job while I wait for my dream school.

I must say, following my dreams to California has not been too disappointing, it’s beauty is un-questionable. Hopefully this broke college student will find her dream again. Ithe mean time maybe a sailing course at a ommunity college on the federal dime isn’t such a bad idea.

My Response –


Submitted on 2009/08/03 at 6:57pm

Do you know that you can apply to test out of those classes? It could be that the organization you are working for or some of the environmental groups / non-profits / or agencies and green businesses local to you, would sponsor your fees to take the testing for the classes they say won’t transfer. Just a thought.

The counselors at the California university where you have been accepted can make the arrangements for the testing and you will receive the credit for the courses as if you had attended them there. Especially since you have already received the information contained in these courses, it would be worthwhile.

Also, whether you knew it or not – the academic dean and faculty chair people of any department in the university can make an acceptance of the classes they say do not count – they have the authority and ability to make an exception to the standard policy and enter those classes on your academic record as accepted credits.

Go see them, it only takes a phone call and an appointment. Some department heads can be contacted by email but it is better to call and get an appointment.

– cricketdiane, 08-03-09