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Don’t tell me ceilings have to be painted white or its wrong . . .

Don’t tell me that doing art is “coloring” and that nobody makes a living at it . . .

Don’t tell me hard-work, perseverance and talent are paid with great rewards . . . it isn’t the truth in America.

Don’t tell me that you are better than I am or try to prove that is so, because I know the same maggots will eventually eat us both and return us to the soil . .

Don’t tell me I am mentally ill because I am different than you are – I have not seen what you call “normal” indicating much to be proud of – it isn’t impressive . . .

Don’t tell me that your life, your opinions and your knowledge has greater substance than mine for no other reason than the amount of money you make – because obviously that does not define the value of a human life nor of a human mind, let alone define a judgment of the extent of knowledge within it.

And, I just want to know who put the Christians and other religious zealots in charge of everybody’s sex life, classification in the financial caste system, value as a human being, position in the pecking order, exclusion or inclusion for personal opportunities and damn near every other facet of life? Who made them the voice of God – because it sure wasn’t God that did it . . .

And, don’t tell me that it isn’t like that, because it is.


Do you know what I see? Of course not. We are never going to be standing in the same place at the same moment with the same mind. Thank God for that, because if we were, there would be less chance of our species surviving for the generations yet to come – in fact, we wouldn’t have made it this far. It is by diversity that nature insures the survival of species, from plant and animal life to mankind. It is designed that way for good reason . . .

– my note, cricketdiane, 08-01-09


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