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Today, it seemed like a good idea to create a live podcast thing – so, it has been interesting.


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And, this is an event that is about to happen –

Hollywood slump puts famous props on the block

* Dramatic decline in Hollywood productions over the past year prompts auction
* Submarine, fake nuclear warhead and Austin Powers’ cryogenic chamber to be sold
* Inventory also includes a drill used by Ben Affleck and Bruce Willis in  Armageddon
* Potential bidders have registered from dozens of countries

updated 35 minutes ago

By Alan Duke

LOS ANGELES, California (CNN) — Harvey Schwartz spent the past 40 years collecting antiques, art and odd items that he rented to TV and movie studios as props and set decorations.


Yeah, it’s all going to be sold to collectors,  he said.  This is the first time in 60 years that Hollywood has had a big sale like this, where they’ve dissipated Hollywood props to all parts of the planet.

[ . . . ]

An auctioneer will begin the long process of selling everything Tuesday morning.

I talk lightly that I have 93,752 pieces under this roof, but it doesn’t really strike a note until you start putting a little auction lot number on each piece or a bunch of pieces.

Potential bidders have registered from dozens of countries, and hundreds are expected to show up at the warehouse, Schwartz said.



Five jobs for Facebook addicts

Rachel Zupek
CareerBuilder.com writer


Editor’s note: CNN.com has a business partnership with CareerBuilder.com, which serves as the exclusive provider of job listings and services to CNN.com.

Jobs for Facebook addicts

If you’re a social media guru, here are five jobs to consider in your next job search:

1. Recruiter

Candidates have been on social networks for years now, and it’s about time recruiters joined them. Daniel says Dan Temps’ recruiters can find candidates faster, screen them better and reach out to individuals they wouldn’t see otherwise.

Dan Temps believes that the environment candidates are accustomed to in a social network will keep the conversations and information real,  Daniel says.  Candidates don’t feel they are being pressured in that environment like they would in a more formal interview or screening process and are more likely to get real with our recruiters.

2. Strategist

Many companies are seeking social media strategists to find the best way to interact within various social sites and online communities. In this role, you would be the face of social media for your company, creating and maintaining an effective social media strategy by interacting with users, growing brand awareness, creating buzz, increasing traffic and providing valuable information. To thrive in this position, Durbin says you must have a proven track record of achieving goals, or companies will be hesitant to hire you.

3. Enterprise architect

This is the most exciting job in social media and requires someone with broad experience in networks, multiple platforms, development, security and political infighting,  Durbin says.  This is a very rare find. It’s for companies looking to completely revamp their content management strategy and internal networks. It could be the most important role in a company in the next five years.

4. User operations analyst

For any company with an online presence, user experience is one of the most vital parts of the business. The only way to monitor that is to have someone in charge of the experience themselves. No matter if the company is blogging, has a Web site or pages on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, user operations analysts interact with users, answer queries, investigate problems and keep track of user habits.

5. Director of social media

Similar to a strategist, companies need someone to organize company blogging, viral marketing, podcasting, etc. This person has a background in building teams and who really gets the promise and the purpose of social media, Durbin says. These folks should be wary of new technologies and be all over blogs, RSS, have Facebook and Twitter accounts, and know the difference between his or her employees playing and researching on MySpace and YouTube.

Searching for social media jobs

You might think that finding social media jobs is difficult but many of these positions under a variety of job titles that don’t include  social media.

Try searching job boards and the Internet for  social media,   interactive marketing,   new media  or  branding manager  and you should get a good start in the right direction.