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My Note –

Immediately below this note – there is some of the most obscene uses of the English language to describe the new accounting changes from market values to a modified valuation determined by “trick rules” using values from two – three years ago prior to the downturn. It is not sane . . .

sooner or later, despite being allowed to count the full (100%) value of the real estate, commercial and business real estate properties on their books against leveraging, or assumptions of solvency, – sooner or later, reality will win and values will be whatever they actually are, (or aren’t).

Just thought others in the public might like to try reading this nonsense they’ve written at the Accounting Standards Board to suit the business and investment communities desires away from mark-to-market accounting standards.

– cricketdiane, 07-16-09


e. This paragraph does not require disclosures for earlier
periods presented for comparative purposes at initial
f. In periods after initial adoption, this paragraph requires
comparative disclosures only for periods ending after initial
g. The pending content that links to this paragraph shall be
applied to existing and new investments held by an entity
as of the beginning of the interim period in which that
content is adopted (for example, as of April 1, 2009, if an
entity adopts that content for periods ending after June 15,
h. For debt securities held at the beginning of the interim
period of adoption for which an other-than-temporary
impairment was previously recognized, if an entity does not
intend to sell and it is not more likely than not that the
entity will be required to sell the security before recovery
of its amortized cost basis (after considering the guidance
in paragraphs 320-10-35-30 and 320-10-35-33A through
33G), the entity shall recognize the cumulative effect of
initially applying the pending content that links to this
paragraph as an adjustment to the opening balance of
retained earnings with a corresponding adjustment to
accumulated other comprehensive income. The cumulative
effect on retained earnings shall be calculated by
comparing the present value of the cash flows expected to

be collected determined in accordance with the
methodology in paragraphs 320-10-35-33D through 35-33E
with the amortized cost basis of the debt security as of the
beginning of the interim period in which the pending
content that links to this paragraph is adopted. The
cumulative-effect adjustment shall include related tax
effects. The discount rate used to calculate the present
value of the cash flows expected to be collected shall be the
rate in effect before recognizing any other-than-temporary
impairments and not a rate that has been adjusted to reflect
those impairments.
i. The amortized cost basis of a security for which an otherthan-
temporary impairment was previously recognized
shall be adjusted by the amount of the cumulative-effect
adjustment before taxes. The difference between the new
amortized cost basis and the cash flows expected to be
collected shall be accreted in accordance with existing
guidance as interest income (see paragraph 320-10-35-35).
j. In the period of adoption, an entity shall provide the
disclosures required by Section 250-10-50 for changes in
accounting principles.
7. Based on comments received, amend paragraph 944-20-65-1,
with no link to transition paragraph as follows:
944-20-65-1 The following represents the transition and
effective date information related to FASB Statement No. 163,
Accounting for Financial Guarantee Insurance Contracts—an
interpretation of FASB Statement No. 60:
a. Except as noted in item (b), the pending content that links
to this paragraph shall be effective for financial statements

issued for fiscal years beginning after December 15, 2008,
and interim periods within those fiscal years.
b. The disclosure requirements in paragraphs 944-40-50-
9(a)(5) and 944-40-50-9(b)(1) through (5) are effective for
the first period (including interim periods) beginning after
May 2008, with all of the following clarifications:
1. The disclosures shall be provided unless deemed
impracticable (as described in paragraph 250-10-45-9).
2. The disclosures shall be based on an insurance entity’s
existing accounting policies that may or may not be
consistent with the principles of the pending content
that links to this paragraph at this earlier effective date.
3. If the disclosures are deemed impracticable at this
earlier effective date, an explanation of why they are
impracticable at this time and a description of the
insurance entity’s existing accounting policy for claim
liabilities shall be provided.
c. Except for the disclosures effective for the first period
(including interim periods) beginning after issuance of
Codification Update 2008-XXMay2008, earlier application
is not permitted.
d. The pending content that links to this paragraph shall be
applied to existing and future financial guarantee insurance
contracts issued by an insurance entity as of the beginning
of the fiscal year in which that pending content is initially
e. An insurance entity shall recognize the cumulative effect of
initially applying the pending content that links to this
paragraph as an adjustment to the opening balance of
retained earnings for that fiscal year.


[from – ]

Update No. 2009-02—Omnibus Update—Amendments to Various Topics for Technical Corrections




D. Interaction Between Regulatory Capital and U.S. GAAP 114
E. Analysis of Causes of Declines in Failed Bank Capital 117
1. Aggregate Failed Banks < $1 Billion of Total Assets 118
2. Aggregate Failed Banks > $1 Billion, but < $10 Billion of Total
Assets 119
3. Failed Banks > $10 Billion of Total Assets 120
a. Washington Mutual 121b. IndyMac 123
c. Downey Savings and Loan 125

IV. Impact of Fair Value Accounting on the Quality of Financial Information Available
to Investors 139
A. Investor and User Views About the Use of Fair Value Measurements 139
1. Comment Letters and Other Public Statements 139
a. Representative Survey of Comment Letters 140
b. Other Public Statements 143
c. Observations 144
2. Common Themes in Individual Analyst Reports on Fair Value
Measurements 145

Exhibit A.1: List of Commenters – (from pp. A-20)

Commenter Affiliation Abbreviation Date Weblink
I. Members of Congress –

This group includes members of Congress.
Bachus, Spencer
U.S. House of
Committee on
Financial Services
Bachus Oct 14, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-68.pdf
II. Preparers –

This group includes preparers, preparer-related professional organizations, and advisors to preparers.
Association of Corporate Credit
Unions ACCU Oct 28, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-87.pdf
BNP Paribas BNP Nov 13, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-148.pdf
BridgePointe Advisors BridgePoint Nov 13, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-161.htm
BridgePointe Advisors BridgePoint Nov 13, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-156.htm
Cannon Company Cannon Nov 13, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-162.htm
Citigroup Citi Nov 12, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-128.pdf
Corporate One Federal Credit
Union Corporate One Oct 28, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-91.pdf

Credit Suisse Group Credit Suisse Nov 13, 2008
Eagle National Bank Eagle Oct 1, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-37.pdf
Federal Home Loan Bank of
FHLBA Nov 26, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-180.pdf
Federal Home Loan Bank of
FHLBC Nov 12, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-127.pdf
First Federal of Bucks County Bucks County Nov 10, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-178.pdf
Highland Capital Management,
LP Highland Oct 23, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-58.pdf

Houlihan Lokey Houlihan Nov 11, 2008
Integrated Planning Strategies,
LLC IPS Oct 30, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-104.pdf
Massachusetts Mutual Life
Insurance Company MassMutual Nov 13, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-155.pdf
MBIA, Inc. MBIA Nov 13, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-167.pdf

Members United Corporate Federal Credit Union Members United Oct 17, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-41.pdf
Nationwide Insurance Group Nationwide Nov 13, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-157.pdf
Providence Health & Services Providence Nov 10, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-143.pdf
Sleeping Bear Partners Sleeping Bear Oct 1, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-18.pdf
Southwest Corporate Federal Credit Union Southwest Oct 24, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-74.pdf

Square 1 Bank Square 1 Oct 8, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-70.pdf

SunCorp Corporate Credit Union SunCorp
Oct 27, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-80.pdf
SunCorp Corporate Credit Union SunCorp Nov 12, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-133.pdf
U.S. Central Central Oct 27, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-78.pdf

U.S. Central
Central Nov 13, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-152.pdf

Western Corporate Federal Credit Union WesCorp
Oct 24, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-73.pdf
Western Reserve Capital Management Western Jul 25, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-171.pdf
Western Reserve Capital Management Western Sep 25, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-172.pdf
Xylos Corporation Xylos Dec 5, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-186.pdf
III. Auditors –

This group includes auditors.
PricewatherhouseCoopers LLP PwC Oct 29, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-90.pdf

PricewatherhouseCoopers LLP PwC
Oct 1, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-1.pdf

IV. Standard-Setters –

This group includes standard-setters and related formal and informal advisory groups.
Financial Accounting Foundation FAF Oct 2, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-84.pdf

Financial Accounting Foundation FAF
Oct 27, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-83.pdf

(for members of the above – see below this list or at end of SEC document.)
International Valuation Standards Committee IVSC Nov 13, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-145.pdf

(not members of the International Accounting Standards Board here?)
V. Academics –

This group includes academics.
Angel, James J.
Georgetown University, McDonough School of Georgetown Nov 12, 2008

Click to access 4573-135.pdf

Columbia Business School Columbia Oct 31, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-105.pdf
Gorton, Donald Wayne State
University Gorton Oct 28, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-89.htm
Landsman, Wayne R.
KPMG Professor of
Accounting, Kenan-
Flagler Business
School, University of
North Carolina
Landsman Nov 21, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-169.pdf
Ryan, John University of
Wollongong Ryan Oct 28, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-81.pdf
Smith, David and Webinger,
Mariah University of Nebraska UN-L Nov 13, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-149.htm
Waller, William Ph.D. University of Arizona Waller Oct 23, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-62.htm
Wilson, Peter G. Boston College Wilson Oct 29, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-94.pdf

VI. Consultants –

This group includes consulting firms engaged in, among other things, the use of fair value in financial reporting.
BankLogic.Net, CPA’s &
Consultants BankLogic Nov 3, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-126.pdf
Markit Group Limited Markit Nov 12, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-123.pdf
New World Actuaries New World Nov 13, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-137.htm
Partnership Consultants, Inc. Partnership
Consultants Oct 23, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-60.pdf
Towers Perrin Towers Nov 13, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-164.pdf
VII. Professional Organizations –

This group includes accounting and finance professional organizations with broad-based membership, as well as informal professional groups.
American Bankers Association ABA Nov 13, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-158.pdf

American Bankers Association ABA
Sep 23, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-38.pdf
American Bankers Association ABA Oct 13, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-19.pdf
American Council of Life Insurers ACLI Oct 30, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-103.pdf
American Council of Life Insurers ACLI Nov 13, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-153.pdf

American Institute of Certified Public Accountants AICPA Nov 11, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-119.pdf
Appraisal Institute and American Society of Farm Managers and
Rural Appraisers

AI/ASFMRA Nov 7, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-125.pdf
BAI CFO Roundtable BAI Dec 3, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-194.pdf
Center for Audit Quality CAQ Nov 13, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-151.pdf
Center for Audit Quality, CFA Institute, Consumer Federation of America, Council of Institutional Investors, and Investment Management Association
Joint Nov 14, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-175.pdf
Center for Audit Quality, CFA Institute, Consumer Federation of
America, and Council of Institutional Investors
Joint Oct 15, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-65.pdf

Center for Capital Markets Competitiveness CCMC
Nov 13, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-154.pdf
Center for Capital Markets Competitiveness CCMC Sep 26, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-3.pdf
Center for Capital Markets Competitiveness CCMC Oct 14, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-160.pdf
Commercial Mortgage Securities Association CMSA Oct 22, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-64.pdf
Community Bankers Association of Illinois CBAI Oct 8, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-98.pdf
Credit Union National Association CUNA Nov 13, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-166.pdf

Financial Services Roundtable Roundtable
Nov 13, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-142.pdf
Independent Bankers Association of Texas IBAT Oct 8, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-97.pdf
Independent Bankers of Colorado IBC Oct 16, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-69.pdf
Independent Community Bankers of America ICBA Nov 13, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-147.pdf

InFRE Retirement Resource Center InFRE Nov 10, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-115.htm
Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales ICAEW Nov 13, 2008

Click to access 4573-146.pdf

International Corporate Governance Network ICGN Nov 13, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-139.pdf
Investment Adviser Association IAA Nov 13, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-141.pdf

Investment Company Institute ICI
Nov 14, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-173.pdf
Missouri Independent Bankers Association MIBA Oct 8, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-99.pdf

Mortgage Bankers Association MBA
Nov 13, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-140.pdf
National Association of State
Boards of Accountancy NASBA
Oct 27, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-85.pdf
Pennsylvania Association of Community Bankers PACB Oct 16, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-71.pdf
U.S. Chamber of Commerce,
Financial Services Roundtable,
Property Casualty Insurers
Association of America,
American Council of Life
Insurers, Mortgage Bankers
Association, and American
Insurance Association

Joint II Oct 23, 2008

Click to access 4573-61.pdf

VIII. Investor and Other Users –

This group includes individual investors and other users, investor groups, investor protection agencies, and attorneys representing users.
American Investor American Investor Oct 9, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-7.htm
Anderson, Arthur T. A. Anderson Nov 4, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-110.htm
Anderson, David V. D. Anderson Oct 20, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-50.htm
Anonymous Citizen Anonymous Nov 12, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-130.htm
Anonymous Citizen Anonymous II Dec 10, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-191.htm
Armstrong, Ronald Armstrong Sep 30, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-33.htm
Baldwin, Timothy L. Emile Banks
Associates Baldwin Oct 8, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-6.htm

Benson, Robert Benson Nov 12, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-124.htm
Bjork, Ruth A Bjork Nov 11, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-120.htm
Black, John G. Black Oct 28, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-77.htm
Boone, Irene Boone Oct 20, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-44.htm
Bucalo, MaryAnn Bucalo Nov 7, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-163.htm
Carl Carl Oct 22, 2008

Carmony, John Carmony Oct 9, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/s7-26-08/s72608-93.htm
CFA Institute CFA Oct 1, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-36.pdf
CFA Institute CFA Nov 11, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-118.pdf

Council of Institutional Investors
CII Oct 29, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-95.pdf

Council of Institutional Investors
CII Sep 25, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-190.pdf
Cox, David The Bradbury Co., Inc. Cox Oct 28, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-86.htm
Cross, Jeffery Cross Oct 6, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-5.htm
Davis, Kurt E. The Davis Law Firm Davis Sep 29, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-30.htm
DuPont, James M. DuPont Nov 2, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-108.htm
Edgtton, Jason Edgtton Oct 28, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-82.htm
Etheridge, Chris Etheridge Oct 22, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-55.pdf
Evans, Onex P. Evans Oct 28, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-72.pdf
Evans, Scott TIAA- CREF Evans Oct 29, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-100.pdf
Fastiggi, Jason Scoggin Capital Management Fastiggi Oct 29, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-93.htm
Fischer, Urs P. Fischer Nov 6, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-113.htm
Foster, Marc VP Investments, UBS Foster Oct 25, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-76.htm
Gichini, Brittany Gichini Nov 12, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-129.htm
Grossman, Steve Grossman Aug 7, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-67.pdf
Gueye, Khadid Gueye Nov 12, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-132.htm
Hale, Jon Partnership Consultants, Inc. Hale Oct 20, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-49.htm
Haley, Jay Haley Dec 1, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-183.pdf
Hamilton, Alexandra A. Hamilton Dec 2, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-181.htm
Hamilton, Stephen W. Hamilton Nov 7, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-114.htm
Harmon, David Harmon Sep 29, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-2.htm
Haslem, Mark Haslem Oct 11, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-29.htm

Hazen, Steven Hazen Nov 12, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-136.pdf
Hodge, David Gimbal Capital Management Hodge Oct 9, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-9.htm

Investors Technical Advisory Committee ITAC
Nov 13, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-159.pdf
Isaac, William M. Secura Group of LECG Isaac Oct 29, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-79.pdf
Jeremiah, Roger W. Jeremiah Oct 30, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-101.htm
Keating, Patrick Keating Sep 30, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-35.htm
Kent, David W.
Member of Association of Cost Engineers International Kent Oct 11, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-15.htm
King, William King Oct 13, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-16.htm
Knorr, Thomas L. Knorr Oct 9, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-8.htm
Lane, Chris C. Lane Oct 9, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-11.htm
Lane, Fred F. Lane Nov 9, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-116.htm
Leavitt, Barbara Leavitt Oct 20, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-47.htm
LeGuyader, Louis LeGuyader Oct 9, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-27.htm
LeGuyader, Louis LeGuyader Sep 28, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-31.htm
Levin, Douglas K. Levin Hu, LLP Levin Nov 17, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-168.htm
Lofgreen, Shad Lofgreen Nov 21, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-174.htm
Massey, Zara Massey Oct 25, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-75.htm
McAllister, Teresa T. McAllister Nov 10, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-117.htm
McAllister, Willis C. W. McAllister Oct 9, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-66.pdf
Micheletti, Art Micheletti Oct 15, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-21.htm
Miller, Jeffrey A. Miller Oct 28, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-92.htm
Montroy, Vernon Montroy Oct 24, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-57.htm
Morfesis, Alex G. Trusted Capital
Solutions, LLC Morfesis Oct 28, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-88.htm
Murray, Lewis Murray Oct 14, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-20.htm
Nguyen, Dan J. Nguyen Nov 23, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-177.htm

Oh, Lottie Oh Oct 23, 2008

Olson, Sue Olson Oct 10, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-28.htm
O’Malley, Niall H. Blue Point Investment
, LLC O’Malley Dec 12, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-192.pdf

Owen, Daryle Owen Oct 15, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-23.htm
Petersen, John L. Fefer Petersen Cie. Petersen Oct 17, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-40.htm
Phillips, James E. Phillips Oct 18, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-43.htm
Pierce, Steven Pierce Sep 30, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-4.htm
Pigg, Gary L. Pigg Oct 20, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-46.htm
Piper, Jason B. Piper Oct 9, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-12.htm
Poweski, Mark Poweski Sep 30, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-34.htm
Quigley, Peter Renvyle Partners, LLC Quigley Nov 19, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-170.htm
Ramin, Kurt Paul Ramin Nov 12, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-134.pdf
Raz, Sharon, Gutierrez, Isabel,

Huesler, Lukas, and Dias, Roy BUSL Students Nov 13, 2008http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-150.pdf
Rembert, Donald M. Rembert Pendleton
Jackson Rembert Nov 25, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-179.pdf
Risgaard, David North Star Asset
Management Risgaard Dec 8, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-188.htm
Rogers, Vincent Mtax Rodgers Dec 4, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-185.htm
Saidens, Susan M. Saidens Oct 22, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-53.htm
Schneider, Mark Schneider Dec 8, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-187.htm
Schryer, Tom Schryer Oct 31, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-106.htm
Schuler, Marcus Markit Schuler Oct 20, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-48.pdf
Sconyers, Richard Sconyers Dec 2, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-182.htm
Sigmon, Michael Sigmon Oct 22, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-54.htm
Smith, Gregory H.
Domino Foods, Inc.,
American Sugar
Holdings, Inc.

Smith Nov 1, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-107.htm
Smith, Stephen T. Conectiv Energy S. Smith Nov 11, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-121.htm
Spicer, Dave Spicer Nov 4, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-109.htm
Steinbacher, Gunther Steinbacher Oct 20, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-45.htm
Steinmetz, Charles T. Elliott Company Steinmetz Nov 5, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-112.htm
Steward, Dan Steward Oct 24, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-63.htm
Straka, Patrick J. CIB Marine Bancshares, Inc. Straka Dec 3, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-184.htm
Strandt, W. Strandt Oct 21, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-52.htm

Tarasuk, Brian H. Tarasuk Oct 30, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-102.htm

Tchingambu, Delphine Tchingambu Nov 12, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-131.htm
Urban, Walter Urban Nov 13, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-138.pdf
Varley, Philip The Barrington Group, Inc. Varley Oct 30, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-96.htm
Vetter, James Vetter Oct 21, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-51.htm
Viets, Gilbert F. Viets Nov 5, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-111.htm
Viets, Gilbert F. Viets Nov 23, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-176.htm
Viets, Gilbert F. Viets Dec 15, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-195.htm
von Kleist, Karsten Kleist Oct 16, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-39.htm
Walker, Ray Walker Sep 30, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-32.htm
Younger, Nancy Younger Oct 2, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-22.htm

IX. Securities Information Processors –

This constituency includes organizations that provide quotation services for securities.
Pink OTC Markets Inc. Pink OTC Dec 10, 2008 http://sec.gov/comments/4-573/4573-193.pdf



The Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008, enacted and signed by the President on October 3, 2008, among other things requires the Commission to conduct a study of “mark-to-market” accounting applicable to financial institutions, including depositary institutions, and submit a report to Congress with the findings and determinations within 90 days. Specifically Section 133 of the Act provides as follows:


  • STUDY.—The Securities and Exchange Commission, in consultation with the Board [of Governors of the Federal Reserve System] and the Secretary [of the Treasury], shall conduct a study on mark-to-market accounting standards as provided in Statement Number 157 of the Financial Accounting Standards Board, as such standards are applicable to financial institutions, including depository institutions.
  • ***

    FAF =

    II. FAF (As of December 2008)459
    Robert E. Denham, Chairman
    Robert T. Blakely, Vice Chairman
    Teresa S. Polley, President and Chief Operating Officer
    Douglas R. Ellsworth, Vice President, Secretary, & Treasurer
    Ronald P. Guerrette, Vice President
    Board of Trustees
    W. Steve Albrecht
    Associate Dean and Professor
    Marriott School of Management
    Brigham Young University
    John J. Perrell
    Retired Vice President—Global Policies
    American Express Company
    Rick Anderson
    Moss Adams LLP
    Susan M. Phillips
    Dean – The George Washington University School
    of Business
    Frank H. Brod
    Corporate Vice President Finance and
    Administration & CAO
    Lee N. Price
    President and Chief Executive Officer
    Price Performance Measurement Systems, Inc.
    Ellyn L. Brown
    Brown & Associates
    James H. Quigley
    Chief Executive Officer
    Deloitte & Touche Tohmatsu
    Timothy P. Flynn
    Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
    John J. Radford
    Oregon State Controller
    State Controller Division
    Edward M. Harrington
    General Manager
    San Francisco Public Utilities Commission
    Paul C. Wirth
    Global Controller
    Morgan Stanley
    Duncan M. McFarland
    Former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
    Wellington Management Company