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SCRANTON, Pennsylvania (CNN) — They came from around the world hoping to spend a high school year immersed in the culture and joys of America.

Exchange student Carlos Villareal of Colombia says he was underfed and kept in "an unsafe environment."

Exchange student Carlos Villareal of Colombia says he was underfed and kept in “an unsafe environment.”

Instead, five young foreign exchange students found themselves caught in a nightmare of neglect, malnourishment and abandonment by those supposed to protect them.


What happened in Scranton, according to Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania, District Attorney Andrew Jarbola, is a crime. He has convened a grand jury to look into the families where some of the 12 students who came to Scranton were placed, as well as the company who placed them there and its officials.

“Well, in my opinion they were treated kind of crudely,” Jarbola said. “Not provided the proper food, hygiene and things of that nature. And the areas they were placed? I know one of the students was placed in a home with a convicted felon — convicted of drug trafficking or drug offenses — and that is very disturbing to me.”



my note-

The story goes on to state that the State Department in charge of the foreign exchange  program  did nothing or very little. The most they did was ask the group responsible for the foul placing of the children  to investigate complaints  and report back to them.  They ignored complaints from watchdog groups, parents and the children because of their hands-off policy that is currently in effect.

Something in this story talks about the care and treatment of children just not the ones that pay to come over here to experince the U.S but the children that are here waiting for ‘good homes’.  Sounds like an ad for ASPCA, need good homes for children. It seems to me that the adults responsible for the placment of these children forgien or not tend to get rich by half-ass doing their jobs, and cutting corners to save a few more pennies.

Then the state agencies that are responsible for insuring the safety of all these children turn a deaf ear and a blind eye  to these complaints no matter the valiadity in them. Then, they turn around and tell the  people responsible for the actions to investigate themselves and see if there is a problem.  Almost 70 percent of abuse whether its lack of food, physical, rape, dangerous situatious, lack of basic needs goes unreportedd by many because of the very real belief that nothing will change and no one will listen.

Why is that children, even from other countries, have the same belief  as many of the foster children and abused children of america. Why is it that the people, agencies, groups, state departments are doing nothing while getting rich off of tax payer’s money.

Seems to me and a few others that the government, agencies licensed by the government or government affiliates have a zero accountability in protecting the people outside their immediate interests, mainly themselves.  When did it becomes ok for places to police themselves , ignore or do little when presented with very real problems and complaints and continue to make money, use tax-payers money with no real substantial consequences to those in charge of not only investigations but policies that allowed such horrid, greedy, un-American things to continue to go on.  How many children have to die before things are changed? How many companies will continue to run the American dream into the ground while getting fat off of our hard work and dreams? How many officials lobbing in ‘our best interest’ continue to play while destroying people in the process with poor greedy choices will it take before things are stopped and changed?