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Proposed Budget Detail

The following table presents budget year positions and expenditures for each agency area. These totals are comprised of State funds which include General Fund, special funds, and selected bond funds. These totals do not include federal funds, other non-governmental cost funds, or reimbursements.

State Agencies 2009-10
State Funds*
K thru 12 Education 2,876.1 $39,720,811 $510,212 $505,423 $40,736,446
Higher Education 132,384.5 12,389,105 46,672 652,341 13,088,118
Health and Human Services 33,319.8 29,995,962 7,926,050 63,491 37,985,503
Corrections and Rehabilitation 62,706.3 9,615,169 241,620 1,646 9,858,435
Business, Transportation & Housing 44,541.9 2,335,467 5,695,212 3,932,604 11,963,283
Resources 17,621.1 1,921,585 2,154,903 1,539,890 5,616,378
Environmental Protection 4,955 79,266 1,188,096 263,988 1,531,350
State and Consumer Services 16,835.9 576,755 829,998 19,183 1,425,936
Labor and Workforce Development 12,113.8 104,383 347,609 451,992
General Government 14,340.2 -4,987,191 10,823,990 2,056 5,838,855
Legislative, Judicial, and Executive 16,988.4 3,772,252 2,252,787 242,743 6,267,782
TOTALS 358,683 $95,523,564 $32,017,149 $7,223,365 $134,764,078

* Dollars in thousands



My Note –

Let’s all take note of the serious depletion of resources for

Labor and Workforce Development 451,992

* Dollars in thousands

I always thought that California was one of the largest states with one of the largest populations – but maybe not. Perhaps they are smaller than Kenya, since they are putting less money into this category than the UN, IMF and the USA, among others are putting into the nation of Kenya.

Looks like they’ve been stealing from that category for awhile in California’s Republican administration. See now, the strange thing about executive branch administrations is that they get to assign agency heads and others throughout the system for the purpose of molding policies and budgets to suit their own ideology. It looks like the results of that process are staring at us, both in the budget proposal from the Governor’s office, in the budget shortfalls and by policies from the Republican Party power bosses behind him.

– cricketdiane


You just have to see this –


(don’t be swayed by pie charts – these numbers are ridiculous considering the place is going in the toilet financially. As if it isn’t bad enough that a large percentage of California’s population is either a.) in jail for petty offenses; b.) in locked mental health facilities to be kept chemically lobotomized; c.) living so far below the poverty line they can’t afford a cardboard box under the freeway; or d.) elderly and destitute despite working every day of their lives – it seems particularly cruel for the Republicans to keep insisting these people caused all their state budget problems.

That is especially true when California and its Republican led coalition of agency heads and governor’s office and the legislators they run, have been diverting those funds to other things from today to way on back with every trick, excuse or strategy they could find. Those programs in California were stripped of funding that would keep American citizens from starving to death or prevent having to raise their children from a cardboard box.

The wealthy politicians have stolen the money and diverted it from programs that would diminish gang membership or that had a more reasonable way to handle parking tickets than putting people in jail while murderers ran free. The WIC programs that actually made sure pregnant women and children under 5 years old have milk, fruit, cheese and cereal is a thorn in the side of the Republicans and their business machine that would rather see those women as available prostitutes for their use or would let them die to get them out of the way.

Earlier this year, last year, the year before – and all the way back to 2003, the Republicans in California have actively pursued changing the labor laws to reflect a modern version of slavery rather than respect for the lives of their fellow human beings. How much money could these people in Sacramento and in the business community really possibly need? After the first million or so, what is the point of hitting up our tax dollars, our communities and our societies for another $800 – $900 million? At what, a 350% profit? Why is that not called “entitlement” mentality?

– cricketdiane


Here’s the part I really couldn’t believe –

0150 Contributions to the Legislators’ Retirement System – Continued
0160 Legislative Counsel Bureau
The Legislative Counsel Bureau provides legal assistance to the two houses of the Legislature, their members and its
committees by resolving a large volume of complex legal problems arising in connection with the legislative process. The
legal services furnished include rendering opinions, drafting bills, counseling, attendance as counsel at meetings of
legislative committees, and representing the Legislature in litigation. The attorney-client relationship is maintained and all
work is confidential.
In addition, the Bureau prepares and provides necessary indices and appropriate tables necessary to identify legislative
measures and compiles and indexes statutes and codes.
The Bureau operates the Legislative Data Center, which provides information technology services in support of the
legislative information system and the processing of legislative measures.
3-YR EXPENDITURES AND POSITIONS (Summary of Program Requirements)
Government Code Sections 10200-10248.
* Dollars in thousands
2007-08* 2008-09* 2009-10*
0820 Legislators’ Retirement Fund N
BEGINNING BALANCE $142,210 $134,141 $134,776
215000 Income From Investments:
Net Profit 224 9,390 9,434
221000 Contributions From Fiduciary Funds:
Contributions From Members 12 100 100
Refund of Contributions -307 -393 -393
Total Revenues, Transfers, and Other Adjustments -$71 $9,097 $9,141
Total Resources $142,139 $143,238 $143,917


0150 Contributions to the Legislators’ Retirement System (Unclassified) 7,621 8,008 8,658
1900 Public Employees’ Retirement System (State Operations) 377 454 454
Total Expenditures and Expenditure Adjustments $7,998 $8,462 $9,112
FUND BALANCE $134,141 $134,776 $134,805
Positions Expenditures
2007-08 2008-09 2009-10 2007-08* 2008-09* 2009-10*
10 Support



My Note –

The pretty little chart on LJE 6 (or pdf page 8) shows the above information better – but somewhere on the pages of this pdf has the increase pay amounts that the California legislators gave to themselves, to the staff members and their per diems when they are in session in Sacramento, increases to their pension plans state match amounts and other similar perks, coverage, excess, arrogance, monarchist and elitist accouterments.

– How many lawyers does the California state government need to pay to cover their collective royal interests? Why do the judges and state prosecutors have pension and health plans that keep getting greater fund amounts from the people’s tax money in California when their income is greater than that of most people working at anything in California?


Andy of Mayberry, I’m not. I get to watch this with intimate knowledge of the harm they are doing and it isn’t right to even try explaining it to someone who can’t understand why they just don’t eat cake . . .

– cricketdiane, 07-09-09


Another note-

For all those in the world that can’t do math and understand why many states are in a deficit lets re-word all the mumbo-jumbo and say it like this…. one senator or assembly person gets paid a basic 150k a year. Not including the  benefits of a government employee such as free health care, a luxury golf course and beautiful five star hotel stays for the ‘outta state’ meetings or in-state meetings for that matter, jumbo jets, car allowance and maintenance, meals and various other misc. expenses.

SO – let’s  pose this question, how much do you think all of that costs for one person? We will take a guess that it costs a good 200k+ additional funds for one person to work fewer hours than an average American with fewer days required of them. Most Americans work a surplus of 40 hours of work a week (dinner and a drink with your buddies doesn’t count unless you are a senatorial or congressional official) and then they bring their work home with them, many Americans spend at least one weekend on the job and not by swimming at some fancy resort, plus they work 52 weeks a year, not 26-ish weeks that the high state officials get to work. – Ms. K note


Interruptus Maximus – we would love to work the math out for you that is involved with this – but then you and me and Ms. K would all be annoyed the rest of tonight. Suffice it to say, it is so much more than any of us will ever see in our lifetimes, that it is hideously appalling.

If it were their own money – okey, dokey – but it isn’t. To make beggars of the citizens whose taxes are paying these ridiculously obscene amounts for a pathetic excuse of leadership in the state, through extortion of reason and common sense is to abrogate and corrupt the intent of Constitutionally founded authority.

I don’t know a simple way to say that which otherwise does not include any number of very colorful cuss words strung together to express it. But, it is no wonder the state of California is “mucked up” beyond repair. For the last twenty years, it has commonly been called, “California, the land of poverty,” and now we know why. . .

– Ms. K and cricketdiane, 07-09-09

___ I miss California, but I don’t miss it that bad. Not since they’ve apparently replaced a land of opportunity with a landscape of jails, despair, poverty, institutions, destitution, police brutality and criminal backlash, oppression and exclusion rather than inclusion. ___

That’s just sad.


“Marginalizing the majority of citizens to accommodate the elite few has historically proven to be a devastating plan to both the powerful who used it and those they subjected to it. The abuse of lives that the elite neither made nor can replace, which is caused by marginalizing those lives and by causing undue hardship, unnecessary suffering, and unjustified oppression were the things that caused the basic ‘melted down’ disaster that was called, the dark ages.”