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The principles that the Republicans said they believed in and that they would protect, I believe in – we all do.

But they didn’t do that.

What they did was, after saying they believed in small business, the Republican Party policy makers robbed every program at the Small Business Administration and diverted those funds to local governments, to banks, to finance companies and to specialized non-profits that they largely controlled.

While saying that they believed in small de-centralized government, they literally spent more money, cut more services, raised more fees, raided more programs and built a bigger, more intrusive controlling government than we have ever had in the history of our country.

I should’ve known something was very wrong, when every woman had to be a size six with straight blonde hair in a shoulder-length page boy style with big boobs enhanced by surgery and pouty swollen collagen-enhanced lips, in order to get a job, have a life, be a wife, be accepted as a mother and to be considered a normal person who could fit in anywhere in America.

When the Republicans controlled this country, (and in many states and local governments, they still do,) the individual protections against unreasonable search and seizure were undermined and dismantled. That isn’t because the Republican Party as it is currently been constructed for the last thirty – forty years believes in what they’ve said about individual rights, freedoms and the Constitution.

The Republican Party dismantled the Miranda rights and made it commonplace for police raids to be warrantless, for police brutality to be rampant, for “knock and enter” bust down the door swat teams and local police to shoot 83 year old women in their own homes because they had the wrong house, and for there to be no accountability when those police decisions were wrong.

The concept of eminent domain and sovereign immunity for government entities, government workers and officials from the local government on up to the President was established, beefed-up and enforced during their control of our country, both by policy and by new laws that the Republicans used conservative think tanks to create. That doesn’t honor our Constitution. It doesn’t honor the Bill of Rights. It denied the very existence of the intent written in the Declaration of Independence.

While proselytizing that a free market economy was the Republican principle they wanted to protect – which it is but the way they did it, is not – they literally pumped billions of dollars into some businesses and industries at the expense of others who were competing fairly with them. They withheld those funds from others who did not feed them campaign contributions or weren’t members of their “class” of friends.

Policy choices were made by Republicans, run by conservatives, that were twisted, self-serving, big government, anti-family, anti-community, anti-freedom, against democracy and with contempt for the common man and the value of individual life while undermining individual rights in every community in America. Choices were made about policy and the applications of policy which served no one but them by the hands of the Republicans after saying they intended to protect, honor and implement those principles we all agreed were the foundations of our country and our Constitution. From AIG being bailed out to diverting the funds given to non-profit charities to help people in communities away from flowing into the community while instead using those moneys to fund their conservative think-tanks, the Republicans at every level of our local government through the previous administrations and legislatures have literally robbed our country of its standing in the world.

Its having its impact on us now and last year and in the number of rosy-faced cheeks across scores of little children across our country who are living at the homeless shelters now instead of in their own beds at home. The communities with malls, and strip shopping centers and office buildings that stand 80% empty are the result of these Republican Party policies through forty years of implementing what they said were good things for America.

Well, obviously they weren’t implementing policies that would result in the things that they said. The only thing these Republican policies created by conservatives did for certain, was to create wealth for them at the expense of our entire economy, at the expense of the global economy, at the expense of our future and at the expense of anybody having a job or a small business or employing themselves and at the expense of America’s prosperity and standing in the world community.

The Republican Party policies as they applied them, undermined companies and corporate structures that had been world leaders for over a hundred years. These policies undermined the opportunities for individuals to thrive with their own small businesses. It denied access to innovative ideas and destroyed companies that were providing innovation and competition in the marketplace. In fact, they managed to destroy entire industries which now offer the prosperity of their business models from profit to employment, in other countries around the world – but not in ours.

They turned the small business administration into a sales agent and clearinghouse to sell commercial loans for the banks and finance companies rather than its intended purpose as an incubator and support with grants and opportunities for creating and growing small businesses. They turned the opportunities for a higher education into a cattle mill for strapping every American family with a loan-shark rate credit liability while chaining up individuals with an albatross around their necks of money owed before even starting out in their lives. It is wrong.

Our roads are in disrepair, our bridges are rusted and crumbling, our dams are a disaster waiting to happen and some have already destroyed lives because they simply weren’t repaired when that money was diverted to some pet Republican project like a golf course, a yacht marina, a polo field or whatever other piece of nonsense that the public would never get to use while plowing our tax money into that project to do it.

The Republicans have spent more on one chair for their offices (which we paid for) – than they did to cover an entire year of social security income for an individual who was forced to live on it because of age or disability. That is insane. And, its partly because they’ve been robbing those funds every time they needed money. They borrowed against it, they pay the interest on the national debt out of it, they use it to leverage stock investments to play the stock market and on and on and on.

The social security system trust funds wouldn’t be broke if they hadn’t been stealing it to do other things – just as with many funds and systems in every agency, every state budget, every Federal budget and every locally Republican controlled city and county government. And they are still entrenched doing everything they can to abort, undermine and thwart any change whatsoever because they want to keep it the same where the only ones who ever have anything is them and their friends and their families at the expense of us all.

They spent $85,000 per square foot to build covered skyways from their parking deck that we also paid for and don’t get to use, so their precious little Republican hair styles and Armani suits wouldn’t be mucked up by the rain and they wouldn’t have to walk where the “common people” were walking down on the street. That isn’t because they honored equality and democracy, it was because they didn’t understand the principles upon which it was founded.

The Republicans diverted money from the food stamp program and nutrition programs for school children and elderly to put it into thoroughbred horse breeding programs, thoroughbred racing horse farms and horse farms that were profit-driven and needed no one’s support. They’ve managed to rob every last program that was intended and legislated to help within communities to support after-school programs, sports, arts, music, education, continuing adult education, anti-gang programs, elderly programs and senior community center programs, and programs to support people with disabilities, in order to use those moneys for pet projects that only served them and their rich friends.

They made it possible for police and social workers to come into any house in America at any time of the day or night without just cause, without a reason checked by anybody, and take anything and anybody they wanted for any excuse or none at all and that included the children and everybody else there. And they have done it.

They have made it such that no accuser is faced, no checks and balances exists, no accountability can be pursued to prove it was wrong or to have remediation made, and where American citizens have no protection or recourse from the government that the Republicans said they didn’t want intruding in people’s lives and businesses.

Apparently, they did something different than what they said they believed that bought votes and support for them. Their policies did not do what they said were important to them and to us. That is a problem.

And, it is still an entrenched power that is actively hindering change, is using the system to fund their own businesses, is still using our government resources to put their competitors out of business, is continuing to ignore the founding principles of our nation and is still undermining the Constitution which we all believe should be upheld rather than destroyed. That means, it is still a problem that affects all of us.

The ideals and principles that the political parties claim while doing something else are ideals and principles that most, if not all, of us agree upon. When the Republicans have held office and pervasive power over these last thirty to forty years and the party was being run by conservatives like Rush Limbaugh and Ed Lazear, (whose wikipedia entry I’ve included below) – we have had more children killed in every state by poor judgments made by their judges, their social service workers and the departments of family and children services and child protection services than have been killed in entire wars across the world.

We have had more families undermined and destroyed, more communities that now stand diminished rather than thriving, more deaths and sickness from food poisonings and by mistakes made by “health care professionals” at hospitals and by doctors, nurses, medical specialists, hospital corporate administrators and pharmaceuticals / hospital pharmacies than the sum total of entire populations of some countries. They, the Republicans did that.

They removed the checks and balances which prevented it and they removed the funding which supported inspectors to keep standards safe and in use, and they removed the ultimate accountability which made it undesirable to disregard human life.

The fact is, that under the policies of the conservative Republican administrations and state governments, America has been a wasteland of crime and drug use and hopelessness and lack of opportunities for huge populations in every community across every state of this country. They have put a little over a third of the population in jails and prisons where it was made into a business to make a profit for their friends and their high class campaign donors.

They have created a mental health system that is barbaric and looks more like Cold War era Soviet or Chinese communist or Stalinist “behavior modification camps” of the 1950’s and even back during the 1930’s. The Republicans have forced “cooperation cocktails” of powerful health destroying, brain-damaging drugs on entire populations of people who think, act, believe, or dress differently than the preferred Barbie and Ken doll norm of the Republican Party and the conservative Christian Moral Minority that has been supporting them.

Our televisions broadcast materials that have been censored for content, language and appropriateness at the hands of the Republicans even to this day and there are stories around the world that they simply don’t tell us here – not because they aren’t important but rather that they don’t want us to know it or don’t want that interpretation of reality shown. It is partly prudish intent and partly to keep anything from balancing the perspective that the business community and the conservatives want portrayed in the way they want it to seem. Still doesn’t make it the truth, doesn’t even make it accurate and it doesn’t change the facts when it comes right down to it.

There is a greater world out there which could not be fully controlled by this fundamentalist gestapo mentality from the Republican party running the United States and nearly every state government and legislature in it. But they sure did try and are continuing to do so with the best of their efforts even now. And, I don’t mean to spread democracy and freedom – that isn’t it.

Their business friends are still selling derivatives to pawn them off on somebody when they will be worthless before its all over with. And, they are still insisting that the resuscitation of regulations along with transparency are foul to prosperity and growth when they will simply and justifiably be rules of the road so everyone can compete equitably and investors can see what they are getting.

We wouldn’t put up with roads that have no stop signs, either. But, “spin it,” they will, until no chance of being hindered from legally thieving, stealing and gambling other people’s money is considered and they can keep on doing what they’ve been doing this whole time which is to stand on us to get what they want for themselves.

There are all kinds of ways to do things and some of them result in desirable outcomes which support the principles and ideals we agree together to honor and some do not end up doing that no matter how good they sound on paper. It is a sad testament to the actions and policies of the Republican Party over the course of the last three years that they didn’t know the difference between their applied policies which yielded a result matching those principles and  those which did something opposite of that.

But it is an absolute shame and a tragedy of international as well as national consequence that they didn’t know that difference for over forty years of doing it their way with every evidence of the destructive results of what they were doing, from atomic weapons testing on US soil to macro-economics Federal Reserve actions to business and corporate deregulation to insisting on taking children away from households who didn’t have a man and a woman acting out “Father Knows Best” from 1957. Who put those clowns in charge?

– cricketdiane, 07-08-09


Edward Paul “Ed” Lazear (born 1948) is an award-winning American economist, considered the founder of personnel economics, and was the chief economic advisor to President George W. Bush.

Most of his work has to do with motivating and compensating workers. One of his most famous papers, “Rank-Order Tournaments as Optimum Labor Contracts,” argues that in certain circumstances, it is in a firm’s best interest to rank its employees and pay particularly high wages to the top-ranked employees.

This helps explain why the highest jobs, like chief executive officer, often draw paychecks that are much higher than the next-highest jobs, even though the skill differences between those employees are not very high.

(My Note – and you thought it was because those people at the top actually deserved more than the rest of us or because they were doing such a special, important and critical job at the top that only they could do – yeah, right. It was because this intellectual giant and his Republican masters told them it was the thing to do to get people to work harder than God ever intended while cheating them out of any fair and reasonable compensation for it and doing so intentionally.

Then they gave that unfair gain to the top executives in extra pay and bonuses and stock options and perks and helicopters and planes and pensions and full health coverage and country club dues and greens fees and office suite amenities and hookers and health spa “conferences” and Las Vegas junkets for appearances – oh that must have really taxed their mental prowess and required sacrifice worthy of getting paid to do it. – cricketdiane note)


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Lazear graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles with a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in economics in 1971. He received his doctorate in economics from Harvard University in 1974.

From 1985 to 1992, he was a professor of Urban and Labor Economics at the University of Chicago. Since 1992, he has been an economics professor at Stanford Graduate School of Business. Lazear has served as a research assistant at the National Bureau of Economic Research, as well as a research fellow at the Centre for Economic Policy Research and the Institute for the Study of Labor. He is a Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution. In 1996, he founded the Society of Labor Economists. Prior to his nomination and confirmation as chief economic advisor to the President, Lazear was a member of Bush’s tax reform advisory panel in 2005.


Lazear is the founding editor of the Journal of Labor Economics. He has published over 100 scholarly articles. [1]

Most of his work has to do with motivating and compensating workers. One of his most famous papers, “Rank-Order Tournaments as Optimum Labor Contracts,” argues that in certain circumstances, it is in a firm’s best interest to rank its employees and pay particularly high wages to the top-ranked employees. This helps explain why the highest jobs, like chief executive officer, often draw paychecks that are much higher than the next-highest jobs, even though the skill differences between those employees are not very high. It also helps explain the partnership structure of law firms, in which associate lawyers compete to become partners and earn a much higher salary. He has also analyzed how peer pressure and mandatory retirement can help reduce principal-agent problems in companies.


Lazear has won a number of awards over his career. Among those that he has won are:



Edward Lazear is listed as a coinventor on 5 pending US patent applications.[1] Some of these pending patent applications are considered to be tax patents.[2] This has led to criticism of Lazear by organizations opposed to tax patents, such as Citizens for Tax Justice. Lazear, however, no longer has any ownership rights in these pending applications and cannot receive any royalties from them should they ever issue as valid patents. The full ownership rights to these applications are owned by Liquid Engines.


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