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Would you like for me to look up something for you?

1. Must be publicly available information. I do not hack into databases. you can find somebody else to do that.

2. For $3,000 only you will have access to the information I compiled for you over the next 30 – 45 days / or 3 months for a slightly higher fee.

3. For $350, you will have the information and it will be made available to the public on my blog, websites and / by emails to those who want access to it (at the same time you get it.)

4. For a sponsorship of my work for $5,000 which will allow me to continue my work you will have the following –

I will credit your support of my work, if you want that or retain your anonymity, if that is your choice.

You will have access to password protected posts, except for those services following the “Don’t Ask – Don’t Tell” package features, as well as public information posts as they are created.

And, I will let you know the general subject areas that I’m working on before those posts are made to alert you to them.

If you want specifically focused searches made for you – I will do everything I can to incorporate that into projects that I’m doing and alert you by email that it is available on whatever post where it is included when it is posted.


Also –

** If you only have $30 to use for this – call me and I’ll see if it can be added to a current project to find the information access points you are trying to find and then it will be posted whenever the project information is posted – whenever that is.

* Note – Do not ask me where Michelle Obama gets her shoes or similar questions – that is someone else’s specialty.

The fee you are giving to me is intended to cover the service of my efforts to find the information and/or the access points to the information for you that I can do in the manner I do it – it gives no more rights and all appropriate laws about the public uses of the materials are up to you to honor.


1. offers a more comprehensive overview of information for you to access as a companion source to other research.

2. adds to whatever “experts” have given you.

3. saves 3 years of work looking it up yourself.

4. I might find something you need to know or access to raw data to accompany whatever analysis you have paid to get elsewhere.

5. it is at least partially customized to your focus and timeframe and will give you access to my focus and educated choices in the information sources returned to you.


The “Don’t Ask – Don’t Tell” Package

I will send a flash drive to you with all the information sources, links and excerpts on it.

The prices for this package are by consultation only due to the complexity, specificity and time constraints that can be accommodated in doing it. The price starts at $15,000 for the “Don’t Ask – Don’t Tell Package” and is far less than I would have to pay for someone to do it for me.

The information sources won’t be specifically private, but the exact unique components of the compilation group of sources and information will be kept between us and your access to it will be kept confidential and anonymous in relation to it.

* Similar materials and links may be used for other public access on my blog, however the original compitlation given to you will not be re-used in its entirety as a group (only you and I will have that.)

I will need three things besides money in order to do this for you –

1. When did you need it?

yesterday? an hour ago?

next week? two weeks from now?

or before the Asian markets open?

2. How target specific do you want the information and how necessary is it that it be as close to real-time or as current as possible? will you need an email update to get the information in real time? do you need historical or background references or general information sources with it?

3. How much information – can you assimilate 700 – 800 pages of materials with the links to explore the possibilities for your needs? can you be okay with 1500 pages? or do I need to condense the materials for you? Although I use Google searches and other search engines, this is not a Google search that is offered here. Please see my blog entries across the last year and a half, to see what you will be getting. It isn’t, “returning simple search results” to you.

4. Note – there have been many research companies that can price a very good package of experts and analysis to you – this is intended to be an addition which you would not otherwise have available to you. It includes database sources, research statistics portals, official agency reports and data, official regulations and policy information portals, international statistics and information sources, real-time government and business / industry data collection dissemination points, news agencies and news portals, specialized information directories and published documents, and where I am following those links for specific information groups and knowledge bases.

I am not making analysis of them for you. You do not have enough money for me to do an analysis for you and you wouldn’t believe me anyway no matter what the information says, because it won’t be what you want to hear in the way you want to look at it.

The Don’t Ask – Don’t Tell Package starts at a minimum of $15,000 and if some of the information is needed in real-time, I can email those elements to you and send the flash drive with all of it to you by FedEx. If you are interested in this service, it will be priced by consultation. I am not going to come to where you are. You can email me or we can interact by phone, Skype or other webcam interactive video conferencing program.


Also – Please Note –

I am not in the business of selling customer databases or information of that nature at this time. However, if you want to know where to find a list of all the plumbers in America – I can probably find the access to that for you, or similar portals you can access to find them.

– Just so you know – if I can’t do it – I will tell you that ( and suggest some other way, if I know of one.)


One last thing –

There has to be an end time – an end point – 3 days or over the course of 2 weeks or whatever it is that we agree upon. I am not continuing the project for $3,000 nor for $15,000 throughout an entire year. If you want that, I can’t help you and nothing I can find will help you either. It is a limited price for a limited one project, a focused search compilation specific to your requested information one time, during a limited, closed and specific time period.

I may or may not be able to speak, read, write and somewhat understand 87 different languages but I wouldn’t count on it. Some research possibilities that may be available in a variety of languages, including Latin and Ancient Greek or others might be included in the search that I give you. But, do you want that or not? You need to let me know if you want them to be partially described in my language skills considering they are a bit unreliable. (those skills are getting better, though)

An example of what these results will be like are found in the pages of this blog. There are any number of subjects and focuses or interests covered. It is the same groupings and types of quality that I will be finding for you.


Payment by PayPal only.

– interaction by phone, email, in person, by FedEx, by courier or by post which will have a password only available to you and that password will be emailed to you.

, or in person only by arrangement and I’m not coming to wherever you are – nothing is worth that. There is a flashdrive that will be sent to you with the entire search results by FedEx for the “Don’t Ask – Don’t Tell” Package only which will have prior email access or by password protected post to some of the information before the flashdrive can possibly get it to you.

Thanks for considering actually helping me to continue my work with your support, by your much appreciated sponsorship of my work and by letting me help by doing what I know how to do for you in return for a reasonable fee, in the way I am uniquely suited to do it. I know it will enhance the things you already have available to you and make better, more educated, more intelligent and more resourceful choices easier for you to develop.

– cricketdiane, 07-07-09


“I resource Information for you. It saves three years of you finding it yourself.

– cricketdiane, 07-08-09