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My Note –

I was just listening to the Bloomberg news broadcast and there was a story about the health care proposals now before Congress. A mention was made that the Republican Party and the Insurance Industry opposed whatever plan they are considering.

It is nice to know who is the master who holds the leash of the conservative Republican caucus that has been running the Republican Party for the last 36 – 40 years. The whole concept of “public service” and “elected public servant” seems to escape them.

Profit-making insurance giant AIG was bailed out by the Republican Party officials and their administration, without a word or a question, without a vote, without Congressional approval, without any public discourse while using our money to do it. They gave AIG money not once or twice, not ten or twenty million dollars but staggering amounts of our public tax money while ignoring the principles of free market economy, fair competition, anti-trust / anti-monopoly laws and against the principles of maintaining a level playing field between market participants. And, it didn’t bother them at all.

The insurance companies’ policy premiums go up and up and up while the excuses for not paying out on policies magnify the least of the fine print options to sidestep their responsible legal requirements. The situations in which these insurance rackets do pay out decrease and decrease and are further limited by each moment of every day.


As the options which represent change, become a part of the available menu to the public and to our Legislators, I notice how often the lines of influence become obvious, as this instance shows – the Republican machine run by the insurance companies.

As if it isn’t bad enough that we, as taxpayers have paid for every bit of technology, research, medical facilities, hospital buildings and pharmaceuticals research that the medical industries use, we are charged exorbitant fees as consumers by these profit-making, price gouging medical practitioners and businesses.

In hospitals, emergency rooms, by EMT / EMS companies, by physicians, by medical technicians, for medical treatment, for pharmaceuticals, for x-rays, for intrusive diagnostics tests, for surgeons, for specialists and on and on and on, we pay again to an extreme measure beyond the exorbitant premiums paid to insurance companies for very restrictive and limited coverage.

For a doctor to come into the room for 5 minutes, it costs easily $320 for him to listen to the three things I’ve already noticed which brought me there and then he goes to his computer to run those three symptoms through a subscription diagnostic software service along with what he observed to tell him what it might be. Then, he or she goes to another software program that suggests which drugs to prescribe for it. I can honestly say that on more than one occasion, the doctor, general family practice physician, surgeon, obstetrician, specialist of whatever kind, came back with a prescription for something that was clearly marked on my chart as an allergy or with some other drug which has an adverse reaction together.

That means, he or she did not look at my chart to make any intelligent comparison, nor did this “health practitioner” look up contraindications or adverse combinations to compare with what he had already prescribed. Only once did I see a doctor look up those things and I was amazed. It was the first time I realized that some drugs actually strip the salt, electrolytes and /or minerals from the human body and they must be actively replaced and replenished while taking the drug or suffer dangerous consequences.

And for $320 a visit, there is no guarantee that the medical degree that the doctor received, had been given in spite of them being drunk, or drugged up the whole time they were in medical school. Never mind that they could have had “D”s in the classes they would have needed to treat whatever medical problem is in front of them, nor in fact, is there any guarantee that they know what they are doing.

But it will still cost the same, even when they get it wrong. The insurance companies still get paid, the doctors still get paid, everybody except the patient still gets paid even when the life-changing, lifelong difficulties they’ve caused and the mistakes they’ve made were very wrong and should have never happened.

Now, that it becomes clearer and clearer with every passing day, “who all” and “which exactly” are the masters behind the throne of the Republican Party, it isn’t even amusing to watch their talking points and the policies they are demanding. Something akin to a talking parrot phenomenon is happening from their camp and now it is apparent why that is. They have no brain of their own – it is borrowed from AIG.

– cricketdiane, 07-07-09