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My Analysis of the information about non-proliferation of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons, the treaties, agreements, sanctions and current situation with Iran, North Korea and in some respects, Russia, as well –

It is an observation really. And, that observation is that where Western governments have Administrators, Executives, Parliaments and Legislatures that are changing as a result of elected citizen participants, the countries listed above including Iran, North Korea, Russia, China and others of concern are not changing administrations. Theirs stay the same.

That probably doesn’t seem like it would make a big difference, but what I see is that as new administrations, a new European Parliament, for instance, comes into place – it appears to be a whole new ballgame to the new members of that Parliament. Certainly there is history and getting up to speed about previous agreements and background, but it is still a new ballgame to them.

But it isn’t a new ballgame to the participants of countries whose administrations are not changing. The agreement made ages ago which took them by surprise, or humiliated them, or annoyed their last nerve, is still ever present and a direct memory to the process which confronts them today.

It is neither an advantage nor a disadvantage. This is a simple observation that I noted when researching some things about the non-proliferation agreements and compared them to some of the current activities described in the news and other sources. It might be handy to be aware of it.

– cricketdiane, 07-05-09